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  1. WB mods list

    The plugins list isn't part of Wrye Bash though, the game itself generates it in C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Oblivion
  2. Sid Meier's Civilization Discussion

    If Civ 5 is installed in a location different to Steam's default, then you need to tell the new install of Steam the Steam install directory location (not Civ 5 specifically). It should then find the game (plus any others in there) and update to show Civ 5 is installed. If Civ 5 is in the default location, then you should simply need to tell Steam to install Civ 5 - Steam will find the existing files, verify them, and only download any which are missing or edited to be different from the installation files. Civ 5 will then detect the mods already installed too. If Panda Dome creates some kind of virtual environment to run programs in, then it may be interfering with Steam's ability to find the game files. In that case, turn that feature off in Panda Dome, or see if there is a way to exclude Steam so that it runs normally. For Morrowind Launcher, it may be that Panda Dome is blocking the launcher's access to the registry, preventing the launcher from detecting the game installation. That's just a guess.
  3. Potential Error in DLC

    I believe it is a common habit to leave unused half finished content behind for many companies. It can be left because publishers/managers put pressure on the developers/actual workers to hurry up for release, or because an idea doesn't work, so it gets left to return to later while focussing on other parts, and then they forget the unfinished idea (just a couple reasons).
  4. Idle Anim Error

    It should fix them automatically. In CSE, load only the ESM/P which is meant to contain the records and save it. If they're in the ESM and also edited in the ESP, then save the ESM in CSE first, and switch to TES4Edit to drag the "related" entries from the ESM records into the ESP records. These errors do have a tendency to return after further edits however, requiring repeat fixing if you want no error messages.
  5. Idle Anim Error

    Yes, those errors can be ignored, and yes, CS(E) automatically fixes those errors on save, even if you make no actual edits to the file. Also, yes again, MS48PrisonerIdle is a wild edit in Knights.esp, the record can be safely removed.
  6. My PC Woes

    Need to put up barriers around the computer and stick very fine mesh across all openings to keep fur out.
  7. Making every sigil stone I get Trascendent

    No, don't worry about the flags. All they do is tell the game engine how to read the leveled list. For your leveled list with only a single entry, it would make no difference whether the flags are both enabled, whether either one is enabled, or whether both are enabled, the end result would be exactly the same. They'd only make a difference if you added additional entries to your leveled list.
  8. Making every sigil stone I get Trascendent

    You do not need to use either flag in a leveled list, the flags are optional. As your list will have only a single entry guaranteed to be found, there's no point in using either flag. It does not matter that TES4Edit is displaying your one entry lower than the first listed entry in Oblivion.esm.
  9. Random Stuffz

    I tried watching Doctor Who for this first time about a month ago, and abandoned it after around 3 episodes, it was just awful (mainly the campiness factor).
  10. Feedback thread

    Wiki registration got disabled a while ago, because the site was being hit with spam accounts. If you contact a forum moderator they should be able to set you up for Wiki editing.
  11. [RELz] Better Cities

    Better Cities version 6.0.10 has been released and is available now on Nexus and The Assimilation Lab. Another update to fix issues reported over the last year, plus some new custom house interior meshes has allowed improvements to the interiors of Divine Pint, Twin Goblet Alehouse and WAsabi's House, thanks to mhahn. - Imperial City: Isle - A post-quest hidden reward for clearing the aqueduct was so hidden it was entirely missing, this has been restored - Anvil: Five guards were not acting as guards, now fixed so they will arrest you when you deserve to be arrested - Cheydinhal: Hlaalu Embassy Basement - Replaced drawers containing vanilla quest objects with drawers not containing vanilla quest objects - Chorrol: Small section of stone wall replaced with retextured version - Chorrol: Divine Pint - New exterior mesh and interior mesh created by mhahn - now the interior matches the exterior properly, without needing a teleport door to travel from one side of the ground floor to the other side. Also adds a third floor, adding additional rooms - Chorrol: Twin Goblet Alehouse now has a customised interior mesh created by mhahn, giving more space downstairs for drinkers, and a third bedroom upstairs, so the owners can move out of the basement - Skingrad: Outskirts - Wasabi's House, Tanner now has a 2nd floor. Thanks to mhahn for the custom mesh - Open Better Cities: Cheydinhal - Fixed game crash when starting the vanilla quest A Knife in the Dark - All merchants (except a couple where it wouldn't be appropriate) will now allow the option to invest in their shop once your Speech skill is high enough to unlock this option - Compatibility patch for Heart of the Dead and BC Chorrol now also disables a floating bedroll added by HoD into Bruma. This bedroll was not used by any NPC - Compatibility patch for OOO and BC Bruma now resolves a floating notice added by OOO just inside the north city gate - Compatibility patches for OOO and separate IC Districts no longer needed, the patch for OOO and Better Imperial City can be used with separate Districts or with the merged Better Imperial City - Compatibility patches for OOO updated for OOO v1.5.7+ - Compatibility patch for CUO Bravil and BC Bravil no longer causes the south gateway to the docks to be disabled - BSAs now packed with no compression, so the filesizes will be larger, but game will read them slightly faster - Any reported issues with the install scripts fixed
  12. Tweak Guides has Moved On

    Yes, Oblivion is badly limited by hard-coding in its game engine, the game was released just before multi-core CPUs became the norm, so even though the INI references tweaks for multi-core processors and threads, none of those tweaks really worked. I'm really hoping that the team working on OpenMW will move on to Oblivion once they reach v1.0
  13. Tweak Guides has Moved On

    Was that black viper's site? If so, it ceased to be of any value when the author stopped producing Windows tweak guides, I think that was after the release of Windows 7.
  14. Even without reading the article, it's very much self-explanatory. Reset your password, then you can continue to log in.
  15. Apple's iPhones are not safe

    Don't think I've ever heard of Panda either, but if they're for Apple devices then that's no surprise.