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  1. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Sadly for me I can't partake. My Galaxy J7 phone is too old and I have nothing else it would play on. So I'll have to hope it comes to PC later like Shelter did.
  2. Yes, I'm sure it could, but even with the minimal one it has now you aren't guaranteed to break something either.
  3. This conversation is sounding eerily familiar to the old ones that categorically stated LOOT didn't work for Skyrim either and telling people to go back to BOSS for that too Right down to telling people to stop spreading misinformation and even though there was someone at the time who was maintaining the BOSS list for Skyrim. You know what ended up happening? That person realized the only reason they disliked LOOT was because it didn't give them an identical load order to BOSS. The game worked just fine though. People adapt and new tools can prove themselves when given a fair chance.
  4. Oblivion - Steam version

    That seems like a pretty rash action considering the Steam version of the game is as moddable as the old retail copies.
  5. Oblivion - Steam version

    lol, yeah. Though I don't know how much of what's been getting done recently did for Oblivion in particular. Most folks have been asking for stuff to make SSE and FO4 easier to work with. You may be interested to know though that Elminster is tacking getting xEdit to work with Morrowind and seems to be making some big progress on that front.
  6. Oblivion - Steam version

    LOL I am aware he removed the label and I've been on those updates since before 4.0.2 was released on Nexus. That doesn't really change that they're still regarded as being forever in beta So I guess the solution here is to prod the Bash devs into removing CBash's beta label and dropping all the warnings about using it. Rather than just accepting that it works as intended.
  7. Oblivion - Steam version

    Leo, ignore those errors from Elsewyr. They're of no consequence. They come up for everyone but don't do anything anyway. CBash may be labeled in beta, but then if we're all going to cower in fear of that label nobody should be touching xEdit either because that's perpetually in beta too. CBash works perfectly fine for Oblivion - and is the only game it's even available on. I have numerous patch files which make use of it and won't function correctly with out it. As do many other authors. There's no real reason to need to update it since it's built on a game that's been frozen for 10+ years anyway.
  8. Oblivion - Steam version

    Because you know my stance on the casual use of console codes while playing a game you intend to keep. It's your game though. Go ahead and break it.
  9. Oblivion - Steam version

    Well then I guess the DLC Delayer mod isn't going to work for you because you're being stubborn and refuse to use it for some crazy reason. Whatever that reason is, Elsweyr has nothing to do with it. I've used CBash on that plenty of times and it works perfectly fine.
  10. Oblivion - Steam version

    It supports CBash just fine.
  11. Oblivion - Steam version

    I take it I gave Oblivion players too much credit in this case I would hope by now that everyone knows the gold standard for any Bashed Patch build is to use CBash since it does more. But I guess I can change the readme to explicitly say so.
  12. EngineBugFixes and multiple worldspace mods

    I also recall running into one obscure half finished quest mod that had a single cell edit in Tamriel and was an ESM file. That's all it took.
  13. EngineBugFixes and multiple worldspace mods

    This was what you quoted: That sounds to me like the issue where one ESM edits the worldspace or interior cell contents of another and causes everything but the persistent references to disappear. That's an entirely different thing with the engine than just the distant landscape disappearing. This one isn't something Gecko can fix because it runs much deeper in the engine. If EngineFixes has fixed this that's great, but I kind of doubt it since it would require considerable effort to tear apart the form loading code.
  14. EngineBugFixes and multiple worldspace mods

    I'm not sure where the quoted conclusion came from but when I was actively playing Oblivion I had plenty of mods that added their own new worldspaces and never ran into that problem once. The only thing that DID happen was that landscape LOD could fail to generate on anything that wasn't in the 01 slot.
  15. Actually they can, so long as they still have the documentation saying so. The license is a contract. If it granted them permission for that particular release, that's that. They get to keep releasing it. It's the same legal theory Nexus is using to say that when an author grants you permission to use X, they can't later revoke that, but you'd damn well better have the proof they gave you permission. So it's entirely up to Dragon Captions if they want to go ahead with something like that.
  16. They would be for the specific versions Giskard granted them permission to distribute.
  17. The most Restless Night of Sleep Ever!

    We aren't doing updated for the UOP anymore. At some point one simply has to say enough is enough after 12 years Anyway, fixing it would still require it to be 100% reproducible on our part if we were going to.
  18. Bethesda.net Discussion

    I'm sure it didn't take much considering they're running the entire operation off of the same server farm. So when 76 choked, the forums choked, and the mod site choked. NodeBB mixed with Jive. Such a mess. I mean even Zenimax knew better.
  19. Bethesda.net Discussion

    The site choked because of the 76 beta overloading everything.
  20. Bethesda.net Discussion

    Yes, of course I'd be perfectly comfortable if the CK were available without need for the Bethesda.net launcher. That doesn't mean I'd rather have it on Steam though. I'd prefer that it be an independent download from their website like the old days with Oblivion. Since they're not going to do that again, I'll settle for using their launcher because it's not a burden on me when I need to use the SSE/FO4 CK. I'm in the CK far more often than I am in the game these days, which I think is normal for most dedicated modders. Steam doesn't represent enough of an inconvenience for me to worry about needing to start it up for a game session. Though again, if it didn't use Steam, I'd be thrilled because I'd be able to throw that monstrosity away for good. I've had my fill of Civ 5 and Civ 6 sucks balls so I don't ever run Steam for anything besides Skyrim and Fallout 4 now. Pretty much everything else I have is available on GoG - where the client isn't even necessary to play the games.
  21. Bethesda.net Discussion

    The problem, again, with Steam is that you have to run the client. Every time. I don't want to do that. The Bethesda.net launcher allows me to avoid using it whenever I pop open the CK which means it's not inconveniencing me by sitting around waiting on Steam to load and do all of its update checks. Offline mode in Steam is an utter joke. Something I'd consider urban myth at this point. Of course, I think my anti-Steam stance is well known in the community. I use it grudgingly because Skyrim has not yet been moved off the platform to either Bethesda's launcher or GoG. Otherwise I'd very likely have deleted it entirely and closed my account with Valve. It's a terrible platform that's far more anti-consumer than even Origin is.
  22. Bethesda.net Discussion

    Totally useless except for when it's useful, yes? I mean, come on. So you need their launcher to get the CK. At least you don't have to keep it running to USE the CK. I'd much rather it be handled this way than have to fight with Steam whenever I need to load the one for Skyrim LE. As far as library usage, I bet if you looked at other stuff like this you'd find just as many odd looking things it's hooked into. Be glad it's not an Origin clone
  23. Collecting useful information from Bethesda's old forum

    Last anyone heard they're leaving the old forums up in read-only mode. Do you have a link to new information saying otherwise?
  24. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    Joomla is riddled with security holes. It's also a massive pain to work with. I've tried it before. Having to build the site up from custom pieces is simply not in the cards. I'd rather bathe in acid
  25. Beware of Email Scams

    Yep, I got the same email caused by the same breach with Nexus. Knew it was a total hoax though because I have no accounts on porn sites