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  1. Game Industry Crashes: Real or Conspiracy?

    The "great PC gaming crash" was simply another business shift, where retailers started massively downsizing their shelf space for PC gaming (games, systems, parts, etc.) because consoles were becoming a much more reliable revenue stream. But since Half-Life 2 was released around this time giving birth to Steam and with online ordering becoming big business for the people who already had a decent PC (and as a byproduct internet access), the "crash" went largely unnoticed. As far as Indiepocalypse, I agree with you. The most that will happen is Valve will finally buckle down on Early Access having become a shovelware dump and get rid of it all, and lay better groundwork to make sure devs use it the way it is intended. Since that's what GOG is doing, and Valve will need to compete.
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    Or an average of 2606 pandas.
  3. I'm putting this in the discussion forum because I just read a rather enlightening article: https://medium.com/steam-spy/on-indiepocalypse-what-is-really-killing-indie-games-3da3c3a1ea76#.s1jeadhcf The author is mainly discussing what the future might be like for indie developers now that its easier than ever to develop and publish a game thanks to platforms like Steam providing distribution and toolsets like Unity and Unreal being available at low cost for enthusiasts. But the main thing I wanted to discuss is this: did the Great Gaming Crash of 1983 actually ever happen? Because if you look back at everything that came after, the answer is no. Games didn't crash, Atari did. If games crashed, wouldn't the effects have been felt in Europe and sales for personal computer games on ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 have plummeted? And wouldn't Nintendo have gone out of business as well, and not have brought video games back to the spotlight with the NES? And what about the great PC gaming crash of 2002? Shouldn't we all be playing games on consoles and posting in this forum on tablets now? There is only one correlation between all these "crashes" that occurred throughout the years: business interest. The great crash of '83 is called that because retailers were dumping all of their cartridge video games into clearance bins and re-allocating the shelf space to Cabbage Patch Kids and Transformers toys. The only casualty of the "great crash of '83" was Atari. In reality we should be calling it the Atari Crash, and the only reason people said the "crash" had happened was because there was a gap in the time it took for companies like Nintendo and Commodore to get their products to the American market to fill in the hole Atari left behind. Remember, we didn't have Amazon back then. But the point I'm getting to here: anyone who is saying the industry is going to crash again, they are wrong. The industry will not crash; it never did. All that will happen is business interest will shift in a way that causes a major change in the gaming market. That's what happened in '83: Atari's bankruptcy opened the way for Nintendo and Sega to rise to dominance. If Call of Duty dies, it's not the end of the world. Someone else will just find a new sacred cash cow to exploit. As far as the article, it is about how Indie gaming is starting to divide up into two entities: hobbyists and entrepreneurs. Game development tech has come a long enough way that people can make their own games just because they can, and the modding communities of all games thrive on this hobbyist approach. In order to actually see the health of the actual indie games market, you need to filter out all the hobbyists for whom profit is not a goal (and if you're looking at Steam, all the Early Access shovelware titles). Only when you know how well the games that want to be sold are selling can you determine the health of the market. The so called #Indiepocalypse is nothing more than a byproduct of hobbyist game sales data and business game sales data getting lumped in together. Hobby games that were never intended to be profitable (and zero-effort shovelware) are just noise in those sales figures. Get rid of those, and the Indie market is as healthy as ever. In short, the argument I'm trying to make here is unlike what most doomsayers will tell you, the game industry will NEVER crash in the foreseeable future. Because it never did in the past. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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    Not gonna comment on political stuff here.
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    How about this?
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    This is relevant here.
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    AOL was THE name in home internet in the US back in those days. The client itself did not actually give access to the internet proper, rather it gave access to AOL's little corner (which was a pretty big chunk back then). If I were to compare it to anything now it was a glorified Yahoo. But once you connected through the client you could get to the internet proper by opening Internet Explorer (if you had the latest version of Windows) or Netscape. And, of course, you had to disconnect any time someone needed to make a phone call.
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    I know what I'll do after I finish this modern PC build. I'll build another one, this time my dream PC from 1998. Containing the latest 3dFX Voodoo graphics (including that newfangled SLI tech, combining two cards together for unheard of performance) and a top-of-the-line Pentium II Xeon, crunching numbers at a lightning-fast 450MHz. And internet access provided by AOL, of course.
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    Too late to cancel now, so I'll deal with that another time. EDIT: They actually did manage to cancel it so I'll be bringing in a 1300 Watt instead. And one more change: I've gone to a different RAM package (same format, slightly better, same manufacturer) because the previous one I selected the seller refused to ship.
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    VM: I am having my case delivered to a store so I will be buying a 1Tb external HDD while I'm there for archiving (already planned on this since reinstalling Windows is going to wipe out the drive). I am planning on expanding to two GPUs down the road, but not until nVidia releases their next generation of cards (I'll also be buying a new 4k monitor then), and the display will be connected to the HDTV I am using now (1080p).
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    Starting a system rebuild, as it's time for my PC to be refreshed. Components will be: CPU: Core i7 6700k @4.0GHz CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer i32 Air Cooler Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero RAM: Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 16Gb @2666MHz Power Supply: EVGA Supernova 1300W Modular GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 (salvaged) Hard Drive: Samsung 1Tb SSD (salvaged) Chassis: Fractal Design Define R4 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium OEM (already owned)
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    badgerbadgerbadgerbadger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM
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    (Warning: video contains spoilers for Clannad) This scene is so powerful... words can't describe it.
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    I got refunded before leaving, and I'll be giving them a second chance, so I'm okay with things now.