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  1. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    "Wow" again) If you need me, I can do the testing =) I mean, in the future.
  2. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Do you work with the guys from rubarius? I remember, you planned to.
  3. [WIP] PRISM of Hammerfell

    Wow. Awesome, Usher. Really, I didn't think that you're still working on that. Sorry for misspelling your nick, fixed it))
  4. [WIP] Elsweyr Anequina

    Hello, Iliana! I really admire your work You've made Oblivion a much more interesting game and it is really great to explore Anequina and its cities. Thank you for this BTW, with previous, 2010-version, I used this 2 mods: Elsweyr City Extension by Pieto and Elsweyr Plantations and co by Prettyfly. Would they still be compatible with 2014-one? Is it possible, that you can merge them into your global mod?
  5. Alpha Sign-up thread

    Can I take part in this? If it's not too late...