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  1. [WIP] The Brotherhood of Old

    It's been quite awhile since the last update. Any news?
  2. Cinysa Llardren

    This is my Main Character's Heroine Cinysa Llardren (I forgot to add her last name to the story of mine for my main) I'll add a Biography to her here. She grew up in Morrowind in the city of Balmora. At age six she develops a skill of Archer and One-handed sword skills. Many people believed that she was influenced by a god. However, that wasn't the case. Her parents were very skillful in the arts of a warrior, trained her until she was a young adult. She was a famous warrior at the age of eighteen all because she saved her birthright city from a group of bandits and trolls. Massacred a few citizens and children, but she made it in time, her parents were proud of her and celebrated her victory.. She was trained more under the Fighter's guild instructors and joined the guild at the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty-three, she heard a rumor of a cave filled with treasures and some warriors never returned home. Cinysa was curious and traveled to this cave. After discovering it, she saw skeletons basically everywhere. She explored the cave even farther and a mysterious voice talked to her saying, "Another prey, I see, It looks like I can have fun with this one." As the Mysterious voice disappeared. The Hooded man behind her and bites her. Cinysa was in pain and told her she will or will not survive because of how powerful the bite was. The old man was named Vladimir a powerful vampire that scared a lot of people away and ends up killing thousands of citizens and soldiers. As a result, she ended up becoming a powerful vampire, hungry for blood and never seen her parents again. After two-hundred years, she believe they are dead anyway, she traveled to Skyrim, leaving her homeland and finding a similar vampire such as herself and found the love of her life; Aldin Ralvori a powerful, deadly and brutal vampire and assassin. A Powerful Ralvori Family once again. Hope you guys like it. I was gonna add something like a side by side picture on Aldin and Cinysa but I don't know how to do that. And the picture saying,"The Ravlori couple, the most brutal and deadliest assassins" in the top middle and then on each side it tells them their rank and name. Aldin is the Listener and Cinysa is a Speaker of the Black Hand (Yes I know it's not in the Vanilla lore, I'll make my own lore) ^^
  3. ModDrop

    Elianora just made a mod about moddrop https://rd.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28773?tab=posts&BH=1 She's just making a point about ModDrop.
  4. [WIP] The Brotherhood of Old

    Well, can't wait for it. You'll send it off with a bang.
  5. [WIP] The Brotherhood of Old

    Vincent, I do have one question. And it was really irritating that after the vanilla Dark Brotherhood questline, the guards knew that the player character was the Listener...Which was stupid on Bethesda end. The Guards weren't supposed to know that the player is the Listener. Rumors in this game are flat out very quick and stupid in my opinion. I am hoping that you would make a script where the guards don't know that. And it's basically a secret towards anyone.
  6. Nexus Mod Manager SSE

    Duh, I'm stupid, my dad was recalling looking for a driver. Eh, what's the point of it, my pair speakers for my actual computer barely works. So I gotta get some new ones anyway. It's working fine, so I'm not too worried about it. ^^ Right now I'm just scanning to see if I do have any corrupted files or not.
  7. Nexus Mod Manager SSE

    No, actually it wasn't doing an update. I plug my Xrocker chair that has speakers on where the head is at. And it said something like downloading the plugin or something I don't know. I have Windows 10. It had nothing to do with NMM though ^^ I wanted to get the speakers from my chair to work. However, when I tried to listen to music or watch a video from its sound. The video was buffering like for ten minutes and nothing happened. So, bad idea was I restart the computer and that's where it advanced option to reset happened.
  8. Nexus Mod Manager SSE

    I'm sorry that I seem to be hostile but the questions that I asked were do I reinstall the mods or do I play cuz I did play the game but there were no mods. Like I said all I did was disabled the mods and re-enabled them except I had to reinstall a few mods here and there. I did ask a question in Nexus forums and I haven't had my question answered in a few days..... But again I am sorry that I seem to be hostile. I wasn't going towards it though. I am being honest about what I was doing. I wasn't doing the Examination points though haha ^^
  9. Nexus Mod Manager SSE

    Okay, so what I did have I just disabled all the mods from the tools scroll down and Disabled all active mods. However, the only problem is, is that I didn't know what Uninstall all active mods do. I was worried that it might delete everything in NMM. I like NMM and I'm not gonna use Wrye Bash whatsoever. There is a reason why I hate Wrye Bash so much. I do like its features. Sadly, I hate downloading them manually, I hate how I have to keep looking at mods that need to be updated. I downloaded 202 mods ever since SSE came out, I don't want to manually look at mods that get updated everyday or every once a week. I like to see a warning that there is an update for the mod. I like to see something like directly a button like NMM and it downloads it from its servers onto NMM. It automatically downloads it for you and I can install just of a click of a button. I am stubborn from programs like this. However, from Malware and whatever, I don't think I had a virus on my computer. Like I said in my first post. It reset itself. I have Norton as my antivirus protection and no I am not going to any other antivirus programs. Norton works fine. I have a huge amount of protection right now. Even protecting my identity from identity theft. I don't trust any other Antivirus program other than Norton. So sorry I am already a subscriber for Norton anyway. The game works fine. Just a few mods that say that they're not there. But I'll probably have to figure something out for that. I always sort my load order every time I add a mod to my NMM if it's an animation I use FNIS and LOOT. My game works fine. So I am not panicking. My computer works fine as well. I'll say this again, I had to reset it back the way it was before. I have RAID10 after all. RAID is a good system for Backup system and for speed. Norton has always been keeping an eye out for any virus. And most files that I download or most sites I visited are either safe or not safe. I have four TB Storage drives that I needed for RAID10. I am fine with it. This computer is fine with it. And yes I know what RAID system is. Like I said all the apps got removed from my computer and all of my personal files were still there. Everything that's not personal was removed from my computer, even Steam, Origin, all of my games were removed even it's files. Here I'll show you I had to re-download everything that was on this list. That were REALLY important to this computer. Like for example, NVIDIA was really important even Microsoft Visual C++ I wasn't sure if MSI and Intel are automatically downloaded onto my computer. I gotta keep in my mind that I'm gonna need to probably download them again even Adobe
  10. Nexus Mod Manager SSE

    So, before I explain on this. I want to tell you all that last night. My computer had to reset itself because it had some sort of data transfer, which I didn't know about. I was trying to plug my chair that has speakers by where my actual head is. I didn't work out. When I noticed all of the videos that I was trying to play, like Youtube, VRV, Music Player and etc. They all were buffering. I waited and waited nothing happened. So I decided to restart. However, after the restart process, it kept saying something like "sorry something went wrong please try to restart" or something. So I did. However, it kept saying this over and over and over like six times. So I clicked Advanced options and clicked reset. Like I said My computer had to reset itself back to where it was before. All of my apps were gone except my personal files were kept (Thank god) So I had to download everything all over again. Now, here's where I'll explain about Nexus Mod Manager, after I downloaded Skyrim Special Edition, LOOT, and NMM even verifying game cache just to be safe. I didn't even touch NMM after it was installed and make sure SSE had it in. However, all the mods were still in there even in the files. When I checked them to see if there were in NMM. They were gone in plugin section but in the mod section, they all had green check marks. Before I do anything stupid. What do I do? Do I reinstall them again or just play it or what? Because I don't want to have corrupted data in my saves. Yes, my saves are still there. Do I need to delete my saves......which I don't want too because I'm still writing my story. But I don't know You guys tell me I'm not gonna do anything yet.
  11. Unique Player Body but different bodies for NPCs

    As the title says, I am having a bit of trouble with how to use a Body Preset only for the player. However, I get all the female NPCs have the same body type. I have two mods called Unique Character and Unique Character tool. Which the description got me confused on how to use it. I am using Shiva Body mod for my female character and I wanted my character to be Unique than all the female characters. I do have bodyslide and outfit mod as well. Is it with that mod or is it something else? Because I've been quite confused at this. Is there a good explanation for it? I've already posted a thread about it on the Nexus forums....I just copied my text on here. I may need just a few tips on it. I sort of already know how to use Bodyslide However, I just want to have a unique body for my female character that I am using now. I already have all the necessary textures for it like UNP and etc. I did take a screenshot of my main character's spouse. Cinysa. She's actually really pretty and evil.
  12. Net Neutrality

    I don't want to see at all. Nobody wants to pay the internet. And I don't think Congress really cares about us. They only care about profit. We did create the internet to have free roam and open it is. There are a lot of YouTubers explaining better than I can. The vote will end on December 14th next month. I support Net Neutrality. For example, If I go to youtube one day and it says that I need to pay for it. Then guess what I'll be pretty upset. It is an option to do it, but I don't want to pay just to get faster ISP. After they do repeal it, it will go across the globe. It will upset more than half of this world's population. It will affect, twitter, twitch, facebook, google plus, youtube. FCC and Congress, in my opinion, don't care about We the people. Our rights, our Constitutional rights. I've been researching a lot of YouTubers who explain it. This is real, it's not a joke. I don't want to pay more than I have now for bills. We have too many bills as it should be. It's getting worse and the internet is under attack. This needs to stop. A few YouTubers say that Net Neutrality is dying. This is extremely important and people think that it's not and it's a joke. Well, guess what? It's everywhere on the internet especially YouTube. I was pretty upset when I found this out a week ago when Markiplier was discussing it seriously. So I rather not pay everything on the internet. I would probably run out of money by the time I get paid every two weeks and then I still ran out of money again. So, I support Net Neutrality. However, I know it was going on since 2014. But probably before that. And there's a lot of websites like Hulu, Crunchyroll, Netflix has already have paid subscription which is understandable to view exclusive episodes, no ads and etc. But paying for the whole internet like exclusive websites like twitter, twitch, facebook, youtube and etc. In my opinion is way out of hand and a really bad idea.
  13. Love the new theme, excellent job on making the new theme ^^ Vincent 

    And also thank you Anadalaybay and Visceral for making this awesome website. I wish I could make a website like this but well I don't have the skills. I give Congratulations to you three. :alienjump:

  14. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    When I first saw the new theme. I was pretty amazed. I love the new look. Much better. ^^ I give thumbs up
  15. [WIP] The Brotherhood of Old

    Yes, I can't wait to play through the mod!