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  1. RelZ: MyReels 3.0 (Redivivus: Pre-Release)

    I wonder if my avatar is on there.
  2. Progress Thread

    Understood. In that case, I agree with you on the cut-off.
  3. Progress Thread

    Reading through the documents, I'd say that implementing the MQ to the end at least decently well is no harder than implementing the Valenwood Islands MQ. Probably may even be easier due to the nature of the storyline. As someone who's been responsible for their own modding projects, I'll put forward my two pennies. I do understand that time is scarce, it is definitely for me. But I'd rather have a MQ which is leaner in terms of implementation but seen through to the end, than a MQ which abruptly stops. I have cut so many things from my released projects, but I deemed the cuts necessary so that there is still a sense of closure from the MQ even if some of the original idea were not implemented for it.
  4. Attitude Towards Skyrim SSE?

    In theory, I like the idea of Creation Club but I'm withholding any judgment until we see what content comes out of it.
  5. This thread is for bug reporting and any help you may need in Elsweyr Pelletine. Release and progress thread
  6. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine - Senchal

    New update time. Here's all what is in the new version. Bug fixes: -Every Khajiit which is not an Ohmes-related race, has a beast skeleton. -Removed some floating rocks from the Senchal cliffs. -One of the Senchal slaves had the wrong aggression settings. -Fixed a bleeding Senchal city wall and removed a duplicate tower. -Fixed you not being able to buy the Senchal house. -The NPCs in the Upper District should now be able to go home. New content: -Dune's previously abandoned Mages Guild is now accessible and some detail was added to the interior, for a future possible quest to recruit new members for that guild. -Senchal's upper palace and its two towers are finished. -The village of Chasegrove, which has Torval architecture. Includes a new player house. -A few smaller places for you to explore. -Made one of the Senchal merchants a fence. -A new book detailing the Pelletine settlements, in a similar way to how Iliana does for Elsweyr Anequina. Nexus download TAL download
  7. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine - Senchal

    By the end of next week, I'm releasing a new small update with 3 new wilderness locations and 1 new village with another player house. Some of the bugs have already been fixed as well.
  8. Happy Birthday Cray!

    Happy late birthday!
  9. Ysne58 (Cathy) has passed away

    Only saw here around and never talked to her. RIP
  10. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine - Senchal

    A small update is coming shortly. This will include a handful of new locations and bug fixes.
  11. Best way to Contact Iliana for Elsweyr Permission

    The last time she had the Elsweyr thread up. There's a lot of world-building left, thankfully, and quest overhauls will only be done in the final version. But if I go with my promise and she doesn't come back, the quests will likely be inconsistent with one another. I'm torn, actually.
  12. Best way to Contact Iliana for Elsweyr Permission

    I'm still working on getting Permission. Regarding the Oblivion Models, I know that they cannot be ported. The only models that would need to be remade would be the Rocks, Signs Certain bits of Clutter. which would be easy anyway atleat the Rocks I think the rocks are retextured Oblivion assets. And she did say no to porting Elsweyr Anequina to Skyblivion. Re: Iliana, she did want me to contact her when making RPG overhauls of her existing quests as part of Pelletine (so that all content are consistent in the amount of role-playing), but she didn't reply yet. I hope she will.
  13. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    But I'm old in terms of mod years. Have been modding for already 10 years and don't plan to stop.
  14. [WIP/Alpha] The Black Marshes

    I'm also pretty busy with RL stuff. But I intend to get back to the dialogue trees. They should expand. :shakecane:
  15. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine - Senchal

    Ask Deeza. He gave me the rights to use them.