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  1. First, the easiest way to access your gallery albums is to click on the drop-down menu next to your member name in the upper right of the forums. Select My Gallery from the menu. Note that the link is only available if you have created an album. There are three methods you can use to add images to posts. Attach the image file to your post by clicking on the Choose Files... button under the post editor. If you don't see that button, click on the Use Full Editor or More Reply Options button. Once you've uploaded the image, place the cursor where your want the image to display and then click Add to Post next to the image file. This will eat into your overall file upload quota. Upload the images to the Gallery. All members can create up to four albums. Albums can be public or private. Now here's where it gets interesting: You can upload an image to your album. Click on the image to open the detail view. Right click on the image and select Direct link to this image file from the little menu that appears. The image will open in a new page. Copy the URL. In your post, use the IMG tags to embed the image in your post. Or you can click on the little picture icon in the post toolbar and paste that URL into the box. The image will display like this: For images from I Can Has Cheezburger, you'll need to right-click on the image and click "Open Image" or "View Image", depending on your browser. From there, you add download.jpg after the last "/". For example: https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7965704448/hEE0DF07F/becomes https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7965704448/hEE0DF07F/download.jpg Upload the image to the gallery, but use the My Media option from the toolbar to share your images. I believe your gallery album has to be public for that to work. It will also only show a thumbnail of the images. But once again, this will not count against your upload file quota. Using My Media makes an image appear like this: Images shared that way do take up less space in your post. They are handy when the image is helpful, but not vital to the content of the post. Upload the image to the gallery, but copy the IMG tags from the Options -> Share Links -> BBCode section like this: Hopefully this explains the options for embedding images. Please post here if you have any questions.
  2. [HowTo] Add Images to Posts

    I have no idea. They don't even have a quick way to get to your gallery albums anymore.
  3. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Weather - All Natural View File Weather - All Natural All Natural combines a robust custom weather system that allows the use of weather types from all existing weather mods with custom versions of Natural Interiors and Real Lights in order to provide the greatest weather/environment experience possible. The three segments of All Natural will be explained below: 1. Custom Weather System The cornerstone of All Natural is unique weather system that includes a new regional weather script to keep the weather synced on interior/exterior switching and when fast traveling and a variety of optional features to help enhance and customize the user's weather experience. All Natural also allows you to choose from only vanilla weathers or from some or all the weather types from Natural Weather, Atmospheric Weather System, and Enhanced Weather. 2. Natural Interiors Natural Interiors was originally created by Wormheart, and its purpose was to make it so interior locations such as houses and guilds would be affected by the weather outside and time of day, and to make it so interior locations had weather sounds inside very similarly to the original “Weather Inside” mod. To accomplish this, interior windows were made transparent and the sky outside now matched the exterior weather and time of day. The result is you can look out an interior window and see a sunset, stars, etc and also have the interior lighting level change based on it being sunny, cloudy, nighttime, etc, plus you can hear rain/storm sounds from within. Sadly, Natural Interiors was never finished and had some issues. However, All Natural now includes an improved and expanded version that cannot be found outside of All Natural. Also, the Natural Interiors segment of All Natural cannot be separated from All Natural, so you must use All Natural in full to benefit from the Natural Interiors segment. 3. Real Lights Real Lights was an incredibly ambitious project by Josef K. which aimed to replace all the fake lighting (invisible lights with no actual light source) with real lights with real light sources. For example, with Real Lights locations have candles or other light sources that emit light instead of generic white light coming from mid-air. Sadly Real Lights was abandoned long ago and has some issues with save game bloating. However, the mod has now been included in All Natural and has been recently updated to fix all the problems it previously had. The All Natural version of Real Lights is the most updated and safe version of Real Lights and no one should use the older stand-alone version. The Real Lights segment of All Natural is the only segment you can actually use independently, so even if you want to use, say, Enhanced Weather, you can use the Real Lights plugin from All Natural. Instructions on how to do this are included in the installation section of this guide. Patches Support patches for Nascosto Isles, Losing My Religion, and Kvatch Rebuilt are provided in the main package to bring their interiors under the control of All Natural's system. An extensive filter supporting several other mods is also included which attaches climate data to interiors. Additional mods can be added to this, by request, but space is limited due to the number of masters an ESP is allowed to have. This limitation cannot be overcome by any means. So additions to this list will be considered on a case by case basis, and yes, popularity of the requested mod will be a factor in this. Change Log See below (on the file download page) for current change log information. Change log information for previous releases is in the readme. Credits Chong Li was the original creator of the mod and coded the original weather system, Real Lights integration, and Natural Interiors integration, including creating custom meshes. Without him, there would be no mod. WrinklyNinja was a past developer of the weather system and more. Arthmoor was a past developer of the Real Lights plugin and more. Brumbek was a past developer of the Natural Interiors meshes and textures. AndalayBay is the current developer for All Natural. Special Thanks Everyone who supported the mod, whether it be through bug reports, encouragement, or screenshots. Josef K. for the original Real Lights. Wormheart for the original Natural Interiors. Max Tael for the original Natural Environments. HTF, WrinklyNinja, and Halo for Enhanced Weather. LprMan for his weather textures. The OBSE Team for creating OBSE. Superice for synchronizing all of the wind speeds to match the weather types. Wrye and the Wrye Bash Team for creating and developing Wrye Bash. trira (elecgs) for the cloud seam fix Resource Credits This mod contains the textures, sounds and meshes from the following mods: Atmospheric Weather System by HTF Enhanced Weather by HTF Natural Environments by Max Tael Natural Interiors by Wormheart Real Lights by Josef K. VaPER - Vacuity's Particle Effects Resources - Weather boxes Permission was sought for all of the above, and was given where contact with the original author was possible. Important Compatibility Note Anyone using Enhanced Campfire Behavior: It's not compatible with the Real Lights module. Attempting to use the two of them together, regardless of load order, will result in corrupted saves. It's an irreconcilable conflict caused by changes to variable indexes in the script from that mod. If you're already using that mod, removing it may not solve your problem. Submitter AndalayBay Submitted 03/10/2015 Category Environmental and Landscaping  
  4. RIP Malcom Young

    Malcom Young, one of the founding members of AC/DC, passed away today. He had been suffering from dementia for several years now. Malcom was the rhythm guitarist and he was considered the backbone of the band. He was only 64 years old. Here's a tribute song someone posted:
  5. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    It’s not up to Blender itself, it depends on whether someone has created a plugin for the specific version. I would check out the latest version and see if a NIF plugin is available. Skyrim has been a pain and no matter what you’re using, you will have to tweak the NIF with NifSkope to get it working with Skyrim.
  6. [RELz] Oldblivion

    I got it for free during the first month of release too. I always use it as my home base since it has lots of space. I decorate it with stuff from my Imperial Furniture Renovated mod. There’s not a big quest to do, but it has some goodies and it’s a nice little story. Fortunately it’s included in all the Oblivion packages now, so if you can get Oblivion for a good price, then it’s worth it. Now to get this thread slightly back on track... Oldblivion is just the base game, right?
  7. I am actually pretty good at herding cats. Kittens on the other hand...

  8. Tech Advice and Stuffz

    We have Corsair in our machines and one of the sticks in Jimi's machine went bad after the breaker blew when I plugged the vacuum in. Not happy about that.
  9. Games on Sale

    That sounds weird!
  10. Random Stuffz

    It's too bad Amadaun hasn't seen this.
  11. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    It’s seriously stupidly expensive.
  12. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Heh, it’s ok. Sorry, I didn’t realize it was THAT much per month. I’m so glad I bought the full package before they switched to monthly. It was a lot of money, but I have several versions due to the way they did the licensing in those days and I think they’ll cover Beth’s games for a while. I think it was Blender version 4.65 or something like that that had the new interface.
  13. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Have you guys tried to new Blender? I found it impossible to use too, but I thought they made a major change with a new release. I remember a lot of people were unhappy because they had gotten used to the old version of the program. You can get Max as a 30 day free trial. Autodesk has also switched to non-perpetual licenses like Adobe, so you can pay month-by-month.
  14. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    I corrected a minor error in the readme regarding Kvatch Rebuilt and have uploaded a new version with the new readme. No other changes made.
  15. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    I suspect you’re right, unfortunately. There were several people with 4K monitors complaining about the level-up menu, but they all seem to have disappeared. I messaged a couple of them on Nexus, but no replies yet.
  16. Random Stuffz

    A lot of old TV shows don’t age well. You just groan when you see them now.
  17. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Heh, I was just glad to finally use all that boring algebra stuff I mostly ignored in school. I also discovered that set theory (more algebra) is really important to understanding relational databases. I really wish my math teachers had told us some of the practical applications for that stuff. 3DS Max will calculate the inertia matrix if you flag a model as being havoced. I had some occasions to tweak it a bit further so an object would settle faster, but Max’s calculations work very well, so they match Oblivion’s implementation. Blender might as well - I really don’t know.
  18. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Actually you need the matrix algebra for proper havoc behaviour. The moment of inertia matrix in a NIF affects how an object behaves. I’ve done quite a bit of work with it to fix the behaviour of objects in my Imperial Furniture Renovated mod, where you drag things like furniture around to position them. I started fixing stuff in Skyrim too, but haven’t done too much with it yet. The drag function in Skyrim is really messed up because they didn’t set up the matrix properly.
  19. Misc. Creature Resources

    Yeah we had to upgrade to 4.x to fix it. We had no idea what broke it, but it was time for us to upgrade. I suggest you have a look at this post, especially the part about embedding images, which is linked in that post. It explains all the options. Looking good puddles.
  20. Vincent made the requested changes to the Assimilation theme and I have uploaded it. You may need to do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5 in Windows) to see the updates. Now that we're settled for now, my focus will be on getting the server OS upgraded. Once the OS is upgraded, I'll get SSL set up. We will continue to evaluate new forum software, but our license doesn't expire until January, so we have lots of time. I'm going to be quite busy in RL for the next couple of weeks.
  21. As I announced previously, I'll be doing the site upgrades and various updates over the next week or so. Already Completed apply usual server updates delete unused server software delete abandoned projects delete unused wikis To-Do upgrade forums to 3.4.9. I'll be doing this today or tomorrow. DONE restore The Inn to the main site. I have already restored it to our test site. DONE upgrade Ubuntu (server OS) to 16.04.2. I only run the "LTS" version, which means Long Term Support. acquire and install SSL certificate for site and all sub-domains. upgrade wikis. Also switch to new recaptcha. DONE upgrade forums to 4.x. Then I can get back to modding and playing! So you can expect the forums to go offline for an hour or so later today or tomorrow afternoon. We've got some Real Life stuff to do as well, so I'll get to it as soon as I can.
  22. Misc. Creature Resources

    puddles, please use the WIP gallery album and upload your files to the download area. Guests can't download attachments, so they won't see your pictures and they can't download your files unless you use the gallery and the download area. You would create your own WIP album in the gallery category I linked. Using the gallery and download areas doesn't eat into your quota.
  23. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Actually if you can figure out what causes the stuck weather, please let me know. We've never been able to figure that out.
  24. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    The ocean makes a lot of difference in the climate, so the UK is relatively temperate. And that's the extent of my weather knowledge.