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  1. WIP halted by OBSE Compiler

    Every record has a Form ID, including base packages.
  2. WIP halted by OBSE Compiler

    No clue why the error refers to an int, but isn't ref meant to be a Form ID rather than the Editor ID?
  3. Random Stuffz

    Depends on their mode of FTL. If you fold space then you simply need to know the coordinates for a large enough patch of empty space to end up in - this can be done with prescience, or with computers holding accurate data on the galaxy. If the ship actually travels along a path to get to a destination, then jump routes are often established - known paths of safe zones to pass through. If travelling in a straight line only, then you simply need to align the ship correctly in the direction of the destination before starting, look where you're going to confirm nothing is in the path, then calculate the distance accurately so that you stop when you want to - if you miss it then you have to hope for the best. I've found this is quite common in fact - know your destination point, then get the ship correctly aligned (using a nearby planet as a reference to line up with the destination planet), calculate the time to travel FTL before dropping out safely. Or there's warp space/hyperspace where you leave normal space and transfer into a different dimension or plane of reality etc. so they avoid every physical object along the way and just have to worry about the destination.Of course if jump gates/hypergates are used, these set specific safe locations so that pilots don't have to worry about coming out into empty space or not. Having scanners which scan faster than FTL travel helps as you can determine what's ahead at all times, no matter what course changes you make. Worm holes (in reference to FTL, this is cheating of course) are the safest mode of travel without concern for crashing into something.
  4. I'm looking for people's opinions on which is probably the more enjoyable choice of monitor for gaming. I've already read a few articles dedicated to 4k vs ultrawide monitors, but what do people here think? Perhaps some of you already use one or other for gaming. Forget the price of the monitors. Forget the need for certain computer specs to smoothly use a 4k - just assume that those concerns aren't a concern and think about the usage of these two types of screen. Not interested in what competitive players need like the highest framerates above everything else or whatever it is they look for in a screen. On the one hand, a 4k 55" LED TV with a resolution of 3840x2160. On the other hand, a widescreen 35" curved LED monitor with a resolution of 3440x1440 with G Sync or Free Sync (assume compatible graphics card whichever). Like this one, perhaps. Which do you think would be more enjoyable for playing games? RPGs, ARPGs, FPPs, dungeon simulations, occasionally RTSs, turn-based games, those types of genres are what I tend to play the most.
  5. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    Very likely as I have a lot of old games on GOG, but then whether I'd ever get around to playing them is another matter. I don't know, what's wrong with PrgLnch? Looks like favour here goes entirely toward the UWQHD, which is the same as on the comparison sites I'd viewed previously. It's also the choice I'd been aiming toward myself until a friend said that a 4k tv was fine and perfectly smooth to play on. Since I already own the 4k tv, I can always switch to using it for any games I feel like playing there instead of on a UWQHD.
  6. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    Thanks, but those are just generic screenshots they'll use in every user guide for their entire range, just intended as an example of what you will see in Windows. If I get an UWQHD rather than 4ktv I'll still have an old monitor like you suggest, so as you say I can resort to that if the bigger screen gets grumpy about being underutilised!
  7. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    Yes that's what I was doing, but I can only find references to native and max.
  8. Windows 10

    I'm fairly sure that after formatting, the double-sided are 1.34mb. Been about 20 years since I had to care mind you so could be wrong. Those are the true floppy ones I was referring to! Never owned any myself.
  9. Windows 10

    That's not floppy discs. 750kb I think it was for a single sided floppy, or 1.34mb if double sided. Assuming you mean 3.5" of course, not the older ones which actually were floppy.
  10. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    I can't find that info, specs only state its resolution and maximum resolution, I looked up three different monitors of this type, none list possible resolutions.
  11. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    +3 for the UWQHD monitor so far, poor 4k tv! Does anyone know what the ultrawide monitor would do if displaying an ultralow resolution like 800x600 or even 640x480, can it handle it (presumably centring the display with black bands filling most of the sides)? I sometimes replay old games.
  12. Random Stuffz

    Damn snakes! They come here, they sit at our tables, they eat our food!
  13. Random Stuffz

    Don't we already use time for generation of energy using the flow as part of a turbine? Turn on the turbine, let time flow past (pun) and later you have energy. From whatever was actually passing through the turbine to generate energy. If there is no light to look at while travelling at a velocity greater than the absolute upper-level constant of light, does time dilation still occur? Is time dilation even real, or is it more of a perceptual trick of the mind? Or more accurately a theoretical perceptual trick of the mind, since no human has ever travelled faster than the absolute upper-level constant velocity of light. What if when viewing that light while travelling faster, the light is slowed because someone put a water globe in space along the path of the light (perhaps an aqueous habitat for spacefaring water-based lifeforms), would time dilation alter relative to the reduced speed of light, or would it still relate to the absolute upper-level constant of light velocity? In other words, does light (velocity) really have anything to do with time dilation at all, or is this just an easier way for people to understand it while actually being irrelevant? Would those spacefaring water-based lifeforms be pissed off at us for shining a light through their habitat just to experiment with time dilation? Or at the astronauts for mooning them from the ship as they pass?
  14. Windows 10

    That's not an error that's a system message. It's just telling you that it checked and confirmed something happened as expected.
  15. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    You are correct, the game was developed before multi-core processors were commercially common, so they did not optimise for them. Also even though there are various entries in the ini relating to multithreading, most of those were found to be ignored by the game.
  16. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    As far as I am aware all four of those are perfectly stable on their own - when you start adding other mods in like BC, OCC or OCR, it ceases to be a question of UL stability and becomes a question of your personal setup's stability. I believe Colovian Highlands can impact on FPS, at least when the DistantLOD is generated. The Dark Forest has caused problems for some people, partly due to conflicts with scripts from other mods. Earlier versions of Rolling Hills had some bad meshes for the chickens but that was fixed. Certain locations in some of them may drop FPS but not unreasonably (except when combined with other FPS-affecting mods in the same location).
  17. Towards a lightweight Unique Landscapes

    Your focus is entirely wrong, I'm afraid. Size of ESP is irrelevant until you get to around 500mb (might be far higher, it's been a long time since I needed to know this sort of stuff) - and ESMs can be much larger than ESPs without upsetting the game. Number of cells edited is also irrelevant as you could have a mushroom added in one cell while 500 trees are added to another cell - measuring by the fact the mod edits two cells takes no account into what those cell edits are. Edits being outside the invisible borders of the original game also have no relevance, at least until you hit the limit beyond which the game engine bugs out (that's a long way away, you'd be looking at mods adding entire new landmasses for this, again I forget but there's an exact number of cells away from centre up to which everything works fine, then beyond that point things get a little odd, then progressively more odd the further you go). Proximity to a city, now you're looking at something important, though a city is merely one obvious example. Cities place a large number of objects in close proximity and also have NPCs with their AI packages and their animations and the extra textures for clothing and skin etc. being loaded into the GPU memory. If the city is in its vanilla closed state, then the NPCs will have no impact but their AI will still be running. If the city is open, then all the content of the city will be in the Tamriel worldspace, and all the NPCs will be too. Your focus should be on the number of objects in each cell within ugridstoload-distance of each cell which is within ugridstoload-distance of any UL-edited cell. By default, ugridstoload is 5, which is two cells out in each direction (a grid of 5 cells by 5 cells, with the centre cell being the one where you the player are standing). The more objects being loaded by the game engine, the more textures also need loading into graphics memory. Certain placed objects have a higher weight than others, such as NPCs as previously mentioned. Also harvestable plants have a big impact on FPS - and anything with collision (anything you can bump into instead of walking straight through). High poly meshes of course, and any object with high resolution textures (e.g. texture replacers offering HD textures). Combat strains the game engine, so NPCs fighting creatures (or other NPCs) will be a concern, until the fighting stops. Forget the ESP sizes, forget how many cells are edited or where the UL is placed. Look at how much content the game has to load in and around each UL (accounting for other mods installed as well), and consider whether the custom meshes and textures are optimised or not, whether there might be anything wrong with them (as far as I am aware, all in UL are optimised and none are faulty, but there could be a bad one here or there - don't forget to consider this for other mods too).
  18. Games on Sale

    I don't have Morrowind on either, and price is rather steep at 50% off for the game's age. I've still got my DVD version.
  19. Random Stuffz

    You assume that other lifeforms will follow behaviour patterns we would think to look for.
  20. Movie Quote Game

    Reminds me of an episode from Buffy, but that's not a movie. I don't think it's from the actual movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is it?
  21. Random Stuffz

    Because medical shots raises images in the mind of big metal needles, being jabbed painfully into the body, while medical sprays sound like a nice pleasant thing that just flutters over the skin so must be pain-free.
  22. Movie Quote Game

    It's Clerks, yes!
  23. Movie Quote Game

    Ooh, close! But no. Continuing from where I stopped, just because it's funny: C1: Oh man, it's great! You go into this booth and there's this glass between you and these chicks, and they put on a show for you for like, ten bucks. C2: What kind of show? C1: Think of the weirdest, craziest shit you'd like to see chicks do, I mean these chicks do it all, they insert things into any opening on their body... any opening. C2: Can we not talk about this now? C1: The jizz mopper's job is to clean it up after each guy shoots a load, 'cus practically everybody does it right on the window. I don't know if you notice or not, but cum leaves streaks if you don't clean it right away. C3: I will never come to this place again!
  24. Movie Quote Game

    I also haven't seen Gremlins 2 in 15-20 years, but some lines just stuck in my head! Not the Wolf of Wall Street, and not Porkies. Guess again! I can also add a few more lines to expand that quote if desired.
  25. Movie Quote Game

    Pity. That was Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Let's try a new film, something slightly different. Not suitable for work. Or children. And it got worse after I stopped typing. C1: Do you know how much money the average jizz mopper makes per hour? C2: What's a jizz mopper? C1: It's the guy that cleans up the nudie booths after each guy jerks off. C2: Nudie booth? C1: Yeah, nudie booth. You've never been in a nudie booth? C2: Guess not.