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  1. [RELz] Cobl

    It's highly unlikely that UOP will see another update anytime soon.
  2. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    Mail servers are a pain in the ass, but far more of one if you're allowing it to receive mail for the domain too. For AFK, I have postfix set up on the server so the forums and bug tracker can send email, which is routed via Google. I gave up trying to maintain my own domain email after spammers got too good for the linux tools to handle.
  3. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    If you're just looking for someplace quick and easy to shove some backup files, you could always just use Dropbox.
  4. [RELz] Cobl

    LOOT actually does quite well for both Skyrim and Oblivion as long as you're willing to give up the preconceptions that BOSS imposes. But as with all things modding, if it's not doing what's desired, the masterlist can be tweaked to provide. LOOT at least handles official DLC properly, unlike how it was done for years with BOSS.
  5. [RELz] Cobl

    What made them hate Delphi so much?
  6. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    Yeah, that would definitely make things much more complicated.
  7. TAL Shutting Down - Sort Of

    Heh. Should probably keep the discussion here then. As Leo said, I'm willing to bring those tutorials over if they're of value still. I'm just not sure how a merge process would work with partial data from one database into the other even though both sites use IPB 4.
  8. Random Stuffz

    As far as I'm able to find, you can't postpone updated indefinitely. At some point it will force it even if you manage to get deferred updates working properly. And then sometimes it just reboots because you're outside the active hours you specified for the system and it doesn't care that you're still up at 4am restoring a broken server
  9. Random Stuffz

    I've never seen an ad on the OS, but the forced updating gets old and is downright infuriating when it interrupts an active file transfer because it happens to be Patch Tuesday. Windows 7 is a dead stick as far as I'm concerned and I'm not gonna take the risk that sitting around on an outdated and insecure OS is going to net me worse than an interrupted upload with no feasible means to correct it.
  10. Random Stuffz

    Yep, bad package updates that screw over the whole system suck. But what sucks even more is the 12 hours it took to upload the 17GB backup file to restore the main site with that got interrupted at 90% by a forced Windows 10 update on my PC.
  11. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Those are due to injecting records being used, which technically are unresolved at the point xEdit is reporting them. As you'll find once the entire load process is completed, they're all intact. If memory serves, those particular IDs were set up as injections to allow for cross compatibility with the UOP and my Open Cities mods without needing patches to account for them. It's an old trick I'm still employing to this day with Skyrim too
  12. Nehrim + Deadly Reflex 5

    The Nexus game entry for it is based on the copy that's only available through Steam, which is fundamentally different from the standalone version that was distributed before that. It requires the game to be owned and installed via Steam before you can use it because it will literally take you installed game and switch all of the folders out for their setup instead. Not at all like how Enderal works on Steam. What this means is that mods written to work in the original Nehrim setup won't work at all with the Steam version. The Steam version no longer has an Oblivion.esm file which means any efforts to port mods over are going to require a lot of work, and for sufficiently large project might not even be feasible.
  13. Potential Error in DLC

    Theoretically it's 16 million forms per file, but you'll never be able to practically hit that limit in any file because it would consume so much memory it would be ridiculous.
  14. Potential Error in DLC

    Given the fact that Oblivion went past its deadline I'd say it's likely whoever was working on this thing disabled it because they couldn't make it work right. It may have been forgotten later on but time pressure is definitely the most logical reason someone cut it off. I also wouldn't advise ripping it out of the files either. It's doing no harm as-is right now so there's no risk in leaving it alone.
  15. Potential Error in DLC

    Typically when Bethesda sets an intentionally out of range quest stage like that it's because they're doing it to easily disable it from running. There may be a problem with the idle animations or it may have been something they were working on but didn't have time to pass through QA. You could test it by setting the stage check to match the actual stage where he's supposed to run that while the player fights the other knights and see what happens.