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  1. 13 hours ago, AndalayBay said:

    I just found an article that said the minimum resolution for Windows 10 is 800x600 so it sounds like you'll need an old operating system to go with those old games. :P

    Big monitors do have a limit to how much they can scale down though.


    8 hours ago, Visceral Moonlight said:

    I would just run those in a window instead of fullscreen, myself. :)

    It's not ideal but low resolutions don't usually stretch well too much above 19 inch diameter for close sitting or 32 inches for distance (things tend to look strange and the artifacts are more visible).

    Do you have some that aren't DOS games but below 800x600 resolution?

    What's wrong with PrgLnch?

  2. Get a scatmat or make your own?


    Try a solar version of this than runs of AA batteries or the like:


    You might try the easy and cheap solutions first, my favorite being taking masking tape and making large loops with the stick side out and placing them like tank treads on sheets of aluminum foil. The cats don't like the crinckle of aluminum foil and they hate anything sticky on their paws. 

    Next, you could try a simpler circuit such as a motion or pressure switch controlled power relay and connect it to a drill or blender on the sink. My favorite of these is the "blender defender" project you can find online. This is very cheap to build but you must program a chip with easy to use software to respond to the motion sensor, switch the relay on for a few seconds, and then switch it off.. 

    Last, if you want to try to duplicate the scat mats, you can find some circuits online. Let freepatentsonline be your friend :) I found the patent for the device you mention and it is a standard dc to ac inverter circuit. You can buy the fully built inverters from someone that stocks E.R.G. power supplies, or find one in a junk device like an old laptop or flat panel monitor. You want a 5v or 9v to 200v inverter, usually 400Hz. 

    The mat is a pattern of wires or aluminum foil strips or braid or any conductor glued to a flexible plastic sheet. You have two conductors that are spaced in your pattern such as conductor a is always .5" separated from conductor b so that no matter where the cat steps, its paws cross the 2 conductors. You connect your inverter to the wire ends of the tracks you lay on the mat and switch the inverter on with a pressure sensitive switch in or under the mat.. 

    How you turn on the shock is up to you. You can take apart a junk keyboard and used the plastic sheets with carbon conductors inside as your a pressure sensitive mat or glue it inside 2 sheets of plastic. Or your could buy a novlety talking mat like the ones that scream at you for Halloween and rip the speaker part off and connect your switch right to those wires and glue your shock wires to the top of the mat. Then you just have to build the inveter/shock circuit. 

    When I was younger, I had a neat electronics mail order project that I saw in the back of "Boy's Life". I got a project every few weeks for a year. One was a very simple "shock box". You put aluminum foil on 2 joining sectons of small box and another sheet on the other 2 sides in a way that make it almost impossible to pick up the box without your thumb on one electrode and your other fingers on the other. Inside the box was a "C" cell and a home made transformer. I don't remember the windings, but it was something like 10 turns of insulated magnet wire for the primary with say 400 turns for the secondary wrapped around a nail or stripped copper wire. 

    The secondary connected to each conductor on the outside of the box while one end of the primary went to a nail that had .5" from the head to the tip coated in nail polish. The nail then went through a spring and the nail/spring assembly went through the bottom hole of a standard 90 degree angle bracket that was glued to the side of the small box with the "L" shape of the bracket just like an L on this screen. The one side glued to the inside of the box and the horizontal side open to the bottom of the box. The other end of the primary connected to the angle bracket. The wire was soldered to one end of the nail after the nail was inserted up through the bottom of the hole in the bracket. 

    When the box sat on a table, the nail was pushed up into the box and the bottom end of the nail was basically up against the bottom of the angle bracket. The nail polish kept the nail from completing the circuit with the bracket. But when you lifted the box, the nail fell through the hole in the bracket with the spring keeping it from falling all the way through. But when the nail dangled there, it fell past the end of the nail polish insulation. Any normal jiggling of the box or even just the spring making the nail jump up and down banged the nail back and forth against the bracket hole basically creating an pulsed DC voltage into the primary of the coil. Instant shock! I trained myself to actually be able to hold the box despite it shocking me continuously. It finally broke from everyone droping it after they picked it up. :) 

    The simplest circuit for you would be a 555 timer into a transformer like above that when switched on, created enough voltage at low current to deliver a mild shock. But the best circuit would have protection against a short in the mat or to "reset" after a certain number of seconds. 

    WARNING: Be VERY careful with any of this and get qualified help if you have any questions about voltage and current. Even a "harmless" shock can cause someone sensitive to have a heart attack or panic attack and you could hurt yourself too or your pet.

    I have heard that putting out coarse sandpaper is a cat deterrent, you might try that, it bugs their paws, and after awhile they'll just assume the sandpaper is up there and not jump up.


    They may not like steel wire coil mesh mats either. Or try attaching one of these to your current mat.


  3. Anyone believe in the wondrous benefits of herbal tea? I usually have it in a mix - usually at least 5 parts camellia sinensis, at most two parts Echinacea, at most two parts Rooibos, and one part something else- usually stuff around that comes up as "weeds."

    In the last category, common here are St. John's Wort, Tagetes lucida (weedy because I allowed it to spread in the garden), Stellaria media- and most notably nettles. Yea, tons of nettles! Not the widely used European species, but our own Urtica Incisa!

    Take a trip down to the gully and grab a handful (gloves on, of course)-


    Super bucket by the way. PVC with a vulcanised rubber component?- had it for years. Can't get them any more, but still looking.

    The finished product after 5-6 days drying:


    Preference is to harvest my own, rather than go down to the local organics store and pay $100 kg like the rest of us schmucks for the Euro brand. :P

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  4. Can try it, and it'll probably work, but it's not likely to take the black screen away. There is a way of resetting a corrupt Hiberfil.sys from here:


    I had that issue once that I could solve thanks to Darrell Gorter from Microsoft.

    1. Run CMD.EXE as administrator
    2. Run the following command: bcdedit -enum all
    Look for "Resume from Hibernate" in the output from the command above(example below):
    Resume from Hibernate
    identifier {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963}
    device partition=C:
    path \Windows\system32\winresume.exe

    inherit {resumeloadersettings}
    filedevice partition=C:
    filepath \hiberfil.sys
    pae Yes
    debugoptionenabled No

    3. Once you have found it, copy the value for identifier (in this example - {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963})
    4. Run the following command: bcdedit /deletevalue {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963} inherit
    5. Test hibernation

    A bit of history with the first black screen- got this:


    Windows has started up: 
         Boot Duration        :    88577ms
         IsDegradation        :    true
         Incident Time (UTC)    :    ?2018?-?04?-?25T05:43:51.923373400Z

    followe by Critical error
    This application took longer than usual to start up, resulting in a performance degradation in the system start-up process: 
         File Name        :    Devic
         Friendly Name        :    
         Version        :    
         Total Time        :    101754ms
         Degradation Time    :    93254ms

    2nd black screen:


    Lots of Evt 7011

    EVT 100 Windows has started up: 
         Boot Duration        :    64398ms
         IsDegradation        :    false

    Evt 6008
    The previous system shutdown at TIME_VAL on ?02/?05/?2018 was unexpected.

    The above TIME_VAL of shutdown is incorrect, it's actually the time of the last "successful" hibernation.

    The other thing to note- and this could be the actual issue- the USB drivers/sticks. Have two USB sticks attached, but occasionally get a Windows "What do you want to do with this device" systray alert with one of them. That certainly requires more investigation- as the Microsoft-Windows-Storage-ClassPnP/Operational log displays:


    Evt 500: A request timed out for Storport Device (Port = 2, Path = 1, Target = 0, Lun = 0).                    
    Corresponding Class Disk Device Guid is {1955c9b3-5f03-4ea7-4791-465d2909df03}.

    Disabled the log, although it's best to check whether that device actually exists- there's no reference to the above GUID in registry.

  5. It's an idea, but some rewiring required- alternatively rebooting the monitor with the off/on switch should have been tried. But in my experience, the mouse cursor that responds to mouse moves tells another story. If i hit <CTRL-ALT-DEL> the cursor changes to an hourglass for an instant, so something is going on. 

    In fact, next time it happens, will try <CTRL-ALT-DEL> followed by <SHIFT-TAB> and <RETURN>, <ARROW-DOWN> and <RETURN>. Just have to remember it :)

  6. Here's a formal apology to Oblivion. The black screen (with mouse cursor) at boot up was not caused by you!

    There's really little info on trapping these things- the NVIDIA logs tell nothing, neither do the Event Viewer, CBS or dism logs. No dumps. even a  DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE event cannot be triggered as there is "nothing wrong." This is something the MS diagnostics should provide- run a timer every few (say 10 secs) to check for a "black screen" Easy you say? Not if the system thinks there is no problem with the display. But even if the timer detects such a thing- what to do? Bringing back a display may not work so initiating an orderly shutdown and restart is best.

    Is it possible for a fault to be in the monitor? As a matter of interest, for this model, the Samsung utils program is pretty rad!

  7. It's a major issue. Windows gets the programs nicely loaded up, but with devices and such it's a lot more involved, e.g with PCI.

    Haven't played Oblivion (yet) from the last boot. There has been no black screen, but still get the boot_up_from_hibernate errors. Here's one with the DWM, and here's another caused by Chrome crashing, along with these:


    Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.


    Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort1, was issued.


  8. Think bDoHighDynamicRange is required for the OBGE- maybe others. At any rate, taken the advice here to adjust power plan settings. Still, it's a hard time trying to understand why Oblivion (esp. post crash) would, by design or error, ever tinker with things at the device level. At least Skyrim never repro'd it.

    Again- we may hark back to the old Inn issue with ENBoost or the whacky drive assignments issue which are still live and well- indeed it's a vow taken in earnest to hang on to an aging and slighly borked system for no other purpose than necroing this thread in a couple of years time! :P

  9. Keep safe! I guess that's one of the consequences of the big selloff and corporatization of publicly funded infirmaries and the like in favour of real estate developers and other business interests. Profits before lives isn't a sound basis for civilization.