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  1. #changethechannel

    So the guy running CA was a sex pest and the Walkers are kinda insensitive arseholes? Sad, but sadly unsurprising. The Internet is a cesspool.
  2. The Infernal City

    If Amadaun doesn't finish this, I might.
  3. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    I find this de-motivational, the sub-par singing, the poor staging, the unnecessary pauses and sight-gags.
  4. Sexism in Comics

    More like tights really.
  5. Sexism in Comics

    Like I say - I don't bother with the modern comics. As to why it looks like she's wearing jim-jams - that's what happens when your supersuit has neither a skirt nor underpants. This is why I don't like Superman's current outfit and why I support Supergirl's classic skirt - although she could reasonably wear leggings underneath.
  6. Sexism in Comics

  7. Sexism in Comics

    They're live action comics - the whole premise is kinda silly. How many of Arrow's problems could be solved by the Flash in 30 seconds? How often could the identity of the Flash's season-villain be uncovered in 60 seconds by Felicity Smoak? To say nothing of the lengths they go to to avoid having Superman show up in Supergirl even when Supergirl is knocked out. That would be less of an issue if they hadn't significantly de-powered Mon-El though.
  8. Sexism in Comics

    I'm afraid we don't have much to talk about then - because I don't bother with most of the modern comics, I like Silver-Age pre-Crisis comics, which is why I like the TV shows. Leaving aside the more modern costumes the TV shows' characters owe more to the Silver Age than anything more recent. I was originally responding to Andalay's refusal to watch Supergirl because the heroine has "girl" in her name by pointing out that the show doesn't so much lampshade this in the first episode as break the fourth wall and call viewers petty and small-minded if they get hung up on it.
  9. Sexism in Comics

    Legends of Tomorrow. Sarah Lance - who was introduced as the original Black Canary and Olly's love interest on Green Arrow was originally bi-sexual but has been pretty much retconned n LoT to be a Lesbian now and she's sleeping her way across history. The Salem Witches - the Queen of France - Guinevere - a sexually repressed nurse in the 1950's...
  10. Sexism in Comics

    Its only problematic if you make it problematic. I know women our age who would prefer to be called "a girl" than "a woman", which is the point. In fact a straw-poll of my own friends would indicate a general preference for "girl", especially for unmarried women. But - let's consider the differences in portrayal of men and women on the CW: Supergirl is the only comic book series that doesn't objectify its characters. Arrow gets Stephen Amnell naked and sweaty at every opportunity, or used to. The First thing Grant Gustin says when he wakes from his coma is "Lightnigh gave me abbs?" and don't even get me started on the Lesbian fanservice in LOT. All that and Supergirl is the sinner for using a word you don't like? Despite being the only comic book property right now not focusing on its heroine's cleavage or butt, and playing it straight with its lesbian romance rather than using it for fanservice OR to make some big statement. Sorry Ama, but I think you have your priorities backwards.
  11. Sexism in Comics

    That's just absurd. If you watched the series you'd know they dealt with this in the pilot. Kara specifically complains when Kat Grant dubs the new Superhero "Supergirl. At the end of the day, "Supergirl" is just catchier than "Superwoman", whereas "Wonder Woman" works because it illiterates. But fine, get hung up on the name if you want - I still say that's an absurd thing to do. It's not like the male superheroes aren't absurd caricatures of masculinity, is it?
  12. Random Stuffz

    I mean, seriously? I saw this and freaked out.
  13. Random Stuffz

    I watch all of them religiously and have since they started, and I really love the cross-overs. I'm not sure why you don't like Supergirl but if that's the case I advise skipping this year's crossover completely as she's a pretty huge part of it. Personally, I'm a massive DC nerd, so I love that they constantly interconnect and cross over - I'd actually prefer if it happened more often (on a smaller scale). I could also go for more of Tyler Hoechlin's Superman (not a sentence I would have expected to write two years ago) but I'd really love to have him in next year's crossover. Really, what's not to love?
  14. Trump - Seriously?

    The thing is, the argument over whether Global Warming is happening or not is actually a pointless distraction. Whether you believe we're causing the increase in temperature shouldn't really matter, because we know we've caused massive ecological damage over the past few thousand years and as our population increases the damage naturally gets worse. Case in point: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/may/30/we-have-been-poisoning-ourselves-has-ice-analysis-revealed-the-truth-about-lead There is no "natural background level" of Lead in the atmosphere. Ergo, there's probably no safe level. Then you have all the plastic in the sea, the chemicals we pour down our drains, like the ones we use to whiten white linens... Bottom line - it's not about Global Warming - it's about measurable ecological damage and we need to stop. Stop damaging the planet, and stop over-populating it if we want anything worthwhile left in a few hundred years. That's if the next great Plague doesn't solve the problem for us.
  15. Random Stuffz

    DS has gone Semxy again, lock up your wives and daughters and wives.