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  1. Version 1.2.1


    A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - High Resolution DLC, the goal of the Unofficial High Resolution Patch (aka UHRP) is to eventually fix every bug with the High Resolution DLC not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools, in one easy-to-install package. The complete changelog is available here.
  2. Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight

    ★★Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight★★ See the Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight Cover ★Overview Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight is a single player, open world, role playing adventure game that combines the visual appeal of modern graphics and animation technologies with the classic role-playing elements hardcore RPG gamers love. In modern games, immersion, interactivity, and customization are often watered down by major studios, resulting in diluted replay value and degradation of the “role play†nature of the games. As RPG gamers ourselves, Druid Gameworks understands all those fun nerdy things RPG gamers want to see, or do, and we plan to give it to them in spades. In this non-traditional prequel and introduction to the Unwritten series, players are introduced to the world of Arthanswold through the heartland isles of Aerendwel and Byre, where the diverse and often unforgiving landscapes range from perilous mountain passes to dark ominous marsh lands, and overgrown jungles. In a player driven adventure, you can explore the world in any direction you want your story to go! Unearth hidden locations, unique characters, and dynamic quests. Chronicle your adventure in your journal, taking real notes whenever something important crosses your path. Customize pets and companions, take ownership of shops, wield powerful ritual magicks, join factions to form friendships, and uncover the echoes of an ancient mystery. See the Unwritten: EoT Concept Map So what is a player driven adventure? Think of it as a “choose your own adventure†video game. Most RPGs out there today would be considered story driven, where a main quest line is presented as the overall premise for the game play. Even when it’s possible to delay the main quest, it’s not usually possible to avoid it and still progress within the game. In the Unwritten series, game play is player driven, meaning you create your own game experience as you play and develop your avatar’s story. As you explore our universe and make your choices you will lock and unlock different experience pathways with every play through. ★Storyline Your consciousness stirs in an otherworldly place; all around you plays of light and shadow distort your surroundings in a shroud of mist. You can feel yourself lifting into the air, held aloft as if by magic, as a glowing form appears before you; so bright the only detail you can make out is the delicate outline of feathered wings. A distant voice echoes in your mind urging you to reach forward and it's only then that you notice the great husk of an ancient tree that seems to cradle you in the remnants of its tattered boughs. All along the carved wood, unfamiliar symbols ebb and glow. When you reach out and touch them awareness blooms inside you and you begin to piece together a plan for the future that awaits you. Again that haunting voice beckons you from within "You will be Unwritten," it says in hallowed reverence, "The fulcrum of our salvation or our destruction, we do not know, but pray you are not led asunder. Go forth into the world and write your destiny." CharGen Concept Art You awaken as if from a dream, the same dream you've had over and over again across the years of your life. Returning to the present the dreams fade away like the last shades of night withering before a rising sun. Today is a special day, your clan is preparing to celebrate your coming of age; a time of great change and a chance to make your way in the world. Choose from one of six playable character races to design and customize to suit your vision for your avatar. Explore dynamic and changing landscapes, supernatural worlds, interact with rich characters and their unique stories. Recruit companions or join a faction to make new allies. Choose your path and write your story as it unfolds. Will you choose to be the hero? Or the villain? The everyman? The choice is yours and the possibilities are almost endless. ★Planned Features [*]Player Driven Gameplay [*]Player Created Journal Option [*]Open World Map with Few Load Screens [*]Unique Explorable Landscapes [*]Six Playable Races with Rich Histories (Unlock More by Supporting Us on Kickstarter) [*]Unique Alternate Starts [*]Evolving Story and Game Map that Respond to Your Choices [*]Crafting and Trading [*]Character Tailored Questlines [*]Customized Companions and Mounts [*]Dungeon Diving & Rewards [*]Unique Weaponry with Race Bonuses [*]Optional Survival Needs (Eating, Sleeping, etc) [*]Role-playing Immersion Focus [*]And much, much, more! ★Concept Art [*]Race Concepts 01 [*]City Concepts 01 [*]Development Art 01 ★About Druid Gameworks Druid Gameworks Studio LLC began back in 2010 when core members Cole MacLean, Jamie Ford, and Mark Buckley were two years into development on a 40+ gameplay hour expansion project for Bethesda's Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was during that long collaboration that they discovered a shared passion for making great games. They began making plans to finish their major mod projects, and move into indie development with a new breed of RPG game. The first draft of the dev plan for the Unwritten series was born three years ago with these words "Make a better RP Experience for Immersion Players" and that remains our goal. Today Druid Gameworks is a fledgling Indie Game Studio made up of several veteran developers from the Elder Scrolls Modding community as well as industry experienced developers. Combined we have over 50 years of game design credit and we're ready to put it to the test in our first commercial title. For more about Druid Gameworks, please visit our About Us page and take a spin by our F.A.Q thread. We'd love to hear what you'd like to see most in an open play RPG environment so stop by and tell us, We're Listening! ★Follow Us Developer's Blog Facebook Twitter ★Support Us on Kickstarter★ ©2013 Druid Gameworks
  3. Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight

    Any twitter junkies out there who feel like lending a hand - we could use the support! We'd be ever so grateful if you could tweet the following: Support 'Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight' by @DruidGameworks on @Kickstarter! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/594743529/unwritten-echoes-of-twilight #UnwrittenKickstarter #gaming
  4. Random Stuffz

    Maybe Bigfoot hacked Adobe... and they were scared nobody would believe them
  5. Well, even though the article is dripping with sexist propaganda (yes, churches can and often do excel at this), this point here: ... is something I think is entirely valid. College hasn't been about genuinely educating people for about 150 years or so now. I'd even go so far as to say that pretty much most colleges (and certainly the vast majority of major universities) are more interested in propaganda of their own than actually providing an education. Which I'd guess is why the two sides here are so at odds with each other.
  6. Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight

    Kickstarter is Now Live! The time we've been waiting for is finally here! Our Kickstarter has finally launched, click the title here or the image below to visit our Kickstarter and please consider pledging today! We need your support to get this project to the next stage of development and out to the public! How you can help! Pledge!!! Of course pledging is the best way to lend your support and every little bit helps! Help us spread the word!!! We have only 30 days to raise the needed funds to take this project all the way to completion we will need many voices and many hands spreading the word! Post on forums, your blogs, your Facebook and Twitter! Tell your friends and get them into the campaign too! Together we can make an RPG unlike any other and you are the key to our success! Click here to view the article
  7. Random Stuffz

    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/09/26/bill_gates_ctrlaltdelete_mistake/ Well at least they're finally admitting to some mistakes
  8. Version 1.0.1


    During the time of the Oblivion Crisis, it was said that Skyrim was hit especially hard by the Daedric invasion. Yet, a mere 200 years later there isn't a single sign of this event ever having happened anywhere. Such a monumental event in history would surely have left its mark, especially in the cities. When Martin Septim made the ultimate sacrifice to seal the barriers to Oblivion forever, this did not remove the structural components that would be left behind by suddenly having the dimensional gateway closed down without warning. While logic may suggest that the citizens of Skyrim would have done all they could to be rid of these menaces, I don't believe this would have been a top priority. Some might even have left them standing as a reminder of what almost was. This mod's purpose is simple and to the point. Each of the 5 major hold capitols has an Oblivion Gate either inside or near it. They are merely for decoration and will not be made functional in any way. They're simply there to add back the missing atmosphere that Bethesda left out. An homage to Oblivion (the game) if you will. It also serves as a token bit of my Open Cities mod that at least I can still enjoy even if Patch 1.9 has denied me my major work. As a complement to this mod, get MCR's excellent "Oblivion Gates" (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22369) which places several gates using the same resources all over Skyrim and parts of the Dawnguard DLC too.
  9. The Paarthurnax Dilemma

    Version 1.2.9


    Disappointed with how ruthless and unforgiving the Blades were at the end of the main quest? Felt like you should have been able to put your foot down and make them see reason? Well now you can! This mod is a simple, yet badly needed modification to the post-MQ quest the Blades give you to kill Paarthurnax. Approach the quest as usual. Listen to the Greybeards and Paarthurnax. Should you decide to spare his life, return to Delphine or Esbern and explain it to them. You may have to be a bit forceful in the process. They may not like what you're telling them, but they're supposed to be there to serve the Dragonborn, right? Should you choose to go through with slaying him, he will not be alone. Paarthurnax told you he was going to try and teach others the Way of the Voice, and he'll have his first group of students listening intently. Or, well, whatever dragons do when they're perched on rocks looking at each other. Are you a ruthless savage like your Blade companions, or will you show compassion and forgiveness the Blades don't appear to be capable of anymore? Make your choice, Dragonborn!
  10. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    43 minutes for an angry rant review on a game I don't even care about? Not happening
  11. The Elder Scrolls Online

    Ah Microsoft politics. How typical. Let us be sure of one thing though. Zenimax is likely the one balking, not Bethesda. They didn't seem the least bit concerned about MS politics when it came to those 30 day exclusive DLC releases everyone hated.
  12. Screenshots!

    Something just so satisfying about watching Rikke beg
  13. Article in the Economist: Facebook is bad for you!

    Interesting read, but I'm not so sure regaular forums fit into the same catetory as what most people know as "social media" like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter both seem like they were concieved of as ways to captialize on the quick-fix mentality among teenagers more than anything which is probably why they come across as more addictive. Tradditional forums seem to have less of the "instant gratification" component to them, even with the social media hooks a lot of them have today.
  14. Removing landscape edits in xEdit

    One thing - for landscape records it's not possible to "remove" individual subrecords. If you need to "remove" this data, you have to drag over the matching subrecords field from one of the masters on the left (in this case Oblivion.esm). There's a lot of stuff that can be removed that way though, like enable parent settings or scaling data, or keys on doors, etc.
  15. Same here, and the Skyrim discs don't even disconnect you from Steam so there's no point anyway.
  16. The Elder Scrolls Online

    Jesus Christ, is Zenimax TRYING to sabotage the whole thing before it ever gets started? http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/08/the-elder-scrolls-online-to-include-real-money-shop-atop-subscription/
  17. Feedback thread

    Chrome 29 appears to work fine when I checked it in Windows 7. Though setting a 1x1 avatar still resulted in a square box for the photo at the top so the alignment never had an opportunity to get skewed. Setting no avatar at all resulted in the default anonymous one taking over that spot. So I dunno what's going on and would have to assume it's a linux side issue of some kind.
  18. The Elder Scrolls Online

    Maybe 5 years ago it was, but the trend today is "pay for perks" otherwise known as "free to play" where you can log on and play to your heart's content but can't get the good stuff without paying for it. Even WoW is moving toward this. (this may also be worthy of a real topic instead of being in here)
  19. Random Stuffz

    Drone based goose hunting... now why didn't I think of that!
  20. Random Stuffz

    Vorians better watch it - metallic steak sauce is a favorite among Iguanadons
  21. Random Stuffz

    As long as I can name one Arthmoor.... I don't care
  22. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Those Java warnings and them disabling the Java plugin wasn't a decision they made lightly though. Java is a mess, and always has been. It's been disabled on my end quite some time now and I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary - aside from media tags here not working. <--- seems to be behaving now. odd.
  23. Random Stuffz

  24. Random Stuffz

    Hey look, I found my cheese hat!
  25. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    "1 centimeter represents 60 kilometers" Uh. Rand McNally, what are you trying to tell me? And now, I present: