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  1. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Welcome Tomius37! Sorry for the late response. Now that we have the storyline fully written up, I've sat back a little. Hopefully, we'll be in a position to move forward again shortly.
  2. Merry Christmas!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, folks! And a particularly happy new year since I'm going to get a release out of THIS year if it kills me.
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Thread necromancy! I noticed that the OP mentions how a release would happen in 2012 even if it killed me. What a lying bastard I am! Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Happy new decade!
  4. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    Yes. Everything has been on hold for a long, long time. I'm just starting to see what I can find time for.
  5. Progress Thread

    That's always with getting back on track for me: re-acquainting yourself with where you were and how stuff works. I'd have modded a little over the summer if I didn't have to train myself all over again.
  6. Progress Thread

    This is where we can post up any screenshots for promotional reasons: Public Gallery. My own BM Photobucket account is here: http://s434.photobuc...me/Ibsen3/index . Feel free to browse it. I can also report that the following is complete on the project to date, bearing in mind that the 'beta regions' refers to half of our map and will comprise the beta release and that there are other areas beyond these regions that are also complete to some extent, like Lilmoth city: Regions - the Naga-Cradle Jungle, the Rottmere Everglades, the Parchlands, Darkmoor, Reaven Fenlands and Blackwood are all generated and have been landscaped whilst the Arnesian Jungle, Vudai Marsh, Murkwood, Talu Swamps, The Wamasus Hills and Throttlemesh Myre have all been generated and only partly landscaped. Only the East Coast needs to be finalised. Towns and Cities - Three cities are either 100% complete or close enough whereas all settlements in the beta regions (about half of the map) are done. Dungeons - We currently have about 23 complete or almost-complete dungeons with perhaps some more in development. The tilesets consist of: [*]Dead Rootworm Tunnels (BM-specific) [*]Mossy Ruins (BM-specific) [*]Mossy Caves (BM-specific) [*]Hist Shrines (although they may need to be adapted) [*]The 'Hist Dimension' itself might also be classified as a dungeon. One area is complete and the design work has been done. [*]Vanilla dungeons such as forts and possibly the Gideon sewers. [*]Sachiel's rootworm burrows tileset Interiors - Only some towns remain without completed interiors with NPCs to match. However, the following do remain to be completed within the beta regions: [*]Gideon Interiors - all but one is completed (the player home) [*]Chasepoint Interiors - around 3-4 [*]All upper district interiors in Soulrest including the Castle / mansion [*]Some other assorted interiors AI and Pathing - A small-ish selection remains to be done for the beta but pathing has been created for the exterior in the Westenmost sections of the map to enable wandering creatures. Quests - 11 quests completed. A main quest has been established but, like other Faction questlines, will be only partly complete in the beta. There are various faction-questlines to work on and some mini-quests. Concept Art - Lots available but always needed. Books - At least 100 but always needed. Models - Vast amounts too numerous to mention, many of them exclusive to BM. Sound - An (almost) complete soundtrack composed by Xae. Voices - None yet. These will be added later.
  7. Progress Thread

    Wow! Leonberger's are truly huge! I'd like to see the cat, to be honest. As our own is a rescue dog, he comes with problems. He can't play properly and tries gnawing at the arms and ankles in between attempts to mate and occasional growling. It's clear he's been trained really badly. We're just hoping it's possible to turn him round. It's not easy when he's that big.
  8. Progress Thread

    Good stuff. Similar situation with pets - new dog!
  9. Progress Thread

    Small update: I am alive. Things may be forming some semblance of normality soon. Hopefully, I can get back to writing. Irritatingly, it's happened just as I've gone back to work.
  10. Sarpa (Original models from TMJ)

    Sarpa (Original models from TMJ) View File These are two of the original files sent to me from TheModaxJago before he disappeared. The textures do not properly fit the maps. Also, IIRC, there was some problem with getting the model animated so proceed with caution. Submitter Ibsen's Ghost Submitted 01/07/2018 Category Resources  
  11. Progress Thread

    You're right. Spiny!
  12. Progress Thread

    Is that this thing?
  13. Progress Thread

    Oh yes. We realised we had to keep some secrets secret (clams up).
  14. Progress Thread

    Those insectoid things are beautifully weird! They would look great in Murkwood! Our Bubbulture actually exists, I think. I don't have a screenshot to hand but IIRC, it appears somewhere or other. I'll have to dig it out and find a photo sometime.
  15. Progress Thread

    Yes, I think the biggest downside to modding is the tedium. You have to balance your creativity with a real tolerance for it. I can do that but my struggle in recent years is finding the time in the first place. Thanks for the frogs. I'm continuing to upload shots of your work to the FB page. There's much appreciation!
  16. Progress Thread

    I've updated our FB page with puddles' latest work (again, much appreciated!). I am about halfway through Quest 2 of the Sotho Tren questline and really quite enjoying myself with it. The only problem is the sheer length of time it takes to write these things up...but I'm getting there bit-by-bit.
  17. Progress Thread

    Cool! I love to see little critters running around. The tiny lizards we have are some of my favourite creatures in the mod.
  18. Progress Thread

    Poor sad wee creature. It looks like it needs putting down.
  19. Progress Thread

    Thank you!
  20. Progress Thread

    I'm with you on the 'no extra stuff' point, AB. It's a little different with creatures though. IIRC you can just slot them in with little hassle but races are a different matter. Anyway, we'd still like to get our Sload, Paatru and Sarpa races completely finished. They're pretty essential.
  21. Progress Thread

    We do have a heavy Dunmer presence in the mod but they're Dres. I'm not too clued-up about any lore surrounding the Nereid but mythologically-speaking the Nereid were sea nymphs and according to the Wiki entry here, sea spirits. Notice, however, that the Wiki does include Black Marsh as a location and that the Nereid are engaged in conflict with the lamia, one of our mythical creatures of the region. It's plausible that the Nereid might appear in coastal regions to the East like Archon and Thorn.
  22. Progress Thread

    Thanks, puddles. Will do!
  23. Progress Thread

    Lovely work, puddles! I'm pretty sure that completes our stock of creatures. Offhand, I can't think of anything that in the lore that is mentioned that we haven't actually included. Btw, do you mind if I upload a photo or two of these for our Facebook page?
  24. Progress Thread

    Good going, puddles. It's worth mentioning that the Wamasus is definitely worth making as we have a whole region by that name: the Wamasus Hills, one of the only regions that isn't all that flat and swampy.
  25. Progress Thread

    Just dropping in. Not much to report this week as it's been a busy one with buying in new furniture and other domestic affairs. However, by next week, the week off should give me a little space to get back to it by cleaning up the earlier overviews, tweaking old quests and then eventually crafting the new ones. I do think that getting the overviews right and adding Glossaries will give others a clearer idea of where we're heading so that, if they wish, they can contribute lore-friendly and mod-friendly writing with greater confidence.