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  1. Sexism in Comics

    Back in the day was a collector of sorts, but never got anywhere near the #1s or #2s. Although I think there was a Phantom #6. And a fan of Jack Kirby who worked for DC as well as Marvel. For me, MAD magazine never goes out of fashion.
  2. Sexism in Comics

    There was never a syndicated strip to display the prowess of the Devil Girl from Mars. Maybe they could not conceive of a suitable hero.That link makes a reference to Cat-Women of the Moon (all this stuff we're never going to see ) The real star of the show was the robot:
  3. Dark Creations is Shutting Down?

    Meant to ask earlier, sorry. Is there a history of the DC site somewhere which has information as to what date the site launched? I'm thinking ~2005. What happened to you there? Did they close it without touching base with all the founding members? One would have expected a site with the content of DC at least to be archived or scheduled for archive. Nothing at archive.org via Google and only these cached remnants.
  4. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Some comedy moments from Down Under hit "Fast Forward" a while back.
  5. [RELz] Elsweyr's City of Rimmen

    According to PCGamer the SecureRom Don't think the article is all that old. There seems to be confusion with SafeDisc which is not compatible with W10 at all. Apparently there are many versions of SecureRom- your version must not be the same as mine. Bad luck.
  6. [RELz] Elsweyr's City of Rimmen

    Able to play Ob SI with the GOTY CDROM but haven't tried uninstalling. After the install prompts for the 2nd disk to be inserted, does it read from the disk at all?
  7. General mod idea thread.

    How about a mod in which all the characters become- me! See what happens here: Just for a short time. Might be an interesting questline to plan.
  8. Unique Landscapes

    Looks to be a divergent fork from Arthmoor. Let's take the first on alphabetically in the list, The Heath: at AFK, version 1.1.2, and over here it's version 2.0.0a. Just curious as to what happened at 1.1.1? Is it possible for Vorian's compilation to include other variants as alternatives for those who wish to mix & match?
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    Discographies are always interesting- recommend any links for those? The only one I ever knew back in the day was Foreigner, but anything from Wu-Tang clan sounded great. Saw an old movie the other day- The Black Orchid, fairly inconsequential but well presented drama on Little Italy. The striking feature was the music which often morphed off into interludes of weird theramin orchestrations of sci-fi. As demonstrated in the following clip, about a minute in: Later on in his life, the composer later destroyed most of his scores. A pity really, but although in this case the arrangement here sounds incomplete and slightly incongruous, there is something about it.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    And what would you be listening to at this moment of right now, Mr. Malonn?
  11. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Columbo is great isn't he? In "Blueprint for Murder", his search for the body in the foundations is justified by most possibly the worst pun of all the episodes: a "concrete example." In "The big Job", James and his gang book into a respectable lodger as "Professor Hook, Dr. Lyne and Mr. Sinkha."
  12. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    WIP thread?
  13. CTDs due to streamline(???)

    Yes, for the Vampire Aging & Face Fix there's this: But nothing like that for the Citadel Door fix.
  14. CTDs due to streamline(???)

    I found Streamline stable(ish) with this setup: From memory there were issues with Streamsaving and Purging.
  15. Kitties!!

    They do, but either can't afford them, don't know how to look after them, or are not allowed to keep cats in their abode. Or a little peturbed about that large dog down the road.
  16. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    Now where's that timescale++ button? Sounds like it wants a mod "Chest Wait Entertainment". Play cards, slots, Sokoban. In a deep dark dungeon it might be more fun with Whack-a-Bone! Does the game time still tick over if the mobile is in power saver while the game is on?
  17. Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access

    At least it's better than *yecch*
  18. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    What's buggy about Pluggy. Just curious- does it adversely affect anything in particular?
  19. Bethesda.net Discussion

    Sorry to hear it Leo. Is it possible for those attempts to be performed by a bot do you think?
  20. Kitties!!

    You know, having them dance would be a thing!
  21. Conflict between OCO2 and GM's Races Redone

    Just a thought- it might the actual egm files in OCO2 which can be used for a patch. There's a nice little thread about them, and a hon. mention Scanti's Conformulator. Has anyone used that? https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/190308-how-do-i-create-egm-files-for-ears/
  22. [RELz] Cobl

    There's a few issues in the comments I haven't been following as well. From Ravenmind's post, it looks like the Cosmetics pack has to be installed first- which is a bit problematic for the wizard. Vacuity has a massive list on his mod page for IIT, it's a stable mod. recommended!
  23. (De)Motivational... and Funny Stuff (NSFW)

    Spielberg's handling of the first Colombo, Murder by the Book was nothing short of sensational. Jack Cassidy (father of our dear late heartthrob David Cassidy) played murderers in three Colombo episodes, and applied his champagne popping skills to this role with aplomb. And the repartee here: Recommended!