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  1. He actually included a sort of disclaimer for many of them- to the effect "use them at you discretion- I have tried them and they have had a minimal/zero impact on my game." These kinds of statements were misinterpreted or ignored by a significant portion of Oblivion fans, a subset of to whom declared by many to be in pursuit of the greatest prize of all: The Ultimate Oblivion Placebo!

  2. For me, it was very well laid out and explained, and perhaps one or two details not entirely accurate for the nitpickers, at the time of writing those details were  either generally not known, or privy to insiders.

    Any Google hits now redirect to the creator:

    The whole caboodle is available as a 1Gb package:

    Must have been the size of the beast that makes individual pages unavailable for archiving at Archive.org. All that could be located there was the same 1Gb file plus various indexes:

    Farewell, tweakguides.com. :(

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  3. Far too lazy to do anything like that. Once tried to ask a question on it, and it got knocked back because it wasn't of the type "How high is the sky?" or "why isn't the Earth flat?" 

    Quora: 1. Schtearn: 0.

  4. This from Upstart Crow:


    - Greene? Here? He gave you a poor review, did he not? Yes, he did.
    He called me "upstart" in his Groatsworth of Wit.
    I am honoured indeed that a great poet like yourself remembers my poor slander.
    After all, I only studied classics at Cambridge University, whilst you, great Hermes, did reading and adding up at Stratford Bumbling School.
    I care not for your slanders, Greene, although methinks a better title than a Groatsworth of Wit would be to take "wit", subtract two Greenes and add a call for silence.
    I do not follow you, sirrah.
    Why, you, sir, are Robert Greene.
    So two Greenes is double you.
    Take W from "wit" and you have but "it".
    A call for silence is a very "sh", and add a "sh" to "it" and you have a groatsworth of what you write!


  5. The Autocad notes also provide a background to it for sure. The most basic test would be to use his code to transfer a vanilla spt to text, then back to spt, and then test it in game. Setting up tests for SpeedTree is another thing. If it does that, we can certainly move onto other considerations.

  6. Looking at this library, the usage goes:

      1. sptparser tree.spt > newtree.txt
      2. emacs newtree.txt (or any other text editor)
      3. sptcompiler newtree.txt > newtree.spt

    There's not a real lot of info on how to build or handle any compiled form. Should I raise an issue just to ask?

  7. ShadeMe is still looking after the CSE- very busy last year, but now looking like one or two commits per annum. From memory, there were lots of issues from various users on the old Bethsoft forums but only two at Github now, and both of those by ShadeMe.

    Bunch o' Edits: There's a bug section at Nexus Mods which explains it.

    To complement this great list there's also Buddah.

    Has anyone tried Timeslip's Mod Conflict Detector? Performed a run on this setup and got a truckload of errors! (2mb file) Wow. (As with the original, this is also found in TESModManager, a kind of OBMM reloaded still being developed).

    The DDS Plugin for Gimp has its only home at Google. Is it possible to mirror it here (think the GNU license allows it) in case Google pulls its code repo. Unlikely- but we all know what happened to Google+ don't we? :P

    In NifTools there's a thing called Mopper. There's an article with broken image links which explains the acronym: 


    MOPP (Memory Optimized Partial Polytope) is a way of compressing bounding volume data for arbitrary polygon meshes.

    The link for Tes4Files has gone.  (Discussed above.) The ModsReloaded file has been verified as working. Does DDSOpt actually replace the relevant functions of TES4Files?

  8. He'll want a BSA extractor for that, BSA Commander is what i use.

    Note on search: In Windows 10 indexing for search is turned on for all files by default. In my case only a few folders are indexed, but in earlier editions of Windows, non-indexed files may not be picked up in searches at all.



    5 hours ago, AndalayBay said:

    Well he has to extract the files from the BSA’s first, if he hasn’t already.

    Else they are still in the process of extraction? Probably implies they are compressed to and beyond neutron star specs. :P



  9. The court of public opinion is at best a fickle thing. If the author of this post were ever bestowed such a role of libelant (so help me Talos) I would have abnegated all claims on dear Jeremy if he had ever made stuff like this. :P

    As it is, all such claims are hurtful and cruel, and it should be in the statutes that such claims should never be publicised until they have been dealt with in court. 

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  10. Combining mods can be done with TesEdit, never done it myself so no experience there. There's good info on it here, also this thread:

    Changing stats is straightforward, Hana has a wealth of texture guides over at AFK mods.

    We can certainly help with specific questions. :)