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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Amadaun in Paid Mods for Skyrim   
    Ugh.  The modding community is drama-filled enough.  Adding money to it?  Oh hell no.
    Not to mention, what happens if the modder has used student software?  Texture images that they don't have the rights to?  Other modders' assets?
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to AndalayBay in Paid Mods for Skyrim   
    Yeah a voluntary donation system would be better. As someone pointed out in the Bethesda thread, they are running over 100 mods. Even if each mod only cost $0.99, that would still be $100! When you think of it that way, you see how expensive it would be.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to AndalayBay in [WIP] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences   
    Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences


    Once upon a time, our name was whispered in the dark corners of the deepest caves and feared in the highest towers. Once upon a time, we bore the blood of emperors on our hands. Once upon a time, we were mystery, and secret, and the greatest in the Empire would gather our rituals to be allowed to grovel at our feet. Once upon a time, we scorned Mephala Herself, stole Her treasures, and found a master far beyond what She ever was.

    But now...

    Whether you've decided to restore the Dark Brotherhood or bring about its sundering, your work has only just begun. You have made your choices. Now it is time to face the Consequences.

    Consequences is the second instalment in the Dark Brotherhood Chronicles. It will feature two complete quest lines, along with a series of side quests for each side.


    The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles is a large quest mod that continues and expands the story of the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion. The project was started in late 2006 or early 2007 - we're not really sure. With some early background and advice from Emil, the Bethesda employee who conceived and developed the Dark Brotherhood, the original team started writing a story that was meant to span three separate chapters, which they didn't name. Amadaun joined the team and after a couple of team changes and rewrites, we settled on the story that was released as Awakening, the first chapter. We had a rough outline for the second and third chapters, but nothing concrete.

    We wanted to release Awakening before Bethesda released their fifth game, Skyrim, but we failed to meet that deadline, instead releasing Awakening in late November 2011. It was well received and we earned the Nexus File of the Month award for December 2011. However Awakening has one major flaw which has frustrated many a player ever since: it ends in a cliffhanger.

    One person who complained about Awakening's story was a forum member named Cray. He took the time to join the community site that now hosts the Dark Brotherhood Chronicles and wrote a two-page long critique. I was impressed with what I read, despite its length, so I challenged him to put his words into action and help us with Consequences. He took up the challenge and now he, Amadaun and I have teamed up to flesh out the story for Consequences. We are also planning the story for the third chapter, which we hope to develop for Skyrim. It will be called Transgressions.

    Cray and Amadaun are both lore nerds and excellent writers, so our aim is to provide a rich story that does justice to both sides. If you don't know what I mean by "sides", then you will need to play through Awakening. Consequences will bring both sides together in one dramatic ending. This time the story will end... until Skyrim 200 years later.


    The plot is settled, the NPCs are almost wholly written up, it's just time to write quests, think of rewards and get to work on the mechanical side. We are still tossing around ideas for side quests as well.


    Quest Writing:
    NPC Conceptualization:
    NPC Implementation:
    Dungeons - Level Design:
    Dungeons - Cluttering:
    Buildings - Level Design:
    Buildings - Cluttering:
    Quest Coding:

    We may not need any new landscaping, dungeons or buildings. We have plans to repurpose some buildings from Awakening. Dungeon cluttering includes the clean-up of existing locations and quite a bit of that has been done already. We'll have a better idea of what we need once we start writing the quests.

    The Dark Brotherhood Chronicles is hosted here on The Assimilation Lab. You can follow our progress and check out our concept art and screenshots.

    Current Team
    Amadaun - Team Lead, Writing, Modelling, Texturing, Level Design
    AndalayBay - Team Lead, Scripting, Quest Building, Level Design, Sound Engineering, Site Administration
    Cray - Team Lead, Writing, Lore Advisor, Critic
    Vincent - Level Design, Modelling
    'Drea - Writing, Quest ideas, Critiquing
    Sunseahl - Writing, Critiquing

    I must repeat the credits from Awakening since we are building off that body of work: Bethesda for creating Oblivion shadeMe for the CSE and Conscribe scruggsywuggsy the ferret for OBSE mr_siika for the Sanctum meshes Helborne for the Chitin armour and weapons Xiamara for the chair and sofa meshes Gildur and Demonmaster for the Anima Cyrodiili tileset Meo for the ceremonial dagger mesh Ren for the blindfold mesh Phoenix Amon for some of the book covers Emillia for various meshes and textures InsanitySorrow for various meshes and textures Qarl for his spider web meshes and textures TheTalkieToaster for the Spider Draedra NPC elveon, Malo, mikal33 and AlienSlof for the spider resources LHammonds, Sita and Jerros for the Paladin armour Klaus for his UI topic fixes fg109 (RandomNoob) for his help with scripting and quest building Unofficial TESA Clutterer's Guild for various meshes PrettyMurky - XML, Scripting Rahvin - Writing theinfamouskat (thechickwhopwn3dyou) - Writing Thomas Kaira - Interiors Ysne58 - beta testing Xae (Xaeaix) - soundtrack, sound engineering Elec0 - Modelling, Beta Testing Koniption - Modelling, Texturing Lareneg - Writing, Beta Testing omeletted - Texturing, Beta Testing Silver - Modelling Siulil - Beta Testing 'Drea - Writing, Beta Testing, Voice Acting for Awakening Morrigain - Writing saebel - Critique and assistance in rewriting a couple of quests, Voice Acting for Awakening Ibsen's Ghost - Voice Acting for Awakening Mick Mize - Voice Acting for Awakening
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to AndalayBay in Best Wishes Sue!   
    She's still in hospital and will be for another couple of weeks. She'll read all these once she's feeling better and will get a laugh out of our replies.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Vincent in Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences   
    3 years of waiting, yes. 
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Cray in Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences   
    That's great to hear. I'm doing my best to provide a compelling and lore friendly story for both sides, and I've only made Amadaun giggle into a stroke once so far, so we're definitely set on providing quality accordingly to the excitement.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Choxman in Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences   
    I'm very excited for this mod.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to AndalayBay in Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences   
    Definitely. We are working on Consequences. We are also working on Transgressions, which is part 3 and that will take place in Skyrim. 
    We will also have another release of Awakening. The final quest is going to be rewritten to set the stage for Consequences and we're still working on the voice acting.
    And to echo DL: welcome to TAL!
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Cray in Questions about Dark Brotherhood Chronicles   
    The arrangement of the balcony rooms is a bit odd, that I'll second, but not necessarily bad. Partly because it seems that they are mostly only there for aesthetics, there is little practical purpose to them. The stronghold gaining furniture and features as you progress through the restoration would be nice, though, but I suppose the problem here is trying not to step on Deepscorn Hollow's toes. Given some time I could try to come up with alternatives, but I'm afraid my coding skills are presently zero.
    Cla'nee's position is a bit of an irregular/anomalous one that couldn't have been accounted for at the time of the stronghold's construction - After all, the Listener is expected to operate with a little more equanimity than a beheaded chicken given its body weight in skooma, so I doubt anyone expected one to have to delegate so much that they effectively need a fifth Speaker. Yes, I did enjoy making it look like Ungolim attacked me unprovoked and then reducing him to a fine bloody mist. As such, I would imagine that the poor gal would have to stay in another empty room rather than a dedicated one.
    Of course, you could always remove a Speaker's bedroom privileges (Which sounds pretty wrong), have them sleep on the couch and tell Cla'nee she can have the room.
    The other matters, I believe I've already voiced my thoughts on.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Cray in DBC Ideas   
    ...For a moment, I read that as 'making them scream or something'. Welp, I think that makes me part of the family.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Envy123 in Progress Thread   
    Feedback has been very good so far, and no bug reports yet. This has been a great achievement and I loved every minute of playing the mod through.
    It's very interesting to see that the non-obvious paths have been taken as well.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Envy123 in Progress Thread   
    The mod's finished so now, I'm going to package everything.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Cray in Sanguine, my brother   
    I've been playing the mod between writing and jobs, and am mostly ending up with a positive impression of it. I'm not going to pretend I 100% liked everything, but I can't reasonably expect that - you can't really please everyone in game design. One of the things I'd criticize most harshly so far is that the dialogue swings back and forth between a decent variety of choices (Must have my [say Nothing) ]and... Well, the exact opposite. The conversation with the scholar so far seems to make the Listener a tad airheaded.
    Other major complaints can't really be blamed fully on the mod, although one in particular it is a known enough vanilla issue that I was a bit surprised at the lack of countermeasures. I'm talking about little mister Justice getting awfully close to the Leyawiin Sanctuary... and rather flippantly slapping a large bounty on your robes if you fail to bring him down in one hit, even in the rather isolated conditions. The follow-up to that hit is not necessarily a break in immersion with a little disguise mastery, but the bounty gets you accused of being criminal scum and told to stop right there. Guards these days. Can't let a cold blooded murderer get some air.
    All that aside, I've had quite a bit of fun with, enjoyed the notes, the books and most assassinations. The Morag Tong Tomb in particular was quite the test for an intentionally underleveled marksman. I've gotten along quite well with the Dark Brothers and Dark Sisters so far, and Cla'nee in particular was quite amusing. I'd say 'Don't tell her I read her journal', but that would be implying I wouldn't tell her myself just to see the reaction. Well. As charming as the family remained, I was not a very good Brother in the end.
    Did I break Mr Justice? Loading saves from before the big choice (Far enough back that I could reasonably assume the NPC wasn't activated yet) and going through it all again (Ow, my everything) gets me the same result. Should I be forcing the quest to advance, or is there something I'm missing to continue? I'm kind of locked in, after all.
    Here's my load order, for reference.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Cray in Sanguine, my brother   
    Alright, I can definitely see counting on the Listener not returning to the Night Mother as well as her not repeating herself being a necessary abstraction. I take that point back, then. And with a bit of role playing, "You dare speak to me this way?" can easily be taken as less offended and more bemused. Yes, this man is a loose end, but he just mentioned performing the Sacrament and demanding all manner of fun dismemberment right next to a guard. I could silence him, yes. Or I could do the smart thing: waltz off, change my disguise (Yes, I RP that much) and go free while he becomes the prettiest scholar in prison.
    ...Yeah, that works.
    Also, as of the guard, I've been toying with settings that make archery a fair bit more deadly for both the giving and receiving ends. Humanoid HP is lower all around, with the exception of bosses and vampires, as most health per level multipliers have been lowered. I actually would have gotten a single hit kill if I had remembered to use my bloody enchanted arrows. But ah well, I figured I'd roll with it. I had a save file not too far in the past, but I wasn't about to undo getting two faceshots with my bow. Especially when the second got the guard stuck head first in a stalac... Wait, is that the right one - Yes, stalactite. Even if it meant I had failed to properly do away with psychic guards, it was too hilarious to pass.
    Hrm. It probably wouldn't be very clean to include a way to reset the bounty to what it was before the guard bites the arrow if he's properly assassinated. Too many checks to be worth it, too likely to not catch everything and spark complaints, I assume? Ah well, I'll take responsibility for that one. That load order is my abomination, after all.
    I'll be sure to go back to the library and make time to read anything I might have missed. The Watcher's journal is something I overlooked. Which brings me to something I failed to mention: Two thumbs up at the sanctuaries, I spent more time looking around than actually stabbing people. And coming from me, that's saying quite a bit.
    "I'm sorry, all right? The basement isn't the driest place in the world, and it didn't help that I need a new grip for my sword, but you and I both know that statue should have been built better. Just don't tell our new boss... I'll do anything! If word gets out, he'll probably stab me. In the face. And then I'll bleed all over your stuff. So please don't tell."
    As this guy could tell, I have a thing for stabbing people in the face. It's kind of my signature. Autograph signings weren't well received by the watch, though.
    Meanwhile I'll wait for assistance, as this good sir seems... mesmerized. Talking didn't work, slapping people around didn't help either, singing the entirety of the Jekyll & Hyde musical with some Illusion magic didn't even get a tip out of the mannequin impersonator. Maybe he's a method actor and there's nothing I can do to break his focus. Barring checking if anyone is being killed in a way that doesn't advance stages properly... Poison doing the finishing damage, maybe? Because I did go on a mad dash applying poison to everyone and blasting the Watcher to oblivion while putting as many meters, people and continents as possible between Lucien and myself. I figure that's what the commands will be for.
    Edit: I have gotten around the issue by fighting significantly less dirty and using the environment like a right bastard. I suspect that someone may have been dying to poison or some delayed spell effect without being registered as killed. Maybe multiple someones. Sorry, Cla'nee, I had to stab you in the face.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Schtearn in Next elder scroll game and Fallout series   
    Here, here. But how big will they make Summerset Isles?
    The new TES might feature
    [*]Different quest lines touching in some stages, not absolutely separate branches.
    [*]Plug in, plug out mods: no bake in.
    [*]No game lease.
    [*]Less frequent official updates but over much longer periods.
    [*]No script extenders- vanilla should have them all.
    [*]Support porting of mods to non Windows platforms.
    [*]New wiki for new CK, F1 context help, built in nif & dds editors, how to's, script stores, forums, updates.
    [*]Bring back the Oblivion style NPC dialogue zoom in!

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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Vorians in Next elder scroll game and Fallout series   
    I think as a follow-up to Skyrim it would make sense, since the Altmer have pretty much conquered the Imperial empire, to concentrate the next game on Summerset Isles with a story line to either strengthen or defeat their hold on Tamriel.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to AndalayBay in Sanguine, my brother   
    Hi Cray, welcome to the forums! I'll go through your entire post and reply properly in the next day or two, but I can tackle your first comment now.
    First, don't forget the DB is in disarray when Awakening takes place. Ungolim may have gotten his message, but it gets passed off to a Speaker, who died in the Purification. You have to elect a new Black Hand and the old contracts need to be taken care of. The Night Mother doesn't repeat her messages. Basically we're counting on the player not going back to Bravil. We don't have the NM hand out any custom contracts in Awakening. 
    The Listener isn't air-headed - he's bemused. He's got this nutty mage giving him orders and asking for things like the Listener is a waiter taking a dinner order. The Listener would lop his head off if it wasn't for the fact that he has information the Listener needs, so he agrees to the arrangement. As the Listener basically says at the end "You dare speak to me this way?" and the Scholar replies that he has nothing to lose.
    In terms of the guards, dealing with them is the bane of the assassin. We can't do anything about that without changing the gameplay in Oblivion and we didn't feel it was up to Awakening to do that. We recommend people use other mods to get around those shortcomings and then we don't have Awakening behave differently than other situations with guards. If we did something to avoid the "psychic guards" issue, we'd probably have just as many people complaining about that. Also Awakening is intended for higher level players. I killed him in one shot without any problem.
    If you haven't already, you should read the Chronicles and the Watcher's Diary (there are two volumes). That provides more background on the story.
    I'll read the rest of your post tomorrow and will probably ask you for some results from various console commands that I'll ask you to run.
    Thanks for your feedback. We do appreciate constructive feedback like this.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Amadaun in Consequences - The consequences.   
    Indeed - we've planned for an entirely different questlines depending on your choices in Awakening.  It'll be a bridge that leads into Skyrim.  So It won't be as long as Awakening or Transgressions, but we're hoping it'll cover some of the gaps.
    Yay!  I posted spoiler-free!
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to AndalayBay in You know it's a Dark Brotherhood Mod when...   
    Yes, I'm a computer consultant in RL. I've done a lot of programming, including Java. We're coding up TES3Gecko in C#.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Visceral Moonlight in [Announcement] Kafka's Fun House Now Open For Business!   
    Since the dawn of time, cosmic waves have been travelling throughout the Universe. The energy created said universe. Over the course of billions of years, the planet was formed and life came into existence.This gave rise to the flamingos. One day, there was a flamingo. He was walking through the trees singing to himself. He sang about the wheat and the potatoes and the lettuce. As he trekked, he met a worm. "Have you seen my lamb?" asked the worm. And so the flamingo replied, "I think so. Wasn't it over there by the basket?" And so it was.On the other side of the planet, there was a crab. This crab was special: he didn't like other crabs. The crabs kept bothering him, not giving him a bit of peace. They would crawl all over him and they had started to itch. He didn't like that. As a result, he called his friend the flamingo and asked to be taken to a new home. And so it was done.As time went on, it became apparent that the frog in the next system couldn't be bothered any more. What could he be bothered about, you may ask? Why, he couldn't be bothered to bother. Of course, that was before someone served him up to the patrons at Cabion's Eatery. He was pretty upset about that.Time went on and a little bird spoke to me. It commanded me to build a fun house. Why a fun house? So folks could have fun! In a house! The bird told me to go to the Great Mountain Hermit and that he would have the plans. So I went to the mountain. Up I climbed, fighting away harpies and billy goats as I go. The rabid pillows were the worst. They took my arm!Eventually, I meet the hermit. Unfortunately, I spend so long fighting off the tennis shoe from my leg that he had gone and croaked. This saddened me. "How am I going to build the fun house, now?", I thought. That is when a little elephant flew up to my ear and whinnied.The flying elephant gave me the plans! And so the fun house was built.I was commanded to call it "Kafka's Fun House" by a giraffe, and so it was done.In here, everyone has the following abilities: the ability to edit any and all posts, pin and unpin topics, lock and unlock threads, and split and merge posts from threads.Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go off and go, "WHEEEEEEEEE!"
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to AndalayBay in Your thoughts about Oblivion   
    Yeah, Oblivion is a funny one for me. It definitely gets tiring, but somehow it seems to draw me back. One thing I've noticed with TES is that your first game in the series always seems to be your favourite. For me, that was Oblivion.
    I've played Morrowind and Skyrim. I like Morrowind, but there were some things that were really annoying as well. Morrowind definitely has the best story, but the game mechanics are just too annoying for me. I even loaded some mods to help - I wouldn't have been able to even finish the game without Oblivion-style spellcasting. Skyrim is very pretty but shallow. It was nice to see some of the lore filled in regarding the Elder Scrolls, but there just wasn't enough meat to the story. In the end, I haven't played Skyrim nearly as much as I've played Oblivion and Morrowind.
    To break it down:
    Oblivion - over 2000 hours. Several full play throughs.
    Morrowind - over 800 hours, but I think it's less than 1000. It might be just over. I have played it three or four times.
    Skyrim - about 500 hours. Only two full play throughs.
    Daggerfall - only played through once. Hated random dungeons.
    Arena - only played through once. Just too old and too hard.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Envy123 in Your thoughts about Oblivion   
    -Very nice mods which make the gameplay better than in Skyrim (UVIII...etc)
    -Unique architecture in every city - unlike Skyrim where Falkreath had the same look as Riverwood (and had no Imperial culture for some reason).
    -Very good and fun quests overall.
    -Variety in regions.
    -The level scaling needs a mod for me to find it bearable.
    -The wilderness is sparse (needs UL for me to have the wonder of exploration).
    -The land looks rather fake, especially in the mountain regions (Detailed Terrain helps that but only a bit).
    -The snow flakes look fake.
    -General unstability, compared to Morrowind or Skyrim.
    In general, modded Oblivion is better than my modded Skyrim. But it may soon change when the Sk...ion mod will progress some because it looks better than my modded Oblivion without sacrificing stabiliy.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to AndalayBay in [Steam] Questions and Answers about Games   
    I guess all you can do is try it. If the game freezes, then you have your answer. The game may run ok, but you might experience lag. That would be another thing to keep an eye on.Edit: Nevermind. Sounds like DS is pretty familiar with it. He ninja'd me.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Visceral Moonlight in Feedback thread   
    I could do a simple gradient implementation but they'd only be accessible for WebKit browsers. So Chrome, Safari, or Opera. You Firefox folks would be left in the dust.
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    TheDarkListener34 reacted to Visceral Moonlight in An American Democrat's Thoughts on the Government in general and the Shutdown in Particular   
    Which is exactly why it's the fault of both sides.Really, the entire situation is just downright stupid. Both sides are being childish as hell just to keep their own damn jobs while letting the rest of the population live in a shit hole.My actual views? Throw all them all out of office. Everyone. Each and everyone of those people. Start fresh. If all you care about is the skin on your back, then you have no business trying to run a country.As I see it, the damn politicians just want to keep their fucking jobs and don't care what they have to do, even if that means throwing the entire country under the bus.