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      Wikis Moving   10/08/2020

      Enodoc from the UESP has stepped up and will host our wikis in their wiki farm. I just finished uploading the backups to the UESP server. The wikis that are moving are: Better Cities Morrowind Modding Wiki TESCOSI OOO Oblivion Quest Mods Ordendesdrachen The last three are wikis that WalkerInShadows created. I never finished getting them set up on TAL, so they'll finally be available again once the UESP guys finish getting things set up.


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Status Updates posted by Schtearn

  1. Crying, crying, crying... because VM has gone! :cry::cry::cry:

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    2. Malonn


      Sorry to hear it.  Hopefully he finds his way...

    3. Vincent


      Gone gone or just temporarily?

    4. AndalayBay


      I asked him that and he said that he just needs some time, so I don't know.

  2. IPB4 Board Status Updates…Don't bother expanding…Prepare to be cu…

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    2. Visceral Moonlight

      Visceral Moonlight

      I just wish I could view all status updates. Maybe we still need to set that up somewhere....

    3. Schtearn


      Yes please. Perhaps there are some freebies back at the IPB site that might do the job. :)

    4. DaggerfallTeam


      Wohh! I had no clue IPB had addon for Websites :o Guess you learn something new everyday

  3. After 16 days the cat is back, and in fine fettle. Boy she is getting restless. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/08/140807-cat-tracker-pets-animals-science-gps/

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    2. AndalayBay
    3. Visceral Moonlight

      Visceral Moonlight

      Curious question: I know Inno uses its own build tool but can you build the scripts using a generic Pascal compiler with or without modifications?

    4. Schtearn


      Haven't tried, but it's based on Pascal Script. AFAIK a menagerie of functions peculiar to Inno.


  4. Midnight. 30°C inside. Had a hot day. Another hot one tomorrow. Very dry

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    2. Schtearn


      No relief in sight as per. But still, not as bad as what folks are getting out west. Nothing like a lectric fan for cooling. :P

    3. Sue


      How about we do a weather deal? You know, share it out 50/50? It's below freezing here and so cold Echo doesn't want her walkies!

    4. DaggerfallTeam


      28°F Bring some of the Heat over here, :P


  5. TAL's Back! Did our collective incantations find a sweet spot?

    1. Sue


      Looks like it!

    2. Leonardo


      Maybe our Borg Queen was trapped in a damaged cube. :P