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  1. Checking in

    I'll be reuniting with my desktop later this month, so I'll get Oblivion set up on that for testing when I do. And then hopefully I can get back into it - I don't think I've even seen some of the newer quests! I was just watching The Next Generation, weirdly enough . . .
  2. Checking in

    Yes, please. I have less of a course load this fall, so I should have more time.
  3. Checking in

    Nice forums you've got here - I have a bad tendency to lurk, a lot, but I'm happy to have been included in the move. Looking forward to more DBC!
  4. Heh, yes, that's true . . . the most drama would definitely come from a post-Spellhold PC, but that probabably wouldn't work out so well. My sister and I were thinking of getting GW2 sometime, and I'd probably try a Sylvari first - they look interesting. My sister is more into the Norn.
  5. It would be tempting to play my character from Baldur's Gate . . . but the main character in that game is so uber by the end it might seem ridiculous. I'm pretty sure TV tropes even calls him/her a "canon sue," heh.
  6. The Outsider

    Outsider + The Inn = Awesome. Ooh, I hope he does!
  7. Inn Update

    *Happy dance*
  8. Inn Update

    I'm really excited to see more threads moving along (yes, total lurker-inn-junkie here ). I've been tempted for a long time to try to put the story parts of threads into a document or something for easy re-reading, but there's so *much* story that it is rather daunting (especially since the narratives within the inn jump threads so often). I'm interested to see what you guys end up doing, though if I had any input I would second Morrigain's wish for online archives instead of taking the old stuff offline . . . .
  9. DBC: Nexus December FotM

  10. Inn Art

    I can see them now, thank you so much! I really love your art style, Amadaun. I could never get proportions to be that realistic.
  11. Inn Art

    For some reason I can't see any awesome Inn art . . . they show as attachments, and if I click them it says I don't have permission to view them.
  12. Fireplace

    Alanoor smiled slightly, relieved. "Good. I sometimes have a tendency to judge people too quickly, and it's not a trait I'm proud of." She looked the other man - the one Venos had been threatening, she thought - over. She didn't expect he felt extremely chatty right now, so she bit her tongue and said nothing.
  13. Fireplace

    Alanoor walked over and sat near the fireplace as well, glancing sideways at the Minotaur. "I . . . wanted to apologize if I offended you," she said quietly. "Sometimes I don't think before I speak." Alanoor has entered the Fireplace. OOC: I'm crossing my fingers that finals don't take up too much of my time this weekend and next week. If Alanoor "zones out" again, I apologize in advance.
  14. Inn Keep

    Alanoor blinked blearily, feeling odd, as though she had just woken from sleep. She blushed slightly in embarrassment. Standing, she muttered "Excuse me," and left the bar. Alanoor has left the Inn Keep.
  15. The Cirque

    Dalish, as in Dragon Age Dalish? *Squees like a moronic fangirl* Ahem, sorry, I'm a bit too into that game right now . . . but it'll be cool to see aspects of it come to the Inn. I've been musing on making a char who's obsessed with the Fade or something. But my Inn-time is going to be somewhat limited until the end of the semester in a couple weeks, so I'll wait on that one. Oh, and Ser looks scary. :ph34r: /blabbing