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    Note the Wizard fix for COBL 1.74 is here.


    The package with the Bain Installer can be downloaded here:


    [Defunct link]



    Asked this at the official thread awhiles back so will try here:

    Regarding the "02 Tweaks (Only install one)" package,


    "Cobl Tweaks - SI.esp" is much bigger filesize than "Cobl Tweaks - Vanilla.esp"

    Are these two really exclusive i.e. one or the other?

    (cf. In "Development" the much smaller Vanilla Tweaks is only twice as big as the tiny SI Tweaks.)

    Or can both be selected (providing SI is installed)

    Also, I understand that, by its name, "Cobl Tweaks - FCOM.esp" cannot be merged into the Bashed patch at all?

    And the same goes for OOO & MMM tweaks?


    When installing "Cobl Tweaks - FCOM.esp", by the caveat (Only install one), one cannot install any other esp in the package- "Cobl Tweaks - SI.esp", for example?


    Also the mod "Ingredients in Bulk" has vanished into the ether. Is there a replacement for it, or do we ignore the comments about it here:



    NEW Item interchange - Option, Ingredients in Bulk.esp

    NEW Item interchange - Option, Ingredients in Bulk, reduced.esp

    The mod "Ingredients in Bulk." can be active, but is not recommended if either of these are selected