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  1. The Dr Who Thread

    One reason for not tuning in any recent episodes was Jodie Whittaker's similar appearance (superficially) to Amanda Redman. After 10 years of New Tricks there is a yet again another reincarnation. So I thought. First appearances can do that to one.
  2. Games not on Sale

    Here's a couple of oldies eager to sample someday: Shovel Knight Inside
  3. Games not on Sale

    Thread for anything which isn't. Path of Exile certainly looks like it's worth a playthrough. Some small puzzle types: PipeWalker RoadCP Not much on AL about DMZX- has anyone tried their game creation engine?
  4. Random Stuffz

    Love those old comedies about advertising. Remember the toothpaste-enterprise: Nervo, "how much nerve you can have using Nervo."? Or there's Bonko - "Washing detergent in a pill that also doubles as toothpaste!"
  5. The Dr Who Thread

    Do to time constraints, often find myself watching the Whovians without watching the actual episode. It's a cool way of getting highlights, plot and commentary in one go, with the added bonus of not being put off by a bad episode of Dr Who! Whovians boasts a WhoStory segment focusing on all sorts of Who trivia- couldn't find any of them on youtube but found this instead:
  6. Random Stuffz

    Remember had a nicely evolving plot, but it seems to have fallen victim to the 43 minute time limit. We all wanted to know if Jessen had used her new found knowledge to Convince the Enarans to change their history books and the ensuing feedback from the Enarans to the SSE. Future's End is medium fare- Captain Starling the usual fun pinball machine playing villain: For a moment there it could have been Gordon Ramsay: My eyesight isn't so good anymore.
  7. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Clip from an old movie made just after the war. Pre EastEnders, it captures a feeling and vibe we don''t get today.
  8. LnchPadSetup.JPG

    From the album lmstearnsstuffz

    Create a LnchPad Slot for your Bethesda game!
  9. Speed Trees

    Looking at this library, the usage goes: Usage: 1. sptparser tree.spt > newtree.txt 2. emacs newtree.txt (or any other text editor) 3. sptcompiler newtree.txt > newtree.spt There's not a real lot of info on how to build or handle any compiled form. Should I raise an issue just to ask?
  10. Merry Christmas - A Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas, Leo.
  11. Tweak Guides has Moved On

    For me, it was very well laid out and explained, and perhaps one or two details not entirely accurate for the nitpickers, at the time of writing those details were either generally not known, or privy to insiders. Any Google hits now redirect to the creator: https://twitter.com/GhaziKoroush The whole caboodle is available as a 1Gb package: https://mega.nz/#!OgU0VaDQ!8p3ud8YIpIng8xGwIpd8ghZ5UKhqmaxhRjczw3wmaUE Must have been the size of the beast that makes individual pages unavailable for archiving at Archive.org. All that could be located there was the same 1Gb file plus various indexes: https://archive.org/details/tweakguides.com_20191028 Farewell, tweakguides.com.
  12. Tweak Guides has Moved On

    He actually included a sort of disclaimer for many of them- to the effect "use them at you discretion- I have tried them and they have had a minimal/zero impact on my game." These kinds of statements were misinterpreted or ignored by a significant portion of Oblivion fans, a subset of to whom declared by many to be in pursuit of the greatest prize of all: The Ultimate Oblivion Placebo!
  13. Kitties!!

    Far too lazy to do anything like that. Once tried to ask a question on it, and it got knocked back because it wasn't of the type "How high is the sky?" or "why isn't the Earth flat?" Quora: 1. Schtearn: 0.
  14. Kitties!!

    As a result of signing up with Quora, the weekly digest they send to me comprises of no other subject than cats! Here's one: https://www.quora.com/Do-cats-know-that-they-live-with-you-in-your-place-and-that-they-eat-and-have-a-clean-cat-box-at-your-good-graces
  15. Happy Birthday Andalay!

    Many happy returns!
  16. Y-SE8 Grey.jpg

    From the album lmstearnsstuffz

    The old Y-SE8 keyboard of which the hibernation key issue was posted at a now defunct Logitech forum.There was a much better version of the image form Ebay at this post. Perhaps the item has moved on? Apart from actually getting the camera out, the low res posted image should satisfy the curiosity of most.

    This from Upstart Crow:
  18. PrgLnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

    We're heading towards the integration of dedicated TES ini slots. Extra ones for Fallout is also on the cards. One of the big advantages of using a LnchPad slot for a TES setup in PrgLnch 2.2 is the introduction of Power Plan options which cater for various activities associated with modding the games. Try it out: LnchPadInit.zip
  19. PrgLnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

    PrgLnch What does it do? Features: Selectable Resolution for Prg Batch Processing of Prgs Prg Info Stored in ini File Support for Prg on Multiple Displays Http Download to Update Prg Optional LAA Patch which can be Applied to Prg An Additional Serving of Delectable Oddities Available to Prg of Limited Perceivable Use Accompanied by a bunch of explanatory ramblings wrapped up in a contextual help file. Version 2.2 Update: Notes for Bethesda Game Modders: Most players of Bethesda games would be happy with the popular mod launchers for executables- PrgLnch offers more flexibility for the more advanced modder: Dedicated LnchPad Slots for each game Batch Presets for specific tasks Power Plans in Batch Runs Multi Monitor Support Much more This is an early Beta, so please post anything that doesn't seem right to you! The mods have to be already installed on the rig before PrgLnch can use them. Extra LnchPad Slots can be setup to run for executable mods with command line options e.g. XEdit or Wrye Bash. As opposed to running game mods, it's not recommended to launch the games themselves or via script extender launchers in a Batch Preset along with other Prgs. A Batch Preset with just the game by itself, or its extender launcher is preferred, with astute regard to the launch settings in the PrgLnch Options. The 12 mods for each game were chosen mainly on popularity and usability. As the choice was subjective, suggestions to the inclusion of alternative LnchPad Slots are very welcome. The decision to choose either Vortex or MO2: Chose MO2 because it was subjectively assumed it was more likely to benefit from PrgLnch than Vortex. The original intention was to avoid inclusion of them altogether (something like: A launcher doth not pant for the binary form of another ) Requirements: Windows- (mostly) Status: Release. Download!
  20. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Not at all. Bathing this body is labour enough!