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  1. Ada is pregnant. She has kitten handles instead of love handles! :P We’re hoping Curie is pregnant too, but aren’t sure. She should have delivered by now so we think she resorbed the kittens. It’s also possible she mated with Darwin at a later time. She had silent heats so it can be hard to tell. :rolleyes: 

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  2. Most of the projects here have been abandoned, but Dark Brotherhood Chronicles and Black Marsh are still active. Most of the forums are private so  you won’t see any activity. There are a couple of projects that have been completed and released.

  3. I’ve done that quest and never had a problem with it as far as I know. Mind you, unless that idle is something specific or very different from others, I wouldn’t have noticed anyway.

  4. Yeah, I thought those errors could be ignored and they usually disappear. We have some idle anim errors with Black Marsh and I wonder if it’s because our custom skeletons are based on the originals but can’t be automatically fixed by the CSE.

  5. The viruses in those movies are far worse than Covid-19, but the way they started and spread is dead on. They even talked about “social distancing” in Contagion.



    We don’t have fake news because we have house hippos. Most fake news is online, not broadcast by major news networks.

  6. No I was referring to the stuff about it being  a man-made virus that escaped from their labs. Honestly I don’t know, but it certainly isn’t a very good weapon if that was the intent. Have you guys seen the movie Contagion? If not, I suggest checking it out. It was made in 2011 and it is dead on for what’s happening right now. Outbreak is another good movie that’s similar. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t ruin the premise, but it’s worth checking out.

  7. Gradually. Quebec was starting to open up, but then they found out they had a huge number of deaths at a long-term care home, so they’ve backed off. In Ontario, businesses that can maintain social distancing and have street level access have been allowed to open. Our unemployment rate has sky-rocketed to 13% so the government is trying to get people back to work where they can. Apparently it’s even worse in the US.

    I’m afraid most of the fake news is coming from your own President, including blaming China. I was very disheartened to get a sample of a so-called “newspaper” in the mail today sporting the same rhetoric Trump likes to trumpet. It was outright racist and I’m thinking of reporting them to the government. China is a mess and I really hate the government and the human rights abuses and other shit they do, but I don’t know about releasing the virus. You don’t release a virus if you can’t counteract it. I am quite sure that Trump would be only too pleased if China did release a virus, intentionally or not, that they couldn’t control even if it does kill thousands of Americans. You guys are up to 75,000 and still counting. We’ll keep the Canadian-US border closed for now, thank you very much. ;)

  8. One of the amusing consequences of us all staying at home is that wildlife is taking over our cities. :lmao: There have been deer invading several cities and a huge flock of sheep marched through the empty streets of Turkey, led by their shepherds. We have our own little story in Toronto: a family of foxes have taken up residence under the boardwalk in Woodbine Beach. They are adorable! People have been keeping their distance so far. Woodbine Beach is right on Lake Ontario, so it’s right in the heart of the city.

  9. The UESP has full walk-throughs for all the original quests in all the Elder Scrolls games. Here’s the Skyrim portal. Perhaps you can find the answer to your question there. I’m afraid I don’t remember that quest anymore. :P

  10. I usually check out Tom’s Hardware. I’ve also checked out Maximum PC in the past. I usually start with simple searches and expand from there. I did some very preliminary searches when I was thinking of getting Jimi’s PC working again and AMD was very prominent in the results.

  11. I use Lian Li chassis which have filters on all air intakes.The interior just had fine dust. What would be the best bang for the buck if I wanted to compare Intel processors?

  12. Yes, I cleaned it. I can’t keep the cats out; they have to live down here. I have to keep Darwin and Curie separate from Pascal and Ada because they’re breeding pairs and they will fight if not kept separate.

  13. #1 They’re not paying me. 

    #2 I’ve actually had people demand to remove links in the past as they thought this was a spammy site. :questioning: 

    If someone has a need, they can send me a PM and I’ll tell them what I used. There are a lot of similar programs.