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  1. Just a few notes:

    • Update BOSS for 

            Cobl Bash Patch Filter - Late MERGE ONLY.esp Version 1.53

            Cobl Patch - SI.esp Active

    • Missing wizard pictures e.g. for skip Item Interchange or II options
    • The Cobl Si.esp is not checked at the wizard end page.
    • MMM Gems and  Gem Dust: no check on MMM esp status (see old wizard)
    • Cobl Races, Balanced Races, TNR, Modders Only: Death Handling- are these not optional anymore? Shame, as each was quite well documented.

    Has anything changed in the in-game menu? While looking for, it through the menus, the menu froze, so could never get back to desktop without logging off. No other window would show over it- so couldn't even drag a Task manager window over to the other monitor- there was once a nifty way around it but forget. 

    Yeah, never played with FCOM, a delicate beast at best. Hasn't been updated since 2012.

    What did the Cobl Filter - late MERGE ONLY plugin do? I think Vacuity had a reason to keep it in, as it worked in well with his separate mod as well.

  2. 11 hours ago, Vorians said:

    Fomod and Bain. Can be read by TMM, Wrye Bash, NMM, Vortex, MO2.

    Vortex can? Great! It looks as if the issue for BAIN wizards is still open. A minor technicality. :P

    12 hours ago, haama said:

    Wait, weren't there a bunch of Coblize options? I saw some mention of it in the old threads, so that did get out in the wild some where. Yeah, there should be some options for just about everything in Cobl, just a matter of expansion.

    And looking through my old notes there are a lot of missing updates - not sure if that's because they didn't work or the files got lost. Later task though.

    What load tools should we aim for now? Is Fomod the new omod? I see BOSS of all things in your link.

    Fomod, Omod, Schmomod- AFAIK these days they all amount to the same thing.

    BOSS is dead. Long live the BOSS! 

    The news is, it will still be maintained, the M/L hasn't been updated since last year, though.

  3. Hey that's a start. :) The in-game options, or the standardized Options Menu,


    well, the intention is to expand it as a modding or testing aid. But exactly what more options will be of any use there? On top a trivet with a tea cosy for now. ...

    Talking of a Cobl as modding aid, at the bottom of the wish list was the idea to tack something on with a Cobl watermark to the CS, a different beast altogether!

    Interesting choices for Git. My preference based on first impressions is the Bucket, Java is required- have no issue with that- presumably it's the 64 bit version.

    For Gogs, there's a choice given in the docs:


    Database (choose one of the following):

    • MySQL: Version >= 5.7
    • PostgreSQL
    • TiDB (experimental, connect via the MySQL protocol)
    • or NOTHING with SQLite3

    SQLite, as i recall was a bit slow in the builds.

    The reorg looks fantastic, and massive as well! The Lore Books are my favourite. The Salmo bug is still a mystery even to this day, perhaps a new titivation to the franchise will make it go away!

    One may also wish to consult a list like this for emergent patch candidates, albeit my own mod list is still ~2014. :P

    And no problem here converting all/part of the BAIN to Fomod for our belovèd Vortex. :)

  4. Excellent idea to put it all up in a Git repo. It'll take some doing, though- have you a web Git host in mind?

    Edit: To make this any more amenable as a modding base, should there be tweaks and additions for consideration to the in-game options as opposed to what's on offer in the BAIN package?

  5. @haama: Cobl definitely wants some bug fixing and the package wants re-doing. There were a heap of bug reports at the old BSF, I think Vacuity had a look at some of those as well. :)

  6. Well, it's Hue and Cry all over the U.S. at this time, and as the elections are approaching take heed from a rather prophetic scene from an old movie:


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  7. For fan blades choked with dust there's an old thread on canned air- compressed air is fine as long as the fans are kept still.

    Passmark benchmarks once ruled the roost- they still look fairly credible- the Threadripper (aka Dustripper at least as far as fans are concerned) sounds as if it is made to rip threads to shreds- is it also designed to run a process threadbare?

  8. Yeah, consumption hasn't got to petabytes yet so no urgency to expand- according to the specs:


    2-Bay NAS – Expandable to 2+5 with DX517
    Intel Celeron J3355 Dual Core 2.0 GHz (up to 2.5 GHz)
    2GB DDR3 Memory, expandable to 6GB
    In terms of connectivity, this NAS has 3 USB 3.0 ports (including 1 on the front), 1 Gigabit network ports and 1 eSATA port.
    2 Channel 4K Transcoding of H.264 and decoding H.265
    BTRFS support and SHR Support

    Got it going! A bit slow to appear in Windows, but once in, all looking good through the DSM in browser. Nice interaction with the UPS as well, it would be nice to control other aspects of the UPS through the Ethernet as well , but that might be wishful thinking.

    Cinch mapping the drives in Windows. The biggest shock was finding the max volume capacity was only half the real capacity.


    All explained here. What a relief!:P