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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    I mentioned the Statute of Limitations in one of my previous posts. I also said that Jeremy could counter with a libel suit. There is no Statute of Limitations in Canada on indictable crimes like murder, rape, kidnapping and major theft (over $5000).
  2. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    The woman’s posts are so long, I can’t read the whole thing. Perhaps that’s part of her intent. I find it disturbing that she’s able to post all these accusations but nobody is demanding that she take her claims to the police. She says that she complained to various authorities, but none of them were the police. She does just enough to make it seem like her complaints are valid, but doesn’t actually take them to the authorities that could actually investigate and press charges if any are warranted.
  3. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    Oblivion XP View File Oblivion XP Update Version 4.4.5 Oblivion XP Update is a full update to SirFrederik's Oblivion XP mod. It has several bug fixes and script optimizations that utilize the new features and functions available in the newer versions of Oblivion Script Extender. This version offers significant performance improvements over the previous versions. This is a complete self-contained package. It does not require the original Oblivion XP - everything is included in this update. This is being released as an upgrade to the original Oblivion XP mod because the changes are quite extensive and with most of the scripts being completely rewritten. Existing users will be able to install this update and continue with your current games. You should not lose the progress you have made. You will need to follow the upgrade instructions in the readme file because the location and contents of the ini file have been changed. Description For those unfamiliar with Oblivion XP, it is a levelling system replacement. The Oblivion levelling system is based on skill use to improve the skills themselves and their associated attributes. However, for many players this has turned out to be a tedious exercise that forced them to use skills that did not fit their roleplaying experience in order to improve certain attributes. It also required a certain degree of "micromanagement" if you wished to get the maximum attribute bonuses when you increased in level. Oblivion XP aims to change all that. It brings the experience point reward system to Oblivion. You gain experience points for performing a variety of actions, including completing quests, killing monsters, picking locks or discovering new locations. When you accumulate enough experience points, you will gain a new level. Upon gaining the new level, you spend points to increase your attributes and skills. You no longer improve your skills by using them. You earn experience points by action and spend an allotted number of points on skills and attributes to improve them, anyway you wish, when you level-up. SirFrederik is the original author of this mod. He devised the mathematical formulae that control the number of points you need to level and the number of experience points you receive for various actions. The system he designed is complete and operates as a balanced and comprehensive unit. I will not be altering any of this underlying logic. He also made Oblivion XP extremely customizable through settings in the ini file so that this system would work with a variety of playing styles. Important Notes Oblivion XP 4.2.0+ requires OBSE 21 Beta 3 or above. shadeMe has added a custom event handler that allows major performance improvements over the previous versions. It also requires MenuQue version 15 or newer. See the readme file (Oblivion XP Readme.pdf) in the download for the installation instructions, a full description of all the changes and other important notes. Requirements: Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v21 or higher - http://obse.silverlock.org/ MenuQue version 15 or higher - http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/32200/? Friends of Oblivion XP Friends of Obivion XP is a prestigious group of mods in which the mod authors have taken the time to build Oblivion XP support into their mod! When you complete quests in these mods, you will be awarded experience points. Oblivion XP only has a small amount of work to do to process these points, so performance is greatly improved. Also, this code is only run for mods that you actually have loaded and if the mod author changes the mod, you will get those changes as soon as you download the new version of the mod! Current Friends Kragenir's Death Quest Enhanced Economy The Ayleid Steps AFK Weye (external patch written by dwip) Faregyl Village Frostcrag Village Cliffs of Anvil (part of Unique Landscapes) The Eastern Peaks (part of Unique Landscapes) Better Cities Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening The Black Marshes Kvatch Rebuilt 3.x Sneaking Detection Recalibrated Tales of Cyrodiil Third Party Mod Support As of version 4.2.3, all quests will be rewarded a base number of points. When SirFrederik released Oblivion XP, he included support for 21 mods. These mods are still explicitly supported and will continue to generate a customized number of points upon completion of the quests. Here is the list of mods that have support built into Oblivion XP: Arrows of the Ayleid King v1.8 Bartholm v7.0 Blood & Mud C&C - The Blackwood Company v1.0.2 Daggerfall Memories - The Liberation of Cybiades v2.1 Gates to Aesgaard Ep. 1 v1.1 Glenvar Castle v2.10 Heart of the Dead v5.3 Integration – TSL JQ Assassin Quest v1.0 Malevolent v1.0.2 Midas Magic v0.990 Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul v1.34 Ruined Tail's Tale v3.0.1 Servant of the Dawn SI v2.25 Tamriel Rebuilt – Stirk v1.2 Tears of the Fiend v1.2.2 The Dungeons of Ivellon v1.8 The Lost Spires v14 Verona House – Bloodlines SI v1.2 Windfall v1.0 Patches I will list the patches currently available in this section. As of version 4.2.3, these are now optional, but if you have room in your load order, I recommend you use them. The point rewards are customized for each quest, whereas the base point reward will be much smaller. A Brotherhood Renewed AFK Weye (patch written by dwip) Kvatch Rebuilt 1.1 (works with 2.x, no longer needed in 3.x) Download patches here. Other Languages As of version 4.1.9, translating Oblivion XP is as simple as translating the ObXP_strings.xml file. See the readme for full details. Just download the translation package and copy the ObXP_strings.xml file to your Data\Menus\Strings directory. Translations Available Italian by FatalIllusion Japanese by nkyhiro French by Sita. Updated by Gameruper. Sita also translated the new initialization line. Simplified Chinese by dantebelmondo German by Klaus. Vikke translated the new initialization line. Russian by Chai Pei Hungarian by Morghean Polish by clockworkcity. Updated by sabbath91, who also translated the new initialization line. Download translations here. Configuring Oblivion XP and Other Tips See the Oblivion XP Configuration Samples thread for tips on customizing your levelling rate. Several common questions are answered in the FAQ thread. Contact/Support Please contact me in the release thread on The Assimilation Lab or in the comments thread on Nexus. Change Log Please see the Oblivion XP Readme.pdf file for the complete change log. Credits I wouldn't be able to do this alone! Thanks to: Bethesda for creating Oblivion. SirFrederik for creating Oblivion XP. Tejon for some hints and a sample script to fix the summoned creature bug. Javert93 for his help in analyzing, testing and fixing the miscellaneous stats bug. Kyoma for his help in fixing the miscellaneous stats bug. Also for his help with the menus. Kyoma completely overhauled the menus for version 4.2.3. I really can’t thank you enough, dude. TheNiceOne for his help in demystifying Oblivion XML and the Darnified UI. Phitt for his suggestions on the new skill cost progression. Also for his help in testing. Amadaun, Klaus, samuro_, Tatts4Life, FatalIllusion, Trademark, Ysne58, Blandings and numerous others for their help in testing. shadeMe for adding the quest completion event handler to OBSE. Also for the Construction Set Extender which makes creating mods so much easier. saebel for awarding assassination XP in SDR and for his help in sorting out the poison script. forli for the progress bar update fix. Milotek for helping to sort out the poison kill script. forli, Leonardo, Milotek, PuzzleFord, lefenger and Wolfheart for their help in testing 4.3.x. Haikem for the Nexus Mod Manager installation script. DavidJCobb for his help in making Oblivion XP compatible with Northern UI. LHammonds for the Readme Generator that the readme file was based on. Licensing/Legal Contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod. This file may not be uploaded to other sites without my permission. If I do not respond within 4 weeks, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod. I can be contacted here on The Assimilation Lab, Bethesda Softworks Forums or on the Nexus Forums. SirFrederik's original license terms: Please do not use any part of this mod without asking for permission first – contact me on BGsForums or send an e-mail to *email address removed* . If I haven't responded within 4 weeks, you may assume I agree to your request. Submitter AndalayBay Submitted 10/03/2013 Category Gameplay Changes  
  4. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    It could be an error with the wizard. There seem to be some issues with the recent versions of Wrye Bash. I recommend backing up your Ob XP ini file and copying the changes over to the new one. Run the wizard to install, but don’t customize the ini.
  5. Uniformity Mods for MW: Gameplay vs. Text

    We're also back working on the UMP, although I'm not sure how much of this we touch. I think there were a few things in dialogue, but it was so much to go through that we've just included Thepal's and Quorn's fixes at this point.
  6. Random Stuffz

    I always thought Wes Johnson was bigger than that.
  7. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Brief History & Introduction One of our oldest threads from the archives on the Silgrad Tower forums is dated Mar. 11, 2006 and involves SwedishFish who appears to have been one of our founding members. Early posts assigned naming codes to current members. Much literature was written by KuKulZa in those days but, barring very early, undeveloped versions of the settlements currently known as Sloughpoint, RockGuard and Soulrest, very little was physically developed in the first three years. In 2009, Ibsen's Ghost took up the reins as leader with Koniption working hard to develop unique models, Deeza contributing to the lore and modding and sandor as Lead Admin. Before then, Black Marsh had seen several teams but has since seen dozens of contributors and several forums. The period between 2009-2012 saw the most physical changes until AndalayBay helped the project take off as our new administrator in 2011. I am sure we will be thanking many others for their support and contributions upon full release. Making full use of the Shivering Isles, The Black Marshes project adds the mysterious lands of Black Marsh, otherwise known as Argonia, one of the darkest and most dangerous regions of the fictional universe of Tamriel. Other lands from this fantasy world have been explored in detail, such as Morrowind and Cyrodiil, but the lands of the reptilian Argonians have remained shrouded in mystery... until now. Our aim is to recreate a region which no player has explored in the Elder Scrolls series since Arena. The finished mod will include many new cities, new architecture, detailed new quests, and most importantly a large new marsh and jungle landscape, filled with deadly new enemies and dungeons. The finished mod will feature six quest lines: a Main Quest line, some Miscellaneous quests, and quest lines for the Hist Tribes, Shadowscales, Trillium Magnata and Sotho Tren. The Main Quest line will have at least five quests and we haven't decided how many quests the other quest lines will feature. Features The completed mod will have: Entire province of Argonia to explore, completely landscaped, with lots of unique and nasty creatures. Five full questlines plus some miscellaneous quests. Custom races, unique items, tons of new flora and ingredients, new weapons and armour, unique books with background and lore. Lots of dungeons, including some unique to Black Marsh that utilize custom tilesets. Several different varieties of Argonians and six new races (Naga, Marsh Cat, Lilmothiit, Sload, Paatru and Sarpa). Many new creatures specially selected or created for the province. A transportation network, including custom mounts that can be purchased. All major cities of Argonia featuring shops and inns, plus many towns also with shops and inns. Current Development Status After a bit of a hiatus, Ibsen's Ghost is back and writing up the remaining quests. He has completed the Sotho Tren questline. That marks the completion of one of the faction questlines. I am still away from modding, but hope to return soon. When I return I will start coding up the quests and adding them to the mod. We have a new member, puddles, who's working on our custom races. We haven't decided if we'll have another round of alpha testing or just wait and release a beta. Want to Help? We still need modellers, so if you've got some modelling skills and would like to give us a hand, please drop us a line! Current Team Ibsen's Ghost - Leader, writing, lore, landscaping and level design AndalayBay - Co-leader, quests, scripting, landscaping Cray - Writing and lore Vincent - Modelling, level design Envy123 - Custom dialogue puddles - modelling Sifonseal - landcaping, region generation Alpha Testers These are the folks who reported bugs for us in the first alpha. Rivenian Rubicon MacKlaud Leonardo DoZeNt JetpackAngel Mercer GGod Envy123 Credits There are tons of people who have helped create Black Marsh. All testers will be added to the credits if they submit reports. Thanks to all those who have supported our mod and offered ideas or suggestions.
  8. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    Hear hear! Exactly. If Jeremy's accusers don't talk to the police and seek charges being laid against him, then he will have a perfectly valid counter-suit: libel. In that case, I know exactly what I'm talking about because I've hired a lawyer to send certain individuals a nicely worded letter explaining that we would bring charges of libel if they didn't shut up and stop their accusations. DBC got released six months later.
  9. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    I’m talking about now, provided the statute of limitations hasn’t run out. I do agree the DirectSong and Kickstarter things suggest that Jeremy is far from an upstanding individual.
  10. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    The problem is that there are women, and men for that matter, that will falsely accuse a celebrity in the hopes of getting a financial settlement out of court. This is why the “victims” don’ t go to police. They don’t want justice. They want revenge and money. I’m not talking about this case in particular. There are several cases of sexual assault plaguing ride share services like Uber and Lyft right now. Drivers are intercepting other driver’s rides, telling the fare that the other driver can’t come, or the fare doesn’t confirm the driver, then the driver takes the fare to a quiet location and assaults them. These victims are going to police and reporting the crime, immediately. The victims are also suing the companies, alleging that proper background checks aren’t being done. The drivers are removed from the program and that protects other people as the police begin their investigation. I will start believing these women when they start following the legal process.
  11. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    I was concerned that you were living alone with this guy. Just be careful. I’ve been watching Vengeance: Killer Neighbours and I’ve seen way too much of the stupidity that occurs when neighbours don’t get along. Mind you, that’s in the US where everybody has a gun. I’ve been assaulted by one of my neighbours three times. Police were called and talked to him. He’s an old crazy guy so we didn’t press charges. He’s too old to be a problem now, if he’s even still alive. His wife died several years ago and she was actually the source of a lot of the trouble.
  12. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    These events also occurred a long time ago. I know the “me too” thing has encouraged a lot of women to speak up, but these women aren’t going to the police, they’re just ranting on their blogs. We don’t even know their true identities other than what they claim they are. Not that we should, but the anonymity of the net feeds trolls. If something really happened, I can only hope these women stop complaining on the net and go to the police. Jeremy also deserves the chance to defend himself. @Sigurd Stormhand, it’s time to remove yourself from that situation. Are there other support groups that you could contact?
  13. Soulrest Resources

    Soulrest Resources View File This is the package Koniption put together that explains what's needed for Soulrest. These are still outstanding. Submitter AndalayBay Submitted 09/03/2019 Category Archives and Miscellaneous  
  14. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    I was raised with the rule that you never go to a guy's home or room alone unless you want to have sex. You don't put yourself in situations where things could go where you don't want them to.
  15. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    I meant to reply to this earlier. I agree with Sigurd in this case. *shocker* LOL I remember reading an article in the newspaper that accused a swim coach of sexual assault and interference. I was a member of his swim club as a teenager. I had an extremely high heart rate and after a hard work-out, I could hardly breathe. He took my pulse from my wrist and he couldn’t even count my heart rate. He was so concerned that he drove me home. He never made a move on me. I read the article several years later. It seemed a girl was trying to accuse him of inappropriate behaviour several years after the fact or he was still coaching 20 years after I knew him. It wasn’t clear from the article. They were looking for more girls to come forward. I have no idea how the case developed - if charges were ever made. I suspect the case was dropped as I never heard anything about it on TV and the swim club was pretty big. My point is to wait for this to go through the legal system before passing judgement. It only seems to be a couple of women, so they might be simply upset that their personal relationship with Jeremy didn’t result in the advancement in their careers that they were looking for. As Sigurd said, at this point we should wait and see if more women come forward.
  16. The xml files are the menu files. darkrumbleking gave you the path and name of the file. The xml file loads the dds file and loads the image into the map, which is a menu. drk is telling you to use one of the unused icons in the xml file. You’ll have to figure out the code from the xml and MMO. I can’t help you much more than that, sorry.
  17. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Actually Ibsen has dropped in and we're discussing quests. We originally had plans for a huge storyline with a lot of quests and we realize that's not realistic so we're figuring out how to pare it down. No alpha or beta yet.
  18. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    I'm back. Hopefully hubby had his last chemo treatment. He'll have a CT scan next week and if the tumour is small enough, they'll schedule him for surgery. Now to dig through my notes and figure out where I left off...
  19. Daggerfall - The Western Kingdom (WIP)

    Glad to see you got it working.
  20. [WIP] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences

    I’ve been away from modding and gaming in general as I deal with health issues in the family. I do hope to return when things get better.
  21. Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences Introduction Once upon a time, our name was whispered in the dark corners of the deepest caves and feared in the highest towers. Once upon a time, we bore the blood of emperors on our hands. Once upon a time, we were mystery, and secret, and the greatest in the Empire would gather our rituals to be allowed to grovel at our feet. Once upon a time, we scorned Mephala Herself, stole Her treasures, and found a master far beyond what She ever was. But now... Whether you've decided to restore the Dark Brotherhood or bring about its sundering, your work has only just begun. You have made your choices. Now it is time to face the Consequences. Consequences is the second instalment in the Dark Brotherhood Chronicles. It will feature two complete quest lines, along with a series of side quests for each side. Description The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles is a large quest mod that continues and expands the story of the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion. The project was started in late 2006 or early 2007 - we're not really sure. With some early background and advice from Emil, the Bethesda employee who conceived and developed the Dark Brotherhood, the original team started writing a story that was meant to span three separate chapters, which they didn't name. Amadaun joined the team and after a couple of team changes and rewrites, we settled on the story that was released as Awakening, the first chapter. We had a rough outline for the second and third chapters, but nothing concrete. We wanted to release Awakening before Bethesda released their fifth game, Skyrim, but we failed to meet that deadline, instead releasing Awakening in late November 2011. It was well received and we earned the Nexus File of the Month award for December 2011. However Awakening has one major flaw which has frustrated many a player ever since: it ends in a cliffhanger. One person who complained about Awakening's story was a forum member named Cray. He took the time to join the community site that now hosts the Dark Brotherhood Chronicles and wrote a two-page long critique. I was impressed with what I read, despite its length, so I challenged him to put his words into action and help us with Consequences. He took up the challenge and now he, Amadaun and I have teamed up to flesh out the story for Consequences. We are also planning the story for the third chapter, which we hope to develop for Skyrim. It will be called Transgressions. Cray and Amadaun are both lore nerds and excellent writers, so our aim is to provide a rich story that does justice to both sides. If you don't know what I mean by "sides", then you will need to play through Awakening. Consequences will bring both sides together in one dramatic ending. This time the story will end... until Skyrim 200 years later. Progress The plot is settled, the NPCs are almost wholly written up, it's just time to write quests, think of rewards and get to work on the mechanical side. We are still tossing around ideas for side quests as well. Plot: 95% Quest Writing: 0% NPC Conceptualization: 90% NPC Implementation: 10% Landscaping: 0% Modelling: 0% Dungeons - Level Design: 0% Dungeons - Cluttering: 30% Buildings - Level Design: 0% Buildings - Cluttering: 0% Quest Coding: 0% Testing: 0% We may not need any new landscaping, dungeons or buildings. We have plans to repurpose some buildings from Awakening. Dungeon cluttering includes the clean-up of existing locations and quite a bit of that has been done already. We'll have a better idea of what we need once we start writing the quests. The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles is hosted here on The Assimilation Lab. You can follow our progress and check out our concept art and screenshots. Current Team Amadaun - Team Lead, Writing, Modelling, Texturing, Level Design AndalayBay - Team Lead, Scripting, Quest Building, Level Design, Sound Engineering, Site Administration Cray - Team Lead, Writing, Lore Advisor, Critic Vincent - Level Design, Modelling 'Drea - Writing, Quest ideas, Critiquing Sunseahl - Writing, Critiquing Credits I must repeat the credits from Awakening since we are building off that body of work: Bethesda for creating Oblivion shadeMe for the CSE and Conscribe scruggsywuggsy the ferret for OBSE mr_siika for the Sanctum meshes Helborne for the Chitin armour and weapons Xiamara for the chair and sofa meshes Gildur and Demonmaster for the Anima Cyrodiili tileset Meo for the ceremonial dagger mesh Ren for the blindfold mesh Phoenix Amon for some of the book covers Emillia for various meshes and textures InsanitySorrow for various meshes and textures Qarl for his spider web meshes and textures TheTalkieToaster for the Spider Draedra NPC elveon, Malo, mikal33 and AlienSlof for the spider resources LHammonds, Sita and Jerros for the Paladin armour Klaus for his UI topic fixes fg109 (RandomNoob) for his help with scripting and quest building Unofficial TESA Clutterer's Guild for various meshes PrettyMurky - XML, Scripting Rahvin - Writing theinfamouskat (thechickwhopwn3dyou) - Writing Thomas Kaira - Interiors Ysne58 - beta testing Xae (Xaeaix) - soundtrack, sound engineering Elec0 - Modelling, Beta Testing Koniption - Modelling, Texturing Lareneg - Writing, Beta Testing omeletted - Texturing, Beta Testing Silver - Modelling Siulil - Beta Testing 'Drea - Writing, Beta Testing, Voice Acting for Awakening Morrigain - Writing saebel - Critique and assistance in rewriting a couple of quests, Voice Acting for Awakening Ibsen's Ghost - Voice Acting for Awakening Mick Mize - Voice Acting for Awakening
  22. Games on Sale

    Not really a sale, but Bethesda is giving away freebies in some of their games. I got some nice goodies in Fallout Shelter and Elder Scrolls: Blades. It’s to celebrate the Gamecom event.
  23. "Bad" Movie Suggestions

    I’d say you know what you’re in for with that one.
  24. Star Trek - Discussion

    Yeah but for an RPG, story is important! How are you supposed to RP?
  25. Star Trek - Discussion

    Thread cleaned up. Now back to the topic at hand: I finally took a look and it's too bad the story isn't better. I was bemused to note that even people who liked the game did so because of its silliness. They also thought the story was terrible.