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  1. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    That's probably what it was. We have some squishy dungeons in Black Marsh. The meshes were probably exported from Max with stone for the material and we had to change them in Nifskope afterwards.
  2. NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    I spelt it wrong - it's Tilley. Oh, and they do (have a pocket for your maple syrup). The part I really like is that the pants have really deep pockets with a secret pocket for your wallet.
  3. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    I tried following that guide but I don't think I could get it to work. I don't remember what the problem was. I found a Youtube video that explains how to do collision and I was going to check that out. I haven't watched it yet. Getting the other materials to work would be awesome. Isn't there a setting in the CS for the different materials? I remember we had a bug in Black Marsh? I think where things made the wrong noise when they were hit and we had to specify a different material. It might have been in the mesh, but I thought I saw something in the CS.
  4. MSGO/ MGE issues.

    One post is enough.
  5. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Aw the family pride.
  6. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    Nginx is the web server. Similar to Apache, but much higher performance and it doesn't use as much memory. I don't want to say which packages we're evaluating.
  7. NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    I wonder though if anyone has even investigated him. Perhaps they have and didn’t find anything. You know the saying: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Back to the topic, Canada and several other countries have lodged complaints with the WTO. This thing is genuinely a world trade war now. Trump is hurting the US just as much as anybody else. Tariffs against China? They do undercut everybody, but the inconvenient truth (yes, stealing that) is that they can produce stuff much cheaper than anybody in North America. I like to buy travel clothes from a Canadian company called Tilly Endurables. They make everything in Canada and the stuff costs a fortune. I buy it anyway because it’s well made, fits properly and has unique features. I don’t like buying clothes made in China because they usually don’t fit, but sometimes I don’t have a choice.
  8. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    The house renos are done, although we still haven’t moved back upstairs. Jimi is taking a week off at the end of June and we’re hoping we can get everything moved then. I’ve been busy with cat shows. There’s another one next weekend. Then there’s a break until August. I have a lot of preparation to do for a show, especially since they are in different cities, so I need to arrange for a hotel. Time for a rant: SERVICE ANIMALS ARE NOT PETS! /rant I’m searching for pet friendly hotels and there could be as many as half in the list claiming they are pet friendly when all they will allow are service dogs. In Canada, you are not allowed to deny service to people with service animals, so a hotel HAS to allow them. It’s really frustrating. We have a list of packages that we want to evaluate. I installed one candidate, but I was having trouble getting Nginx configured, so I’ve left it for now. The damned SSL certificate is being a dick too. For some reason I get errors with TAL’s certificate while my cattery certificate works just fine.
  9. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    I never understood how to do the single mesh version. I've always created a simplified mesh and added it to the bhkRigidBody object. I created a miniature ship as a clutter item for Imperial Furniture. It had way too many vertices and would crush your fps when you entered the cell with the ship. I'll have to try loading it up and exporting it with this new plugin to see if it helps.
  10. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    Thanks Vorians. What do you mean by having the collision mesh be visible in-game?
  11. NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    How can you be a pedophile but not prey on children? I am soooo tired of listening to Trump You have a petulant child as president. Seriously, all he does is whine. I just hit the mute button or change channels as soon as the news plays a clip of him. He’s managed to piss off a good portion of Europe in addition to Canada. Congrats dude, you’ve started world trade war. Fuckhead.
  12. NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    He admitted that he's a pedophile. That's not just talk.
  13. The Elder Scrolls VI Announced

    Oh, I see, gotcha. I thought you were saying that something in the new game claimed they were part of the government.
  14. The Elder Scrolls VI Announced

    It doesn’t say what their role in diplomacy is. They’re still agents of the emperor. I thought even in Oblivion they had some members who were the public guards and then others who operated undercover, so “diplomacy” doesn’t mean they’re diplomats, or even if they are, it would be to keep an eye on other states.
  15. NAFTA - The Battle Begins

    I don’t understand how he gets away with it.