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  1. I'm worried about Morrowind being neglacted by Bethesda

    See, I never understood that. It was always TES Nexus. Not just Oblivion Nexus. Which one got top listing on the front page shouldn't have mattered that much.
  2. I'm worried about Morrowind being neglacted by Bethesda

    There's a certain terrible irony in the fact that a lot of MW modders hated Nexus for some reason, but they're still here and those sites all died - taking the mods with them in most cases. Like Nexus or don't, but they're stable and increasingly unlikely to just disappear one day, though certainly not impossible. Anyway, the Morrowind Modding History site likely has many things people once thought lost.
  3. I'm worried about Morrowind being neglacted by Bethesda

    Took some digging, but it turns out they are in fact still offering all of the official patches: http://patches.bethsoft.com/ Personally I always forget which ones should be getting used for MW so I'm pretty happy to have that handled with the GoG installer now.
  4. "Elsweyr Mods Cleaned and Merged"

    That statement of his really seems like it's more focused on his disappointment with the specific author pulling something from distribution than anything else, but it's not ultimately important. He had already been making plenty of noise about being unhappy and wanting to retire from modding before that post came to be. Old stuff on the forums that has long since been purged by Bethesda.
  5. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    "Patch For Purists"? Oh boy. Morrowind modding, never change. Never understood why people get so upset about fixing bugs.
  6. "Elsweyr Mods Cleaned and Merged"

    That could be, but someone obviously backported BAIN at some point and I'm quite happy they did.
  7. "Elsweyr Mods Cleaned and Merged"

    Eh, I wouldn't say that parlor modders drove him away. It seemed like he just wanted out by the time he made that decision. The push he was going for was well underway when I joined the scene and after he realized the community wasn't willing to go that route he respectfully left it alone. That's why I refer to how he handled this issue whenever it comes up. He knew when to stop pushing because doing so just alienates people. I was a nobody in 2008. He had no reason to care what I thought, but he still did. I don't know anything about firearms so I'll leave the gunsmithing to you
  8. "Elsweyr Mods Cleaned and Merged"

    Not really wanting to get into a big debate over this, but the modding community has never been this bastion of cathedral modding supporters that people want to say it was. That's part of why Wrye tried to argue to get things changed. When he realized it wasn't in the cards he at least backed away and let it alone. What gets me isn't so much that some people want things to go toward cathedral modding, it's that they do so in an overly aggressive and entitled manner as though they're owed mods being distributed that way. It's a matter of individual choice and all I personally ever ask for is that my choice to remain in the "parlor" camp be respected as is my right. It's when people try to take that away that us parlor modders are forced to engage the issue.
  9. ModDrop

    Good, that's progress at least. Hopefully the stuff that remains is legit. What they really need is a way to go to the website and view what's available via the network so that one does not have to install their client just to find that out.
  10. ModDrop

    They have performed concrete actions in the present and that's what you guys are willfully ignoring. If it's considered abusive to point this out then you can go ahead and delete my files and ban me from the site for daring to point out facts in an argument about a factual issue.
  11. ModDrop

    If calling you out for ignoring the evidence and saying you're waiting to give them a chance is somehow twisting your words, well, maybe you should choose different words so your meaning is clear. Otherwise you need to stop attempting to deflect the argument with bullshit.
  12. ModDrop

    The fundamental problem here is that you are assuming nothing happened when in fact it actually has. That's the only reason Elianora brought the issue to everyone's attention. If at this point you are seriously going to sit there and say you don't know what the violation was after you were given direct links to the evidence then I can only conclude you are being willfully ignorant of the issue.
  13. ModDrop

    I am not twisting peoples' words and nobody has proven I have, so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop with the false accusations. As far as Bethesda taking ideas from mods and using them in their future titles, more power to them. Even if they ganked the mod line for line, there'd be nothing anyone could do about it because of how the license is worded to allow them to. They've never done that though and that's likely because license or not, someone could still potentially sue them and force them to spend money having it dismissed from court. None of which allows someone to take a mod you upload and distributed it elsewhere without your permission. The EULA never grants such rights and wouldn't legally be able to either. BTW, barrel anims are not a native feature of Skyrim. That's something SMIM added. I also have serious doubts that their DB quest line was that similar to the story line for the second installment of DBC. Stealing the story from a non-published mod would land them into a serious amount of hot water.
  14. ModDrop

    Mod authors may not have thought about it, but that doesn't change the law in any way. That you got told you could use the stuff when contacting them is all you needed to do - keep those messages as proof and everything is fine. No. I'm not the one twisting words here. I never once said to go after ModDrop for possible future violations. I am saying to be wary of them because they are currently engaged in violations as we speak. The logic of what you're suggesting is equivalent to witnessing an actual burglary in progress and concluding that ignoring the crime will make the criminal stop doing it. If instead you call the cops and they come to arrest them, you can bet they'll also take the criminal's past history of burglaries into account and if convicted that will lead to a much harsher sentence. That's what we have here with ModDrop. They are now on their 3rd violation of copyright on mods. There is absolutely no reason to cut them any slack just because the last two instances were 6 and 3 years ago. They have now demonstrated a pattern. No they don't. This myth needs to die and die yesterday. The current EULA governing both Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE even explicitly spell this out, but the older ones covering previous games never once says Bethesda owns copyright to your work, just that they have a license to use it for themselves if they so choose. At no point does that EULA give them copyright over your work. They cannot legally do that.
  15. ModDrop

    Nexus defaults the way they do because that's simply how copyright law works. If no terms are specified, then legally you do not have permission to do anything with the mod. You certainly don't have permission to redistribute it on another platform the author was not aware even existed.