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  1. If it isn't, it certainly weighs like one. The standard keys are a bit clicky but the special keys aren't, and for these slightly tactile fingers it doesn't feel like there are any springs under the keys. Rubber domes are a possiblilty but we''ll need to take the cover off! It was a bit cheaper than the G110 on the other machine, where most of the keyboards in that series are membrane.

    These days (as with the old :P ) mfg specs on the product pages can be lacking- will it change?

  2. Quote

    Media executives for the most part - people who make decisions on what's on television - are really some of the most ill-informed people when it comes to the news itself. The choices that are made are entertainment-based: Who's pretty? Who speaks English? These are things that I'm asked when I'm pitching a story. They're not going to watch a bunch of bodies exhumed from a gravesite, and seeing law enforcement held accountable; that's not something that's savory.

    All Governments Lie, 2016


  3. Disabling automatic updates was never 100% reliable for me- especially with Windows version updates & graphic drivers- maybe they have improved it since I used it last. In this case, it's disabling AU for a specific driver- as I quite like the PnP capabilities of Windows.

    In any case, there's a War On Waste over here. It's incumbent on the big players in this industry to realize the value of longevity in certain components- keyboards and mice- even some types of modems/routers. Support for legacy hardware esp. when it can be easily achieved, should be a top priority for all operating system MFGs and OEMs.

  4. Worth trying to see if the "When I press the power button" is set on "Nothing" the keyboard's hibernate power button actually doesn't work like it's supposed to. And there's also the fiddly task of telling Windows not to keep automatically re-installing the old Logitech driver whenever it feels like it. :P 

  5. Nice keyboards! I bags to stem the tide of E-Waste and make drivers more compatible for your old companions. Even paying a small fee for someone to do it is better. It's up to the big players like Logitech to dedicate special pages to make it happen- given, of course, the interest of users is sufficient.

    At this time, it's an uncomfortable suspicion that I'm the only one in the universe with a functioning Y-SE8. :P

  6. The issue on the other machine has come to surface after this revelation wrongly attributed to Oblivion.

    Posted to Logitech the gist of what's been happening: the keyboard is too old. Because the driver has not been updated for almost 15 years, it seems to be doing weird & wonderful things when its power button (top left in graphic) is activated for hibernation.

    Why Logitech dropped this is annoying- I love its spacing, design, key arrangement and feel. And worse, any decent replacement keyboard of more recent vintage won't come cheaply!


    Still selling at Ebay for US $29.99!

    Edit: Gone! 
    So there is this:


  7. Quote

    But even further from the light were the cats. Their perfection was alarming. Wrapped up in the precision and meticulousness of their bodies, they knew neither deviation nor error. They sank for a moment, far into themselves, to the bottom of their being; they froze in their soft fur and grew menacingly and ceremoniously serious, and their eyes grew as round as moons, soaking up the view into their fiery craters. But a moment later, cast out to the edge, to the surface, they yawned in their nihility, disappointed and without illusions.


  8. From the Sensual Walks description page:


    Sensual Walks Ready Mods
    If you have installed Sensual Walks, then female NPCs introduced or changed by these mods will use Sensual Walks animations...

    Better Inns and New Home Owners: Sylar0712 (Marcos)
    Companion Vilja: Emma and cdcooley
    Gweden Brothel: ghastly
    Kvatch Rebuilt - A few Female Guards: BG3
    Mondstein - Female Companion: Mondstein
    TWMP Hammerfell: Haldar1248

    One could verify if the same KFFZ record has the same modification in the other mods.

    Sensual Walks doesn't host a manual install/uninstall package or any description for uninstall- for the latter no drama as it is easy through Wrye Bash.

    Wrye Bash Wizard Uninstallers anyone? These days, a good uninstaller would direct the user on the finish page to modifying the Sensual_Walk_Ready_mod.esp in XEdit, or provide an XEdit script for that purpose.

  9. Moorcock once called Tolkien a crypto-fascist. He has since relented a bit from that stance, but the story behind that starts in Epic Pooh. In there, essentially he admits that Tolkein writes well enough, but the underlying tone in the prose does not ring true. It's an interesting essay which introduces excerpts exhibiting styles from other fantasy writers, but to properly engage in a plausible critique of Tolkien and Lewis, we want more than just 5 pages of blah!

  10. Yes! Used Conscribe for years, and the current log here us beautiful!

    There's just one more mystery item remaining- it's relating to the Vilja mod- and another mod Sensual Walks for Female NPCs uninstalled way back when. By way of introduction to the next message, the latter mod had in its package a file 0FemaleVariableWalk_Vilja.kf:


    [0047617D] [WARNING]   Failed to load animation file 'Characters\_Male\SpecialAnims\0FemaleVariableWalk_Vilja.kf' for Vilja (53000F05)

    Couldn't locate any info in the CS regarding the animation in the NPC record, and there's certainly no entry for it in the Idle Animations dialog.





    The file is not included in the attached bsa either.



    But it is seen as a KFFZ (end of this) in the XEdit NPC record: 


    Was it added there just in case Sensual Walks might be installed? Cool in any case. How did it get there is more the question, if the field was not edited directly in XEdit?

    Now we know why Conscribe is the modder's Message Logger of preference! :P

    As a matter of interest, the info regarding animation on the wiki is very old now. To get more of a feel, it may be worth looking at this tutorial, or even the older Russian one some time.

  11. The Nexus description is, at best, optimistic. All that can be done in the ini configuration file is to turn things off or on. And:


    Valid values: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

    'ExtraDataList' is a structure used for actors, object references, inventory items and cells.
    It can hold additional properties for the parent object, like ownership information, poison and charge,
    bounty, followers, and many more.
    The 'InitItem' function (among other things) checks its data for errors when the game is loaded and may produce
    Unfortunately, even though the function has a reference to its parent form, it does not include this information
    in the generated messages, leaving you in the dark about which form is responsible for the problem.
    With this patch owner form information is appended to the generated message.

    Valid values: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

    Similar to 'bHookExtraDataListInitItem', this hook appends parent form information to warning messages which are
    generated when an actor has SpecialAnims defined in his/her Animations tab but the animation file cannot be found.

    Thus one path to debugging them will be paved with analyses of mod list/load order samples along with their corresponding Message Logger messages. Or just look for similar messages in the CSE log after loading the appropriate plugin.

    With Frans, the Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm is definitely the master of the other two. And now, after rerunning BOSS and Bashed Patch, the errors are not generated anymore! No explanation for that at all. Sorry.

    Got one from Dialog Tweaks:


    [00520B18] [WARNING]   Could not find previous idle (1800B98B) for IDLE Form 'MagesGuildSaluteNPC' (0006B589).

    And similarly from the CSE log:


    [CS]    Could not find previous idle (0100B98B) for IDLE Form 'MagesGuildSaluteNPC' (0006B589).
    [CS]    Clothing 'DiseaseFixToken' needs to have biped slots selected in the editor.

    Referenced below:


    Record here:


    And in all its glory in the CS:


    Requires more research!

    Edit: The file was there and extracted well enough. Deja Vu! A modder to the rescue:


    any about cells containing inter-grid connections or missing previous idles are harmless.

    The final warning is from the Sounds of Cyrodiil:


    2018/06/17 23:50:24  [004266ED] [WARNING]   Unable to find enable state parent 000664E9. Enable state parent data will be removed. Parent form is "" (12008B74).
    2018/06/17 23:50:24  [004266ED] [WARNING]   Unable to find enable state parent 00034100. Enable state parent data will be removed. Parent form is "" (12003A2B).

    Someone posted the same type of messages generated for Better Cities at this thread. Think the messages are harmless, but for the readers, @Vorians, your confirmation is required again. Thanks. :)

  12. Does the analysis show that there is something fundamentally flawed in the way the Frans esms function? The scripts run from Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm operate on items belonging to the other esm. What's the solution? Inject the records from Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm? Or better to combine the esms- which may end up requiring some refactoring?


    Got this one in the message log easily fixed, & reported to Enhanced Weathers:


    2018/06/13 17:16:35  [0046F0AA] [WARNING]   Unable to find script (02000ED7) on owner object "EWSITimescaleQuest".

    Some other messages are as follows:


    2018/06/13 17:16:57  [00460FB5] [WARNING]   Trying to put non-persistent reference in non-existent cell.
    2018/06/13 17:17:03  [005440A2] [WARNING]   Warning:  Unable to locate texture file: (null)
    2018/06/13 17:17:03  [005440A2] [WARNING]   Warning:  Unable to locate texture file: (null)

    2018/06/13 17:17:03  [004F3313] [ DEBUG ]   Expression Error: SYNTAX

    The source addresses are the only thing to go on, so if anyone gets those in a different context, please post! :)

  13. That might be it, thanks. :D

    The winning script is run from Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm, and the record is there:


    The record is referenced in both scripts here-


    The (losing) Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm has one ref more:


    In any case, it's difficult to see how the statement is ever reached when local variable SI is not set to anything. The two files are attached for perusal: Franscpt.7z


    See now that all Oblivion scripts can be rerun with Gamemode- (superseded in Skyrim).

    Using Fran 5b, for that BAIN wizard doesn't have EditIni, and yep the last line of Francesco's Creatures and Items.ini is wrong, although SILoot is set in one of the scripts to 2 if it was set to 0 initially, but it's unlikely. Might need a better BAIN wizard as well.

    Will update with results and more messages. :)

  14. Have some interesting messages to share from Message Logger:

    The first, and of most concern, are these from Frans:


    2018/06/13 17:17:05  [0051714E] [WARNING]   Script 'FranLoot1Armor2Script', line 196: Function 'AddItem' requires a reference.
    2018/06/13 17:17:05  [0051714E] [WARNING]   Script 'FranLoot1BluntScript', line 313: Function 'AddItem' requires a reference.
    2018/06/13 17:17:05  [0051714E] [WARNING]   Script 'FranLoot1Armor2Script', line 196: Function 'AddItem' requires a reference.
    2018/06/13 17:17:05  [0051714E] [WARNING]   Script 'FranLoot1BluntScript', line 313: Function 'AddItem' requires a reference.
    2018/06/13 17:17:06  [0051714E] [WARNING]   Script 'FranLoot1Armor2Script', line 196: Function 'AddItem' requires a reference.
    2018/06/13 17:17:06  [0051714E] [WARNING]   Script 'FranLoot1BluntScript', line 313: Function 'AddItem' requires a reference.

    It's easy to suppress the message generation via the ini, but it would be nice to know why they are continually generated, as opposed to other messages which aren't.

    Player is in SI presently, and it's noted in Francesco's Creatures and Items.ini 


    FranLoot.SILoot to 0

    should be changed to 


    Set FranLoot.SILoot to 0

    The script doesn't have any stages, but they are repeatable, set in FranLootSettingsScript as


       set FranMenu.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot0Armor.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot0Weap.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot1Armor1.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot1Armor2.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot1Armor3.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot1Armor4.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot1Blade.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot1Blunt.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot1Missile.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot2Armor1.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot2Armor2.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot2Armor3.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot2Armor4.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot2Blade.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot2Blunt.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       set FranLoot2Missile.fQuestDelayTime to 0.05

    Presumably script starts when the game loads the esp, but unable to ascertain if, when, or where the script is rerun. The blunt script begins thusly:

    scn FranLoot1BluntScript
    ref NPC
    short Level
    short WeapToAdd
    short AddOnItem
    short ItemA
    short ItemB
    short LootType
    Ref Fran01Weap
    Ref Fran03Weap
    Ref Fran05Weap
    Ref Fran07Weap
    Ref Fran10Weap
    Ref Fran13Weap
    Ref Fran15Weap
    Ref Fran20Weap
    Ref Fran25Weap
    float fQuestDelayTime
    short Mace1h
    short Mace2h
    short Axe1h
    short Axe2h
    short SI
    begin GameMode
       if GetQR FranLoot2Blunt == 1
       set fQuestDelayTime to 0.05
       if FranLoot.Magic > 0 && GetRandomPercent <= FranLoot.Magic && WeapToAdd > 0
          set WeapToAdd to (WeapToAdd * -1)
       elseif FranLoot.Magic < 0 && GetRandomPercent <= (FranLoot.Magic * -1) && WeapToAdd < 0
          set WeapToAdd to (WeapToAdd * -1)

    WeapToAdd is a local variable, so befuddled as to why it is tested in the last lines of above. It's similarly defined in some other Frans scripts:


    The message is actually generated from this section:


    One of the FranXXWeaps is missing- but there also might be a bug in the script itself (very unlikely)

    Here's the script:


    scn FranLoot1BluntScript

    ref NPC
    short Level
    short WeapToAdd
    short AddOnItem
    short ItemA
    short ItemB
    short LootType
    Ref Fran01Weap
    Ref Fran03Weap
    Ref Fran05Weap
    Ref Fran07Weap
    Ref Fran10Weap
    Ref Fran13Weap
    Ref Fran15Weap
    Ref Fran20Weap
    Ref Fran25Weap
    float fQuestDelayTime
    short Mace1h
    short Mace2h
    short Axe1h
    short Axe2h
    short SI

    begin GameMode
       if GetQR FranLoot2Blunt == 1

       set fQuestDelayTime to 0.05

       if FranLoot.Magic > 0 && GetRandomPercent <= FranLoot.Magic && WeapToAdd > 0
          set WeapToAdd to (WeapToAdd * -1)
       elseif FranLoot.Magic < 0 && GetRandomPercent <= (FranLoot.Magic * -1) && WeapToAdd < 0
          set WeapToAdd to (WeapToAdd * -1)

       set ItemA to GetRandomPercent

       if WeapToAdd < 0
       set AddOnItem to 100 / FranLoot.AddOnWeapM
       set AddOnItem to 100 / FranLoot.AddOnWeap

       if Mace1h == 1
       set Mace1h to 0
       if (FranLoot.AddOnItem == 1 && GetRandomPercent <= AddOnItem)
          if WeapToAdd > 0
          set Fran01Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h01
          set Fran03Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h02
          set Fran05Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h05
          set Fran07Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h07
          set Fran10Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h10
          set Fran13Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h13
          set Fran15Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h16
          set Fran20Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h20
          set Fran25Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace1h25
          set Fran01Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h01
          set Fran03Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h02
          set Fran05Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h05
          set Fran07Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h07
          set Fran10Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h10
          set Fran13Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h13
          set Fran15Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h16
          set Fran20Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h20
          set Fran25Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace1h25
          if WeapToAdd > 0 && SI == 0
          set Fran01Weap to WeapIronMace
          set Fran03Weap to WeapSteelMace
          set Fran05Weap to WeapSilverMace
          set Fran07Weap to WeapDwarvenMace
          set Fran10Weap to WeapElvenMace
          set Fran13Weap to WeapGlassMace
          set Fran15Weap to WeapEbonyMace
          set Fran20Weap to WeapDaedricMace
          set Fran25Weap to WeapDaedricMace
          elseif WeapToAdd > 0 && SI == 1
          set Fran01Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurIronMace
          set Fran03Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurSteelMace
          set Fran05Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurSilverMace
          set Fran07Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDwarMace
          set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurElvenMace
          set Fran13Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurGLassMace
          set Fran15Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurEbonyMace
          set Fran20Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDaedricMace
          set Fran25Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDaedricMace
          elseif SI == 0
          set Fran01Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicIronMace
          set Fran03Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicSteelMace
          set Fran05Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicSteelMace
          set Fran07Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDwarMace
          set Fran10Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicElvenMace
          set Fran13Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicGlassMace
          set Fran15Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicEbonyMace
          set Fran20Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDaedricMace
          set Fran25Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDaedricMace
          elseif SI == 1
          set Fran01Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicIronMace
          set Fran03Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicSteelMace
          set Fran05Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicSilverMace
          set Fran07Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDwarMace
          set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicElvenMace
          set Fran13Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicGLassMace
          set Fran15Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicEbonyMace
          set Fran20Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDaedricMace
          set Fran25Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDaedricMace

       elseif Mace2h == 1
       set Mace2h to 0
       if (FranLoot.AddOnItem == 1 && GetRandomPercent <= AddOnItem)
          if WeapToAdd > 0
          set Fran01Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h01
          set Fran03Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h02
          set Fran05Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h05
          set Fran07Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h07
          set Fran10Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h10
          set Fran13Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h13
          set Fran15Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h16
          set Fran20Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h20
          set Fran25Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapMace2h25
          set Fran01Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h01
          set Fran03Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h02
          set Fran05Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h05
          set Fran07Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h07
          set Fran10Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h10
          set Fran13Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h13
          set Fran15Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h16
          set Fran20Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h20
          set Fran25Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicMace2h25
          if WeapToAdd > 0 && SI == 0
          set Fran01Weap to WeapIronWarHammer
          set Fran03Weap to WeapSteelWarHammer
          set Fran05Weap to WeapSilverWarHammer
          set Fran07Weap to WeapDwarvenWarHammer
          set Fran10Weap to WeapElvenWarHammer
          set Fran13Weap to WeapGlassWarHammer
          set Fran15Weap to WeapEbonyWarHammer
          set Fran20Weap to WeapDaedricWarHammer
          set Fran25Weap to WeapDaedricWarHammer
          elseif WeapToAdd > 0 && SI == 1
          set Fran01Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurIronWarHam
          set Fran03Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurSteelWarHam
          set Fran05Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurSilverWarHam
          set Fran07Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDwarWarHam
          set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurElvenWarHam
          set Fran13Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurGLassWarHam
          set Fran15Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurEbonyWarHam
          set Fran20Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDaedricWarHam
          set Fran25Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDaedricWarHam
          elseif SI == 0
          set Fran01Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicIronWarHam
          set Fran03Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicSteelWarHam
          set Fran05Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicSteelWarHam
          set Fran07Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDwarWarHam
          set Fran10Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicElvenWarHam
          set Fran13Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicGlassWarHam
          set Fran15Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicEbonyWarHam
          set Fran20Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDaedricWarHam
          set Fran25Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDaedricWarHam
          elseif SI == 1
          set Fran01Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicIronWarHam
          set Fran03Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicSteelWarHam
          set Fran05Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicSilverWarHam
          set Fran07Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDwarWarHam
          set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicElvenWarHam
          set Fran13Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicGLassWarHam
          set Fran15Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicEbonyWarHam
          set Fran20Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDaedricWarHam
          set Fran25Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDaedricWarHam

       elseif Axe1h == 1
       set Axe1h to 0
       if (FranLoot.AddOnItem == 1 && GetRandomPercent <= AddOnItem)
          if WeapToAdd > 0
          set Fran01Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h01
          set Fran03Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h02
          set Fran05Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h05
          set Fran07Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h07
          set Fran10Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h10
          set Fran13Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h13
          set Fran15Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h16
          set Fran20Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h20
          set Fran25Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe1h25
          set Fran01Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h01
          set Fran03Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h02
          set Fran05Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h05
          set Fran07Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h07
          set Fran10Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h10
          set Fran13Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h13
          set Fran15Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h16
          set Fran20Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h20
          set Fran25Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe1h25
          if WeapToAdd > 0 && SI == 0
          set Fran01Weap to WeapIronWarAxe
          set Fran03Weap to WeapSteelWarAxe
          set Fran05Weap to WeapSilverWarAxe
          set Fran07Weap to WeapDwarvenWarAxe
          set Fran10Weap to WeapElvenWarAxe
          set Fran13Weap to WeapGlassWarAxe
          set Fran15Weap to WeapEbonyWarAxe
          set Fran20Weap to WeapDaedricWarAxe
          set Fran25Weap to WeapDaedricWarAxe
          elseif WeapToAdd > 0 && SI == 1
          set Fran01Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurIronWarAxe
          set Fran03Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurSteelWarAxe
          set Fran05Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurSilverWarAxe
          set Fran07Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDwarWarAxe
          set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurElvenWarAxe
          set Fran13Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurGLassWarAxe
          set Fran15Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurEbonyWarAxe
          set Fran20Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDaedricWarAxe
          set Fran25Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDaedricWarAxe
          elseif SI == 0
          set Fran01Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicIronWarAxe
          set Fran03Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicSteelWarAxe
          set Fran05Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicSteelWarAxe
          set Fran07Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDwarWarAxe
          set Fran10Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicElvenWarAxe
          set Fran13Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicGlassWarAxe
          set Fran15Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicEbonyWarAxe
          set Fran20Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDaedricWarAxe
          set Fran25Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDaedricWarAxe
          elseif SI == 1
          set Fran01Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicIronWarAxe
          set Fran03Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicSteelWarAxe
          set Fran05Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicSilverWarAxe
          set Fran07Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDwarWarAxe
          set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicElvenWarAxe
          set Fran13Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicGLassWarAxe
          set Fran15Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicEbonyWarAxe
          set Fran20Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDaedricWarAxe
          set Fran25Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDaedricWarAxe

       elseif Axe2h == 1
       set Axe2h to 0
       if (FranLoot.AddOnItem == 1 && GetRandomPercent <= AddOnItem)
          if WeapToAdd > 0
          set Fran01Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h01
          set Fran03Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h02
          set Fran05Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h05
          set Fran07Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h07
          set Fran10Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h10
          set Fran13Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h13
          set Fran15Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h16
          set Fran20Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h20
          set Fran25Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapAxe2h25
          set Fran01Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h01
          set Fran03Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h02
          set Fran05Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h05
          set Fran07Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h07
          set Fran10Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h10
          set Fran13Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h13
          set Fran15Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h16
          set Fran20Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h20
          set Fran25Weap to FranLLA0AddOnWeapZMagicAxe2h25
          if WeapToAdd > 0 && SI == 0
          set Fran01Weap to WeapIronBattleAxe
          set Fran03Weap to WeapSteelBattleAxe
          set Fran05Weap to WeapSilverBattleAxe
          set Fran07Weap to WeapDwarvenBattleAxe
          set Fran10Weap to WeapElvenBattleAxe
          set Fran13Weap to WeapGlassBattleAxe
          set Fran15Weap to WeapEbonyBattleAxe
          set Fran20Weap to WeapDaedricBattleAxe
          set Fran25Weap to WeapDaedricBattleAxe
          elseif WeapToAdd > 0 && SI == 1
          set Fran01Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurIronBattleAxe
          set Fran03Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurSteelBattleAxe
          set Fran05Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurSilverBattleAxe
          set Fran07Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDwarBattleAxe
          set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurElvenBattleAxe
          set Fran13Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurGLassBattleAxe
          set Fran15Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurEbonyBattleAxe
          set Fran20Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDaedricBattleAxe
          set Fran25Weap to FranSELL00WeapDurDaedricBattleAxe
          elseif SI == 0
          set Fran01Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicIronBattleAxe
          set Fran03Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicSteelBattleAxe
          set Fran05Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicSteelBattleAxe
          set Fran07Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDwarBattleAxe
          set Fran10Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicElvenBattleAxe
          set Fran13Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicGlassBattleAxe
          set Fran15Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicEbonyBattleAxe
          set Fran20Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDaedricBattleAxe
          set Fran25Weap to FranLL00WeapMagicDaedricBattleAxe
          elseif SI == 1
          set Fran01Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicIronBattleAxe
          set Fran03Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicSteelBattleAxe
          set Fran05Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicSilverBattleAxe
          set Fran07Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDwarBattleAxe
          set Fran10Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicElvenBattleAxe
          set Fran13Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicGLassBattleAxe
          set Fran15Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicEbonyBattleAxe
          set Fran20Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDaedricBattleAxe
          set Fran25Weap to FranSELL00WeapMagicDaedricBattleAxe

    if WeapToAdd < 0
       set WeapToAdd to (WeapToAdd * -1)

    If WeapToAdd > 1
       If GetRandomPercent > 50
          set ItemB to 2
          set ItemB to 3
       if WeapToAdd == 2 && (Level >= 30 && ItemA < (LootType/2))  
          set WeapToAdd to WeapToAdd - 1                                         
       elseif WeapToAdd == 3 && (level < 10 && ItemA < LootType) || (level >= 10 && level < 13 && ItemA < (LootType/1.5)) || (level   >= 13 && ItemA < (LootType/2))
          set WeapToAdd to WeapToAdd - (ItemB - 1)
       elseif WeapToAdd == 4 && (level < 13 && ItemA < LootType) || (level >= 13 && level < 16 && ItemA < (LootType/1.5)) || (level   >= 16 && ItemA < (LootType/2))   
          set WeapToAdd to WeapToAdd - ItemB
       elseif WeapToAdd == 5 && (level < 16 && ItemA < LootType) || (level >= 16 && level < 20 && ItemA < (LootType/1.5)) || (level   >= 20 && ItemA < (LootType/2))     
          set WeapToAdd to WeapToAdd - ItemB
       elseif WeapToAdd == 6 && (level < 20 && ItemA < LootType) || (level >= 20 && ItemA < (LootType/1.5))  
          set WeapToAdd to WeapToAdd - ItemB
       elseif WeapToAdd == 7 && (level < 25 && ItemA < LootType) || (level >= 25 && ItemA < (LootType/1.1)) 
          set WeapToAdd to WeapToAdd - ItemB
       elseif WeapToAdd >= 8 && (level < 35 && ItemA < LootType) || (level >= 35 && ItemA < (LootType/1.1))
          set WeapToAdd to WeapToAdd - ItemB

    if (WeapToAdd == 1)
       NPC.additem Fran01Weap, 1
    elseif (WeapToAdd == 2)
       NPC.additem Fran03Weap, 1    
    elseif (WeapToAdd == 3)
       NPC.additem Fran05Weap, 1    
    elseif (WeapToAdd == 4)
       NPC.additem Fran07Weap, 1 
    elseif (WeapToAdd == 5)
       NPC.additem Fran10Weap, 1  
    elseif (WeapToAdd == 6)
       NPC.additem Fran13Weap, 1  
    elseif (WeapToAdd == 7)
       NPC.additem Fran15Weap, 1
    elseif (WeapToAdd == 8)
       NPC.additem Fran20Weap, 1
    elseif (WeapToAdd == 9)
       NPC.additem Fran25Weap, 1
       set WeapToAdd to 0

       if NPC.IsActor == 1 
       set FranLoot2Blunt.NPC to NPC
       startquest FranLoot2Blunt

       stopquest FranLoot1Blunt

    Thanks for any ideas.