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  1. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    The rest of Elsweyr does seem large when I play it - but it seems compressed when I develop it. I'll release a new version within a few months - it will include Torval (except for the Mane's Palace), a new village and finished roads. Because there are no real quests yet (except for the faction rep ones, which don't seem to work for some reason), automated conversion is mostly possible for Elsweyr Pelletine. However, some manual work would be needed like converting over the animated water in Senchal, the fountains and the new animated fish. The quests will eventually come, and some manual work will be needed to make those work too. I am aware that Skyblivion retains the same form IDs - so, I think you can release Elsweyr Pelletine for Skyrim when each new version comes out and just have a separate plug-in simply for conversion fixes. But otherwise, I agree with your proposal.
  2. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    Your idea could work - though, you may need to put more options for add-ons like Pelletine.
  3. Update: Exterior-wise, both roads to Torval are done, Torval is mostly done, the misc locations are done except for the coral reefs. Interior-wise, all of the dungeons except one mine are done, Torval's interiors have just been started, none of Darvulk Haven's buildings have been done yet. Yet to do any path-gridding.
  4. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    The you-know-what-mod will likely have a mod converter in the end, so it may be possible to convert most of Elsweyr Anequina in an automated fashion. The downside is that the conversion will only be allowed on one particular site, if at all. Beyond Skyrim is making an Elsweyr that is completely different to Anequina or Pelletine (Riverhold and Dune would swap places in terms of architectural structures, for example), and it's a different time-frame too. In Pelletine, Senchal is "mostly abandoned or in ruins", while Beyond Skyrim will have Senchal be a thriving city (makes sense, 200 years is more than enough time to rebuild). So, that's a no-go. I would love to see Iliana's vision in an updated engine, but in Skyrim's timeframe with new stories. Maybe it can be remade from scratch, with the places being re-imagined or changed to suit the new time-frame.
  5. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    Are you converting it over by zilav's scripts? If so, then will you add Pelletine to the mix once it's completed?
  6. "Elsweyr Mods Cleaned and Merged"

    Me too. I anyway ensure that I stick to the original vision, while adding choices, as seen in Valenwood Islands and City of Balmora. I think that Pelletine both complements and contrasts with Iliana's work (would make sense lore-wise, as different places in the same country should have their own identity). Well, City of Balmora has a unique feature-set, because that combines my choice-and-consequence narrative design with Praedator's great level design. I'd be open to such a collaboration again, definitely.
  7. "Elsweyr Mods Cleaned and Merged"

    Back when Iliana was still active, she was fine with me making a spin-off mod based on her work. And of course, my mod is completely separate and requires you to download Anequina to even use the mod. Though the stipulations are that I cannot change her quests in any shape or form, without her approvals. I do hope Iliana will come back soon, if only so we can work together on adding choice and consequence to her existing quests.
  8. NQD 1.0

    NQD 1.0 View File Adds non-quest dialogue (NQD), as well as more role-playing options. Thanks to Cray for the re-edits. Submitter Envy123 Submitted 01/31/2018 Category Master Plugin and Team Patches  
  9. Work on the third version has now been started. Progress: I have completed the road from Corinthe to Torval and the road from Senchal to Torval. I started extending the coral reef southwest of Senchal (planning to extend it all the way to Torval). Torval's exterior structure is done - just needs a final pass of cluttering. The interiors still need to be made, as well as NPCs, path-grids and AI schedules.
  10. RelZ: MyReels 3.1 (Redivivus)

    I wonder if my avatar is on there.
  11. Progress Thread

    Understood. In that case, I agree with you on the cut-off.
  12. Progress Thread

    Reading through the documents, I'd say that implementing the MQ to the end at least decently well is no harder than implementing the Valenwood Islands MQ. Probably may even be easier due to the nature of the storyline. As someone who's been responsible for their own modding projects, I'll put forward my two pennies. I do understand that time is scarce, it is definitely for me. But I'd rather have a MQ which is leaner in terms of implementation but seen through to the end, than a MQ which abruptly stops. I have cut so many things from my released projects, but I deemed the cuts necessary so that there is still a sense of closure from the MQ even if some of the original idea were not implemented for it.
  13. Attitude Towards Skyrim SSE?

    In theory, I like the idea of Creation Club but I'm withholding any judgment until we see what content comes out of it.
  14. This thread is for bug reporting and any help you may need in Elsweyr Pelletine. Release and progress thread
  15. [RELz] Elsweyr Pelletine - Senchal

    New update time. Here's all what is in the new version. Bug fixes: -Every Khajiit which is not an Ohmes-related race, has a beast skeleton. -Removed some floating rocks from the Senchal cliffs. -One of the Senchal slaves had the wrong aggression settings. -Fixed a bleeding Senchal city wall and removed a duplicate tower. -Fixed you not being able to buy the Senchal house. -The NPCs in the Upper District should now be able to go home. New content: -Dune's previously abandoned Mages Guild is now accessible and some detail was added to the interior, for a future possible quest to recruit new members for that guild. -Senchal's upper palace and its two towers are finished. -The village of Chasegrove, which has Torval architecture. Includes a new player house. -A few smaller places for you to explore. -Made one of the Senchal merchants a fence. -A new book detailing the Pelletine settlements, in a similar way to how Iliana does for Elsweyr Anequina. Nexus download TAL download