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  1. Between the Lines

    OOC: *tries to goad Jin into saying something age-inappropriate* *no such luck* *tags Rilan*
  2. Interior II

    Aradhel let out a shaky breath, eyes dropping down to her lap. "A-and ignoring the fact that I'm way too broken and I think you have seriously questionable taste and -"
  3. Interior II

  4. Sharn, again

    "'Specially not if I put you in a corset." Lethe sighed. "Right. Er." She looked down at the two dresses in her arms. "Blue or green?" OOC: *vague Monty Python flashbacks*
  5. Sharn, again

    "I guess I just don't get it. I mean, I sorta do, but it's you and you shouldn't -" Lethe broke off, lips pursing. "And anything I say is gonna be used against me to convince me to walk around in my natural skin, isn't it."
  6. Interior II

    "I'm not trying," she said in a soft voice.
  7. Interior II

    Gingerly, she padded over and sat down next to him. "Hey."
  8. Sharn, again

    "Yeah, none taken, but that still doesn't make sense?"
  9. Interior II

    She flipped the mind off as she left. ***** Aradhel took a deep breath and rapped softly on the door. "Adrian? Love?"
  10. Sharn, again

    Lethe blinked. "Why not?"
  11. Interior II

    Aradhel's stomach did a neat, horrible flip - but that was almost buried under pure irritation. She didn't have time for this. Her jaw set. "Fine. Fuck you, too." She turned to go.
  12. Sharn, again

    "Long sleeves and such, I'm assuming?" she said offhandedly, peering at the things she'd laid out.
  13. Sharn, again

    Lethe ticked off on her fingers. "Yes, no, yes, and it really depends on how many heads you want to turn." She smirked. "Used to be you always hid them under your clothes, then someone decided they looked like armor and wearing your underwear for show was a giant 'fuck you' to their parents. Or something like that. Seriously, you don't need to wear them. I like them, but I'm a shapeshifter."
  14. Interior II

    "He won't," she said flatly. She hesitated. "I know he's not real."
  15. Sharn, again

    "Well, these days it's more a fashion statement than a propriety thing. It basically says 'look at me, I'm rich enough that I care more about what my waist looks like than having to run anywhere."