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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. Bethesda.net Discussion

    So for us it's opposites with Steam and Beth Launcher. I have Steam launch on Windows start, meaning I never need to wait if I want to run any of the many games (plus old CK) I have on Steam, but Beth Launcher offers only one single thing, which is installing the CK, so for me there's no point in it existing. You must have Skyrim on Steam, so you'd need it running to play the game, but perhaps otherwise have no further use for Steam other than to play Skyrim and to launch old CK. However That doesn't actually make the Beth Launcher useful to you either, it's simply that it doesn't require Steam. You'd be just as comfortable if the Beth Launcher didn't exist and the SE CK was a downloadable installer from their website instead.
  2. Bethesda.net Discussion

    That doesn't make any sense. You find the Beth Launcher conevnient because you don't need to run it every time, so you're not using it, thus it serves no purpose and is not convenient. It's bloatware, installed just to enable installing the CK, when the CK could just as easily have been installed through other methods which all players of Skyrim SE are guaranteed to have. Skyrim SE is a Steam-only title, so all players have Steam. All Beth needed was to provide a direct download link like for Oblivion's Construction Set, or put it into Steam like the CK for Skyrim LE. Preferably both so that people who like to keep Steam open all the time can be happy and people who hate Steam can be happy too. EDIT And I don't know what this fight with Steam might be for CK for SLE? The old CK ran smoothly for me every time I launched it, just like the game.
  3. Bethesda.net Discussion

    Ah, Beth grumbling. I'm annoyed as for the first time I had need of the CK for Skyrim SE, and couldn't find it anywhere in Steam. Finally found I had to download a completely pointless program called Bethesda Launcher just to install the CK for SE. Totally inefficient and nothing on Beth site that I found even reveals this, I had to google and read a few result pages to find it. Then uninstall the Beth Loader again afterwards as its only purpose was done.
  4. Beware of Email Scams

    I use a different email address for each site I register with, so checking all of them is way too much effort! But I did check my Nexus email address, which was safe. Thankfully I only receive one spam email roughly every few months (and mostly they aren't actually sent to any of my email addresses [unless it's a BCC with someone else's in the To field, which I cannot check]). The last spam email really was sent to one of my email addresses, which surprised me, but if I get more to that email address I can just delete the email address, I no longer visit the site it was registered with and haven't for about 8 years.
  5. ESMs and Mod Resource Packs

    You can tell whether an ESM/P injects records by loading it into xEdit. As the file is being loaded, the log window will clearly state that record ##### is being injected into [filename].esm/p Dummy ESPs are to let the game see BSAs, they have nothing to do with the ESM. If the BSAs were all extracted and resources were installed loose, a dummy file would not be needed. If I remember rightly, initial game launch takes longer the larger the total filesize of all ESM/Ps being loaded, however I'm fairly sure that area transition loads are not impacted purely based on filesize (but instead by the content added/changed by the ESM/Ps such as additional scripts running, and resources which impact more on hardware and the game engine). The game does NOT like large filesize ESPs, so if a mod has a very large ESM and one or more smaller ESPs, it may be because the game couldn't handle the mod with just an ESP.
  6. ESMs and Mod Resource Packs

    It may be that TWMP Skyrim Improved simply happens to be the one TWMP mod which doesn't pull resources from the ESM, did you try cleaning all of them? Any ESM not referenced by an ESP in your load order is not needed - however first take into consideration injected records. Does the ESM inject records into Oblivion.esm, and does TWMP Skyrim Improved reference those injected records? I believe that xEdit will fail to recognise the ESM dependency when only injected records are involved, instead xEdit will see those records as being part of Oblivion.esm. Resource packs may be provided purely for other modders to make use of as they need, making their own mods dependent on the ESM from the resource pack while the resource pack author doesn't release anything using their resources. In my experience, resource packs tend never to be used by anyone other than the individual or team who created the resource pack, even when they encourage others to use them too.
  7. Games on Sale

    One person's comment on Redguard: " GOG only gives you the 3Dfx version which uses a 3Dfx wrapper to emulate the 3Dfx hardware. It runs very poorly even on a fast modern machine. The framerate is choppy which affects sword fighting which is crucial in the gameplay of this title. I have tried to mess around with the settings in DOSBox and nGlide and nothing seems to help. " Another: " The emulated version is terribly slow, choppy and unpleasant. It seems, dosbox isn't capable of emulating the game properly. I'm not sure if the software-version would work faster, but on the GOG-version you can't change 3D-acceleration to software mode. " And there's more like that. In fact I was mistaken about the other title, they don't have the same complaints for Battlespire. EDIT I'm not bothered personally, I bought after reading those reviews.
  8. Games on Sale

    Actually they say the games are technically unplayable, not that they're hard games to play. Anyway I doubt I'll get around to playing them any time soon.
  9. Games on Sale

    I bought Battlespire and The Redguard last night (giving me Arena and Daggerfall for free), though comments under both Batllespire and Redguard suggest the GOG versions are unplayable. Meh.
  10. I consider of getting a M.2 SSD

    To spread data usage evenly across available space, so as to minimise constant usage of the same parts of the drive by things like a temporary folder.
  11. The NIFs which came with AWLS don't appear to have any emmisive colour set at all, even though the text files to regenerate from the original NIFs list entries to set them to. Try changing the emmisive colour to 0 0 0 on the mesh which should be lit, see if that helps.
  12. [RELz] TWMP Valenwood Regrown BETA

    Andalay was asking whether it was a clean install with no added files at all. If something might be overwritten then it's not completely vanilla. Try renaming the Meshes folder or moving it out of the Data folder temporarily, a completely vanilla setup has no files in the Meshes folder, so this will only be removing mod-added files. If crashes stop, then this confirms a bad mesh or bad DistantLOD reference data.
  13. To your original question, yes if the custom mesh uses vanilla window textures and AWLS contains an edited vanilla mesh which also used that vanilla window texture, then after running IllumAnimation, it should automatically display the AWLS glowmap texture when lit. Make sure that the texture paths in the mesh are relative, not full, they should begin with "textures\" not with "C:\" or "Data\" The tool should have duplicated the mesh in the NIF which the window texture is used on, so there will now be two meshes for the window. Check that both have good texture file paths, one pointing to the vanilla texture, one pointing to a file with an "L" suffix for "lit". Double-check you truly do have the AWLS textures installed which this mesh is using (should be the same filename as vanilla and in the same directory as the vanilla texture would be if extracted from the BSA, but suffixed with "L" before the underscore - there should be two, one ending "_g.dds" and the other ending "_n.dds")
  14. I consider of getting a M.2 SSD

    So really all you're asking is, should you buy a 480gb M.2 drive even though they're really expensive, or not? The answer is simple: If you can afford it, buy it. Otherwise, don't. There's no more advice that can be offered where there are only two choices.
  15. I consider of getting a M.2 SSD

    When I built my current gaming PC, I bought a 240gb M.2 drive, because larger was excessive in price. I then used my existing 240gb SSD as secondary drive. I install things I think will benefit more from top speeds on the M.2, and things which have less need for speed go on the SSD. Then I have two 4tb SATA III and one 2tb SATA III to hold data. I'd suggest doing the same if cost is a concern, buy a 240gb M.2 for Windows and games which do a lot of data loading mid-play, and use your existing SSD to install programs and games which don't spend a lot of time loading. And of course don't use either drive for documents and stored data.
  16. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    Good news! I have reduced my attachments total from 10mb to 251kb. There you go Andalay, you'll find the server has plenty of space now!
  17. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    Ref the announcement: http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/announcement/27-orphan-attachments/ Your screenshot shows a bin icon to the far right of the attachment, I don't have that option. Any way to get that bin icon added for everyone to enable easy deletion? Maybe it only appears for orphaned attachments, which I don't have any of?
  18. [RELz] Better Cities

    Better Cities View File Better Cities is a compilation of the following mods, integrated together to resolve conflicts between them all, and with literally thousands of minor glitches, bugs etc. fixed. We have also made enhancements to all of these, adding our own layer of modifications including new dialogue and quests. And we're still working on it! Bananasplit's Better Cities Anvil, Bravil, Chorrol, Imperial City Market, Leyawiin, Skingrad Reckless' Better Cities Cheydinhal Wolfslady's Better Cities Bruma Wolfslady's Better Arboretum - Anvil Bay Expansion by jlf2n. - Blood & Mud Dirt Deluxe Anglais by Ryan O.Hershey. - Bravil Docks by jlf2n. Nernie has replaced a number of the interiors. - Cyrodiil Rebuild by Acros and ANDORAN team. - Cyrodiil Rebuild: Imperial Isle by Acros and ANDORAN team. - ImpeREAL City by SilentResident. - Let the People Drink! by Qazaaq & Khornate. - Leyawiin Port by TheXanadu & TheLastVoice. Vorians has filled all the empty interiors. - Nernie's Bravil River Shack & Village. - Nernie's Waterfront Market. - Imperial City Waterfront Tunnel Entrance by Jadraxs & Sjors Boomschors. - Delivery Job (a.k.a. Gold Horse Courier Service) by Manargo & Zaldiir. - The Bank of Cyrodiil by Zarkis. - Reaper's Arcane University by Reaper911. - Reaper's Waterfront by Reaper9111. A number of smaller mods relating to the cities have also been included, please see the document Credits.txt in the "Docs" folder. Submitter Vorians Submitted 06/25/2014 Category Cities, Towns, Villages & Inns  
  19. [RELz] Better Cities

    Better Cities version 6.0.9 has been released and is available now on Nexus and The Assimilation Lab. Another update to fix issues reported over the last year, plus the NPC Marius the Cobler in the IC Market District is now voiced, thanks to gep5. v6.0.9: - Imperial City: Market District - Corrected texture paths for two meshes from within The Bobbed Maiden - Imperial City: Market District - Marius the Cobbler now has voiced dialogue, thanks to gep5 - Imperial Isle: Map Markers added outside the gates to Elven Garden District and Aristocratic District - Bruma: Map Markers for the closed worldspace will now correctly disable when the city is toggled open - Bruma: Fixed game crash when starting the vanilla quest A Brotherhood Betrayed - Bruma: The soldiers from the Imperial Legion Offices will now correctly train on the back deck of the building, instead of walking back and forth in odd places throughout the city - Cheydinhal: When using the Coble integration patch, all wells can now be used to drink water - Chorrol: Great Chapel of Stendarr - many redundant lights have been removed from this interior after dizzy on Nexus revealed that they were badly affecting FPS - Open Better Cities: Chorrol - changed a quest market in the vanilla quest to purchase Arborwatch, as the original quest marker may have caused the game to crash for a few people - Corrected extreme Fatigue values on three NPCs - Scripts which handle depositing "All" gold into the Bank of Cyrodiil tweaked to be more accurate and hopefully prevent other mods from interfering - BAIN wizard now installs Slof's Goth Shop replacer ESP if selected - New compatibility patch for Market District and Oblivion Uncut - Restored compatibility patch for Better Cities: Chorrol and Heart of the Dead - turns out it cannot be resolved without a patch
  20. Message Logger Messages

    Well there's a difference between error messages and alert messages. Errors need looking into and fixing, but alerts are merely pointing out a possible issue. Error-checking typically does not actually know what it's checking, so it has to mention things that it finds odd because the error checker doesn't know whether odd is bad or not. In this case, it's found a reference to a file which does not exist, but that file does not need to exist -but the error checker (Message Logger) doesn't know it does not need to exist. So that one's just an alert and can be ignored. If the author of Message Logger is still active, it would be worth informing them that messages for references in that particular subrecord to files which don't exist can be supressed, or else reworded to mention that if the file doesn't exist it does not matter.
  21. Message Logger Messages

    You seem to think there's a problem, but I cannot figure out what it is? If you have Sensual Walks installed, then Vilja will use animations from that mod, if you don't have Sensual Walks installed, then Vilja will not use animations from that mod. You don't need Wrye Bash Wizard Uninstallers, Bash handles the uninstallation automatically, reverting all files to the way they were prior to installing the mod you are uninstalling - unless you did some manual installation/file changing or used another mod manager in which case Wrye Bash cannot be blamed for not putting things back the way it didn't know they were before. Why would uninstalling any mod result in the need to edit an ESP?
  22. “Copying” Landscape Vertex Color?

    Vertex shading is a separate layer to the textures, ctrl+right click only works for texturing. Vertex shading can be any colour, they add a fake shading effect and typically this is various shades from black through white, however it can be any colour at all. If you can make sense of the data, then probably viewing the LAND record in TES4Edit will help - you'll need to turn off Simple Records from the Options screen in xEdit first, then restart the program. Personally, I do not have a clue how the subrecord VCLR in each LAND record translates into colour, opacity and XY coordinate placement, but somehow it does. http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes4Mod:Mod_File_Format/LAND#VCLR_subrecord_.283267_bytes.29
  23. Message Logger Messages

    I really dislike programs designed to provide error logs where they fail to explain what the errors are, what they relate to, whether they matter, and how to fix the errors. But thanks for linking to that thread, the person's log has 28 entries relating to BC, 24 of which appear to be an issue with records from Better Imperial City.esp looking for a record in Better Cities Resources.esm. The error is saying that the record listed in brackets has a parent record assigned (the record stated in the first part), but the parent record does not exist. As the parent does not exist, parent data has been removed from the record listed in brackets; the result will be that the record listed in brackets will base its enable-state on its own Record Flags instead of on the enable-state of its parent record. Harmless, but could potentially mean that an object intended to be disabled will be enabled, or an object intended to be enabled will be disabled due to having no parent record to control its state. As the BIC.ESP records are Form ID ##0C#### this means that the issue is in the Green Emperor Way content - and since none of the 24 listed records even has a parent in the not-yet released WIP files, I think this is something I already fixed, so perhaps it was reported to me back in December when that thread was created, perhaps I found it myself and fixed it. The other 4 enties don't mean much to me however. They relate to the ESM, custom worldspace records. The error is "Offset collection for worldspace '#' (#) is not optimal' - no clue what that means. Worldspace records contain a subrecord "OFST - Offset Data" which this might relate to, however none of these four records have any data in OFST, and then in Oblivion.esm every single worldspace record has this blank too. So if that is what the error refers to, why doesn't that log list all the vanilla worldspaces as not being optimal? By the wording "not optimal" that implies that it could be better, meaning that there isn't actually a problem, it just isn't as efficient as it might be, so I'd say it's harmless too.
  24. 3ds Max 2017 Buggy as Oblivion ;P

    It's in the NIF file, I think if using the old NifTools you could change it after exporting using Nifskope, but you still could only have one type per NIF.
  25. Message Logger Messages

    According to the Nexus MessageLogger description page, Additional (optional) hooks can help making specific messages more helpful by adding editor IDs from the CS, etc. So you need to add those hooks so that you get the Editor IDs (Form IDs would be more helpful if that's an option too) to tell you what it's about. Without a reference, those messages are completely useless. Doesn't even tell you which ESM/P in your load order the warnings are for (and for all I know, it could be logging warnings about textures missing from a NIF instead of an ESM/P, if it logs that data too). You might find that running TES4Edit's Check For Errors function gives the same errors with more info, if you just know which ESM/P to check. Ref Frans: Does one ESM have dependency on the other? If so then no injection is needed, as it is just referencing records from a master ESM. If one is not dependent on the other, then is the script an OBSE script? Some OBSE script commands allow referencing records from another ESM/P which is not a master. Otherwise, it sounds like some broken references.