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  1. I'm worried about Morrowind being neglacted by Bethesda

    I'm afraid to ask what Muffinwind is...
  2. Happy birthday! Have a great day.
  3. Kitties!!

    That’s weird. He looks like that race in the old Star Trek episode.
  4. Dreams

    Feeding the cats! We have a new kitchen island with a granite top. It’s really big, so we have seating at one end and the cat dishes under the counter at the other. I squatted down to clean Pascal’s dish and didn’t realize I was so far under the counter. I stood straight up and hit my head so hard I stumbled back. My head is still tender where I hit it. I had the telltale headache and it hurts to look at a computer screen. I’ve also been sleeping a lot. *sigh*
  5. Dreams

    I gave myself a concussion on Monday and I've had some really wild dreams since!
  6. Random Stuffz

    I didn't think it was that bad. It pretty much follows on from the Avengers movie. They do eventually explain what's going on though. It's definitely worth watching the first couple of seasons until that story arc is done. Then it sucks for a season or two. Now it's starting to get better again.
  7. Cross Platform Apps

    Well if you’re really serious, XPlane is the best. It’s actually certified so you can earn time towards your private pilot’s licence. Jimi owns it and I even bought a professional radio tower similator for it (the hardware). There are companies, like Flightlink, that produce professional similator hardware that work with XPlane. XPlane has a ton of expansion packs for pretty much every airport in the world. It’s pretty amazing. You’ll need lots of money for the Flightlink gear though. Oh, and XPlane runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  8. Random Stuffz

    You’re watching the very first episode (the pilot)?
  9. Oh, it’s not a technical issue, it’s a design issue. I could easily do a messagebox when the player talks to the NPC to hand in the dagger, but I was debating whether to allow the player to continue Awakening. I don’t think it would make sense though, so yeah, I guess I’ll add a messagebox. We do tell people to finish all the quests before handing in the dagger in the readme, but obviously some people don’t read the readme.
  10. WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    I am like 99.9% certain you can export the book text with CODA.
  11. [RELz] Oblivion XP WIP

    I’ve been really busy in RL, so haven’t been around much either. I should be able to look at this in a couple of days.
  12. Yeah I’ll be reviewing all that and decide how to handle it more gracefully. I left it at the time because I wasn’t sure how we were going to tie in Consequences. I’m still debating.
  13. Because of the decision you might make at the end. No matter which way you go, things are rather chaotic at the end, so all contracts are on hold. All side quests need to be completed before you turn in the dagger.
  14. I'm worried about Morrowind being neglacted by Bethesda

    I have my own library, but it is definitely catered to my tastes. Let me know if you’re looking for something and I might have it.
  15. Happy Birthday NobleShadowHunter!

    You are a naughty aunt! And I suspect you don’t need any explanations for your sisters.