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  1. Movie Quote Game

    No, you go ahead with a new one. I thought of quoting from the French film but then didn't know whether to quote in French or from the subtitles, so went with the remake instead.
  2. Movie Quote Game

    I'll give you that, but it isn't actually the title I was quoting from. The US remake was called The Assassin (in England), or Point of No Return.
  3. Movie Quote Game

    That actually sent my thinking in the wrong direction. As US tv and film frequently use Americans to play British people, I thought "sort of" meant someone using a fake British accent. C2: Do something to help your country for a change! C1: What if I'm not interested? C2: Row 48, plot 12.
  4. Games on Sale

    Bit of a silly warning, I guess it's for the few people who have two Steam accounts, in case they link their one for insulting people with by mistake and then cannot add the games to the one they don't expect to get banned using?
  5. WIP Oblivion Mod Translations

    It does take a bit of time and effort to get acceptable translations from a Russian mod into English.
  6. Movie Quote Game

    Resident Evil!
  7. #xtel_flag = 0,1,2 - due to incomprehensible circumstances, with the flag set, the Creation Kit sometimes drops when initializing the refreshes --- 0-there are no teleports at all, 1-only interiors (recommended), 2-complete #skyrim_dir - directory in which models will be tested #mod_name - input file #out_name - output file #convert_type - control of the volume of distillation, 0-- distill only resources without CELL and WRLD of the top groups, 1-- distillation without the participation of refrences, 2-- complete distillation #start_id - formid from which the numbering starts (you can not take more than 10mln) --- 500t more than the maximum ID in Skyrim
  8. Games on Sale

    Who, what where?
  9. Games on Sale

    GOG has also added new titles to GOG Connect so see if there's any Steam games you own which you could get a copy of free on GOG.
  10. Random Stuffz

    Mine aren't, they're too thick. I could have bigger displays if they were physically the same size but the bezel was 5mm instead of 2.5cm
  11. Random Stuffz

    Screens still have them.
  12. Random Stuffz

    The exhaust vent is explained, don't recall any other of VM's queries being explained though.
  13. Games on Sale

    Well that doesn't unfree it.
  14. Games on Sale

    No idea what a machine install limit is, but I already picked that game up when Humble Bundle were giving it away a month or two ago.
  15. Movie Quote Game

    Yeah I reckon first quote 2nd character was the racoon in GotG, like Ama suggests.
  16. Movie Quote Game

    Actually it sounds more like Despicable Me 2 or 3, when he's joined the good guys (I just watched all four films for the first time about a month ago).
  17. Random Stuffz

    I don't see the point either, I don't watch any channels.
  18. Movie Quote Game

    And then they got worse.
  19. Random Stuffz

    Well of course, you're hardly going to be seeing a Vulcan sitting angrily in a bar, now are you?
  20. Games on Sale

    You mean one of the many.
  21. Games on Sale

    Humble Bundle is presently giving away Amnesia Collection free for Steam. The collection contains two games, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
  22. Unique Landscapes

    We're using TAL as a mirror for the v2+ releases, and using TESA and AFK as mirrors for the pre-v2 releases. You can still get The Heath v1.1.1 on Nexus if you want it. The UL Compilations v2.0 and older include the pre-v2 ULs, while Compilations v2.1+ contain the v2+ ULs. All these versions of the Compilation are on the same Nexus page you linked to.
  23. Games on Sale

    GOG is... oh, what he said.
  24. Games on Sale

    Humble Bundle is giving away The Red Solstice free for Steam right now.