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  1. Love the new theme, excellent job on making the new theme ^^ Vincent 

    And also thank you Anadalaybay and Visceral for making this awesome website. I wish I could make a website like this but well I don't have the skills. I give Congratulations to you three. :alienjump:

  2. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    When I first saw the new theme. I was pretty amazed. I love the new look. Much better. ^^ I give thumbs up
  3. [WIP] The Brotherhood of Old

    Yes, I can't wait to play through the mod!
  4. Happy Birthday Amadaun!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMADUAN!! yes all caps haha
  5. Wildfires in West Coast and Hurricanes in East Coast.

    Oh oops I did notice it but I didn't bother to fix it because I barely use photobucket anymore.
  6. Wildfires in West Coast and Hurricanes in East Coast.

    I hope everyone is okay and safe in Northen Flordia. Like I said in my first post. Almost everyone has been evacuated. However, a lot of them stayed behind and face the hurricane and at least try to protect themselves by putting sand in bags from the water to go through the doors and windows....I think.
  7. Wildfires in West Coast and Hurricanes in East Coast.

    Wow, now there is I think two more hurricanes approaching everywhere now. Ahh
  8. Wildfires in West Coast and Hurricanes in East Coast.

    Thanks for correcting me. Well, who knows, right? You never know if there is more. But yeah, Trump did say there's no such thing and I don't believe it either.
  9. On Monday, there have been reports of Wildfires in Oregon to Montana to Idaho and now there is bad air quality again here in Washington. The wildfire is heading towards Spokane I think of what I've seen on a map. Now even worse than ever, after the aftermath of Harvey in Texas. Now there is another Hurricane that's even worse. Irma category five, I think it's called correct me if I'm spelling it right. Almost everyone has been evacuated from Florida or has dug holes just for the water to go down to that hole. Of what I saw in the news. Which doesn't do anything, in my opinion, It's a big storm and they do need to be evacuated. Bad things have been happening here in the US ever since after the Solar Eclipse. Which probably doesn't mean anything.
  10. Trump - Seriously?

    I'm not saying something like that. Fake news is fake news. You shouldn't be watching CNN because they ARE fake news. When I said the same shit over and over. I meant death and destruction. I'm getting quite tired of it. Including murder and rape and theft. I want something happy like our Independence Day, our celebration of 1776 our American History, our founding fathers. Which were Republicans, by the way. President Donald Trump is doing some awesome things, keeping his promises. And he's taking down ISIS, only 100 men left. And now it's North Korea. I don't think going to war with Russia is a good idea. Because it's not. We're not going to war with Russia, we want to gain our trust and respect to them Celebrate our deaths, how can you celebrate a person's death where it's a terrible thing to see and to hear. Blame what blame? There's no blame. What the hell happened to America before Obama came in. Our founding fathers are probably very disappointed in us because of what happened to this country. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY and we will fight until we die. Our Military is becoming stronger than ever. Like I said President Donald Trump is like Ronald Reagan and George Washington combined into a person who is willing to make America great again. And I get what you're saying. I am also a gamer, I don't care what people say to me. Because I love being a gamer. Mostly I am a shut in. Just saying out of my opinion. Please don't get upset because of what I said. I am here because people judge our president but he fights back. He's not a bigot, not a sexist, or any other label that the Democrats say. He's trying to make America great again. What it's supposed to be like our founding fathers. Anyways, I'm spouting a lot here, but just my opinion. And you're not gonna die, stop this media bullshit. You're fine.
  11. Trump - Seriously?

    That's what I'm saying. He's doing good things to The U.S. I don't understand why "my" generation is being stupid and acting like babies. Now I heard on the news that college students want a space room and hot cocoa and watch kids shows. It's like I've been seeing the same shit over and over about them. I'm getting all of my news from Fox News. Not these fake news like CNN and MSM and all the other news networks.
  12. Trump - Seriously?

    Ugh, The Second Civil War is about to happen. This is getting ridiculous. I hate wars and death. That's mostly all I hear about on the news every day. Can't we have something new for a change? Now the other side, the leftist want to assassinate Trump......which leads to civil war. (mostly there are only plays and I forgot her name that was on the news but uh she had Trump's head as a "comedy" act. As my personal view and opinion, President Trump is trying to everything he can for America. For our country and Obama screwed everything up....negotiating the wrong group of people. Really? Trading our weapons to terrorists......Not good...oy Like I said it's getting ridiculous In my opinion, I want "change" a long time ago. And now we finally got it. No offense to anyone
  13. I've just ordered a new PC!

    Mine is awesome I love it! It lights up too it's like Christmas tree inside haha. Oh I forgot to mention that I have a RAID system inside my OS
  14. My Load Order and a few issues

    I may have to restart ahhh, I don't like starting over but I know I have too. Oh well.
  15. My Load Order and a few issues

    Hello, everyone, it's been awhile but I've been quite busy with RL and been trying out Skyrim Special Edition, and figuring out what other things I can do with my project. However, I have been getting some problems with the game. It maybe the mods that I've been using. I like you guys to check and see if my load order is the problem or that I need to start all over again, which I did three times, trying to get the vampire eyes the right color and stuff. Now I feel like I need to restart it again. I know I'm not supposed to uninstall mods because of how the game works. As dumb as it may sound but I only want to try out a few mods and see how I like it. There have been recent problems, and it's mostly a custom home with a custom children mod. Another one is, I've added a Proudspire Manor TNF mod and it's blocking a picture frame right infront of the master bedroom door. Then another one is I can't get accesses to some side quests. I've done one but I had to use the console command to do it Here's my load order