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  1. Games on Sale

    I'll take that thank you.
  2. Movie Quote Game

    It is a comedy about an overweight incompetent, if I remember rightly, he was adopted by a Japanese ninja trainer, and so was trained to be a ninja. But he was so bad, messing everything up, that his father gave him a fake mission to get rid of him, sending him to Beverly Hills to rescue a woman. He of course succeeds after a lot of bumbling around. I watched it a few months ago, just remembered it, and I knew it was from the 90s.
  3. Movie Quote Game

    Beverly Hills Ninja?
  4. Movie Quote Game

    So it's likely to be one of: Jackie Chan (but he started in the 70s and most films were from the 80s) Jet Li Jean Claude Van Dam(me?) (but he started in the 80s; still doing many films since 90s, but they aren't very successful) That American guy with the beard whose films are really lame and cheesy but Americans love him (was in Expendables 2 or 3, don't know if he's done anything else between 90s and then - did he also start in the 80s?) So, it's probably not anyone in the above list after all as I just dismissed most of them as viable. I'm good at making lists, but not necessarily accurate or useful ones.
  5. [RELz] Oldblivion

    Like I said, nothing lasts forever. And that's one reason why I really like GOG's Connect as it means some games I can have on both platforms, so in the event that either GOG or Steam flatlines and shuts down, at least some games will be on the other platform. Retail CDs and DVDs do last longer than self-burnt though, they probably spray a protective coating across the burnt disc surface, which the general public don't do with their burns.
  6. [RELz] Oldblivion

    Self-burnt discs have a fairly short life, especially DVDs. You cannot be sure that a DVD burnt three years ago will still be readable. Business-burnt DVDs should be much more reliable, but nothing lasts forever, and even these can become unreadable over time, without any visible damage.
  7. That's fine if there are no sub-forums, but when there are, you only know that either the main forum or at least one sub-forum have unread posts. Then I have to squint to identify which pink text is in bold.
  8. I really like the new theme, however I find it extremely difficult to tell which forums or threads have unread posts, bold pink text looks exactly the same as pink text to me, any chance that forums/threads containing unread posts could be in red text instead of pink?
  9. Looking for New Forum Software

    Posting on Beth.net is easy, it's only when you try to be fancy that things go wrong, or add links which cause the badly set up spam protection thing to block you. Anyone saying "if you do [this] I'll leave" is just trying to blackmail Andalay & VM into doing what they want instead of what Andalay and VM want, which really isn't at all friendly, and will certainly be disheartening to Andalay & VM, and put them off even trying. End result could potentially be that they decide not to bother if too many people are moaning, and just shut the forum down, it saves them money after all.
  10. Movie Quote Game

    Malonn wins this round! I just rewatched Hook so it was the perfect choice to quote from.
  11. Unrecognized Plugins

    I haven't heard from him for a while, but just before I released the newly renamed Unique Landscapes patches, mhahn got stuck with non-stop work (he often works 7 day weeks), and had zero time for mods, relaxation, his own family. He's simply not had a chance to get back to the masterlist since that time.
  12. I can never remember which is which, is mbps the download speed you actually see, or is that your ISP's claimed connection speed (meaning divide by 8 to get your actual download speed)?
  13. Random Stuffz

    Nope, I've never played it.
  14. Movie Quote Game

    Same film, different scene: Char 4: If you insist on seeing [redacted] and desire to be alive when you do so, do exactly what I say, [redacted]! Your left arm is dead and hangs lifeless at your side. Char 4: Lean on the crutch! Left foot turned in! Tilt your head, and glare with your good eye! Now crack your mouth, and drool! Now growl! Char 1: Urgh. Char 4: Growl! Char 1: ARRRGGHHHHH!!!! Char 5: HOW'RE YOU?! Char 1: NOT BAD, YOU? Char 5: NOT BAD! Char 1: ALRIGHT!
  15. Walking simulator?

    Oh VM, sometimes you are so adorably clueless.