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  1. Movie Quote Game

    I am a professional aunt. So I occasionally have the niblings about. New quote! "Password? Look at me! I am your leader. The leader does not recite the password. The leader makes up the password, idiots. Everybody make a new password right now. The new password is: DON'T ASK THE LEADER FOR THE PASSWORD!"
  2. Dreams

    To start off with, my most recent dream: I was a superhero fighting with the Avengers. Though I didn't get to meet Loki, I did point out all the plot holes in our current adventure (yes, I've been working on my review...can you tell?). Pointing out said holes killed the monsters. And then they made me the Queen of England.
  3. Movie Quote Game

    Closer, but no. (And nowhere near as good.) New quote?
  4. Movie Quote Game

    Nowhere near as good. (Also it's CG.)
  5. Movie Quote Game

    Nowhere near as good.
  6. Movie Quote Game

    "That raccoon is lying. He's not the president."
  7. Recipes

    Speaking of noodles, I just tried a new homemade noodles recipe. Extra egg yolks, letting the dough sit overnight, and a tiny bit of baking powder and oil. The result should be chewy and thick and NUMMY.
  8. I got my graphics tablet working again!  :banana:

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    2. AndalayBay


      Yeah we had to figure out how long we’ve had it! Needless to say, I had to replace CMOS battery, and I might have to do it again - I haven’t tried to boot it in a while. If I do turn it on, I just go away for a while... :lmao:

    3. NobleShadowHunter


      I wish our school computers were half as durable.

    4. Visceral Moonlight
  9. Random Stuffz

    *innocent whistling*
  10. Happy Birthday Me!

  11. WP_20130609_002 (1).jpg

    From the album Ama's stuff

  12. Dear 2018:  Can we maybe stop with my friends, family and pets going to the emergency room?  That would be great.

  13. Random Stuffz

    Baby Ninja Alligators (We have all the best pets) Gator Power!
  14. Ready Player One

    Ready Player One is a (sorta) dystopian novel published in 2011 and is currently being made into a movie to be released this year. Mostly because Stephen Spielberg and Warner Brothers want to capitalize on the surging popularity of 80s nostalgia that is sorta trendy due to IT, Guardians of the Galaxy, and especially Stranger Things. Spoiler alert: Ready Player One is nowhere near as good. When I was in 5th grade, one of my teachers told me that if nothing had happened by the time you hit page fifty in your book, just throw it in the trash and move on. All my friends told me that this book was shit. I should have listened. Brace yourselves to see a book that, as of page 50, has consisted of nothing more than a stereotypical Reddit bro ranting about fake geeks, scary women, bullies, organized religion, and being smarter than everyone else while still being unable to think up any kind of actual worldbuilding.
  15. Happy Holidays!

    At 8200 feet above sea level, I'm not used to being one of the warmer places in the country! It's over 40 during the day! That's not even sweater weather!
  16. Random Stuffz

    Welp. Time to put up the laser shields.
  17. Feedback thread

    Yay! I helped!
  18. Feedback thread

    I don't seem to have either of those options. I mean, I've got the create button and the profile page, but no "Status" on either.
  19. Feedback thread

    *sigh* Someone remind me how to do status updates with the new software.
  20. Random Stuffz

    How dare you. Hexxus is the BEST. ...there's also some stuff about fairies in that movie, right?
  21. Kitties!!

    Outside cats are pretty rare out here. Too many bears, hawks, eagles, coyotes, and mountain lions.