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  1. Ask Me about RP!

    Just going to put this out, publicly, but uh, I'm probably not going to join this RP thing. It sounds like some good work is going into it, but it's not what I chimed in for. I'm going to be frank here: I don't like this sci-fi crap, at all. I never did. Never wanted too. We came up with a perfect idea to do away with the super sci-fi tech while still keeping the Inn functional, yet we threw it out and started the new thing anyway. Don't get me wrong, it's all cool, you guys do you, but I'm probably not going to be involved. I think it's a load of crap that sci-fi can't mix with fantasy, and that all the scenes would be culture-shocky for the non-sci-fi folk. Ama's reasoning was something to do with my Sith Lord having tech, and no one but Ixa could relate too. I disagree, mostly, because the main people I interacted with on that Sith Lord, were not all medevally-fantasy-type characters. Also, the scenes got frozen too many times to actually really judge, and I just personally think it was a dumb reason. Also, any highly advanced tech is going to seem like magic to any primitive species. I've learned this from the very goddamned thing everyone else was quoting, that being Star Trek. I've seen many episodes where they broke the Prime Directive to interfere with a lesser-evolved society. Some of which worked out fine, and dandy, sure there was some hiccups, but the Enterprise always pulled through. And there was never anything seriously damning that happened in the Inn, in my time playing there that HONESTLY justifies this complete separation. I mean, I get wanting new things, but seriously. There's no reason for a separation, and I just don't agree with it. Sadly, though, this is not my forum, and I really have no power here to say yay or nay. So I'm just backing off. You guys have fun.
  2. Ask Me about RP!

    Looks good.
  3. Is there any way of not playing Knights of the Nine?

    EDIT: I realized my response was dumb, and removed it.
  4. Attitude Towards Skyrim SSE?

    I've been wondering this for a while now, and I know it's probably a touchy subject in a lot of circles. At least, that's how I assume things go when something as new and brazen as console mods happens. Now I've seen a few of Arthmoor's mods up there, so I'm assuming he's largely okay, or at least aware of it. I'm also aware that sometimes people try to convert mods that aren't theirs, and try to pass it off as theirs, which I know has happened in the past. Maybe not here, but I remember seeing something about it, when Steam Workshop became a thing. Now, I know a lot of people here thought that like, paid-for mods would become a big thing too, and some people still think it might happen somewhere down the line. That's okay, but this thread isn't about debating the differing philosophies of what might become of the Modding Community. My question is simple. How do people feel about the Skyrim Special Edition games for the Xbox One, and PS4? And how many people here, have contributed mods to it? Or intend to? I just recently picked it up, because I'm at a point in my life where I don't have a fancy smancy computer that can run all of the things, and the amount of mods that are available is promising but lacking. I'm aware there's a lot of reasons for that, but do consider I'm playing the Xbox One version, which admittedly, has more options then the PS4 version by sheer red-tape. It does, however, still bar us from getting any mods involving sex, violence towards children, anything that alters the source code (script extenders and the like), and stuff that exceeds the capped amount of mod storage (but in a lot of cases I'm very picky about my mods anyway so it's okay). Also, I'm aware of the limitations of the Xbox vs Well-Built Computers, and why some mods may not work at all. There are however, a good number of fairly decent, even well-done mods that have been converted. The list could be longer, and I was sorely disappointed in some of the mods I played early in Skyrim's original PC release, were missing (while some still existed). Specifically, I'm looking for uncomplicated vampire/werewolf mods or questlines, faction mods, or build-a-faction mods, even extended faction mods (like what this community was founded upon). More interesting questlines/stories that don't pertain to some dude's sexy wereshark OC. That's not to say I'm asking anyone to contribute a mod. That's up to you. I'm just trying to gauge the general opinion here. It'd be nice to request mods though. Or help with the red-tape involved with posting a mod for someone else. Thoughts?
  5. Attitude Towards Skyrim SSE?

    the only thing I've seen for leveling are people who make mods to increase the speed of it. Which makes me scratch my head and wonder "The FUCK do you mean it's slow?" Being as I can start a new game, and be like level 10 in like a day if I put my mind to it. The same can be said about Fallout 4, where people apparently have trouble gaining companion friendship. When... like, my companions throw themselves at me in a few hours of travelling. I've run into a couple of half-decent mods, there's a good chunk of good survival-based mods. Such as Frostfall, iNeed and Campfire. I have about 3-4 half-decent quest mods on my favorites, and I just started playing Falskaar on my Skyrim file.
  6. Ask Me about RP!

    "Query: Would you like a refreshment, meatbag?" "Sure." *follows up with several blaster bolts to the chest* "Comment: Yes, that was very refreshing."
  7. Ask Me about RP!

    Paragraph style is fine. Posting one-to-two lines when in the midst of Dialogue should also be fine. It doesn't have to break away from base paragraph form, it'll just be a quicker way to reply without needing to do an action. Monologuing is good though, too.
  8. Ask Me about RP!

    Even I haven't a clue anymore. I guess we're keeping both, and having them separate with special rules for crossovers? Andalay made a valid point about making it so advanced tech doesn't work inside the Inn. Which kinda clears up everything if we go with that. But I think the final word was keep both, and reset the Inn. Or maybe someone was waiting for me to say more.
  9. Ask Me about RP!

    This is why I was saying we don't need two RP forums. I've said my piece, but the hard ruling is keeping both. And being overly complicated. I don't agree that every medieval/fantasy character would be that bothered by the technology of another culture, strictly speaking, and if I want to go ahead and use the Star Trek reference again: All higher types of technology can easily be seen as magic to a lesser culture. Some people would be afraid, other people wouldn't care, some people would be intrigued by the idea. Not every fantasy character is going to scream 'DEMONS!' when someone uses a toaster. I suggested a Steampunk style Inn, over the idea I was originally running with which was entirely within the Elders Scrolls theme, even involving Daedric blessings from Sheogorath to create the reason for why random people show up. But I suggested the steampunk style Inn to better adapt to the idea that both Fantasy and Sci-Fi can exist within the same genre. If we want this to work in any sense of the word, it needs to be taken down a notch and started from scratch. Using elements from each, but not outright copying either of them. We don't NEED 40,000 rooms of different parts of an Alien Airport that'll never get used. There's what, 5 people, even interested in this at all? Why do we need something incredibly complicated? I get that this has been going on a long time, and I'm only a veteran by way of the fact that I'm probably the only other person here who actively RP'd in the Inn. But even then, it wasn't fun when every adventure was already 3 years old, and all the people who were involved moved on with their life, and the only other adventure besides the ones I tried to start was a singular back-and-forth between Ama and Morrigan. With the occasional post elsewhere. To be completely blunt: I was largely ignored. As were a lot of other people. So lets take a step back, and review this from a different perspective. Instead of trying to make it cool and awesome. We need to make it accessible to newbies, and be open to anyone. Ergo: New idea, taken from ideas of the predecessors, TDLR: Ditching the older stuff, for something newer and more user-friendly. The Inn, as it stands, is one of the best open-ended RPs I've ever been a part of. Regardless of my personal complaints. There's no shame in copying it's model, and making it better. There's no shame in starting from scratch. There's no shame in combining two genres. That's the POINT of RP in a lot of cases, hell, it's the point of a lot of fanfic. What we do here? In RPing OCs from Fandoms, is writing Fanfiction anyway. So, I don't see an issue in combining them in a setting that works out for the best. I really DO NOT CARE about culture shock, or the Prime Directive in this sense. I think it's just silly to base all our decisions on "Poor culture-shocked peasant from Fantasy #426" and keep it split or rehash. Or whatever the hell we're going with this now. So, I'm taking a stand to support that we rehash it all. Wipe it all. Don't worry about past stuff, because at this point, none of it even matters anymore.
  10. Ask Me about RP!

    Basically, we're nixing the Nexus stuff for Jeni and Jason, and starting off from where we left off (me and Ama). Or figuring out where we left off so we can either bring it back a tick, or finish it quickly and move on to better, and greater things. You guys can probably just jump into the Inn or Cantina (Sci-Fi Inn), after your characters are approved and the forums are set, without waiting on us.
  11. Ask Me about RP!

    Screw the Prime Directive. Klingons don't follow the Prime Directive. THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT. In all seriousness though, I really feel like you're overthinking the whole tech vs fantasy thing. It doesn't really have to be that culture shocky if you don't want it to be, but if you're dead set on having two separate forums then so be it. I just think it'll get confusing in the end. Rilan just looks at a gun, and is like "Oh, that's rather fancy looking. Bully for you."
  12. Ask Me about RP!

    So you're saying, even if we update the Inn to function on a tech level like Steampunk it wouldn't be able to cater to Sci-Fi chars? I mean, if that's the only issue, then we can bump it up to straight up Magitech, with crystals. I also don't actually remember any awkward weirdness with my Sith, due to his tech. There also really wasn't anything happening in the Inn proper at the time of his arrival/existence. O_o He had a laser sword, force magic, and Dashade bodyguard. I never mentioned his ship once in character that I remember. Then intended for him to go off with Goku into Dragonball Land, but then my friends quit the Inn. I don't see how this was a problem. I think we're overthinking this. Honestly, anyone with enough magical power can stand up to anyone with fancy tech, very easily. Unless we outright say their tech is magic dampening neutralizers. Which... I don't think we we have to worry about.
  13. Ask Me about RP!

    I don't quite like that. It seems overly complicated? Why do we need the nexus? You can bring Sci-Fi Characters into the Inn. There's no need to separate them. I mean think about it. There's no need for multiple RP threads like that. It can all crossover easily, without much hassle. That's the point.
  14. Ask Me about RP!

    If you like. Though I think what we have is workable, and easily built-upon. You start with the Remade Inn, and build around it. It can exist in a physical place, despite being connected to others, which can allow for a small town to build up around it. Or whatever.
  15. Ask Me about RP!

    IMO the story threads and summaries, and stuff... that's waaay too much effort for a casual RP environment. Ama said she was going to write some stuff up for the Inn, but she was more or less cool with starting fresh (though she has final say in this). To be fair, all you really need to do is bring those characters from the Inn into this new fangled thing, with their histories set up however they want them to be. I personally have no real attachment to any adventure thread, save the one with Jason Todd and Jeni. And that can easily be adjusted to bring them into the new fangled thing too. I'm not saying all RP has to be rendered inert and never happened, it can have still happened, then solved. Or you just pluck a character from an instance before they were involved in a storyline, and don't worry about it. I've done it both ways. I've had an RP get wiped, and had to start all over. And I've had an RP get wiped, but was able to continue all past RP from a certain point. It's all up to the RPers and how people feel. A lot of the characters I started to bring in before the Inn stopped being active were from previous RPs elsewhere.
  16. Ask Me about RP!

    Yeah, that was the biggest complaint people had about the Inn. So much going on outside of the Inn, not enough activity in the Inn proper, and too many long-winded stories going on that have been dead for longer then I've been around here. It is very intimidating, especially as a newbie. There was also an insurmountable number of alts among various different RPers, myself included, all scattered to the 12 winds. However, I think Ama currently holds the record of the amount of alts she has mixed up in the Inn. She's currently busy with RL things though, and hasn't been on to really have a good discussion as of yet. I'd say give it a couple of weeks before we move forward with the merge, too. But I've been talking to VM. If you have any questions, I've been trying to get into the habit of checking here more often. I'll answer what I can.
  17. Ask Me about RP!

    Let me first introduce myself here: I am Onasaki, I've been a lurker of this community since before Dark Creations had it's own website, and the subsequent split from there to here. I have over 15 years of Roleplay XP from Text-Based Games to Forum, to actual DnD stuff. That said, after some discussion with VM and hearing a bit of Ama's thoughts, I think we've come up with something that could actually combine both the Inn and the Nexus, without having two different RP forums and one overly complicated setting. When I say overly complicated, I mean, we don't need 40,000 threads of various different functions of some Alien Airport. It's too complicated, it's too much, and it's way more intimidating from an outsider's perspective then people seem to realize. What we've come up with is some kind of Steampunky-Tavern Setting. This way, we can have the best of both what the Inn was, and what the Nexus wants to be. To do this, it's pretty simple. We just merge both, archive the old stuff, and start from scratch. Because of how the Inn functioned, as a hub of multiversal shenanigans, anyone from anywhere can show up at any time. They just walk through the door. This also works with leaving too, as it just randomly drops you where-ever you want to be. Essentially. I was told by Ama that she has no problem with merging the Nexus and the Inn. Thoughts?
  18. Lord Ixior's Arrival

    He was meditating, or at least, what constituted as meditating for him. In this case, that would be passed out in his cabin, a bottle of Tatooine spirits set aside from their previous mission. He wasn't really asleep, more like dozing in-between, and if everything he was taught about the Force was correct? Yeah. This was meditating. The journeys through hyperspace were always wrought with incredible boredum especially when all you have to talk too is a former pirate captain, a beast that wants to eat you, and the most irritating protocol droid he'd ever encountered. Life was good, though, nonetheless. And those three... played their parts as needed. Ilasez had just hoped they'd be more entertaining then this. It was a sharp lurch that snapped him from his meditation. With a grunt, he nearly flopped over and out of his bed and onto the ground toppling the bottle of spirits. There's a low growl. "Adronikos. Why have we dropped out of hyperspace?" he utters into his comm once he finds it. "Sith, you might want to get up here." "...This had better be good." With a grunt, Ilasez came to his feet and adjusted his robe. He checks to make sure his lightsaber is in attendance, then proceeds to the cockpit. He passed through the double doors that lead to his cabin, through the main hold. Where the Dashade stood just outside the cockpit. He grunts. "This is no system I have ever seen, little Sith." the creature growled out, in his guttural language. Ilasez gave the beast a look, and just rolled his eyes. "Well if it's a system you've never seen..." he muttered, shaking his head and passing the beast by. He wasn't about to take it's word for this, not yet, anyway. He'd need to see it for himself. Once in the cockpit, his eyes flit over towards the human at the controls. "What have we got, here, Nik?" he wonders, giving the planet before them a scrutinizing look. "Some kind of green planet, but it doesn't come up on any charts." responds the pilot, looking over some things on the navicomputer. "Scanners show it's just full of life." "Take us into orbit, but don't land the ship yet." Ilasez orders, to which Nikkos nods as the ship lurches again, then settles in orbit above the planetoid. "We might have just discovered a new planet."
  19. The Forest

    "Okay. First rule of Batman's training, don't panic. Not that I'm panicking. Even if he's probably going to kill me when I get back..." Jason paused, and looked around skeptically at his surroundings. "...If I get back..." He seethed, and pinched the bridge of his nose. "UGH! How did I even end up here?!"
  20. Ilasez Ixior

    Name: Ilasez Ixior Race: Zabrak, Imperial Bred Age: Late Teens-Early Twenties Occupation: Sith Apprentice Appearance: Orange skinned, with intricate facial tattoos. Instead of hair, he has a crown of horns, that circle around his dome and form around the middle. Usually found in a black and purple hooded robe. Backstory: The Apprentice of Darth Zash, Ilasez was a boy when he was discovered as force sensitive among a shipment of Slaves being transported to an Imperial mining colony in the Outer Rim. He was then brought to a basic training camp closer to the Sith Core where he was placed among other children of his like. All of them former slaves like himself. They were pitted against each other for favor, and to see who would rise above the others. What started with nearly a hundred hopefuls, ended with a mere ten, with Ilasez among them. He and the others were older now, and were shipped to Korriban to begin their trials as Acolytes. It is here he met his first true rival in Overseer Harkun, and his pet pupil Ffon, a Sith Pure Blood. Though with all such stories, Ilasez came out on top, and became apprentice to Lord Zash after finding an ancient map for her, and freeing a Dashade who'd been cryogenically imprisoned for thousands of years. He defeated him in battle, and created a bond that connects them both. For the last several months now, Ilasez has been travelling across the Galaxy, founding Cults, and hunting artifacts for his Master. His most recent trek taking him to the planet of Alderaan, or at least, he thought.
  21. The Forest

    Robin emerged, not in the concrete jungle of Gotham City Heights... but in a jungle (at least it seemed like one to him), of blue trees. He blinked once. Then twice. Then turned to return back from whence he came. Only to find it was gone. There was no portal. No door. No building. Just trees. Miles and miles of trees. "...well... shit." the ten-year-old swore. There was no Alfred or Batman here to yell at him for it, right? Though it occurred to him that now he probably should try and signal the Bat. He pressed a hand to his ear and tried his comm. Static. "...That's definitely not good."
  22. Jason Todd's Arrival

    It was nearing midnight on patrol through the streets of Gotham, and like always, Robin had gone out ahead of Batman to attract attention. It wasn't so much what was planned, but moreover, Robin liked the action. It was so quick, and fast paced, and just really cool. Not to mention these jerks deserved it. Especially, now, that he got to fight. And win, naturally. There was no drool-breathed goon he couldn't handle. Of course there were one or two times he got his butt kicked, though it wasn't his fault. Even the old man said he was at a tactical disadvantage. Or something like that anyway. He wasn't supposed to be fighting those times, anyway. Not his fault the old man doesn't know what 'offering support' actually means, which is odd considering he's Batman of all people. However, it didn't occur to Robin how far out he was going. And before he knew it, he'd gone beyond the boundary of the patrol route. "Wait a minute... this doesn't look right..." Robin would start to say, leaping from one rooftop to another. He lands with a grunt, and nearly messes up the maneuver with his momentary distraction. His first thought was to contact the big guy, but he really didn't want to get a lecture for going off too far. With a sigh, he got himself to his feet, and brushed himself off giving a once-over of the area. Though he couldn't get a good look on any of the street signs below. "Dang it, I'm too high up." he mutters, squinting. He hadn't been given a replacement to his magnification function on his mask since he broke his last one. Robin stared for a long time, as if trying to will the signs to tell him what they said. It of course didn't work, and he decided it was better he didn't make himself even more known by taking the sky. He looked for a roof access, and made his way down the flight of stairs out of the building. It was close to Halloween, and a Saturday, so no one would question a little boy dressed as Robin running through the halls. They wouldn't be able catch him anyway. Though when he passed through the threshold of the building...
  23. Name: Jason Peter Todd Age: 10 Appearance: Well, he's an athletic little boy with dark hair, and blue eyes. Found normally dressed in a gaudy, red, green, and yellow outfit, and a yellow cape. And wearing a domino mask. Very iconically Robin from Batman. Backstory: He grew up on the streets of Gotham city, being moved from foster home to foster home until he was caught trying to steal wheels off of the Bat Mobile to get in good with a local gang. Of course the Dark Knight caught him, and he was placed into another home. Of course that didn't last, and he was on the streets again, until he had another run in with the Dark Knight. This time, he aided in the take down of a gang, which prompted Batman to take him on as the next Robin. So now he lives in the Wayne Manor, gets tutored by Alfred, and fights crime under the dark of the night. Though he has a really bad anger issues. He's been Robin for about a year so far.
  24. Style of RP?

    I like either or. But I can't promise I'll be around alot. Mostly, 'cause I already have like... 40,000 people in the Inn on DC. (Which NEEDS MOAR ACTIVITIIZ). And only three of them are even reletively even space-savvy. Ilasez, and Leidrich, and Random Jedi Youngling I've yet to create. I've never been too crazy fond of Sci-Fi-themed RP areas, but if there's an element of horror and survival in it. You can count me in. XD
  25. Setting for RP Forum

    Hrrrrmmm... So far we want Sci-fi-like setting? On like a Space station in the middle of nowhere? Seems plausible. I like the angle someone mentioned about making it like Deep Space 9, I never watched it, but I know a bit about it. That'd be a neat little idea, or perhaps, if you want it to be a constant storyline type thing. We could do a travelling spaceship. Like a tradeship, that has a secret captain that noone has ever really met but just know him as The Captain. And new characters appear, when you land on a planet. It can be assumed that the ship is constantly landing and flying. And there's still the possibility of ending up in a Hangar Bay. There's also space anomolies that could cause someone to end up on the spaceship. Or something.