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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. OH NO!!!!!!!! Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France has been destroyed by fire. I’m not Catholic, but I love the architecture and art in old churches and cathedrals. We didn’t get a chance to see the cathedral when we visited Paris. This is devasting.

    1. AndalayBay


      Things may not be as dire as they looked earlier. We’ll know more in the morning. It looks like they saved the stone towers and part of the roof. Hopefully the rose window is undamaged. Last I heard, they said they wouldn’t know for sure until the morning.

    2. Leonardo


      The news about the fire is hot news in Sweden and some religious communities has already began to collect money for the renovation of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

      A Swedish news reporter who previous covered France said that the Fire Department in Paris was praised for their job and that probably minimized to damage.

      I guess will all have to wait and see what happens.

    3. AndalayBay


      There are several billionaires in France who are competing to pay for the restoration. Basically several of the big fashion and cosmetic companies, so it will get rebuilt. I am pleased, and somewhat shocked, to say that they were able to save a number of artifacts and paintings. Even the organ survived, although they aren’t sure of the extent of the water damage yet. It didn’t get burned though. I can’t believe they lost the roof, but so much of the interior survived. Thankfully much of it is stone, so they were able to save it. I just remember from past travels that I saw so many churches and castles destroyed by fire because they were mostly made of wood, or even if they had a mostly stone construction, they just collapsed. It would seem that taking 300 years to build the Notre Dame has paid off. Good on them and something to remember.

      Oh, and the rose window survived.

  2. Kitties!!

    Around here the mixed breed dogs are really popular. People will spend $3000 for a mixed breed dog, but not even half of that on a purebred cat.
  3. Kitties!!

    I’ll get my cats spayed and neutered once I stop breeding them. That will probably be sooner rather than later. There are way too many kittens available and people don’t care about purebred cats.
  4. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    I’m pleased to say that some things never change, including the weird positions NPC’s die in.
  5. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    The game just got updated and it looks like Beth is listening on some points. They addressed the biggest two complaints: silver chests now take only an hour to open and if you spend gems to open a chest, you are now asked to confirm the purchase if it costs more than 11 gems. Previously it was too easy to hit Open Now by mistake. They also made a few other changes including improving the rewards in the abyss levels that are below the character’s level.
  6. Kitties!!

    No, I have to keep them separate. Darwin lives upstairs and Pascal is downstairs. We have a glass wall and they jump at each other through the glass!
  7. Kitties!!

    I’m not sure if I posted this before or not, but these are the “stud pants” that I have to use on Darwin and Pascal. Having two intact males is not recommended practice unless you have a very large cattery, but I couldn’t pass on the opporunity when I saw Darwin and Curie listed on a classified ads site. https://www.perfettopeterbald.com/product-page/stud-pants They really look like a thong!
  8. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    That’s why they were created.
  9. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    So? 33 points is hardly going to matter. Besides it's a KR issue, not an XP issue. The wiki is your friend. Look at the very last line under Notes. You should probably read through the whole thing.
  10. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    The absolute maximum would be 255 because all that stuff is stored as a short integer.
  11. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    I don’t think you need an uncapper mod, but you won’t get any benefit from having your skills and attributes above 100 without an uncapper mod.
  12. Then you have to play the MQ because the various build phases won’t start until you complete certain quests. I always do the Kvatch quests at level 5 so I can save as many guards as possible. If you do them later, it’s almost impossible to keep the guards alive because the Daedra are too powerful.
  13. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Nope. They send you a link and that’s it. You do have to log into Beth.net.
  14. I like to play Kvatch Rebuilt, so I have to do the MQ.
  15. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    I’ve read some suggestions on Beth.net and some folks have some good suggestions. I have no idea if Beth could implement them or not. Basically opening the game up a bit so you can explore the area around the town and have interactions with enemies and stuff.
  16. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Yeah. The only difference are the too-perfect books that you can’t read. There only seem to be two different dungeon layouts too. Although the dungeons are Ayleid ruins which Skyrim didn’t have. I haven’t tried the Abyss yet and I don’t know if I ever will.
  17. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Yes, the opening time is real time, so time passes no matter what state your device is in. However you can only open one chest at a time, so you can’t queue them up to open while you’re away.
  18. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    I have continued to play this a bit. The dungeons are repetitive, but the graphics are very good. By default, clairvoyance is enabled. You can disable it in the settings, but I’ve left it on since it can be difficult to find the quest targets otherwise. If you read the forum threads about Blades, you’ll find that the biggest complaint is how you have to deal with chests. When you find a chest in a dungeon, it is added to your inventory and you have to wait for it to open, or spend gems to open it sooner. The basic chest, which is wooden, only takes five seconds to open, but the times quickly and drastically climb. It takes three hours to open a silver chest and six hours to open a gold chest. The real issue is that you can only open ONE chest at a time. So if you’re waiting for a gold chest to open, you will collect a bunch of other chests and can’t open any of them until the gold is done. Bethesda wants you to pay for gems so you can open the chests sooner, but the price to open high level chests is high and you’ll have to spend a lot more money than it would cost for a PC game in order to purchase enough gems to open the chests. The chests also contain required elements to improve the town, which is the primary objective of the game, so many players find the game stuck until they can get their chests open. I’m only level six and I’ve already run into the waiting game as I wait for a gold chest to open. Fortunately I have lots of other stuff to do, so I just play for a few minutes at a time. The timers are real time, so you don’t have to play while waiting for the chests.
  19. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Weather - All Natural View File Weather - All Natural All Natural combines a robust custom weather system that allows the use of weather types from all existing weather mods with custom versions of Natural Interiors and Real Lights in order to provide the greatest weather/environment experience possible. The three segments of All Natural will be explained below: 1. Custom Weather System The cornerstone of All Natural is unique weather system that includes a new regional weather script to keep the weather synced on interior/exterior switching and when fast traveling and a variety of optional features to help enhance and customize the user's weather experience. All Natural also allows you to choose from only vanilla weathers or from some or all the weather types from Natural Weather, Atmospheric Weather System, and Enhanced Weather. 2. Natural Interiors Natural Interiors was originally created by Wormheart, and its purpose was to make it so interior locations such as houses and guilds would be affected by the weather outside and time of day, and to make it so interior locations had weather sounds inside very similarly to the original “Weather Inside” mod. To accomplish this, interior windows were made transparent and the sky outside now matched the exterior weather and time of day. The result is you can look out an interior window and see a sunset, stars, etc and also have the interior lighting level change based on it being sunny, cloudy, nighttime, etc, plus you can hear rain/storm sounds from within. Sadly, Natural Interiors was never finished and had some issues. However, All Natural now includes an improved and expanded version that cannot be found outside of All Natural. Also, the Natural Interiors segment of All Natural cannot be separated from All Natural, so you must use All Natural in full to benefit from the Natural Interiors segment. 3. Real Lights Real Lights was an incredibly ambitious project by Josef K. which aimed to replace all the fake lighting (invisible lights with no actual light source) with real lights with real light sources. For example, with Real Lights locations have candles or other light sources that emit light instead of generic white light coming from mid-air. Sadly Real Lights was abandoned long ago and has some issues with save game bloating. However, the mod has now been included in All Natural and has been recently updated to fix all the problems it previously had. The All Natural version of Real Lights is the most updated and safe version of Real Lights and no one should use the older stand-alone version. The Real Lights segment of All Natural is the only segment you can actually use independently, so even if you want to use, say, Enhanced Weather, you can use the Real Lights plugin from All Natural. Instructions on how to do this are included in the installation section of this guide. Patches Support patches for Nascosto Isles, Losing My Religion, and Kvatch Rebuilt are provided in the main package to bring their interiors under the control of All Natural's system. An extensive filter supporting several other mods is also included which attaches climate data to interiors. Additional mods can be added to this, by request, but space is limited due to the number of masters an ESP is allowed to have. This limitation cannot be overcome by any means. So additions to this list will be considered on a case by case basis, and yes, popularity of the requested mod will be a factor in this. Change Log See below (on the file download page) for current change log information. Change log information for previous releases is in the readme. Credits Chong Li was the original creator of the mod and coded the original weather system, Real Lights integration, and Natural Interiors integration, including creating custom meshes. Without him, there would be no mod. WrinklyNinja was a past developer of the weather system and more. Arthmoor was a past developer of the Real Lights plugin and more. Brumbek was a past developer of the Natural Interiors meshes and textures. AndalayBay is the current developer for All Natural. Special Thanks Everyone who supported the mod, whether it be through bug reports, encouragement, or screenshots. Josef K. for the original Real Lights. Wormheart for the original Natural Interiors. Max Tael for the original Natural Environments. HTF, WrinklyNinja, and Halo for Enhanced Weather. LprMan for his weather textures. The OBSE Team for creating OBSE. Superice for synchronizing all of the wind speeds to match the weather types. Wrye and the Wrye Bash Team for creating and developing Wrye Bash. trira (elecgs) for the cloud seam fix Resource Credits This mod contains the textures, sounds and meshes from the following mods: Atmospheric Weather System by HTF Enhanced Weather by HTF Natural Environments by Max Tael Natural Interiors by Wormheart Real Lights by Josef K. VaPER - Vacuity's Particle Effects Resources - Weather boxes Permission was sought for all of the above, and was given where contact with the original author was possible. Submitter AndalayBay Submitted 03/10/2015 Category Environmental and Landscaping  
  20. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    It does cause crashes. That’s been a well known fact for a while. I only load it as long as I need it.
  21. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    AN didn’t corrupt your save. Saved game files do get corrupted though, especially if you use auto-save. I recommend disabling all auto-saves. Be careful with using quick saves as well. They are also prone to corruption.
  22. [IDEA] Weather Protected Clothing

    Well it was called Oblivion Style Spellcasting. It looks like it was done by Fliggerty, so it should be available on his site.
  23. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    I have Baldur’s Gate on mobile. It’s awkward, but it’s BG. I think a few other elements could be added, even in a mobile game. I really wish they had voice acting, but that might be too much for mobile.
  24. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    *yawn* Yeah, unfortunately for me, this is rather boring. Your task in this game is to help rebuild a town, so the quests are limited to dungeon diving and step-and-fetch-it. You also save villagers by dungeon diving or clearing an area of foes. It does have crafting, but there’s no animation, just click on menu options and voila you have a piece of armour or a weapon. This will appeal to folks that love clearing dungeons, but it’s really not my thing. This uses the perk system for levelling, like Skyrim. The magic mechanics are rather odd and it still swings your sword even though you are casting a spell, at least I think I’m casting a spell. I might jump in and play this a bit from time to time, but it’s not at the top of my list.
  25. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Have you sorted your load order with BOSS and created a Bashed Patch? Sort your load order first and then create a Bashed Patch.