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  1. Movie Quote Game

    Guess that means its my turn! Hmm.... "Beautiful things don't ask for attention."
  2. Movie Quote Game

    Y'all. Y'all. It's MULAN.
  3. Movie Quote Game

    Yup. I was way tooo young when I watched that movie.
  4. Movie Quote Game

    Granted I didn't see it in theaters but I worked in a library and it crossed the desk so I watched it out of curiosity and oh man. Okay let me think... C1: Where's your empathy?! C2: Winners do not empathize with losers.
  5. Movie Quote Game

    Seriously Em?? "What the Bleep do we Know?" SERIOUSLY?
  6. Movie Quote Game

    Wow that was fast. Yes, Serendipity - my best friends favorite romcom.
  7. Movie Quote Game

    Okay, I got it! C1: I hope you enjoy the gloves you bought yourself. C2: Oh, I'm sure I will. I usually enjoy my own thoughtfulness.
  8. Movie Quote Game

    Suuuuuuuper Mario Bros!
  9. Movie Quote Game

    I actually just watched it for the nth time last week because it's my boyfriend's favorite feel good movie. I think I've seen it upwards of 30 times at this point. That should tell you a lot about us, actually. When my boyfriend is sad and depressed, he watches Love Actually. When I'M sad and depressed... I watch Jurassic Park.
  10. Movie Quote Game

    Okay, new quote, same movie: C1: Okay. Option three: kidnap her and keep her tied up in your room until she agrees to marry you. C2: It's a route I've considered. C1: And quite rightly rejected on the grounds of....? C2: Hygiene.
  11. Movie Quote Game

    Nope! It's an older movie but not quite as old as Clerks.
  12. Movie Quote Game

    I'm here!! C1: How long have you worked here? C2: Uh... I don't know, two years, six months, nineteen days and I suppose 2 hours?
  13. Movie Quote Game

    I KNOW THIS ONE. Vorians you were so close, I think it's Bender's Game!
  14. Movie Quote Game

    Yesss. That movie was so underrated. I was literally counting the d20 rolls in the theater. That poor DM who had to deal with Kaulder omg. The ending probably went something like this: DM: Okay, Kaulder, the Witch Queen has mutated her form, Dolan 37 has betrayed you and Chloe is down. You only have Hexenbane. What do you do? Vin, as Kaulder: .... I'm gonna throw it. DM: You're gonna what.
  15. Movie Quote Game

    Ooh that was a good guess (considering it's me) but nope, not nearly so well known or received as that lol C1: [sniffing a vial] Fear potion. Now, what in the world would you be afraid of? C2: Public speaking.