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  1. [RELz] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Awakening

    In the credits, you forgot to acknowledge the many hours I spent testing.
  2. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    I've grabbed the update. Now that I've had a chance to observe how the stealing exp works in game, that is a really good change. I also like the way bribery gives exp now.
  3. [Beta] Oblivion XP Bug Thread

    My character is not getting any exp when stealing. Nothing in any of the conscribe logs regarding stealing.
  4. [Beta] Oblivion XP Bug Thread

    There wasn't anything in the per mod log for OblivionXP. However, I did complete the first two stages of the next quest after completing the first quest and getting experience for that. I'm thinking that is where those two error messages came from.
  5. [Beta] Oblivion XP Bug Thread

    I'm not sure what this means if anything but I just found these lines in the conscribe static log Error in script 270015ae Operator := failed to evaluate to a valid result File: Oblivion XP.esp Offset: 0x177C Command: Let Error in script 270015ae An expression failed to evaluate to a valid result File: Oblivion XP.esp Offset: 0x177C Command: Let
  6. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    I just tested the undocumented quests with Arcane Bank. I did get 480 exp for completing the first quest. It does seem to be working! I wasn't able to figure out how to upload a screen shot, but I did take one.
  7. Fireplace

    "That sounds like an efficient way to store things like that," muses Rowan as she pets Kali who is currently sleeping in Rowan's lap. OOC: Just trying to keep track of both of them. This gets confuzzling after awhile.
  8. Fireplace

    Rowan looks puzzled. "What is a matrix?"
  9. Fireplace

    Rowan chuckles along with Ixa.
  10. Fireplace

    Rowan grins at Ixa: "This Professor Brik sounds annoying if interesting."
  11. Fireplace

    Rowan gets a pensive look on her face: "That was an interesting experience. I might not even have noticed the changes if Kali hadn't suddenly acted all twitchy when it came into this area. I think she sensed the discomfort that being caused the inn when it was slithering through cracks and crevices. Anyway, it seems to use shadow and dark to mask itself, so if you want to avoid it spying on you, keep close watch on the corners and shadows. Unless you can sense the being the way 'Dearie' over there can."
  12. Fireplace

    Kali saunters back into the Fireplace. Kali moves over to Rowan, leaps into her lap, and curls up. She starts glowing and soon the glow envelops them both. Rowan closes her eyes, as if listening. Eventually Rowan opens her eyes. "The being at the Key Table was the origin. Kali persuaded it to coalesce back into the being. This place has done the rest, it won't be back, at least not in the fashion that it used the first time."
  13. Key Table

    This time, the creature the creature finds it much harder to extend itself through the building. The shadowy substance simply will not move through the walls.
  14. Key Table

    Having accomplished what she wanted, Kali snarls once and heads back to the Fireplace. Her size grows smaller as she leaves the table. KALI HAS LEFT THE KEY TABLE.
  15. Key Table

    Kali glares at the thing. She hisses and gets ready to attack. As she crouches her fur sticks out and she appears to grow in size until she dwarfs the unhuman thing in front of her.