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  1. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    Right now I'm trying to help someone on GHF about an issue(s), in fact a lot of errors. Anyway, I didn't know that Morrowind Rebirth had MPP 1.6.5 [For Rebirth].esm and I think that's similar to what BTB did with MPP 1.6.5 years ago and that guy at GHF are using the MPP 1.6.5 [For Rebirth].esm. So, when I went back to check a post on the old BSF I forgot what I asked about regarding a dirty edit in MPP 1.6.6 and in MPP 1.6.5d plus the previous MPP versions. Only MPP 1.6.5d and MPP 1.6.6 has the same dirty edit, so I wonder what status has the project. Now, I dunno how it is now in comparison how it was over 2½ years ago when I left the project in mid Dec 2015.
  2. Confusing issues, need help.

    Okay, I'll try to explain. Just select a mod (esp/esm) in the Mods tab then hold down the Ctrl key while using the arrow keys (beneath the Del - End - PgDn keys) up or down on your keyboard. But remember you cannot move an esp higher than an esm or vice versa. I think it's time for you to scrap everything and start over, I mean uninstall and reinstall Morrowind then install mods via Wrye Mash and make sure everything is either updated or fixed, plus you can launch Morrowind without having an issue.
  3. Confusing issues, need help.

    Why the OP can't see the mods has to do where the Installers folder is located and if it is not located as a subfolder to Morrowind then the user cannot see the mods in Mods tab in Wrye Mash. Simple is that. However, that depends on what version of Wrye Mash one are using. Wrye Mash 84 always have the Installers folder as a subfolder to Morrowind. Melchor's WMSA can be installed anywhere and the Installers folder needs to be configured via the green disk icon. Yacoby's WMSA is basically the same as Melchor's WMSA, with one expection as it requires to be installed in the Morrowind\Mopy folder (the Installers folder is the same as Melchor's WMSA IIRC). Sharlikran's WMSA is the latest, which I use, has the same file structure as Wrye Bash and that's like this: Morrowind\Mopy Morrowind Mods as a separate folder in the same folder level as Morrowind
  4. Confusing issues, need help.

    Hmm, I wonder what purpose the Tamriel_Data.esm have. I need to check that later. abotWaterLife.esm must be loaded after the official esm e.g Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm, Bloodmoon.esm and TR_Data.esm also need to be activated, but I dunno if the TR_Data.esm is based on the latest version or not. So, remove TR and delete this part from Morrowind.ini. [Archives] Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa Archive 2=PT_Data.bsa Archive 3=TR_Data.bsa In other words just make sure you only see Tribunal.esm and Bloodmoon.esm in the [Archives] section in Morrowind.ini. Later, when installing other mods the [Archives] section will be a bit longer than it's in vanilla. As for the abotWaterLifeTRaddon.esp, that mod probably require to have abotWaterLife.esm loaded after both TR_Data.esm and TR_Mainland.esm, otherwise the TR addon wouldn't have the pink color instead of green. Here is a tip you can always use whenever you wanna to know what master a mod have, just select the mod in question and move it up or down just to see if the color changes from green to pink or vice versa. Always read the mod ReadMe as most modders often have instructions about where in a loadorder a mod needs to be in order to work properly.
  5. Confusing issues, need help.

    I see you have a couple of errors here and some mods needs to be removed, otherwise you will always get issues in-game. First, you cannot use both these mods, only use one and not two as both mods might edit the same thing. _010_ Morrowind Patch v1.6.6_beta.esm _012_ Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta (BTB Edit).esm However, I wouldn't recommend using neither of them for two reasons. 1. BTB-Edit is known to cause issues 2. MPP 1.6.6 seems unfinished and I know some quests will be stuck in your journal for the rest of the game, unless you finish them by using the "Journal , <quest ID> , setstage", without quotes, in the console in-game. Instead use MPP 1.6.5d and I think that's the latest finished patch. I know mlox will complain about not using the latest MPP, so you can ignore what message mlox has in this case. This mod has a harmless loading error, but annoying and it annoyed me so much and I fix it. Download and extract it, overwrite when prompted. _072_ ASH 2.0.esp I think you're not using the latest TR Hotfix and Hotfix 5 is the latest. _136_ TR_Mainland_1709_hotfix4.esp NoM 2.13 is outdated and you should update to the latest patched version. _140_ NOM 2.13.esp In a way some stuff are baked-in into a save in Morrowind, but it's a lot easier to fix a save than it's in Skyrim as a gamesave can be loaded and edited in the Enchanted Editor.
  6. Confusing issues, need help.

    Only using mlox to sort your loadorder isn't enough, because what you need is also to use the latest mlox rules. Are you sure you are using the correct MCA TR addon? Why I mention this is quite simple, because any TR addon for a mod must be created with the TR version you're using as a master, otherwise it won't work properly. For example: TR 16.09 is the version you use and Mod A has a TR addon 15.09 which might work, but a TR addon 17.09 cannot, because the TR version you are using in this example is outdated. I would like see your loadorder, so open mlox and in the left pane right click and select "Select All" then press Ctrl+C and paste it into your post, but don't close mlox and you can ignore the right pane for now as it's for a sorted loadorder. This is a known issue and sometimes you can ignore what mlox says, but something tells me that you are not using the latest mlox rules. If mlox says not to use them then try to update the master lists to the right in Mods tab and after that you should repair your gamesaves in the Saves by selecting one save then right click and select "Repair All". Doing that will remove all orphans and reset spawn points I think, so always try to repair your gamesave anytime you got an issue in-game and do that the first thing you do before doing anything else. That often help. What hotfix did you use? You only to use hotfix 5, I think that's the latest hotfix. https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/downloads/main-release
  7. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    Joomla is open source and the most widely used CMS software for the majority of websites around the world. YouTube has a bunch of tutorial videos about how to get started or for the advanced user with Joomla.
  8. Confusing issues, need help.

    BOSS doesn't exist for Morrowind, instead one need to use mlox.
  9. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    Regardless what forum software you choose, there is one thing that needs to be handle differently and what I'm talking about is all hosted mods on TAL. I doubt that there is a forum software that one can replace the IPS Download suite without messing up a lot of mods, so I suggest to begin to move all hosted mods to a new separate download area as a TAL subdomain. download.theassimilationlab.com
  10. Confusing issues, need help.

    What a mess and I think your game is beyond repair, of course it an be fixed, but is it worth the time it take to fix it. I suggest that you scrap everything and start over. No doubt, that's the reason why you get a CTD.
  11. Confusing issues, need help.

    Is that your current loadorder? If it is then no wonder you get a CTD now and then. Another thing is that all esm must be loaded above the esp and mixing them like you have in the picture is totally wrong and needs to be corrected before doing anything else.
  12. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    Ah, that make sense. Thank you for the information.
  13. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    What forum software was that you installed? Also, why are you using Nginx and what does it do.
  14. Confusing issues, need help.

    What status has your game, is it a new game or have you been playing a little? Anyone who hasn't been properly assimilated into the core at TAL has a curse upon him or her.
  15. Bethesda.net Discussion

    That's it. Bethesda.net have gone too far this time, because this morning I got an e-mail about a password request I did not make and now when I try to login I can't login. So, I am gonna to abandon Bethesda.net for good and my mods there, especially the mods for PS4 and XB1 are no longer supported or to be updated. Also, Nexus is the only site I will offer support for the PC version.