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  1. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    I wish I knew the story behind that last one.
  2. Huge Scare Today

    Being that I'm a mentally ill individual, can we not assume that's why he did that? It's annoying. Also, it seems that he did it because he was an entitled asshole who was angry about not getting laid.
  3. Huge Scare Today

    Are the two of you doing okay? That's a hell of a scare to deal with.
  4. Huge Scare Today

    Oh my god! I'm glad he's okay, but yeah...WAY too close for comfort.
  5. Random Stuffz

    I think that time, even in the quantum sense, would be scalar. Vectors need a direction as well as magnitude. And time can't have a velocity, because the equation for velocity is (the change in position)/(time). Now, it's been a while since my Modern Physics class, but as I understand it, the reason that time dilation happens is because (as far as we know) the speed of light is an absolute upper-level constant, no matter what our frame of reference is. So when someone is moving while looking at a light, it can't go any faster (to catch up with the viewer's velocity), thus the viewer's time is slowed instead. I swear this is how this works. And if you really want your head to explode, look up the new triple photon and how scientists created it and I don't even KNOW anymore even though I love it.
  6. Dreams

    To start off with, my most recent dream: I was a superhero fighting with the Avengers. Though I didn't get to meet Loki, I did point out all the plot holes in our current adventure (yes, I've been working on my review...can you tell?). Pointing out said holes killed the monsters. And then they made me the Queen of England.
  7. #changethechannel

    I get that this is kind of a tempest in a teapot for anyone who doesn't follow online video content creators, but is anyone else here a fan (former or current) of Channel Awesome/The Nostalgia Critic? Have you seen what's going on? Because I haven't seen an implosion of a website so fast and violent since Andalay and I left our former host sites. And for much the same reasons. YIKES.
  8. #changethechannel

    Other things this guy said to me: - I'm the owner of a multi-million dollar auto-detailing service that didn't have a website because "the celebrities knew where to go." - Ditto for why it wasn't listed in the Yellow Pages. - Why don't you trust me? - Okay, I'll friend you on FB. - Um...I know I'm listed as a weight trainer at some random gym, but... - I'm a Marine! - Why don't you listen to me, you bitch! The most pathetic part was when I tried to warn the other admins and one flat-out admitted that he'd visited the city the guy claimed to have his multi-million business in, TWICE, and the guy had all sorts of excuses as to why they couldn't meet after all, but that wasn't suspicious...and how DARE I say such bad things about him?! He's a good guy, you bitch!
  9. Fun Facts about Me

    Why thank you!
  10. #changethechannel

    And I should have had this in my first post: The full allegations (73 pages): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WZFkR__B3Mk9EYQglvislMUx9HWvWhOaBP820UBa4dA/edit The summary (6 pages): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d7UTXkL5HqywUqNMXwL5nVG4R84Hr1GX7Phagi15mUo/edit
  11. Fun Facts about Me

    Nah, that was pretty good. However:
  12. Random Stuffz

    I'm not up on the physics of suddenly bisected planets, but I'm envisioning a Pac-Man scenario there.
  13. #changethechannel

    http://channelawesome.com/ There used to be several dozen producers on the site. Now there's (maybe?) one. And he only seems to be hanging on out of sheer bull-headedness and/or maybe as a joke? Also, it turns out that one of my favorite producers was probably a rapist. I won't talk about the one that's still active, but the sites before that were Lucienlachance.com (the origins of DBC), thedarkbrotherhood.com (I was ill during that meltdown and missed it entirely), and finally Modcraft.com (where Andalay first joined and there are many horror stories. Including the guy paying the site bills trying to get me to move in with him with the offer of a wholly fictional job opening.)
  14. Fun Facts about Me

    I don't think I've added milk or sugar to my tea since I played with tea sets. Anything much stronger than the average black tea tends to make me start vibrating. And no, after my experience with Mountain Dew, I've never tried an energy drink. I like staying in my usual wavelength.
  15. Random Stuffz

    Good luck with the lack of volcanoes with the core happily hanging out in the breeze.
  16. Happy Birthday Cray!

    We already did. Don't you remember?
  17. Random Stuffz

    I love it! ...though Pizza the Hutt makes me feel nauseous.
  18. Random Stuffz

    Let's see... Bone bruise on my left hand, 1/2 inch blister on my right hand, and a nice big splinter deep in the sole of my left foot. This has been a FUN month in injuring myself. *cherishes currently uninjured right foot*
  19. Movie Quote Game

    "Stop talking about production value, the Air Force is going to kill us!"
  20. Picture 081.jpg

    From the album Ama's stuff

  21. Picture 050.jpg

    From the album Ama's stuff

  22. Picture 022.jpg

    From the album Ama's stuff

  23. 127_2703.JPG

    From the album Ama's stuff

  24. 127_2702.JPG

    From the album Ama's stuff