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  1. Games on Sale

    I chipped in on the Go Fund Me campaign for that and I’ve never downloaded it, let alone played it.
  2. (Discussion) Are Open Cities practical for Province mods?

    Yes, that’s correct, provided you don’t change GridstoLoad. Keep it at 5 and open cities aren’t any more of a hit than closed ones.
  3. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    Yeah I’ve read that some i5’s actually out-perform the i7’s. As you say, especially for a game like Oblivion.
  4. Dreams

    I had a cool one this morning. I was a professional football player that played on a men’s team and a really good knife thrower. The weird part was that I was throwing Swiss Army knives that would flop around until I threw them.
  5. (Discussion) Are Open Cities practical for Province mods?

    We opened our cities in Black Marsh, which is for Oblivion, but still. I also run Open Cities in Skyrim. I hate closed cities.
  6. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    Well it’s pretty much impossible to get a single core CPU now, but yeah, you’re right.
  7. Programming Languages

    No it’s assembler. Here’s a browser based tutorial with an emulator. Done.
  8. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    To further illustrate Vorians' comments, Black Marsh (the project hosted here) is currently an ESP and it's 99.7 MB in size. The BSA is 915 MB. It's a large worldspace outside Cyrodiil with its own open cities. We have a lot of high polygon count meshes and custom races with their own skeletons. The performance is fine. As usual it can get a bit crunchy in cities with the NPC's running about, but I don't even get any stuttering. One thing to remember with Oblivion is that it's CPU intensive. The engine doesn't use graphics cards very much - all the processing is done by the CPU. It's important to have a fast, multi-threaded, multi-core CPU, especially if you want to run mods that add a lot of content.
  9. #changethechannel

    We got some messages from him that confirmed he was reading private messages. If I recall things correctly, he thought you were an ally and was annoyed when you didn’t help, so that might have been the source of the threats. He honestly didn’t understand who was involved with the project and who wasn’t, or what their places were. There were a few people who he considered “allies” and I got some very confused messages from people when all the shit went down. He was also seriously paranoid. He misinterpreted a lot of stuff and took our discussion as a plot against him when it had nothing to do with him at all.
  10. #changethechannel

    Yeah he had made up a really complex life for himself. When we found out the truth, we were amazed at the stuff he had constructed. The real problem for us is how he responded when someone came along and threatened his fantasy. For us as forum members, we had to retreat to only talking in private messages because he was continually interfering and trying to belittle us. He was obviously feeling very threatened. Then we got some indications that our messages were being monitored as well and that’s when I said I was leaving.
  11. Random Stuffz

    I saw a show on Discovery channel that showed all these really big trucks. The ones in the mining industry are some of the biggest. It looked like they were a blast to drive.
  12. Programming Languages

    Not mine! Jimi’s. He’s 9 years older than me. I took a course in university on microprocessor programming. I think it was the 6802. That’s when I discovered Jimi had a 6502 and I was able to use it for practice. The instruction set was smaller, but it would have still helped if I had more time. I used it a bit, but university engineering courses are really intense and I was barely keeping up.
  13. Random Stuffz

    You should see the trucks they use for mining. The bloody wheels are 10 ft in diameter!! I found a link.
  14. #changethechannel

    I liked that for calling him Mr. Marine Moneybags. Perfect! He’s one of the two that got the lawyer’s letter. Anyway the point is that there are just some personalties who aren’t equipped to run community sites. When turmoil does occur, they take it too personally and think it’s an attack on them. That’s a common thread in all this and I think the same thing has happened to Channel Awesome. If the guy that’s left is the one that produces all the cool content, then he can stay but will have to work alone. If he’s not, then the whole thing will shut down.
  15. #changethechannel

    Here’s the definition. Basically the guys claimed they owned DBC because it was hosted on their site. They also claimed we stole materials from Modcraft. They started contacting other sites, like Nexus, telling them to ban us. The stupid idiot even claimed there was an active FBI investigation. The same individual also claimed he was a millionaire and owned a strip club and expensive boats. The guy’s stories were incredible. He also claimed he sold the plans to a perpetual motion machine to Audi. Being a mechanical engineer, I almost pissed my pants laughing so hard. I posted a joke video on another fictitious machine and the poor idiot thought it was real. *sigh*