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      Enodoc from the UESP has stepped up and will host our wikis in their wiki farm. I just finished uploading the backups to the UESP server. The wikis that are moving are: Better Cities Morrowind Modding Wiki TESCOSI OOO Oblivion Quest Mods Ordendesdrachen The last three are wikis that WalkerInShadows created. I never finished getting them set up on TAL, so they'll finally be available again once the UESP guys finish getting things set up.

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  1. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    Well that's a shame, but I can understand why you took this decision. What's hosted here that isn't also hosted elsewhere, aside from the big projects?
  2. Random Stuffz

  3. My PC Woes

    When we had the dog I never let the dog in the room with the computer.
  4. My PC Woes

    Nah, AMD is a performance vendor now - they just don't charge you Intel Tax - which is mostly a tax for buying a CPU with multiple security flaws. On the subject of the PC - sounds to me like the cats have caused an overheating issue, I'd suspect motherboard damage, not fatal but I bet the main CPU Fan header or the sensor is gaga. Have you pulled the whole thing apart and cleaned it? Aside from that I'd just keep the cats out of the computer room.
  5. Last night, in an effort to clear the air and generate some good will Arthmoor and halgari sat down and had a conversation about some of the issues around Mod-Packs/Mod-Lists. The conversation took place in a private channel on my Discord and I moderated. All parties agreed screen-caps of the conversation would be made publicly available - so here you go: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/5528-arthmoor-and-halgari-in-conversation-moderated-by-sigurd/
  6. Apple's iPhones are not safe

    I was referring to more recent news.
  7. Apple's iPhones are not safe

    True, although a few years ago said AV was tricked into eating its own updater - effectively crippling the program and preventing it from being uninstalled. Anyway - heard about this at work last week. In other news, Intel CPU's are overheated security trainwrecks.
  8. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    You think that's bad? There's no statute of limitation on any crime here - there's some of contract law - but nothing that comes before a criminal caught. Stole a twinky 90 years ago? Tough break if you get caught, granddad.
  9. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

  10. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    The alleged rape took place 11 years ago.
  11. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    This is true. If you compare this to the case of Tristine Banon, in that case she did eventually go to the Police, and they investigated and deemed her story credible despite the expiration of the statue of limitations. In that case she didn't initially go to the Police because this was in France and her mother was/had been in a relationship at the time and basically slut-shamed her. I do understand why abuse victims don't go to the Police, especially straight away, but they don't usually post huge screeds about how their abuser made an effort to tank their professional career, either. Off the back of this Zoe Quinn also accused someone of abuse - he killed himself after being exposed to the court of public opinion.
  12. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    Your argument boils down to guilty until proven innocent. There are actual real-world examples of why this doesn't work, especially in cases like this. Presumption of innocence is fundamental to all modern English Common Law legal systems, which (the US and Canada are in the broadest sense these are still English Common Law systems) are founded on this principle. A principle largely established in the then-colony of New York. Clearly you don't understand what the ad hominem attack is. It means attacking the person's argument by attacking the person's character. It doesn't matter is Arthmoor is, shall we say, not the most diplomatic of people - all that matters is if he's right or not. If you are an intelligent person then it shouldn't matter how he expresses his argument so long as it's coherent. In this case pretty much his only contribution has been to protest against your damning Jeremy Soule as guilty based on one woman's testimony - because only one woman has actually accused him of an actual crime.
  13. Random Stuffz

    Looks like Sheogorath - though - crazy.
  14. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    You started out by insulting Arthmoor just for holding views which are, frankly, not controversial - regardless of any other opinions he may hold. Is he the most diplomatic debater around? No - but he is not the one who resorted to ad hominem first. I have no tolerance for ad hominem attacks at all - which is why I took extra care to demolish all the points of your argument without resorting to them.
  15. Jeremy Soule Rape Accusations

    I think you're confusing taking someone seriously with automatically believing them. Accusations should be taken seriously and in cases of something like rape taking it seriously involves advising that person to go to the Police. However, if a person spontaneously throws out an accusation 11 years later, having never gone to the Police, and still not going to the Police then taking it seriously also means looking at that person and asking if they're a reliable witness. Automatically believing accusations it what lands you with situations like the scandal over the alleged abuse ring in Westminster and Karl Beach. Essentially Beach made a variety of accusations against elderly public figures which ultimately proved groundless, by which time some of the accused had died. Further, it turned out Beach was actually guilty of some of the crimes he had accused others of. The scandal had significant political fallout because one of the accused was former Prime Minister Ted Heath, who was responsible for bringing the UK into the EU, and the allegations surfaced during the Brexit referendum. Now, it's certainly true that not everyone who suffers sexual abuse or assault goes to the Police, for a variety of reasons. In most cases it's because the victim "puts up with it" and this may or may not be a valid strategy depending on how serious the abuse is. To clarify this point - most people will suffer some form of sexual assault at some point - someone will make unwanted sexual comments about you, or they'll grope you (like common law assault sexual assault doesn't necessarily mean physical contact). The other side of this is that many people, and probably most men, will have committed sexual assault at some point - along with actual assault. Frankly - I'm more than a little suspicious of any man who claims he's completely innocent of this, at the very least most of us have paid a girl unwanted attention at a party when drunk - and that falls under the strict definition of sexual assault if you made them uncomfortable. Coming back around to Jeremy Soule - I think it's inappropriate to refer to him as "Jeremy" or her as "Nathalie", we don't know either of them and we shouldn't be acting or talking like we do. If the accusations ARE true then the last thing Mr Soule's victims will want is you being overly familiar and putting yourself up as their "white knight." As I said before, I find the other accusations of misconduct plausible - but unproven. I don't find the rape accusation particularly credible. A number of things don't ring true - the narrative is far too sanitised, there's none of the guilty self-reflection that's common to victims of serious assault, who tend to internalise blame and reflect it back on themselves. There's an auful lot about her job, how she's so good at it, how nobody appreciates this and how she works much harder than anyone else. It's apparent this person has a poor work ethic, as I said, they work too hard, obsess over details and burn out months before the project needs to be finished - leaving them unable to complete their work. I'm reading between the lines here, but this seems to be a far more likely assessment of the situation than the one the author gives in their blog, which, frankly, reads as a narcissistic self-justification. I don't believe Jeremy Soule has enough swing to tank a developer's career - he's the composer, he's not a producer or developer himself - he's not going to get intimately involved in that side of things. The secondly company this person worked for has roundly and emphatically denied Soule had any involvement in their being let go - they made it clear in their correspondence it was because of the person's poor attitude. This person clearly has a poor attitude - that's apparent from some of their previous writing - and in particular the way they view men and their position in the gaming industry. I'm a man, Arthmoor's a man, we don't necessarily get along with Andalay all the time but I don't think she'd accuse either of us for ever denigrating her work because she was a woman or expressing shock that she's competent despite her gender. Even ten years ago most men were more evolved than that. So, in conclusion - I do not consider that Nathalie Lawhead is a reliable witness and based on that I do not deem her accusations to be very credible. Thus far she is the only person to accuse Jeremy Soule of any physical assault - all the other accusations have amounted to him being a sexist prig - which may well be partially true, at least. Jeremy Soule is not Harvey Weinstein, not least in that women had been going to the Police about that guy for years before the story broke - and that's the crucial difference.