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      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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  1. Thanks. Here's the file preview:


    Tried it out- and works -even in the BAIN. So that file is just what makes the text defined in stats-menu.xml visible. Here's the faction template from there:


        <template name="stat_faction_template">
            <rect name="stat_faction_item">
                <id> 44 </id>
                <target> &true; </target>
                <repeatvertical> &true; </repeatvertical>
                <alpha> 0 </alpha>
                <depth> 3 </depth>
                <width> 600 </width>
                <height> 75 </height>
                <clips> &true; </clips>
                <locus> &true; </locus>
                <x> 0 </x>
                    <copy src="me()" trait="height" />
                    <mul src="me()" trait="listindex" />
                <listindex> 1 </listindex> <!-- position in list -->
                <user1> Mages Guild </user1> <!-- faction name -->
                <user2> Apprentice </user2> <!-- faction rank -->
                <user3> Wizard </user3> <!-- faction next rank -->
                <user4> faction icon </user4> <!-- faction icon -->
                <user5> &false; </user5> <!-- is faction active/visible -->
                <!-- This element is a list item. If it gets an input command it doesn't know how to handle
                     it will defer the command to its parent. The xlist trait set to true triggers this. -->
                <xdefault> &false; </xdefault>
                <xlist> &xitem; </xlist>
                <xup> &prev; </xup>
                <xdown> &next; </xdown>
                    <copy src="me()" trait="listindex" />
                        <copy src="stat_p4_scroll_bar" trait="user8"/>
                        <div> 2 </div>
                        <ceil> 0 </ceil>
                    <add> 1 </add>
                <image name="stat_faction_item_icon">
                    <filename> <copy src="parent()" trait="user4"/> </filename>
                    <width> 64 </width>
                    <height> 64 </height>
                    <x> 15 </x>
                    <y> 5 </y>
                    <depth> 1 </depth>
                    <clips> &true; </clips>
                <text name="stat_faction_item_name">
                    <string> <copy src="parent()" trait="user1" /> </string>
                    <red> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4far" /> </red>
                    <green> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fag" /> </green>
                    <blue> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fab" /> </blue>
                    <alpha> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4faa" /> </alpha>
                    <font> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4faf" /> </font>
                    <wrapwidth> 430 </wrapwidth>
                    <clips> &true; </clips>
                    <x>    <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fax" /> </x>
                    <y> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fay" /> </y>
                    <depth> 1 </depth>
                <text name="stat_faction_item_rank">
                    <string> <copy src="parent()" trait="user2" /> </string>
                    <red> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4frr" /> </red>
                    <green> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4frg" /> </green>
                    <blue> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4frb" /> </blue>
                    <alpha> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fra" /> </alpha>
                    <font> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4frf" /> </font>
                    <wrapwidth> 600 </wrapwidth>
                    <clips> &true; </clips>
                    <x>    <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4frx" /> </x>
                    <y> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fry" /> </y>
                    <depth> 1 </depth>
                <text name="stat_faction_item_next_label">
                    <depth> 1 </depth>
                    <visible> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrv" /> </visible>
                    <string> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrt"/> </string>
                    <justify> &left; </justify>
                    <red> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrr" /> </red>
                    <green> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrg" /> </green>
                    <blue> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrb" /> </blue>
                    <alpha> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnra" /> </alpha>
                    <font> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrf" /> </font>
                    <wrapwidth> 300 </wrapwidth>
                    <clips> &true; </clips>
                    <x> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrx" /> </x>
                    <y> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnry" /> </y>
                <text name="stat_faction_item_next">
                    <depth> 1 </depth>
                    <visible> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrv" /> </visible>
                    <string> <copy src="parent()" trait="user3"/> </string>
                    <justify> &left; </justify>
                    <red> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrr" /> </red>
                    <green> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrg" /> </green>
                    <blue> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrb" /> </blue>
                    <alpha> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnra" /> </alpha>
                    <font> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrf" /> </font>
                    <wrapwidth> 300 </wrapwidth>
                    <clips> &true; </clips>
                        <copy src="stat_faction_item_next_label" trait="x"/>
                        <add src="stat_faction_item_next_label" trait="width"/>
                        <add src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnrs" />
                    <y> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_s4fnry" /> </y>
                <image name="stat_faction_line">
                        <copy src="parent()" trait="listindex" />
                        <mod> 3 </mod>
                        <add> 1 </add>
                        <copy src="me()" trait="_file_" />
                    <depth> -2 </depth>
                    <width> 636 </width>
                    <height> 3 </height>
                    <clips> &true; </clips>
                    <x> -30 </x>
                    <y> 73 </y>
                    <_file_1> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_sbh3" /> </_file_1>
                    <_file_2> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_sbh2" /> </_file_2>
                    <_file_3> <copy src="Imp_UI_Settings" trait="_sbh1" /> </_file_3>



    It may be fixable by changing "Next Rank:" to just "Next:" and moving it to the line below.

    Dunno about that. Is that done in the template? Doesn't look like any linefeeds in there as such. Or stick in another line. What a mess! Else we retain "Next Rank", reducing its font, which might make it a bit yucky. :thumbdown: 

  2. Trying out the venerable BTmod's Status Display of Faction with Next Rank:

    Here how it looks for shortname Factions as per mod package:


    But in reality, it doesn't look like Beider ever tested it for, e.g. The Order of the Virtuous Blood. Oops! 


    It may be fixable by changing "Next Rank:" to just "Next:" and moving it to the line below.

    It involves modifying something in the following (scratches head):


        <!-- Faction Name -->
        <!-- Font -->
        <_s4faf> 3 </_s4faf>        <!-- DEFAULT : 3 -->
        <!-- Red / Green / Blue / Alpha -->
        <_s4far> 51  </_s4far>        <!-- DEFAULT : 51  -->
        <_s4fag> 79  </_s4fag>        <!-- DEFAULT : 79  -->
        <_s4fab> 142 </_s4fab>        <!-- DEFAULT : 142 -->
        <_s4faa> 255 </_s4faa>        <!-- DEFAULT : 255 -->
        <!-- X / Y -->
        <_s4fax> 155 </_s4fax>        <!-- DEFAULT : 155 -->
        <_s4fay> 7 </_s4fay>        <!-- DEFAULT : 7   -->
        <!-- Faction Rank -->
        <!-- Font -->
        <_s4frf> 3 </_s4frf>        <!-- DEFAULT : 3 -->
        <!-- Red / Green / Blue / Alpha -->
        <_s4frr> 117  </_s4frr>        <!-- DEFAULT : 117  -->
        <_s4frg> 59   </_s4frg>        <!-- DEFAULT : 59  -->
        <_s4frb> 33   </_s4frb>        <!-- DEFAULT : 33 -->
        <_s4fra> 255  </_s4fra>        <!-- DEFAULT : 255 -->
        <!-- X / Y -->
        <_s4frx> 155 </_s4frx>        <!-- DEFAULT : 155 -->
        <_s4fry> 39 </_s4fry>        <!-- DEFAULT : 39  -->
        <!-- Next Faction Rank -->
        <!-- Next Rank Visible -->
        <_s4fnrv> &true; </_s4fnrv>    <!-- DEFAULT : &false; -->
        <!-- Font -->
        <_s4fnrf> 3 </_s4fnrf>            <!-- DEFAULT : 3 -->
        <!-- Text -->
        <_s4fnrt> <copy src="strings()" trait="_nextrank"/> </_s4fnrt>
        <!-- DEFAULT : <copy src="strings()" trait="_nextrank"/> -->
        <!-- Red / Green / Blue / Alpha -->
        <_s4fnrr> 117  </_s4fnrr>        <!-- DEFAULT : 117  -->
        <_s4fnrg> 59   </_s4fnrg>        <!-- DEFAULT : 59  -->
        <_s4fnrb> 33   </_s4fnrb>        <!-- DEFAULT : 33 -->
        <_s4fnra> 255  </_s4fnra>        <!-- DEFAULT : 255 -->
        <!-- X / Y Offset -->
        <_s4fnrx> 350 </_s4fnrx>        <!-- DEFAULT : 155 -->
        <_s4fnry> 7  </_s4fnry>        <!-- DEFAULT : 39 -->
        <!-- Spacing between text and rank -->
        <_s4fnrs> 10  </_s4fnrs>        <!-- DEFAULT : 10 -->



  3. Fascinated by earring toothpicks - or chatelaines as they sometimes used to be called in Victorian times. Here's one as a pendant:


    These ones look nice- but are they just ornamental? Will also need to check out the Apachii Goddess Store. :P


    Never knew of the Robber's Cave Experiment: here's a blowdown-

    AFAIK these experiments have not been repeated- most likely on moral/ethical concerns- or perhaps there has never been the impetus?

  4. @Anda, with the Oblivion XP-35333-4-3-2.7z\02 DarkUId DarN\Menus\Prefabs\ the fill_bar.xml won't overwrite the DarkUId DarN version of the file which gets installed in another nested DarN directory- e.g.: Oblivion XP-35333-4-3-2.7z\02 DarkUId DarN\Menus\Prefabs\DarN.

  5. As opposed to streaming, throw some pebbles in the pond and make a ripple? :P

     Got it set up for Ob but forget it was for specifically. It was a 360 sweepshot in different locations- Might have been something to do with LODs or Z-fighting in different weather conditions/lighting or FPS or ShadeMe- don't you hate it when you forget stuff because you don't log it? Damn, what was it? :angry:


  6. Actually checking the UI files was enough- 

    hud_main_menu.xml <= This, I wasn't aware of!

    and Dark UI also requires this: hud_info_menu.xml

    Hmmm, don't know whether a BAIN wizard should be done for Dark UI- it's a very well presented mod with compatibilities for BTmod & older Darn. Looking at the comments in the last few years it seems to be superseded by the others- perhaps it's best left alone after all.

  7. Recreating the master each game load seems like a reasonable approach.

    Found the defs in Commandtable:

    #define COMMAND_ARGS	ParamInfo * paramInfo, void * arg1, TESObjectREFR * thisObj, UInt32 arg3, Script * scriptObj, ScriptEventList * eventList, double * result, UInt32 * opcodeOffsetPtr
    #define PASS_COMMAND_ARGS paramInfo, arg1, thisObj, arg3, scriptObj, eventList, result, opcodeOffsetPtr

    The problem is when doing this in your own code, all the objects have to be defined there as well for anything to work. ParamInfo TESObjectREFR, and all the rest. 

  8. Yeah sorry, Anda's idea is better- but I'm actually attempting to locate where COMMAND_ARGS is defined- i.e. what's the structure of it.

    Is arg(0) and arg(1) separated with a comma or space- or something else?

    ExpressionEvaluator eval(PASS_COMMAND_ARGS);

    And what's PASS_COMMAND_ARGS? Looking at it in context of the function above it's just a blank variable.

    Or is PASS_COMMAND_ARGS some kind of macro?

  9. Quote
    static bool Cmd_ar_Erase_Execute(COMMAND_ARGS)
    	// returns num elems erased or -1 on error
    	UInt32 numErased = -1;
    	ExpressionEvaluator eval(PASS_COMMAND_ARGS);

    Weird that it's not evaling COMMAND_ARGS. You might want to replace the 2nd reference with COMMAND_ARGS.

    That function just returns a Boolean- but it looks like it wants COMMAND_ARGS in a proper format. How are you passing the arguments exactly?