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  1. On 10/12/2018 at 4:27 PM, AndalayBay said:

    Yep, looks like it. It looks like Beyond Skyrim has their own site, so there’s no need to keep DC going. I founded DC for the Dark Brotherhood Chronicles... Let's just say I got screwed over. :P

    Meant to ask earlier, sorry.  :P Is there a history of the DC site somewhere which has information as to what date the site launched? I'm thinking ~2005. What happened to you there? Did they close it without touching base with all the founding members?

    One would have expected a site with the content of DC at least to be archived or scheduled for archive. Nothing at archive.org via Google and only these cached remnants.

  2. Discographies are always interesting- recommend any links for those? The only one I ever knew back in the day was Foreigner, but anything from Wu-Tang clan sounded great.

    Saw an old movie the other day- The Black Orchid, fairly inconsequential but well presented drama on Little Italy. The striking feature was the music which often morphed off into interludes of weird theramin orchestrations of sci-fi. As demonstrated in the following clip, about a minute in:


    Later on in his life, the composer later destroyed most of his scores. A pity really, but although in this case the arrangement here sounds incomplete and slightly incongruous, there is something about it.

  3. 12 hours ago, Leonardo said:

    I don't recall I seen that before.  Of course I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

    Yes, for the  Vampire Aging & Face Fix there's this:


    To save a slot, this mod can be safely merged with the main UOP ESP or another ESP that is dependent only on Oblivion.ESM.

    But nothing like that for the Citadel Door fix.

  4. I found Streamline stable(ish) with this setup:


    ; [Main Features Settings]                 Toggle Streamline Features (1=on, 0=off)
    set SLv.Purging               to       0  ; Turn on Streampurge?  (cache purging)
    set SLv.FPSsmoothing          to       1  ; Turn on Streamsmooth? (FPS smoothing)
    set SLv.Streamsaving          to       0  ; Turn on Streamsaving? (timed autosaves)
    set SLv.Streamsight           to       1  ; Turn on Streamsight?  (FPS enhancer)

    ; [Streampurge Settings]                    An automated cache-cleaner for Oblivion
    set SLh.SLmode                to       5  ; Memory Purge Mode (1-6)  (Default: 3)
                                              ;  Lower # = faster, higher # = slower
    set SLv.PurgeOnTravel         to       0  ; Purge memory on travel & zone?
    set SLv.PurgeOnWait           to       1  ; Purge memory when character waits?
    set SLv.PurgeOnSleep          to       1  ; Purge memory when character sleeps?

    ; [Streamsmooth FPS Settings]              Acceptable Minimum FPS & Detail Settings
    set SLfpsmon.High             to      35  ; Highest minimum FPS  (top of range)
    set SLfpsmon.Low              to      10  ; Lowest minimum FPS   (bottom of range)
    set SLv.maxVLOD               to     100  ; Highest overall level of detail (%)
                                              ;  Default: 100    (Max: 100)
    set SLv.minVLOD               to      50  ; Lowest overall level of detail (%)
                                              ;  Default:  0     (Min: 0)
    set SLv.CombatFPS             to     2.0  ; The number of FPS added to the min/max 
                                              ;  range when combat is happening nearby
    set SLv.FPSmoninterval        to       6  ; Update interval for FPS smoothing
                                              ;  (Number of updates per second)
                                              ;  Faster updates = smoother performance
                                              ;  Smoother performance = more CPU usage
                                              ;  Default: 6/sec
    set SLv.sensitivity           to     6.0  ; Sensitivity to changes  (Default: 7.0)
                                              ;  This is a relative number representing
                                              ;  how fast Streamsmooth tries to adjust
                                              ;  details to reach your FPS range.
                                              ;  Lower numbers = faster changes

    ; [Streamsmooth Visual Categories]         What can Streamsmooth change on-the-fly?
    set SLv.setDetail             to       1  ; LOD Detail, Specular, etc.
    set SLv.setGrass              to       0  ; Grass density, range, etc
    set SLv.setTrees              to       0  ; Tree detail, range, etc
    set SLv.setLightShadow        to       1  ; Shadow number & range, etc.
    set SLv.setObjects            to       1  ; Actors, Objects & Items distances
    set SLv.setWater              to       0  ; Water details & reflections

    ; [Streamsave Settings]                                    Streamsave configuration
    set SLv.SaveTimer             to      10  ; Autosave interval (in actual minutes)
    set SLv.NumSaveSlots          to      15  ; Number of save slots to use (Max: 60)
    set SLv.DuringCombat          to       0  ; Allow save during combat?
    set SLv.WhileYielding         to       0  ; Allow save while yielding?
    set SLv.DangerousArea         to       0  ; Allow save in dangerous environment?
    set SLv.AllowTrespass         to       0  ; Allow saving while trespassing?
    set SLv.AllowSwimming         to       0  ; Allow saving while swimming?
    set SLv.AllowSneaking         to       0  ; Allow saving while sneaking?
    set SLv.AllowWeapon           to       0  ; Allow saving while weapon out?
    set SLv.AfterCombat           to       1  ; Force a save after each combat ends?
    set SLv.InteriorOnly          to       0  ; Save only when indoors?
    set SLv.WhenIdleOnly          to       0  ; Save only when character is idle?
    set SLv.AfterZone             to       0  ; Save after fast-travel or door use?
    set SLv.AfterWaitSleep        to       0  ; Save after waiting or sleeping?
    set SLv.PlaySoundOnSave       to       1  ; Play a sound on save?
    set SLv.GagAutoSaves          to       0  ; Prevent an on-screen save message?
    set SLv.SaveReminders         to       0  ; Use Save Reminders instead of autosaves?
    set SLv.UseLiteReminders      to       0  ; Use messages (upper left area of screen)
                                              ; instead of message boxes?
                                              ; Note: requires SaveReminders enabled
    set SLv.SecureAutoSaves       to       0  ; Use menumode to produce a secure
                                              ; autosave instead of using save slots?
                                              ; Note: disables multiple save slots!
    set SLv.LowHealth             to       0  ; Allow save while health low?
    set SLv.LowHealthThreshold    to    0.20  ; Don't save when health lower than x%
                                              ;  0.20 = 20%
    set SLv.SaveBeforeFastQuit    to       0  ; Do a Streamsave before a Fast-Quit?
    set SLv.PurgeBeforeSave       to       1  ; Do a purge before a Streamsave?
                                              ;  Can help with stability of saving

    ; [Streamsight Settings]                          Refer to documentation for values
    set SLv.MinDistanceFog        to   17000  ; Min distance before fog starts (0%)
    set SLv.MaxDistanceFog        to  71000   ; Max distance before fog ends (100%)
    set SLv.MinWaterFog           to       0  ; Min distance before water fog starts
    set SLv.MaxWaterFog           to    2500  ; Max distance before water fog ends
    set SLv.WeatherUnsticker      to       0  ; Leave set at 1 unless you use a
                                              ;  scripted weather mod
    set SLv.ExtremeClipping       to       0  ; Turn on clipping behind distant fog?
                                              ;  Gains FPS, but can cause some
                                              ;  clipping of distant mountains
    set SLv.ClipMin               to   40000  ; Range under which clipping will stop
    set SLv.FogUpdateFrequency    to       6  ; Speed control for fog updates (1 - 10)
                                              ;  # of updates per sec     (Default: 6)

    ; [Miscellaneous Settings]                       Other misc settings for Streamline
    set SLv.slFOVauto             to       0  ; Can Streamline automatically alter FOV?
    set SLfov                     to      75  ; Field of View (FOV) Angle desired
    set SLv.FOVInDialogs          to       0  ; Allow FOV changes during chat dialogs?
                                              ;  Note: FOV changes work in 1st person
                                              ;  gameplay only
    set SLKillCorpses             to       0  ; De-crucifies standing, dead actors
    set SLv.MinKillDistance       to    6000  ; Minimum distance from player a corpse
                                              ;  needs to be for KillCorpses to work
                                              ;  on it.  (Default: 6000)
    set SLdebug                   to       0  ; Turn on/off debug messages in console
                                              ;  Debug level 1: Standard messages
                                              ;  Debug level 2: Detailed messages
                                              ;  Note: Debug level 2 can adversely
                                              ;        affect FPS performance, but
                                              ;        is highly detailed.
                                              ;  (requires SL's debug esp to work)

    From memory there were issues with Streamsaving and Purging.

  5. 13 hours ago, Malonn said:

    If you don't absolutely need Pluggy, get rid of it--it's buggy and causes CTDs.  Base All Natural is quite stable when installed properly.  I've been running it for years without a single issue caused by it that I can recall.

    What's buggy about Pluggy. Just curious- does it adversely affect anything in particular?

  6. 3 hours ago, Leonardo said:

    I want to ask about the Items Interchange and the Cobl Races that I can select in the BAIN wizard.

    Is it recommended to install the Cobl Races, Cobl Tweaks etc in the BAIN wizard or do I need to manually install the Cobl Races as I recall it I had to?

    And how about the Items Interchange mods.  Do I need them when not using any of the major overhauls FCOM, MMM, OOO?

    There's a few issues in the comments I haven't been following as well. From Ravenmind's post, it looks like the Cosmetics pack has to be installed first- which is a bit problematic for the wizard. 

    Vacuity has a massive list on his mod page for IIT, it's a stable mod. recommended! :)

  7. There's no issues with KOTN. Was it cleaned? Check out this thread.


     Post some screenshots of the saves from the Wrye Bash Saves Tab- specifically the masters section on the bottom right. Compare them to the working saves- what's the difference?

  8. 12 hours ago, Schtearn said:

    Another drastic method is to exit Wrye Bash, delete everything in the Data folder, restart Wrye Bash and do an Anneal all. Haven't tried it, and won't work if there is problem mod.