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  1. Trainers Crash Upon Clicking The Trainer Icon.

    @Bongmongus, from the Desc. In addition to the first version of the Demon Race, we added different options relative to the Demon singularity. You will now have the choice among 6 variation of the plugin to use: 1 - The regular version 2 - Vapor: Permanent Immunity to Fire with a Condensation Cloud aura 3 - Flame: Toggleable Immunity to Fire with Flaming Aura 4 - Flying: Regular version with the flight ability 5 - Flying And Vapor: Flight and Condensation Cloud Aura 6 - Flying And Flame: Flight and Flaming Aura These are all demonrace.esp's but I think you need to activate one of them. And the delinquents have gotta go. Edit: Ok that's done. The colours in the Bash Installers tab can help diagnose issues as well.
  2. Trainers Crash Upon Clicking The Trainer Icon.

    Is that A Chingari and Ismelda Demon Race ver 3.03? I think their DemonRace.esp is required. But there is demoness.esp: It isn't DorkDivas Verrater Demoness so from whence?
  3. Cobl

    Note the Wizard fix for COBL 1.74 is here. The package with the Bain Installer can be downloaded here: [Defunct link] @Vacuity Asked this at the official thread awhiles back so will try here: Regarding the "02 Tweaks (Only install one)" package, "Cobl Tweaks - SI.esp" is much bigger filesize than "Cobl Tweaks - Vanilla.esp" Are these two really exclusive i.e. one or the other? (cf. In "Development" the much smaller Vanilla Tweaks is only twice as big as the tiny SI Tweaks.) Or can both be selected (providing SI is installed) Also, I understand that, by its name, "Cobl Tweaks - FCOM.esp" cannot be merged into the Bashed patch at all? And the same goes for OOO & MMM tweaks? When installing "Cobl Tweaks - FCOM.esp", by the caveat (Only install one), one cannot install any other esp in the package- "Cobl Tweaks - SI.esp", for example? Also the mod "Ingredients in Bulk" has vanished into the ether. Is there a replacement for it, or do we ignore the comments about it here:
  4. Lip Sync Bug

    Angling for a definitive "heads up" on symptoms for this issue. Regarding non-greet dialogue or dialogue with no choices. What appears to be happening is NPC/companion conversation is fine in a Solitude interior but on exit there is no mouth movement with the companion or one or two NPCs. Go to any another location in Skyrim, most will, at least, move their lips. Is this another sign of the lip-sync bug? In greet conversation, the first sentence generally uttered is usually in sync, but start out of sync if the following lines contain many words. Has anyone noticed this more of an issue around Solitude?
  5. Lip Sync Bug

    Yes, I thought it was some kind of lip file.
  6. Lip Sync Bug

    Not doing any mods requiring that. Would anyone wanna if the engine bug won't be repaired? A little more digging around got this. The description is very much what I see, but occasionally lips won't move at all. Noticed that?
  7. Skyrim, Conflicted Main Quest A Blade in the Dark

    I still liked GSP's idea of using the "clean data" from Bain. Did that today- fast & efficient, found a few things *ahem* missed before.
  8. Skyrim, Conflicted Main Quest A Blade in the Dark

    7z supports rar (for unpacking only). Sez so on the main page. In ancient versions one had to acquire plugins for it. Edit: Not quite so user friendly for DS -er- GSP.
  9. Mod Organizer

    There's still a warning on the SMIM page about MO and problem with large file installs.
  10. Does anyone know what status TES Cosi has?

    Is this the assimilation of Tescosi as we speak? Good show.
  11. [RELZ] Morte!

    Morte was such an odd addition to PST. But then his dialogue kind of atoned for that. Perhaps this is a precursor for our very own Morte-like familiar, with his/her? commentary based entirely on Tamriel lore- with an edge on our current servings, perhaps. And the Nameless One? Beyond all caring given his ultimate predicament.
  12. Win 8.X CS Black Screen o' Misfortune

    Yeah, though disabling DWM isn't the best solution out there- eliminating forced vsync in windowed modes has a better answer in ENBoost fullscreen option. Going to persevere with the CA, it looks pretty cool, and is quite well documented, albeit the last version being 2010. Here's my "fixes", noting that it doesn't nest processes: running OBSE_Loader in CA is useless as Oblivion is launched from OBSE as a separate process. Moreover, as I saved the sdb, the CA doesn't allow the fixes to be edited (a minor bleeping annoyance) so you'll have to create your own. The CS "fixes" are a shot in the dark, and probably won't be fully testing on this machine it for a while.
  13. Win 8.X CS Black Screen o' Misfortune

    @Leonardo: I get them with the unextended CS as well. We all know it's a little unstable, but this is different- something related to the loading of the game objects.
  14. Win 8.X CS Black Screen o' Misfortune

    Running it in compat for XPSP3. And this through a shortcut: On one black run, even the d3d9.dll.null and d3d9.dll got deleted. Funny thing, the black screen freeze is not reported to the OS as a crash. I often run through the extender. Funny thing it crashes (standard: no black screen) first attempt, and starts up okay next time round. Might have a go at running this through Compatadmin. They have some DX throwback tweaks on hand.
  15. Skyrim's Crashes, freezes, mods, ENBseries

    That's a very odd readout: try this for an alternative. Apparently Vista Ultimate can support 192 Gb.
  16. Calling all AMD Card users - do you have Black Lava?

    The shader has been fixed by vtastek at Beth. The above solution was updated accordingly. There may be more updates to come- but working well for now. He has also posted a lava update which looks pretty cool too. However my problem is still the same: there is no turbidity in the external lava,- almost stationary. Think it is something to do with the Bain version of LW 2.1. Does anyone else use this? Edit: Some progress has been made- more to come, no doubt.
  17. Next elder scroll game and Fallout series

    Yes, dll functionality is definitely needed for things like OSR otherwise it's the bitbucket of Oblivion. Long time support guarantees these kind of things just become part of official updates. But the horse has already bolted since xxSE isn't a requirement for ENB. And sites like Nexus around to vet the malware. But, whatever.. we all just want bigger and better is the general consensus.
  18. Next elder scroll game and Fallout series

    Oh certainly SEs are indispensable. The point is their functionality should be provided by the manufacturer at design time, not the hard working modding community, who's business it is to provide game modifications rather than forming the code framework.
  19. Next elder scroll game and Fallout series

    Here, here. But how big will they make Summerset Isles? The new TES might feature [*]Different quest lines touching in some stages, not absolutely separate branches. [*]Plug in, plug out mods: no bake in. [*]No game lease. [*]Less frequent official updates but over much longer periods. [*]No script extenders- vanilla should have them all. [*]Support porting of mods to non Windows platforms. [*]New wiki for new CK, F1 context help, built in nif & dds editors, how to's, script stores, forums, updates. [*]Bring back the Oblivion style NPC dialogue zoom in!
  20. TES4Edit Case Study: Recovering a Patch

    Get all THAT coded will be no mean script.
  21. Random Stuffz

    Back up now. See what they have to say on this "please explain." http://forums.uesp.net/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=38129
  22. Random Stuffz

    <copy paste> One UESP to jilt them all, One UESP to unbindthem,One UESP to lose them all and in thedarkness find them In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. Try later I guess
  23. Random Stuffz

    404 on irc.chatspike.net. Oh dear.
  24. Actually, it must be a pain, to properly test them: say DLC A, B, C, D you need 4 to the power of 4 = 256 separate installations of Skyrim! But is the plan going to be just 1 esp?
  25. Random Stuffz

    Whatz happened to the UESP?