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      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. Random Stuffz

    Ever tried a Pork Pie? The City and the City is quite well done-although they could have extended the episodes to allow for better immersion/understanding of the setting. ... Is the Mac dying?
  2. BTMod Customization

    Trying out the venerable BTmod's Status Display of Faction with Next Rank: Here how it looks for shortname Factions as per mod package: But in reality, it doesn't look like Beider ever tested it for, e.g. The Order of the Virtuous Blood. Oops! It may be fixable by changing "Next Rank:" to just "Next:" and moving it to the line below. It involves modifying something in the following (scratches head):
  3. BTMod Customization

    Hope it looks ok on higher resolutions.
  4. Random Stuffz

    Creative Lab forums have Well, there was a fairish throughput last time I looked. But over the years there were only two knowledgeable folks who actually answered all the queries. Seems like they wanted a change of scenery.
  5. BTMod Customization

    Almost got there, but for Murphy & Co. Oblivion's XML parser being a hybrid one, won't escape special characters as such. and just including a ">" as text bombs out the menu. So we are back to "Next:" for the time being. The right justification worked out, however. In any case it's no big deal, as these edits are overwritten by OXP and others- but the interesting task of writing an XML parser for Oblivion remains.
  6. BTMod Customization

    In hindsight, the BAIN wizards are in English as well. Which will pee them off even more. Another option is to use brackets "()" or better, this: "=>", ">>" or "==>". "==>" "operator" would be understood in most character sets?
  7. BTMod Customization

    Thanks. Going to try this option then- but even brackets might be too much, so the <text name="stat_faction_item_next_label"> block will be nuked (copied here in case we want it back: <text name="stat_faction_item_next_label"> <depth> 1 </depth> <visible> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrv" /> </visible> <string> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrt"/> </string> <justify> &left; </justify> <red> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrr" /> </red> <green> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrg" /> </green> <blue> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrb" /> </blue> <alpha> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnra" /> </alpha> <font> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrf" /> </font> <wrapwidth> 300 </wrapwidth> <clips> &true; </clips> <x> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrx" /> </x> <y> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnry" /> </y> </text> The stat_faction_item_next will now have a different colour. Note its new x & y position. <!-- Red / Green / Blue / Alpha --> <_s4fnrr> 200 </_s4fnrr> <!-- DEFAULT : 117 red for receding into the future --> <_s4fnrg> 30 </_s4fnrg> <!-- DEFAULT : 59 --> <_s4fnrb> 20 </_s4fnrb> <!-- DEFAULT : 33 --> <_s4fnra> 255 </_s4fnra> <!-- DEFAULT : 255 --> <!-- X / Y Offset --> <_s4fnrx> 335 </_s4fnrx> <!-- DEFAULT : 155 Bring it back a bit from 350--> <_s4fnry> 39 </_s4fnry> <!-- DEFAULT : 39 --> This is probably the best shot as anything else without the new custom fonts is going to clutter it too much. Edit: Not too bad- but going back to X= 350 is better. And yes, there's room for brackets. Just include a text string block before and after. And the colour has to change- what do you think might be a better fit? Or even bring Next: back in. "Divine Crusader" is the rank with the most literals here, and will just fit- will have to check to see if there is any faction rank name with 16 or more characters in it. Edit2: Attempted to use the constant literal "Next:" in this line in the prefab: That's clearly not working, and having no effect in any case. _s4fnrt does not assume a string in that way. Looking at the Master Thie line in the following graphic, removing the Rank: portion from label will just work for 16 characters. Back to stats.menu: So how do we assign some string constant to _s4fnrt? From the wiki something like this is supposed to work: Doing it like that completely barfs the display altogether. \: Edit3: Well, scrap that. It worked. Testing here is flawed somehow. The colours reverted- tomorrow I'll get the colours more like the picture above this one.
  8. Oblivion Screenshot Thread

    After many years of use on this rig, Fraps (still functional- and thanks for the memories) is going, now replaced by the W10 XBOX app. With XBOX your capture folder is in the Videos folder and can't be changed (at least in the UI). Other than that, set up a shortcut in Start menu for obse-loader, and add it to to games in the XBOX app- Win + G for easy captures!
  9. BTMod Customization

    Thanks: Attempting to port it over to a BAIN as with the others. Yeah grab it! I'm working with the "fixed" version- first link on the first post on this thread. The stats-menu files are identical, the stats config prefabs (for default- no percentage next faction) only show one difference: The big worry is that most of those texture files referenced are not in the package. There are no subfolders in Shared, and no "Magic" subfolders. Here's the section in the menu file with the Next label: Figuring out where that links _s4fnrx in with the Next Rank at 350 as noted in the prefab above. Avoiding different fonts is preferable. So In a nutshell, bring the Next Rank (_s4fnrx) down to the next line, and changing it to just Next... with a colour change perhaps? Edit: Alternatively- omit the text "Next:" altogether, and just place brackets around the next rank field (on the second line) in a different colour. That should avoid most cases of truncation.
  10. BTMod Customization

    Ok, thanks- just want to know if there is any other way than a different font- like a different size of the current. I'm thinking of putting something like "Next: Rankname" on the second line- but in a much smaller size. Because it's Beider's mod, I didn't really wish to add in extra fonts to the package because of the extra leg work with inis & files etc. Still, if it's possible to have two fonts on the same line then your method is preferable. Might also sample DJ Cobb's Font Editor as well. The Menu Tester looks cool. Edit: For reference Beider has nicely commented in the prefab: BEIDER COMMENT This is for changing fonts and colors on the Faction page. You have three fonts/colors you can adjust here. To figure out fast and easy what a value is for just look at the tag, below is a list of what the start of the tags mean. The last letter is what it affects. r = Red, g = Green, b = Blue, f = font, a = Alpha, v = Visible, y = Y-axis, x = X-axis, etc.. WHAT START TAG --------------------------------- Header _s4h Faction Name _s4fa Faction Rank _s4fr Faction Next Rank _s4fnr --> <!-- Header settings --> <!-- Font / Red / Green / Blue / Alpha --> <_s4hf> 3 </_s4hf> <!-- DEFAULT : 3 --> <_s4hr> 51 </_s4hr> <!-- DEFAULT : 51 --> <_s4hg> 79 </_s4hg> <!-- DEFAULT : 79 --> <_s4hb> 142 </_s4hb> <!-- DEFAULT : 142 --> <_s4ha> 255 </_s4ha> <!-- DEFAULT : 255 --> <!-- Header Text Y Offset --> <_s4htoy> 0 </_s4htoy> <!-- DEFAULT : 0 --> <!-- Header Border Y Offset --> <_s4hboy> 0 </_s4hboy> <!-- DEFAULT : 0 --> <!-- Faction Name --> <!-- Font --> <_s4faf> 3 </_s4faf> <!-- DEFAULT : 3 --> <!-- Red / Green / Blue / Alpha --> <_s4far> 51 </_s4far> <!-- DEFAULT : 51 --> <_s4fag> 79 </_s4fag> <!-- DEFAULT : 79 --> <_s4fab> 142 </_s4fab> <!-- DEFAULT : 142 --> <_s4faa> 255 </_s4faa> <!-- DEFAULT : 255 --> <!-- X / Y --> <_s4fax> 155 </_s4fax> <!-- DEFAULT : 155 --> <_s4fay> 7 </_s4fay> <!-- DEFAULT : 7 --> <!-- Faction Rank --> <!-- Font --> <_s4frf> 3 </_s4frf> <!-- DEFAULT : 3 --> <!-- Red / Green / Blue / Alpha --> <_s4frr> 117 </_s4frr> <!-- DEFAULT : 117 --> <_s4frg> 59 </_s4frg> <!-- DEFAULT : 59 --> <_s4frb> 33 </_s4frb> <!-- DEFAULT : 33 --> <_s4fra> 255 </_s4fra> <!-- DEFAULT : 255 --> <!-- X / Y --> <_s4frx> 155 </_s4frx> <!-- DEFAULT : 155 --> <_s4fry> 39 </_s4fry> <!-- DEFAULT : 39 --> <!-- Next Faction Rank --> <!-- Next Rank Visible --> <_s4fnrv> &false; </_s4fnrv> <!-- DEFAULT : &false; --> <!-- Font --> <_s4fnrf> 3 </_s4fnrf> <!-- DEFAULT : 3 --> <!-- Text --> <_s4fnrt> <copy src="strings()" trait="_nextrank"/> </_s4fnrt> <!-- DEFAULT : <copy src="strings()" trait="_nextrank"/> --> <!-- Red / Green / Blue / Alpha --> <_s4fnrr> 117 </_s4fnrr> <!-- DEFAULT : 117 --> <_s4fnrg> 59 </_s4fnrg> <!-- DEFAULT : 59 --> <_s4fnrb> 33 </_s4fnrb> <!-- DEFAULT : 33 --> <_s4fnra> 255 </_s4fnra> <!-- DEFAULT : 255 --> <!-- X / Y Offset --> <_s4fnrx> 350 </_s4fnrx> <!-- DEFAULT : 155 --> <_s4fnry> 39 </_s4fnry> <!-- DEFAULT : 39 --> <!-- Spacing between text and rank --> <_s4fnrs> 10 </_s4fnrs> <!-- DEFAULT : 10 --> Here's also a prefab diff on the Next rank visible thing. The only differences are listed as follows: Given _s4fnrv is the reference, we take it _s4fnrx is its x offset. So the text begins at x= 350 and just spills over onto the next line? Ugh.
  11. BTMod Customization

    Thanks. Here's the file preview: Tried it out- and works -even in the BAIN. So that file is just what makes the text defined in stats-menu.xml visible. Here's the faction template from there: Dunno about that. Is that done in the template? Doesn't look like any linefeeds in there as such. Or stick in another line. What a mess! Else we retain "Next Rank", reducing its font, which might make it a bit yucky.
  12. NVIDIA GTX 1080 does not like OBSE

    The latest should, but just avoid Experience. Guide. Edit: Wait... there is this post about the 1060- and this hotfix- see user comments: it might be your issue as well. sorry- didn't see that.
  13. NVIDIA GTX 1080 does not like OBSE

    I'd get rid of GeForce Experience if it's installed. And when updating old drivers- best dispose of them with a reputable driver cleaner before installing the new one.
  14. Random Stuffz

  15. Random Stuffz

    Fascinated by earring toothpicks - or chatelaines as they sometimes used to be called in Victorian times. Here's one as a pendant: These ones look nice- but are they just ornamental? Will also need to check out the Apachii Goddess Store. ... Never knew of the Robber's Cave Experiment: here's a blowdown- AFAIK these experiments have not been repeated- most likely on moral/ethical concerns- or perhaps there has never been the impetus?
  16. [RELz] Oblivion XP WIP

    @Anda, with the Oblivion XP-35333-4-3-2.7z\02 DarkUId DarN\Menus\Prefabs\ the fill_bar.xml won't overwrite the DarkUId DarN version of the file which gets installed in another nested DarN directory- e.g.: Oblivion XP-35333-4-3-2.7z\02 DarkUId DarN\Menus\Prefabs\DarN.
  17. Infinite Monkey Playground and Software Thread

    Just thought the world should know about the issue with the Chrome Titlebar. There is really something funky going on with their GUI libraries- like widgets missing a WM_PAINT or something.
  18. Random Stuffz

    As opposed to streaming, throw some pebbles in the pond and make a ripple? Got it set up for Ob but forget it was for specifically. It was a 360 sweepshot in different locations- Might have been something to do with LODs or Z-fighting in different weather conditions/lighting or FPS or ShadeMe- don't you hate it when you forget stuff because you don't log it? Damn, what was it?
  19. [RELz] Oblivion XP WIP

    Actually checking the UI files was enough- stats_menu.xml hud_main_menu.xml <= This, I wasn't aware of! and Dark UI also requires this: hud_info_menu.xml Hmmm, don't know whether a BAIN wizard should be done for Dark UI- it's a very well presented mod with compatibilities for BTmod & older Darn. Looking at the comments in the last few years it seems to be superseded by the others- perhaps it's best left alone after all.
  20. Random Stuffz

    The OBS mob run a fairly basic looking forum, put in a request for a feedback thread- but looked at their daily post count and holy snapping ducks it's amazing the moderators have time to answer anything at all!
  21. [RELz] Oblivion XP WIP

    Cool, in that case it'll go in- won't do any harm- even for those who don't obey instructions! :
  22. [RELz] Oblivion XP WIP

    Doing a BAIN wizard for BTmod- like DarNified it modifies the stats_menu.xml file. Should a check be put in to not load that modification when OXP is active as well? Thanks.
  23. Updates and Announcements - May 2017

    Great! Is the FreeBSD jail the same thing you have- and how many jails are there? Are we in one now?
  24. What are you listening to right now?

    Viewed Charley Moon on the free to air this morning- the film wasn't too bad (despite never being a devotee of Max Bygraves)- and had some nice songs in it. One of them, Out of Town strangely brought to mind Ama's reference to the boonies:
  25. Crying, crying, crying... because VM has gone! :cry::cry::cry:

    1. Malonn


      Sorry to hear it.  Hopefully he finds his way...

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      Gone gone or just temporarily?

    3. AndalayBay


      I asked him that and he said that he just needs some time, so I don't know.

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