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  1. MCP Improved animation support

    Thanks for answering Leo, I already know about the mods you mentioned and some of them I find rather essential to my setup, but the my problem is that I'm just unable to find enough information about whether they are compatible with the Improved animation Support patch from MCP or not. For example, ArtaiosGreybark, the author of Animation Compilation mod ,stated that the Improved Animation Support patch should be left off in MCP in order for his animations to work properly. I found several posts where people confirmed this. And that's just one animation mod I'm currently considering for inclusion in my mod setup. Also, while going through the Mod Support part of MCP I blindly turned on every single patch...patched the exe with EXE Optimizer, which took a long time btw, just to find out later that some of the mods I want are not compatible with MCP patches, like Improved Animation Support patch for example... Or maybe I should just start over with that patch turned off..I don't know
  2. MCP Improved animation support

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone is using this MCP feature along with popular animation mod in their setup? I found several posts on TES related forums, with mixed positive and negative results regarding the compatibility between the two. Also, does anyone know of a mod which requires this MCP feature to be turned on and mod/mods which are known to be incompatible?

    That's great deaths_soul, I'll add these to my bookmarks. Thanks again!

    Hey guys First, let me say thank you for restoring TESCOSI. First time I wanted to mod Oblivion I decided to go with FCOM setup so TESCOSI was the only place where I could find everything i needed to know in one place. Used it countless times just to refresh my memory so needles to say how disappointed I was to see that my bookmarks don't work anymore....so thanks a lot for your effort!! Now, there is something I'd like to check because I can't find it myself here on wiki....it seams. Programs and Utilities category lists various utilities, but holds almost no info about some of them and their features. Prior to TESCOSI the site was called TESIV:POSItive, which I'm sure you remember, and if you try to visit it, it will redirect you to now OLD TESCOSI. Nevertheless I can still open some of its pages, that I had bookmarked and that are reachable and still have all kinds of useful information about various things that I couldn't find here on WIKI. For example: If you want to know about the bashed patch and how to rebuild it, looking at the Utilities category > Wrye Bash here on WIKI will give you just a vague explanation, but if you check TESIV:POSItive > Bashed Patch it will give you somewhat more complete explanation. Also Bash's Mods Tab is useful. Also goes for TES4Edit and TES4Gecko (link takes you straight to Nexus d/l page) and they are some really important utilities you'll agree. This is from TESIV:POSItive: Plugin Cleaning relates to xEdit of course and for TES4Gecko they had Merging Plugins Good to mention Load Ordering and load order templates If its not to much to ask, also when you have time maybe you could update new wiki with this info, what do you think? Thanks
  5. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    Wow....leaving such a possibility for a user is really, really cool! I'll wait for your next update and then i'll make my own edits to it. Concerning the performance, i' gonna use RuntimeScriptProfiler plugin just to see if it really degrades the performance, but i dont think it will. I'll also try not to "stuff" it with everything i have. Thank you so much AndalayBay!!!
  6. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    So all i have to do is just edit the ObXPQuestsMainScript, add quest names from other mods to it and thats it?! Cant be that easy
  7. [RELz] Oblivion XP

    Hey I was wondering if i could just copy your AFK_Weye - OblivionXP patch or the DB patch and change quest names in it (in scripts also) to match the same in some other mods that dont have support for OblivionXP?! For my own personal use of course. I have lots of mods installed that dont have support for OblivionXP and i figured it would be more practical to make one plugin to support all mods that i want, in case the author updates his mod, then to edit every esp individually. Is that possible?