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  1. [RELz] Better Cities

    Better Cities View File Better Cities is a compilation of the following mods, integrated together to resolve conflicts between them all, and with literally thousands of minor glitches, bugs etc. fixed. We have also made enhancements to all of these, adding our own layer of modifications including new dialogue and quests. And we're still working on it! Bananasplit's Better Cities Anvil, Bravil, Chorrol, Imperial City Market, Leyawiin, Skingrad Reckless' Better Cities Cheydinhal Wolfslady's Better Cities Bruma Wolfslady's Better Arboretum - Anvil Bay Expansion by jlf2n. - Blood & Mud Dirt Deluxe Anglais by Ryan O.Hershey. - Bravil Docks by jlf2n. Nernie has replaced a number of the interiors. - Cyrodiil Rebuild by Acros and ANDORAN team. - Cyrodiil Rebuild: Imperial Isle by Acros and ANDORAN team. - ImpeREAL City by SilentResident. - Let the People Drink! by Qazaaq & Khornate. - Leyawiin Port by TheXanadu & TheLastVoice. Vorians has filled all the empty interiors. - Nernie's Bravil River Shack & Village. - Nernie's Waterfront Market. - Imperial City Waterfront Tunnel Entrance by Jadraxs & Sjors Boomschors. - Delivery Job (a.k.a. Gold Horse Courier Service) by Manargo & Zaldiir. - The Bank of Cyrodiil by Zarkis. - Reaper's Arcane University by Reaper911. - Reaper's Waterfront by Reaper9111. A number of smaller mods relating to the cities have also been included, please see the document Credits.txt in the "Docs" folder. Submitter Vorians Submitted 06/25/2014 Category Cities, Towns, Villages & Inns  
  2. [RELz] Better Cities

    Better Cities version 6.0.9 has been released and is available now on Nexus and The Assimilation Lab. Another update to fix issues reported over the last year, plus the NPC Marius the Cobler in the IC Market District is now voiced, thanks to gep5. v6.0.9: - Imperial City: Market District - Corrected texture paths for two meshes from within The Bobbed Maiden - Imperial City: Market District - Marius the Cobbler now has voiced dialogue, thanks to gep5 - Imperial Isle: Map Markers added outside the gates to Elven Garden District and Aristocratic District - Bruma: Map Markers for the closed worldspace will now correctly disable when the city is toggled open - Bruma: Fixed game crash when starting the vanilla quest A Brotherhood Betrayed - Bruma: The soldiers from the Imperial Legion Offices will now correctly train on the back deck of the building, instead of walking back and forth in odd places throughout the city - Cheydinhal: When using the Coble integration patch, all wells can now be used to drink water - Chorrol: Great Chapel of Stendarr - many redundant lights have been removed from this interior after dizzy on Nexus revealed that they were badly affecting FPS - Open Better Cities: Chorrol - changed a quest market in the vanilla quest to purchase Arborwatch, as the original quest marker may have caused the game to crash for a few people - Corrected extreme Fatigue values on three NPCs - Scripts which handle depositing "All" gold into the Bank of Cyrodiil tweaked to be more accurate and hopefully prevent other mods from interfering - BAIN wizard now installs Slof's Goth Shop replacer ESP if selected - New compatibility patch for Market District and Oblivion Uncut - Restored compatibility patch for Better Cities: Chorrol and Heart of the Dead - turns out it cannot be resolved without a patch
  3. Message Logger Messages

    Well there's a difference between error messages and alert messages. Errors need looking into and fixing, but alerts are merely pointing out a possible issue. Error-checking typically does not actually know what it's checking, so it has to mention things that it finds odd because the error checker doesn't know whether odd is bad or not. In this case, it's found a reference to a file which does not exist, but that file does not need to exist -but the error checker (Message Logger) doesn't know it does not need to exist. So that one's just an alert and can be ignored. If the author of Message Logger is still active, it would be worth informing them that messages for references in that particular subrecord to files which don't exist can be supressed, or else reworded to mention that if the file doesn't exist it does not matter.
  4. Message Logger Messages

    You seem to think there's a problem, but I cannot figure out what it is? If you have Sensual Walks installed, then Vilja will use animations from that mod, if you don't have Sensual Walks installed, then Vilja will not use animations from that mod. You don't need Wrye Bash Wizard Uninstallers, Bash handles the uninstallation automatically, reverting all files to the way they were prior to installing the mod you are uninstalling - unless you did some manual installation/file changing or used another mod manager in which case Wrye Bash cannot be blamed for not putting things back the way it didn't know they were before. Why would uninstalling any mod result in the need to edit an ESP?
  5. “Copying” Landscape Vertex Color?

    Vertex shading is a separate layer to the textures, ctrl+right click only works for texturing. Vertex shading can be any colour, they add a fake shading effect and typically this is various shades from black through white, however it can be any colour at all. If you can make sense of the data, then probably viewing the LAND record in TES4Edit will help - you'll need to turn off Simple Records from the Options screen in xEdit first, then restart the program. Personally, I do not have a clue how the subrecord VCLR in each LAND record translates into colour, opacity and XY coordinate placement, but somehow it does. http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes4Mod:Mod_File_Format/LAND#VCLR_subrecord_.283267_bytes.29
  6. Message Logger Messages

    I really dislike programs designed to provide error logs where they fail to explain what the errors are, what they relate to, whether they matter, and how to fix the errors. But thanks for linking to that thread, the person's log has 28 entries relating to BC, 24 of which appear to be an issue with records from Better Imperial City.esp looking for a record in Better Cities Resources.esm. The error is saying that the record listed in brackets has a parent record assigned (the record stated in the first part), but the parent record does not exist. As the parent does not exist, parent data has been removed from the record listed in brackets; the result will be that the record listed in brackets will base its enable-state on its own Record Flags instead of on the enable-state of its parent record. Harmless, but could potentially mean that an object intended to be disabled will be enabled, or an object intended to be enabled will be disabled due to having no parent record to control its state. As the BIC.ESP records are Form ID ##0C#### this means that the issue is in the Green Emperor Way content - and since none of the 24 listed records even has a parent in the not-yet released WIP files, I think this is something I already fixed, so perhaps it was reported to me back in December when that thread was created, perhaps I found it myself and fixed it. The other 4 enties don't mean much to me however. They relate to the ESM, custom worldspace records. The error is "Offset collection for worldspace '#' (#) is not optimal' - no clue what that means. Worldspace records contain a subrecord "OFST - Offset Data" which this might relate to, however none of these four records have any data in OFST, and then in Oblivion.esm every single worldspace record has this blank too. So if that is what the error refers to, why doesn't that log list all the vanilla worldspaces as not being optimal? By the wording "not optimal" that implies that it could be better, meaning that there isn't actually a problem, it just isn't as efficient as it might be, so I'd say it's harmless too.
  7. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    It's in the NIF file, I think if using the old NifTools you could change it after exporting using Nifskope, but you still could only have one type per NIF.
  8. Message Logger Messages

    According to the Nexus MessageLogger description page, Additional (optional) hooks can help making specific messages more helpful by adding editor IDs from the CS, etc. So you need to add those hooks so that you get the Editor IDs (Form IDs would be more helpful if that's an option too) to tell you what it's about. Without a reference, those messages are completely useless. Doesn't even tell you which ESM/P in your load order the warnings are for (and for all I know, it could be logging warnings about textures missing from a NIF instead of an ESM/P, if it logs that data too). You might find that running TES4Edit's Check For Errors function gives the same errors with more info, if you just know which ESM/P to check. Ref Frans: Does one ESM have dependency on the other? If so then no injection is needed, as it is just referencing records from a master ESM. If one is not dependent on the other, then is the script an OBSE script? Some OBSE script commands allow referencing records from another ESM/P which is not a master. Otherwise, it sounds like some broken references.
  9. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    Most of the mesh edits I do are for objects where the collision needs to be pretty much a perfect match to the visible mesh, so I've always used the Proxy object rather than try to create a second mesh which often is hardly any simpler than the original. I haven't yet tried different materials for the collision (e.g. stone and arrows bounce off with a clang, wood and arrows stick with a thunk) - the NifTools I've used before could ONLY produce Stone collision, anything else and the resulting mesh caused Oblivion to crash. I need to find out if it can create collision with other materials, and then I want to find out whether I can create a single NIF containing collision of more than one material type, as should be possible, since the guide I always referred to for creating collision used the vanilla large tent mesh, which had canvas, wood and metal. Here is the guide I used for the old NifTools, it explains how to use the Proxy object so the visible mesh can also provide the collision too.
  10. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    There's two ways to create collision. One is to use the mesh of the actual object you're putting in-game, so that the collision is a 100% match to the object shape. Old NifTools plugins used the bhkCollProxy object for this, and the Proxy object was then added to the bhkRigidBody object, so that the mesh was visible in-game AND it had collision. If you didn't use the Proxy object, and just assigned the mesh directly to the RigidBody object, then the mesh becomes invisible in-game, but the collision is there. The second way to create collision is by creating a separate mesh JUST for the collision, often a simplified shape based on the visible mesh. This way there's two meshes, one to be visible, and one to be added to the RigidBody object to create the collision. This plugin doesn't have two objects to handle collision, there's just one, and it contains a parameter to set each mesh added to it to be treated the same way as the Proxy object used to if desired, but by default it just turns them into collision which makes them invisible. At first I didn't know what this parameter did so I thought I now had to clone every mesh needing collision, which was time-consuming, a little confusing and doubled the size of the .MAX file. Then I did some testing and learnt that this tick-box replaces the Proxy object's function. Just annoying that you have to tick it for each mesh, there's no single parameter for everything added to the object.
  11. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    Try this plugin if you're using 3DS Max 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018. I recently got 3DS Max 2018 and went looking for a new NifTools, and that's the one I found - it works for Oblivion, and without any of that messing around I used to have to do. I can just export as a NIF file and put it straight into Oblivion, something I've never been able to do before. This plugin doesn't use the same Helper objects to create collision as the ones I've used in the past, instead of bhkRigidBody and bhkCollProxy it uses bhkCollisionObject - it's a little clunky to use but does the job perfectly. For each mesh added to bhkCollisionObject, if you want that mesh to still be visible in-game (which is how bhkCollProxy worked) then you have to select that mesh entry on bhkCollisionObject's list, click Edit Shape and then tick Export Source Mesh - so the two old Helper objects have been combined into one, with a tick-box to enable the proxy functionality. Also, this NifTools plugin has an installer. If you have 3DS Max installed in a location other than the default, the plugin will install to the default location and you will need to move the installed files to the correct location for your install.
  12. Message Logger Messages

    Well, for script FranLoot1BluntScript the error is: Script 'FranLoot1BluntScript', line 313: Function 'AddItem' requires a reference. Line 313 is: set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicElvenBattleAxe This line doesn't include an AddItem function. However lower down in line 358: NPC.additem Fran10Weap, 1 This line contains AddItem, and references the ref set in line 313 (when in the SI). So my guess is that FranSELL00WeapMagicElvenBattleAxe is probably missing from the ESM/P containing this script or the master of the ESM/P containing this script. Line 358 says to add the item from line 313, but if the item from 313 doesn't exist then it nulls and has no reference, hence the error.
  13. NVIDIA GTX 1080 does not like OBSE

    Malonn means there's no need to launch the CS from Wrye Bash - you don't need Bash running at the same time as the CS is running.
  14. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    I watched Solo on Wednesday, and really enjoyed it. However I am looking forward to the 10 year anniversary release in which I expect to see a digital face and voice overlay of Harrison Ford when he was younger. It made a pleasant change for a Star Wars movie NOT to be centred on the Empire/Republic or Empire/Rebels conflict.
  15. WIP halted by OBSE Compiler

    Every record has a Form ID, including base packages.
  16. WIP halted by OBSE Compiler

    No clue why the error refers to an int, but isn't ref meant to be a Form ID rather than the Editor ID?
  17. Random Stuffz

    Depends on their mode of FTL. If you fold space then you simply need to know the coordinates for a large enough patch of empty space to end up in - this can be done with prescience, or with computers holding accurate data on the galaxy. If the ship actually travels along a path to get to a destination, then jump routes are often established - known paths of safe zones to pass through. If travelling in a straight line only, then you simply need to align the ship correctly in the direction of the destination before starting, look where you're going to confirm nothing is in the path, then calculate the distance accurately so that you stop when you want to - if you miss it then you have to hope for the best. I've found this is quite common in fact - know your destination point, then get the ship correctly aligned (using a nearby planet as a reference to line up with the destination planet), calculate the time to travel FTL before dropping out safely. Or there's warp space/hyperspace where you leave normal space and transfer into a different dimension or plane of reality etc. so they avoid every physical object along the way and just have to worry about the destination.Of course if jump gates/hypergates are used, these set specific safe locations so that pilots don't have to worry about coming out into empty space or not. Having scanners which scan faster than FTL travel helps as you can determine what's ahead at all times, no matter what course changes you make. Worm holes (in reference to FTL, this is cheating of course) are the safest mode of travel without concern for crashing into something.
  18. I'm looking for people's opinions on which is probably the more enjoyable choice of monitor for gaming. I've already read a few articles dedicated to 4k vs ultrawide monitors, but what do people here think? Perhaps some of you already use one or other for gaming. Forget the price of the monitors. Forget the need for certain computer specs to smoothly use a 4k - just assume that those concerns aren't a concern and think about the usage of these two types of screen. Not interested in what competitive players need like the highest framerates above everything else or whatever it is they look for in a screen. On the one hand, a 4k 55" LED TV with a resolution of 3840x2160. On the other hand, a widescreen 35" curved LED monitor with a resolution of 3440x1440 with G Sync or Free Sync (assume compatible graphics card whichever). Like this one, perhaps. Which do you think would be more enjoyable for playing games? RPGs, ARPGs, FPPs, dungeon simulations, occasionally RTSs, turn-based games, those types of genres are what I tend to play the most.
  19. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    Very likely as I have a lot of old games on GOG, but then whether I'd ever get around to playing them is another matter. I don't know, what's wrong with PrgLnch? Looks like favour here goes entirely toward the UWQHD, which is the same as on the comparison sites I'd viewed previously. It's also the choice I'd been aiming toward myself until a friend said that a 4k tv was fine and perfectly smooth to play on. Since I already own the 4k tv, I can always switch to using it for any games I feel like playing there instead of on a UWQHD.
  20. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    Thanks, but those are just generic screenshots they'll use in every user guide for their entire range, just intended as an example of what you will see in Windows. If I get an UWQHD rather than 4ktv I'll still have an old monitor like you suggest, so as you say I can resort to that if the bigger screen gets grumpy about being underutilised!
  21. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    Yes that's what I was doing, but I can only find references to native and max.
  22. Windows 10

    I'm fairly sure that after formatting, the double-sided are 1.34mb. Been about 20 years since I had to care mind you so could be wrong. Those are the true floppy ones I was referring to! Never owned any myself.
  23. Windows 10

    That's not floppy discs. 750kb I think it was for a single sided floppy, or 1.34mb if double sided. Assuming you mean 3.5" of course, not the older ones which actually were floppy.
  24. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    I can't find that info, specs only state its resolution and maximum resolution, I looked up three different monitors of this type, none list possible resolutions.
  25. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    +3 for the UWQHD monitor so far, poor 4k tv! Does anyone know what the ultrawide monitor would do if displaying an ultralow resolution like 800x600 or even 640x480, can it handle it (presumably centring the display with black bands filling most of the sides)? I sometimes replay old games.