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      Enodoc from the UESP has stepped up and will host our wikis in their wiki farm. I just finished uploading the backups to the UESP server. The wikis that are moving are: Better Cities Morrowind Modding Wiki TESCOSI OOO Oblivion Quest Mods Ordendesdrachen The last three are wikis that WalkerInShadows created. I never finished getting them set up on TAL, so they'll finally be available again once the UESP guys finish getting things set up.


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  1. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    I believe that puddles may have uploaded his mods only here at TAL.
  2. [RELz] Cobl

    I haven't read the guides myself and don't know what guides they are, so have no clue whether they even include Cobl. I've had a more than a few people commenting in the BC or UL comments stating they use OBMM, and when I advised they should switch to something which isn't more than 10 years abandoned, they reply that they're just following a guide so will stick with OBMM.
  3. [RELz] Cobl

    An irritatingly high number it seems, because they follow popular guides for which mods to use, and those guides recommend OBMM.
  4. [RELz] Cobl

    I believe that it is not possible to to have multiple lines of text in the top description box. It is intended as a title box or a short question, with details going into the description box below for each individual option. NoMerge is meant to prevent an ESP from being merged and disabled, however I found that it does not work (ESP still gets disabled). The tag MustBeActiveIfImported is more reliable.
  5. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    Thanks Though this is in fact going into a not so little mod, Better Cities. But anyone who wants to take the script and make it their own for another mod is welcome to. I actually thought that the code for identifying distance from a given point might be good in a quest for the player to find things without quest markers. Wait, this would be PERFECT for Blood & Mud which is integrated into Better Cities, finding some things/locations in that quest is too difficult as it is. Yay. More scripting...
  6. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    And, done. though the script is a little larger than I would have liked.
  7. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    I wouldn't need to use getpos on the map markers fortunately, as I already have their coordinates, they're fixed. Here's an example script for determining the player's distance from a fixed point. scn DistanceCheck Float PointA Float PointB Float DistanceSq Float Distance Begin OnActivate If Player.GetPos X >= 0 Set PointA to 33597 - (Player.GetPos X) Else Set PointA to 33597 + (Player.GetPos X) EndIf If Player.GetPos Y >= 0 Set PointB to 72011 - (Player.GetPos Y) Else Set PointB to 72011 + (Player.GetPos Y) EndIf Set DistanceSq to (PointA*PointA)+(PointB*PointB) Set Distance to (sqrt DistanceSq) Message "%.0f units from the Market District", Distance End Next I need to define time to pass based on distance. Somehow.
  8. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    Thanks, but no that sets the flag on map marker records controlling whether it can be used or not. I believe the game calculates the distance as the crow flies (not considering the terrain) from where you are to where you're travelling to, and then does some internal look up to calculate how much time should pass for that distance. So in theory, a script could do a player.getpos X and player.getpos Y as they click on the map marker icon which triggers my override, then compare them to the XY coordinates of the destination and calculate a time based upon the difference?
  9. [RELz] Cobl

    Wrye Bash has a Save Game tab, where you can see which dependencies each save has and what the expected load order is for that save. TMM & OMM do not, I don't think MO2 does but cannot remember for sure. Don't know about Vortex and NMM.
  10. [RELz] Cobl

    I wouldn't do that. Most players will pick a mod manager to install all their mods, and won't want to install just one or two mods using a different manager, as doing so prevents their preferred manager from being properly aware of that mod. Players who choose to install using e.g. MO2 or Vortex can still use Wrye Bash purely for the bash patch (and for Vortex, to adjust individual mods in their load order since Vortex doesn't include that feature). I consider MO2 to be the best mod manager available for Oblivion and Skyrim. In fact MO2 supports Bain (so does TMM but I don't know how successfully, I never tried), so if Cobl only had a Bain installer then you'll only be excluding Vortex (and NMM and OMM).
  11. [RELz] Cobl

    I've never touched Vortex, I know it reads Fomod, so as long as both Fomod and Bain are scripted for, then all the current mod managers should be happy. Fomod and Omod are very different, but people do continue to use OMM so you could include an Omod script too if you wanted. LOOT has never worked very well for Oblivion (and it's not really any better for Skyrim in my opinion but since there's no reliable BOSS masterlist for Skyrim you're stuck with LOOT). BOSS is highly recommended, and mhahn tries to keep the masterlist updated whenever he can.
  12. [RELz] Cobl

    Fomod and Bain. Can be read by TMM, Wrye Bash, NMM, Vortex, MO2.
  13. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    Following on from the initial query, now that the script exists and works. Is there a (sensible) way to calculate how much time should have passed based upon the player's position when triggering my script, and where they end up afterwards? So that my script can also advance time to at least roughly match vanilla Fast Travel?
  14. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    Yep, working. Thanks all for your help. Here's the script in case any part is of any use to others.
  15. Any way to "intercept" map marker triggering?

    Oh wow, I am so forgetful! Of course I needed fQuestDelayTime, I totally forgot about it. Thanks haama, I appear to have a script working exactly as desired now using GetMapMenuMarkerRef and Bob, so I can add the location checks to prevent working in an interior, and then expand it to cover the other map markers. Andalay, did your PC stop working again? I didn't know about shadeMe's debugger, I've always just done it manually. ShadeMe states in the comments that it doesn't support string variables however, so in this particular case it would not have been able to help. Fortunately it appears I no longer need to debug! EDIT Oh hey, you were right about worldspaces also having a flag for no fast travel Andalay, just noticed it while checking which worldspaces the script should work in.