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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. Mod managers

    Having tested uninstalling "standalone" mods with NMM, it works. From what seems to be the general consensus NMM doesn't handle install/uninstall of conflicting mods well at all.
  2. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    From memory, LW2.0 isn't compatible with OBGE 3.1. In the distant past it was a terrible time to get it working at all with OBGE 3.0.Unless you want to revisit OBHE 2.0. Be my guest. d)
  3. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    Well, as Draven said: "nicer godays etc from OBGE_v31rc4" You can run standalone effects better in-game with LW installed, in the older versions this was not possible.OBGE 31 is certainly bigger, and more ambitious,- but like an untended garden will not improve over time...The wiki does concede the betas are not fully tested, and possibly a little buggy.
  4. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    The status is still the same, the RC3 beta is the same as the RC4 beta except for a couple of {if} clauses for lava at the bottom of WATER011.pso.hlsl.Which means that the render of water at certain angles still remains an issue. (Although I haven't noticed this: perhaps a pic?)Performed a TCL for the RC3 lava pic. It does render in LOD. However, the adjoining cells are lined with that orange haze which disappears as the angle of camera elevation increases. It's slightly off-putting as the haze coincides with the square boundaries of the next cells.
  5. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    And the LOD lava doesn't show in RC3: comes up as an orange fill rather than the regulation murky brown: (Makes for a pleasant? change I guess)http://1drv.ms/1jcyYN2
  6. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    Oops whoops- My Fault- deleted a bracket by mistake. Rc4 Working now, (except the lava).Beyond the murky brown stuff the distant lava does render a bit, but not a lot to enjoy at this rez.http://1drv.ms/1jcsGNqThe problem is just in WATER011.pso.hlsl. (No response from Tomerk yet)
  7. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    There's still a vexing problem with the LOD water in LW v21rc3:http://1drv.ms/1j9phyRLookins west over to WellSpring Cave for instance.The LOD Farnear is ratchet, but the farfar works. Was fixed in RC4. p)BTW PM'd Tomerk about it. See what he says. Worse comes to worse it's off to the dumpster.
  8. Feedback thread

    Win 8.1: IE11All my edit buttons are greyed out. (Is it a homo erectus access level?)Cannot edit submitted posts. Click to edit_post loads the edit frame for a sec with the current text, then wipes the text.Committed edits are lost in the ether.http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/topic/4852-cse-coda-scripting/kinda freezes in the IE tab. The other tutes load OK.Lightbulb: Maybe logoff/logon fixes?
  9. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    Thanks Draven: Yes, it's a problem with either WATER001.pso.hlsl or WATER011.pso.hlsl (or both) in [standard Shaders].@Draven: Don't forget the good 'ol Dungeon light flashing fix in WATERHMAP005.pso.hlsl on Nexuxus as well.
  10. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    The problem I think is in the shader files of OBGE_v31rc4: TransferZ.fx and Depth.hlsl, in particular.Ethatron did a complete reworking of OBGE, but not everything was tested unfortunately.It would take me some good time (if ever) to address these problems but continue the thread:http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1380066-rel-oblivion-graphics-extender/?view=findpost&p=23581581&hl=%2Bobge(This IE11 has greyed out all your edit buttons )to see if someone can repair it sooner.
  11. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    Well here's another epiphany: mine's not working again.It's something else.I had the same problem years ago when it had gone, came back briefly, then gone again.The far lava renders, but like a mirage disappears on approach. And renders from underneath. (does it really raise one's fire resistance?)Gonna try the DXSDK_Jun10 to recompile all the shaders.But there's something else going on- it's not Oblivion_Realm specific or Oblivion time_specific- so what?Was there ever a problem in earlier versions of OBGE?Another mod? The only thing installed here was the "HiRes Oblivion Textures." But then Bash takes care of the uninstall.textureslandscapeoblivionterrainhdoblivionlavastream01.dds?
  12. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    @Art: You definitely ditched all the existing fx0 compiles out (by running flushcache.bat) in the shaders_dir before rerunning the game?
  13. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    Fixed now I think- it crawls- will adjust settings in Water.fx- later... BTW effect was *always* working for "Underwater rendering" (but who wants to go there?)
  14. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    This is the default view- very slow moving http://1drv.ms/1h40bAO
  15. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    GTX 650 look- its definitely working now, just the above gremlin. Give it a go.
  16. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    Confirmed: (Nvidia here) Never got the external lava in the Oblivion realms to work with OBGE 3. Played around with the Hisls to no effect. Without OBGE it's fine. Eureka! It's an (unterminated?) linefeed in WATERDISPLACE004.pso.hlsl. Copy the following in there, flush cache, should be working now: //// Generated by Microsoft (R) D3DX9 Shader Compiler vsa shaderdump19/WATER000.pso /Fcshaderdump19/WATER000.pso.dis////// Parameters:////sampler2D oblv_samplerDetailMap : register(s2);float4 FogParam : register(c9);sampler2D oblv_samplerNormalMap : register(s1);float2 Scroll : register(c0);float4 VarAmounts : register(c8);float4 glob_fogColor : register(c20);float4 glob_waterCoefficients : register(c21);float4 glob_waveParams : register(c22);float4 glob_waterVolume : register(c23);float4 glob_foamAndLODSettings : register(c25);float4 oblv_ReciprocalResolution_CURRENTPASS : register(c26);sampler2D oblv_CurrDepthStenzilZ_CURRENTPASS : register(s6);sampler2D oblv_CurrRendertarget0_CURRENTPASS : register(s7);float4 obge_Gamma : register(c63);float4 obge_Tick : register(c64);#define NOSUN#define WATER_REFRACTION#undef WATER_REFLECTION#include "includes/WATER.hlsl"////// Registers://// Name Reg Size// --------------- ----- ----// Scroll const_0 1// EyePos const_1 1// SunDir const_2 1// SunColor const_3 1// ShallowColor const_5 1// DeepColor const_6 1// ReflectionColor const_7 1// VarAmounts const_8 1// FogParam const_9 1// FogColor const_10 1// FresnelRI const_11 1// ReflectionMap texture_0 1// oblv_samplerNormalMap texture_1 1// oblv_samplerDetailMap texture_2 1// DepthMap texture_3 1//// Structures:struct VS_OUTPUT { float3 texcoord_0 : TEXCOORD0_centroid; float3 texcoord_1 : TEXCOORD1_centroid; float4 texcoord_2 : TEXCOORD2_centroid; float4 texcoord_3 : TEXCOORD3_centroid; float4 texcoord_4 : TEXCOORD4_centroid; float4 texcoord_5 : TEXCOORD5_centroid; float4 texcoord_6 : TEXCOORD6;};struct PS_OUTPUT { float4 color_0 : COLOR0;};// Code:float3 getWaterNorm( float2 Coord, float dist, float camera_vector_z, inout float3 specNorm, inout float lod ){float choppiness = glob_waveParams.x;float waveWidth = glob_waveParams.y;float LODdistance = glob_foamAndLODSettings.z;float MinLOD = glob_foamAndLODSettings.w;lod = max( saturate( (camera_vector_z*camera_vector_z) * 50 * oblv_ProjectionTransform_CURRENTPASS[0][0] /(oblv_ReciprocalResolution_CURRENTPASS.x * dist) * LODdistance ), MinLOD);// float4 Coord = float4( tex / (1024 * waveWidth), 0, 0);// float4 sampledResult = tex2Dlod( oblv_samplerNormalMap, Coord );float2 sampledResult = getWaterXY(Coord / (1024 * waveWidth));float2 temp_norm = sampledResult.rg * 2 - 1;float3 norm = normalize(float3(temp_norm * choppiness * max(0.00, lod), 1));specNorm = normalize(float3(temp_norm * choppiness * max(0.50, lod), 1));return norm;}PS_OUTPUT main(VS_OUTPUT IN, float2 PixelPos : VPOS) { PS_OUTPUT OUT;float2 UVCoord = (PixelPos+0.5)*oblv_ReciprocalResolution_CURRENTPASS.xy;float3 eyepos = IN.texcoord_2.xyz;eyepos.z = -IN.texcoord_1.z;float3 color = tex2D(oblv_CurrRendertarget0_CURRENTPASS, UVCoord).rgb;float depth = RangedDepth(UVCoord);float3 camera_vector = toWorld(UVCoord);float3 norm_camera_vector = normalize(camera_vector);float3 world_pos = eyepos + camera_vector * depth;clip(-world_pos.z);float4 FogColor = glob_fogColor;float3 fogColor = obge_Gamma.z ? pow(saturate(FogColor.xyz * float3(0.55, 0.60, 0.55)), 2.2) : FogColor.xyz;float causticsStrength = glob_waterVolume.x;float shoreFactor = glob_waterVolume.y;float foamStrength = glob_foamAndLODSettings.x;float waveContribution = glob_foamAndLODSettings.y;bool lava = (VarAmounts.w > 0.4);float uw_pos = world_pos.z / camera_vector.z;float2 surfPos = world_pos.xy - camera_vector.xy * uw_pos;float3 normal = 0;float3 specNorm = 0;float lod = 0;normal = getWaterNorm(surfPos, depth - uw_pos, -camera_vector.z, specNorm, lod);/* calculate the refraction color (including chromatic abberation) ------------ */float3 refract_color = color;float3 refract_world_pos = world_pos;getRefractionColor(UVCoord, normal, eyepos, refract_color, refract_world_pos);refract_color *= 0.7;/* calculate the refractive extinction ---------------------------------------- */float3 extinction_color;float3 extinction_tone;getExtinctionColor(fogColor, norm_camera_vector, camera_vector, refract_world_pos, extinction_color, extinction_tone);refract_color *= extinction_color;refract_color += extinction_tone;/* calculate the reflection color --------------------------------------------- */float3 reflection = fogColor;/* calculate the combined surface color --------------------------------------- */float3 water_result =0;if(!lava){water_result = getSurfaceColor(normal, norm_camera_vector, refract_color, reflection);//water_result = 1;}//used for close far transtionsfloat lodfull = saturate( (camera_vector.z*camera_vector.z) * oblv_ProjectionTransform_CURRENTPASS[0][0] /(oblv_ReciprocalResolution_CURRENTPASS.x * (depth - uw_pos)) );lodfull = pow(lodfull*0.95,0.83);if (lava) { float2 coord = surfPos / 2048 - Scroll.xy * 0.041 / 32; float2 coordlod = surfPos / 512 - Scroll.xy * 0.041 ; //float2 coord = (surfPos / (512 * glob_waveParams.y)); float2 lavaboil = lerp ((coord + normal.xy /512 * glob_waveParams.y ), coord + (normal.xy / 2048 * glob_waveParams.y ), lodfull); float2 lavaboillod = lerp ((coordlod + normal.xy /512 * glob_waveParams.y ), coordlod + (normal.xy / 2048 * glob_waveParams.y ), lodfull); water_result = tex2D(oblv_samplerDetailMap, (lavaboil + sin(coord) * lodfull * ((float2(1 * 0.005, 1 * 0.005)) % 1)) % 1).rgb; water_result = lerp (water_result, tex2D(oblv_samplerDetailMap, (lavaboillod + sin(coordlod) * lodfull * ((float2(1 * 0.005, 1 * 0.005)) % 1)) % 1).rgb, saturate ((max(0.9, 1-water_result.r)-0.9)*10 + lodfull*1.5)); water_result = lerp(float3(1,0.33,0.1), water_result, lod); //water_result.r *= 1.1; water_result.rg += 0.1; water_result.rgb = pow(abs((water_result.rgb)), 2.5); water_result.r = lerp (water_result.r, water_result.r*1.3, ((sin(obge_Tick.x*4.3)/3+sin(obge_Tick.x*3.45)/7+sin(obge_Tick.x*8.1)/10)/3+0.45));}/* Add above water fog -------------------------------------------------------- */mixFogColor(IN.texcoord_1.xyz, PixelPos, FogParam.xy, water_result, reflection);//Smooth shore transitions//OUT.color_0.rgb = water_result.rgb;if(!lava){OUT.color_0.rgb = lerp(water_result, color, saturate( pow(saturate(exp(world_pos.z / (800 * shoreFactor))), 90)));}if(lava){OUT.color_0.rgb = lerp(water_result, water_result * normal * 0.002, max(saturate( pow(saturate(exp(world_pos.z / (800 * shoreFactor ))), lerp(100, 800, lodfull))), 0.05));}OUT.color_0.a = 1;//-saturate( pow(saturate(exp(world_pos.z/(800*shoreFactor))), 90) );//OUT.color_0.rgb = (max(0.9, 1-water_result.r)-0.9)*10 + lodfull*2;return OUT;};// approximately 84 instruction slots used (4 texture, 80 arithmetic)
  17. Oblivion and Windows 8

    OK, thanks will do. (Yechh Beth's site is incompatible too) Very strange that ACT can disable themes temporarily for one app, yet the Microsoft folks say it can't be done. Well they're right in a sense that disabling the Desktop Themes service doesn't affect the environment calls, but wrong in that there is a way to terminate DWM.exe by ending explorer and Winlogon. But the problem isn't bad enough for 8.1 users of OBSE to embark on that particular rocky path. Not to mention the bleeding obvious that VS2008 itself is pretty much stable in Win 8 but a little rickety in 8.1. Edit: Manage to load up in VS10 with some warnings (source control plugins) then warnings on Warning 1 warning LNK4221: This object file does not define any previously undefined public symbols, so it will not be used by any link operation that consumes this library C:...OBSEcommonIDynamicCreate.obj common what was wrong with dynamic class creation? "// this screws with edit-and-continue and we don't use it#define ENABLE_IDYNAMICCREATE 0" Similar warnings with IRangemap, IDatabase, IArchive, IInterlockedLong, D9030: '/Gm' is incompatible with multiprocessing; ignoring /MP switch C:.....OBSEobseobsecl obse There goes MP warning C4996: 'std::_Transform1': Function call with parameters that may be unsafe c:program files (x86)microsoft visual studio 10.0vcincludealgorithm for ptoj OBSE Anyways compiled it and copied DLLs in game directory. The DLLs were much bigger in files size and the game ran s_l_o_w_ (1 fps or worse with long waits) It may be the X64 machine, -checked through compiler options - it's all supposed to be 32 bit right? Don't know if Shademe is got a lot planned for this anytime soon- the above problems are just the tip of the iceberg. He did open with VS10 because the solution is named obse_vs10/sln, but in that file is also "# Visual Studio 2012" so he is up to date. Back to the titlebar, "BorderlessGaming" from codeusa fixes it. It uses WindowLongIndex and WindowStyleFlags. Good enough for the time being.
  18. Oblivion and Windows 8

    Me neither. There's something in the environment of both Ob and OBSE that smells funny to Windows Themes/dwm.exe. I know skyranger-1 from OSR could probably do something - he (she?) is a C++ expert, but it's a matter of porting into the newer VS's. OBSE's big. Might be a bit of pain there.
  19. Oblivion and Windows 8

    Confirmed that it's DIsableThemes that's part of the problem. But then Oblivion can be launched really nicely with Process.Start(startInfo) in VS10. But the really big problem is with obse_loader. It does a wobbly on Themes with a title bar as well. The common and loader projects just won't load properly in VS10. Has anyone out there got VS2008 or earlier? Just compile OBSE with the EXEchecksum.cpp call crippled. Really nice back then, but who now doesn't run Ob under version Then Oblivion can be renamed to OblivionVS.exe and the VS game launched from Oblivion.exe.
  20. Oblivion and Windows 8

    Visual Themes are baked in Win 8.x. All the likely compatibility fixes don't amount to a hill o' beans. It's something else WIndows has done which has made it a lot worse in the 8.1 upgrade. Could be a policy issue as well. Anyway, we'll continue to pick the brains of these well imbursed Micro$loth consultants. Will keep you posted. Edit: Success. The above contains the appropriate fix. I incorrectly tested through OBSE_Loader which needs a separate fix. You might be right- it could be DIsableThemeMenus. Will leave it for tomorrow.
  21. Oblivion and Windows 8

    Yep, it runs, but for this, Just upgraded to 8.1,- was expecting a little better. Everything ,,, is becoming ... incompatible. Oh what to do.
  22. Your thoughts about Oblivion

    In other words they don't want to spend on legals. Ummm- No further comment there. Eulas always used to refer to the game packaged in "original form." It can be argued these are technically mods, not a repackaging of the game, so responsibility for damages cannot apply to Beth (if that is their major concern).
  23. Your thoughts about Oblivion

    Pete's statement in '03 "please do not use any assets from Morrowind for projects in other games" should be given respect in that epoch, but even Oblivion is considered incompatible with Win 8.X & GeForce Experience (like this website with IE11 Yechhh Microsoft) and Morrowind would certainly have issues. Any such works fro non-profit are always good for the Bethesda name and deserve their support particularly since these mods require licensed copies of the game. Perhaps Bethesda will change their policy as time moves on... But, yep- it would certainly behove the creators of these mods to solicit permission at least by petition before releasing these mods to us lucky consumers. And Nehrim is another thorny one.
  24. Your thoughts about Oblivion

    Yea, there's heaps on the boil, plus some of the great mods on this site.Has anyone trialled Skywind or Morroblivion? Are they faithful ports?What was the legals of Nexus not hosting them?Did play Daggerfall years ago, but got bugged out in levelling as a thief. Ambitious game, but needed lots more development.What Oblivion and Skyrim lack most are the complex catechismal logic trees found in such games like Planescape. Oh, and the violence option if one gets stuck without breaking the quest. Yea, and more fleshed out characters!I have read past reviews of Morrowind, and what you say confirms their claims that Morrowind is without doubt the best game of the series.
  25. [RELz] Qarl's Textures

    Thanks,- feel at right home here (Tal was one of my favourite Chess Masters )