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      We have a new theme created by Vincent that's now available to everyone. It has been set as the default theme, so everyone should see it when you refresh the page. If you still aren't seeing it, you can select it from the Theme drop-down at the bottom of the page. It's called Assimilation. Thanks Vincent. Awesome looking theme!


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  1. As I mention here, the "Start new topic" button is red, maybe dark red.
  2. Feedback thread

    @VincentYou did a great job with the theme, but there is one thing that might confuse people and that's the red "Start new topic" button and having a red button on top of a red background is not a good idea.
  3. Looking for New Forum Software

    I know you have, but if you mean this post then you might need to compare it to this post. The latter is a large post with links and text formats, so try that on Bethesda.net then you'll know why both me and Arthmoor dislike NodeBB so much. There is another negative side effect by using NodeBB and what I am talking about is the PM system. Did I say PM system? Yes, I did. But what I mean is that a normal PM system doesn't exist in NodeBB instead one need to use chat. How far from a normal genuine forum can NodeBB be? It is light years away if you ask me.
  4. Help needed to customize Firefox

    Now, you know why I posted about this update. I think I'll remove Firefox 57 and reinstall Firefox 56.0.1 if I can, otherwise I might take Arthmoor's advice and that's to scrap Firefox then start using Palemoon a second time. Yes, I once used Palemoon but that happen a couple of years ago.
  5. Looking for New Forum Software

    Are we? I don't think so. Let me ask you a question. Have you tried to post at Bethesda.net yet? If you haven't then I suggest you to find out first rather than to express any complain about us fretting (whatever that word means, never heard it before) too much.
  6. Help needed to customize Firefox

    It looks like I need help from someone who knows how to customize Firefox, especially after the recent update to Firefox 57.0. The Status4Ever addon seems to be incompatible with Firefox 57 and I miss it already.
  7. Looking for New Forum Software

    Personally, the Markdown editor is more or less down the road and that means downhill at least for Bethesda.net. Which is one reason why I don't visit Bethesda.net much and sometimes I reget I created an account there. Also, I must say Vincent did a great job with the new theme and I like it a lot.
  8. Looking for New Forum Software

    That's exactly why open source is an excellent choice, doesn't cost a penny only a lot of time is required of course one with enough skill is another requirement. I think you would agree that XenForo does have a few advantages in comparison to IPS and that's like this. post history (all edits in a post will be listed) smiley for a posted thread smiley for a normal post You might remember how BSF looked like in late 2010 and in 2011, until Bethesda upgraded the forum to IPS 3.1 or 3.2. Now, IPS doesn't have any of that. I once tried MyBB and TBH I wouldn't choose that today because I didn't like the GUI of it back then. Although, I dunno how much have changed now. However, if you compare MyBB and phpBB 3.0.x then I can understand why MyBB is a better choice. But comparing MyBB with phpBB 3.1 or newer then phpBB 3.2.1 (latest stable) is a lot better being responsive and the old, now obsolete, MOD concept are now replaced with extensions. Just select and install, it's easy and even a kid of 6-8 years old can install an extension in phpBB 3.2.1 without a problem. A gallery and a download system can Joomla or other CMS suits take care of. Please do, I can't stand the white background much longer.
  9. Looking for New Forum Software

    What you are saying? Are you actually consider to switch to NodeBB? If that happens then I say farewell. The NodeBB forum software sucks no BBCode, the post editor is I dunno what to call it plus a few other things.
  10. Looking for New Forum Software

    I doubt that about IPS, because of the bugs that had been plagued IPS 3 and now a brand new version. I know there are better paid forum software out there and XenForo is one my favorite. There is one thing about vBulletin that a very few forum software has and what I am talking about is that vBulletin allow raw HTML in posts, which are dangerous if the Install folder still exist on the server. @AndalayBayIf you want to know more about XenForo then try a demo for 72 hours free of charge. Unfortunately, XenForo does not have a download area but I'm not sure how it is now.
  11. Feedback thread

    What's the reason for disabling this " Someone comments on something I follow " option in the notification settings? I see no reason to disable that option for regular members and right now it's set to be enabled, which I cannot change and I don't like that at all.
  12. Wouldn't an animated background decrease the performance of the server?
  13. IP.Board 4.x Bugs

    Do you have a pair of *digitalized* sunglasses to spare for a poor member that's almost color blind?
  14. Then what is it that's stopping you from doing that. Like Amadaun I can't stand the white background it hurt my eyes.
  15. IP.Board 4.x Bugs

    Until those bugs are fixed, I will probably go color blind after looking on the white background too much.