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  1. [RELz] Elsweyr Anequina

    I have given this some thought over the last few days and I think it would be best if we parted ways. I don't know what AndalayBay meant in her last post - Dutch are much more direct than Canadians - but I think she was asking me to leave in a round-a-bout sort of way. Which is fine. Arthmoor has also contacted me offered to host the mod on his site AFK mods. I've know Arthmoor forever ... we both started modding around the same time and if IIRC we even released our first mods in the same month (July 2008?). So I am happy with this move. I have no hard feelings towards AndalayBay. She has hosted my mod here for 6 years and has been very supportive of me in the past. So, AndalayBay, I offer you my personal thanks for that. I'll delete my remaining files soon (or AndalayBay can) and upload them to AFK. The landing page (I mean the thing attached to this thread) can stay if you like, maybe you could use it for a list of related Elsweyr mods like Envy's Pelletine. Well that's it for me. I'm not going to post anymore on this thread and I'll leave it to AndalayBay or anyone else who wants to have the last word.
  2. [RELz] Elsweyr Anequina

    AndalayBay, I really don't know what to say. I chose to host my mod exclusively on your site for all these years and I made one small request in 2015: not to have to have a support thread attached to it. You reluctantly agreed because I was rather stubborn about. When I clicked on the "Support" button on my mod at the start of this month, nothing happened, so it was still disabled then. I thought it would be nice to beautify the mod page with some of the old screenshots and tidy up the files a bit on the 10th anniversary of the mod's first release (June 2009) and maybe make a few fixes. But unfortunately that seems to have broken the block and a support thread was generated. You provide so much for various WIP and released mods with sub-forums, wikis and the like. I had a different preference and it did not seem like a big ask. It seemed like a win-win situation, my preferences were met, and you had a mod exclusive to your site. As for the 403 errors, adding a page redirect would have been simple enough if it really bothered you. Anyway, I'm leaving now and with a bad taste in mouth. This is not enjoyable. Edit: Just one more note. My upload which you just deleted AndalayBay, contained nine files. This old one you restored contains only three. People must not blame me for the missing files as I clearly no longer have control of my account here. The contents I had uploaded were: 00 Elsweyr Anequina (the new repackaged one with the updated bsa's, lost) 01 Elsweyr Anequina Official Patch (new, lost) 02 Elsweyr Anequina LandscapeLOD Quick Fix 03 Optional - No Spiders Patch 04 Optional - Pruned Gardens Patch (new, lost) 05a Optional - Elsweyr Anequina Alt - Valenwood Improved Patch (lost) 05b Optional - Elsweyr-Valenwood LandscapeLOD Quick Fix (lost) 06 Alternate - Elsweyr's City of Rimmen (new, lost) 07 Screenshots (lost)
  3. [RELz] Elsweyr Anequina

    It's your site, you can do as you please. However, if you no longer wish to honour our agreeement, I'll just create my own workaround. To begin with, I'll simply reduce my file footprint on this site to an absolute minimum and decouple the mod from this particular thread ... like so ... although moving around files in that manner does break a lot of inbound links. Don't worry, I'm not going to delete all of my files from this site. I still support the Assimilation Lab as I have been content with the site despite our current disagreement. The ideal solution would have been to stick to the agreement and keep the focus on Envy's Pelletine mod and the discussion threads for that. Because Pelletine is a dependent mod and Envy is now intimately familiar with my mod, that would be the best place for any "Elsweyr mod support" type discussions.
  4. [RELz] Elsweyr Anequina

    This is an archived mod. No support is provided. Please re-lock this thread. As agreed with Andalaybay in 2015 there was to be no support thread attached to this mod. I retired from modding 4 1/2 years ago but still wished to leave the (unsupported) files available for download. This thread seems to have been generated when I reorganized the mod files and amended the description this month.
  5. [RELz] Elsweyr Anequina Meshes and Textures

    This file does not exist. Please lock this thread.
  6. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    I don't know, I've never followed Skyrim modding. I assumed it would still be around. They still seem to have a dedicated website, though I can see the DarkCreations one is closed. Converting many mods to Skyrim would be tricky because it's such a thematically focused game. Oblivion is much richer in the variety of terrains, from dry to cold to lush, with a wider range of stuff to choose from to create different environments. I enjoyed Skyrim as a game but just never got into modding it as a player. I think I installed of two mods! It's not that there aren't fantastic mods for Skyrim, but rather I found the vanilla game very polished and by the time I had played through it had had enough of the theme and moved on. Oblivion, on the other hand, felt like a game bursting with modding potential as it had so much relatively undeveloped space to build on and the more generic fantasy setting leant itself to a wider variety of themes. The game's landscapes are also very warm and pretty -- Oblivion is mainly spring and summer, Skyrim is autumn and winter.
  7. Elsweyr Anequina - Valenwood Improved Patch View File This page was auto-generated by the site. It is not an active forum thread.
  8. [RELz] Elsweyr's City of Rimmen

    I have the UK version of the game, so it might be slightly different. Certainly when you download the official Oblivion patch you have to specify which regional version you have. I'll just buy the game online though. I was curious to see if there was an easy fix, but as it is laborious at best!, I'll just throw some money at the problem.
  9. [RELz] Elsweyr's City of Rimmen

    I might as well make those two patches for Elsweyr Anequina I always meant to do but never got around to creating. The first was the overgrown gardens problem. Does anyone know which mod (or mods) change the sizes of the vanilla shrubs? I need to know what they are doing exactly to make the patch. I assume they just alter the basic settings of the forms for the shrubs rather than the speedtree files themselves. If that's the case I can quickly patch it by duplicating to the shrub forms to retain the vanilla size settings and replace the Elsweyr garden shrubs with those. The other issue was the village of Alabaster which was built using the vanilla Ayleid meshes. Sometime after I created the settlement the Unofficial Oblivion Patch altered some of the meshes I had used with deeper bases. The result is that the Alabaster has flickering walls from the overlapping extensions. Can someone provide a screenshot? Then I can work out which ones and extract the vanilla meshes and use those to patch the town's walls so that the UOP files no longer affect it.
  10. Elsweyr: Desert of Anequina Remastered

    I don't know what Swedish Fish intended. ... although I said no to that particular idea when he suggested it! My Elsweyr is an Oblivion mod so you can always play it using that game if you wish. I didn't want it converted to Skyrim which would be extremely difficult anyway because most of the meshes the mod uses belong to the Oblivion game. I don't believe Bethesda approves of Skyblivion and I would not want my work to be associated with that and acquire a bad reputation. The Beyond Skyrim modding teams are also creating their own version of Elsweyr for Skyrim. I think it would be better to support that project.
  11. [RELz] Elsweyr's City of Rimmen

    The first disc doesn't prompt for the second disc. I tried reinstalling it on my old PC and it doesn't prompt there either but both discs work, the second is just for the big-two DLCs. With Win10 when you insert the 2nd disc the autorun doesn't kick in, but I can go to the drive in Explorer and click on the setup.exe file. The InstallShield Wizard appears and says preparing to install Shivering Isles - Knights of the Nine but it fails with that SecuROM not supported warning.
  12. [RELz] Elsweyr's City of Rimmen

    I googled the problem. Apparently Win20 doesn't support the SecuROM DRM used by the old Oblivion discs. Strange how the first disc works fine for me though and I can play the non-SI version of the game. I'll have to buy the Steam one eventually. My mod install is still pretty simple with a few of the Better Cities, Unique Landscapes, Shezrie's villages and assorted utility mods. I still can't resist modding a bit though! I tweak half of them to match my tastes. ... and this time around I ignored Jauffre, so I don't have Oblivion gates popping up all over the place which stressed me in my first play-through because they ruined the scenery and HAD to be closed!
  13. [RELz] Elsweyr's City of Rimmen

    Hi! On a whim I dug out my old Oblivion discs and reinstalled the game for a second play-through ... it's fun returning to the game after all this time as just a player and trying out various "new" (at least new since I last played the game properly way back in 2008!) mods. My second GOTY disc refuses to install though! So no Shivering Isles for me. I sliced Rimmen out of Elsweyr for my own game and thought to share it here. Most people who like Elsweyr probably already have the full mod installed, but this one might be good for those who want a smaller preview or a new city for their game.
  14. [RELz] Elsweyr's City of Rimmen

    Elsweyr's City of Rimmen View File ELSWEYR'S CITY OF RIMMEN by Iliana, Mr Siika & Auryga A playable border city in the Tamriel worldspace. Version May 2019 (Originally included in the March 2014 version of the Elsweyr Anequina mod) =================================================== The city of Rimmen is an Elsweyr border town located in the hills north-west of Leyawiin. I sliced this city out of my larger Elsweyr Anequina mod for those who want a small preview of the Elsweyr mod or just a city to visit and use as a base half way between Bravil and Leyawiin. The town is fully functional with NPCs, building interiors, merchants, trainers, city guards, a prison and a buyable player home. The land around the town is landscaped with a couple of farms, waterfalls, and roads down to the Nibenay Valley and the nearby village of Border Watch. =================================================== 1. Description 2. Requirements 3. Installation 4. Troubleshooting 5. Acknowledgements 6. Permissions =================================================== ================ 1. DESCRIPTION ================ IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THIS! 1. Do not install this mod with Elsweyr Anequina. The city of Rimmen is already part of the Elsweyr mod and you can't install two copies of the exact same city! If you later wish to install Elsweyr Anequina, then uninstall Rimmen first. 2. You must have your in-game borders disabled or you won't be able to reach the new region. See the installation instructions to learn how. ================ 2. REQUIREMENTS ================ A. The in-game borders must be disabled. See installation instructions below. B. The latest official Oblivion patch is needed to run this mod. ================ 3. INSTALLATION ================ 1. Extract the files to your Oblivion/Data/ folder. There are only two main files - Rimmen.esp and Rimmen.bsa -, so the mod is very simply to install and uninstall! The DistandLOD folder is optional. It won't allow you to see the city at a distant (you need to run TES4LODGen to achieve that), however, it does fix the distant view of the trees in and around the city to match the actual tree placements for aesthetic purposes. The Rimmen - Voices.bsa is also optional. It simply slows down the dialogue screens. The NPCs aren't actually voiced. 2. Check the file Rimmen.esp in your mod lists. 3. The in-game borders MUST be disabled. This can be done either by-- A. By switching the "bBorderRegionsEnabled=1" to "0" in your Oblivion game ini file. You can find this ini in your folder My Documents/My Games/Oblivion. The setting can be found near the top of the ini file under the heading [General]. B. Or by installing a border removal mod, e.g. "Borderless Cyrodiil." 4. (Optional) If you wish to see the city in the distant view run TES4LODGen after installing this mod. Distant view for new types of architecture is dependent on load order, so you need to generate these yourself. If you ever change your load order run it again as the records are load order dependent. TES4LODGen is very simple to use! Just double click on the file exe from the download. 5. (Optional File) If you wish to see the domed palace tower building in the distant view (as seen in my screenshots), you can download the optional Palace FarNif Patch file and run TES4LODGen with that in place. However, it is just a copy of the palace mesh, not a properly optimized _far.nif file, so it is not recommended unless you wish to have tower visible for screenshots and the like. This patch can also be used with the ElsweyrAnequina mod which uses the same file directories and names. 6. (Optional) If you wish to create a character using any of the new races download the Custom Race Fix mod, which tweaks some of the vanilla quests to allow for new races. ================ 4. TROUBLESHOOTING ================ 1. "You can't go this way, please turn back" message means the borders haven't been disabled yet. See the installation instructions. Its just a matter of changing a single digit in a text file. 2. Game Crashes Make sure you have Bethesda's latest Official Patch installed. Also make sure that the Rimmen.bsa file, which contains all of the required meshes and textures, has been placed in your game's Data/ folder. ================ 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ================ A special thanks to Mr Siika who created a large number of custom models for this mod including city architecture and slarjei bird creature, and to Auryga who created the palace and temple buildings, garden walls, bridges and ideas for the canal system. ARCHITECTURE Mr Siika (Rimmen upper and lower district buildings, city walls, marketplace stalls, Minotaur village) Auryga (Rimmen fortress and palace buildings, temple building, garden walls, bridges, terrace retaining walls) DarknessEternal (Upper class doors) LANDSCAPE & FLORA Koniption (Catnip plant) KHAJIIT & OTHER RACES AlienSlof (Khajiit retextures) Luchaire (Ohmes-raht Khajiit "Tabaxi") Veld (Khajiit black) SniperDaria (Tattooed Ohmes) ARMOR Trollf (Desert armor retextures - chain, leather, mithril) Ghogiel (Bonemold armor) Frankpants (Lamellar armor) Corthian (Scale armor) Uglulyx (Retextures of lamellar armor) WEAPONS Trollf (Peasant weapons) Exanimis (Tribal weapons) Waalx (Khajiit blades) Koniption (Meat cleaver) CLOTHES Trolff (Misc robes & clothing) KrimsynKane & Kikaimegami (Scarves) Nessa (Upper05 clothing retextures) CLUTTER Mr Siika (Market produce and meats and fish, spinning wheel, tapestry frame, clothes line, animal skulls) Koniption (Ingredients) Senten (Road signs) McMuffin (Skooma pipe) DavidWhitefang (Foods) Phaedra (Vomit & urine puddles) Chigga (Brazier) Lazarus (Tall baskets) Xiamara & Lazarus (Cushions) Lutur (Dried corn) Washington (Morrowind beverages) AndalayBay (Generic signs) DominickCryomonde (Khajiit skulls) CREATURES Mr Siika (Slarjei bird, minotaur cow, minotaur bull, minotaur chief) Corepc (Fat bellied minotaurs) Francesco (Cats) ================ 6. PERMISSIONS ================ Please do not upload this mod to other sites. The only valid one is my upload on the Assimilation Lab website. Submitter Iliana Submitted 05/29/2019 Category Cities, Towns, Villages & Inns  

    I am not a lawyer so I cannot untangle this knot of legalese, but like Arthmoor I don't like the sound of this and don't want to agree to it. Since I have to "notify you immediately" and am uneasy about this, I will have to request that my account be disabled: 6.3 By submitting or sending any material to Operator or otherwise making it available for display on or through the Site, You acknowledge that such material is User-generated Content. You grant Operator the royalty-free, unrestricted, world-wide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully sub-licensable right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display any User-generated Content that you contribute (in whole or part) and to incorporate such User-Generated Content as part of other works (in each case irrespective of the form, media, or technology used), for the purpose of allowing Operator: (i) to administer and operate the Site, and (ii) to display, distribute and promote any Content, including for purposes of allowing other sites to link to Content on the Site. You acknowledge that in connection with any such permitted uses, Operator may need to transmit User-generated Content over various networks or reformat User-generated Content. 6.2 Otherwise, all rights in and to any item of Content are reserved by the contributor of that item, subject to any rights granted therein to the Operator. [subject to everything 6.3?]