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  1. Progress Thread

    Cool! I love to see little critters running around. The tiny lizards we have are some of my favourite creatures in the mod.
  2. Progress Thread

    Poor sad wee creature. It looks like it needs putting down.
  3. Progress Thread

    Thank you!
  4. Progress Thread

    I'm with you on the 'no extra stuff' point, AB. It's a little different with creatures though. IIRC you can just slot them in with little hassle but races are a different matter. Anyway, we'd still like to get our Sload, Paatru and Sarpa races completely finished. They're pretty essential.
  5. Progress Thread

    We do have a heavy Dunmer presence in the mod but they're Dres. I'm not too clued-up about any lore surrounding the Nereid but mythologically-speaking the Nereid were sea nymphs and according to the Wiki entry here, sea spirits. Notice, however, that the Wiki does include Black Marsh as a location and that the Nereid are engaged in conflict with the lamia, one of our mythical creatures of the region. It's plausible that the Nereid might appear in coastal regions to the East like Archon and Thorn.
  6. Progress Thread

    Thanks, puddles. Will do!
  7. Progress Thread

    Lovely work, puddles! I'm pretty sure that completes our stock of creatures. Offhand, I can't think of anything that in the lore that is mentioned that we haven't actually included. Btw, do you mind if I upload a photo or two of these for our Facebook page?
  8. Progress Thread

    Good going, puddles. It's worth mentioning that the Wamasus is definitely worth making as we have a whole region by that name: the Wamasus Hills, one of the only regions that isn't all that flat and swampy.
  9. Progress Thread

    Just dropping in. Not much to report this week as it's been a busy one with buying in new furniture and other domestic affairs. However, by next week, the week off should give me a little space to get back to it by cleaning up the earlier overviews, tweaking old quests and then eventually crafting the new ones. I do think that getting the overviews right and adding Glossaries will give others a clearer idea of where we're heading so that, if they wish, they can contribute lore-friendly and mod-friendly writing with greater confidence.
  10. Progress Thread

    A bit busy again these last few weeks but I keep getting an hour spare here and there to make small adjustments. I updated the Quest Essentials thread so as to make quest coding a little more organised. I still have to revise some of the older overviews to make sure everything flows neatly and then it's on to re-drafting the early quest write-ups for greater clarity and also to ensure that the story arc builds comprehensively. If I ever get distracted these days, it's by a renewed interest in board games rather than PC games...so much fun! Black Marsh is always on my mind though. @ AB - Just to be clear, am I correct in thinking that you'll need me to have a good look over MQ1 and adjust it if necessary before you can restart fixing up the quests? I'm planning on starting with the MQ but then straying out into the questlines as I go so it opens up more choices for coding. Once I'm free to edit or write up the quests, it may help if I let you know the order I'm going to work through them in. Then, if you know in your own mind which quests would be easier to fix, I can turn my attention to those and we can prioritise things together.
  11. Progress Thread

    Yes, I'm still getting on with this. The basic skeleton of the Tren questline is complete but I need to fill in some of the details so that it smoothes out the creases and makes it easier to write up the quests in full detail. It's looking good though. One particular high point is that I can now see how almost every separate questline can dovetail into the MQ. As mentioned before, the details need smoothing out by rewriting some parts of the outlines. Once done, the details of the individual quests should make more sense and not need any major editing. It should be a lot easier to follow. Progress is still a little slow because work is kicking in again but I'm finding an hour or a half-hour spare here and there and I'm gradually getting there.
  12. Progress Thread

    I've almost finished writing the outline for the Tribal quests and then it's on to the Sotho Tren quests. After that, all outlines are complete and the redrafting of the actual quests can begin.
  13. Progress Thread

    Sure. I can't imagine not doing some Tren quests, even if they're just stand-alone rather than questlines. The lore demands it, I think. The good news now is that I may have more time this week to get the Tribes quests done. The Tribes quest line is absolutely fundamental to the MQ so it's an essential bit of planning. I'm actually cautiously optimistic about writing as, for three years running, I've had an unusually large workload in RL and there is at least some level of normalcy returning... Btw, it's nice to see the forums back up and running after the glitch.
  14. Progress Thread

    Sadly, the point is that I just don't have the time to graft on BM anymore. That's why there is a cut-off so as allow me to slink away and still have a release to show for our efforts. Nevertheless, the reason I'm working on the quest outlines is so that there is a possibility that the other quests can be developed in my absence. Anyway, I have completed the quest outlines for the MQ, the Shadowscales and now the Trillium Magnata (as of today). The latter was cut down to 6 quests and segues nicely into the MQ. I will be posting up documents for the team's review eventually. I already have an 8-quest plan for the Tribes questline: I just have to polish it up for three of the quests. As yet, I'm not sure whether to do the whole Tren questline at all, leave it out altogether or simply add some generic 'Tren quests' for those that love being rogues.
  15. Progress Thread

    Forum necromancy! After a quick chat with AB, it looks like I will be returning to do some writing up. Hopefully this time the turbulent events of recent years won't tear me away. There is sort of a plan developing here that must fall within the time we all have available and the skills of the members. I think we acknowledge how scarce the chances are for a full-fat release that is all-singing and all-dancing but with quests in place and clear cut-off points that nevertheless offer the player some reward for their progress then I think there's a valid path to development. For example, I can't imagine that the MQ will see its full expression but there could be a cut-off point we can all agree upon. My thinking with the MQ is that once the player enters Helstrom, the MQ may end. At least then they can visit the place and, if they wish, read up on the intended storyline. However, this is just thinking aloud. I am hoping to be submitting storyline updates on the private forums as I work through them.