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      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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    Schtearn got a reaction from RavenMind in What are you listening to right now?   
    An umbrella. There? Well, of course if you are John Steed...

    The black and white would be an instant hit!
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    Schtearn got a reaction from RavenMind in Random Stuffz   
    That would be so cool with a fringe on top. Like this?

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    Schtearn reacted to RavenMind in Compatibility For Jedi Lightsabers With Sound and The Bow Of Thunderdark   
    Hey Bong. I have here a VERY ROUGH draft of a relocation patch for you.
    The lightsabers are in a chest in the Arch-Mages Lobby, on the semi-circle table. Only mods that alter the Arcane U Arch-Mages lobby may conflict, and probably at worst, it would just be floating in mid-air, or superimposed into some other object the author placed in the same location. Doubt it's going to be a problem.
    The Bow of Thunder is located in the Chorrol Fighter's Guild, tower, lowest level. It's in a barrel on top of two crates, with a candle on top to mark it. I've never heard of a mod that alters this location, even Fighter's Guild specific ones, so I thought this would be a good place.
    I've altered the note for the Bow of Thunder to make it a more fun & comprehensible read. (Have you read the original?) I've also set both chests to respawn so you can go back and get more lightsabers & unenchanted versions of the bow should you ever want to. If you don't want that, let me know, I can change them all back.
    Bear in mind, I have not had a chance to test this in-game yet - at all. I have cleaned it in xEdit. The only LO requirement should be to load after Jedi Lightsabers & Bow of Thunder Dark. It shouldn't {doesn't} matter where OCC is located in relation.
    Sorry I couldn't do more today, It's been pretty hectic. Tomorrows not looking much better, but I'll try to clean some things up. I'd like to do things in a way that this will be mergeable into your Bashed Patch so it won't take up an ESP slot. If you wouldn't mind just testing it out & seeing if you can get at both items I'd appreciate it. Just don't save after doing so and your savegame should be fine with the next revision. I'll be able to work on it in about 18 hours, but I'll still be able to read  your responses in the mean time. Regards,
    Lightsabers-BoTD Relocated.esp {Removed, see below.}
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    Schtearn reacted to Leonardo in Looking for New Forum Software   
    What you are saying?
    Are you actually consider to switch to NodeBB?  If that happens then I say farewell.  The NodeBB forum software sucks no BBCode, the post editor is I dunno what to call it plus a few other things.
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    Schtearn reacted to AndalayBay in Looking for New Forum Software   
    I've had enough of Invision, so we'll be moving on to other forum software. They really broke the forums with 4.x and they basically thought our set-up was ridiculous with things like Kafka's fun house and team leads. The final straw was when they wanted me to make the forum files writable by all rather than use proper Linux techniques to copy files to the server. I told them how to do it and I said if they weren't willing to do it, then not to bother and we would move on. I was already at the breaking point with the number of tickets open and their attitude. They said that given my attitude, I should move on, so I said fine. It's a pity because we had a lot of money invested in IP.Board, but it's just not worth the aggravation.
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    Schtearn reacted to tegeusCromis in Coda, this time with something to download...   
    OK, since I re-invented the wheel last time dammit, let's try again. Well, I don't actually regret that, it turned out to be a very productive thread (thanks, Vorians!), and I can think of other uses for that map code too. But wouldn't it be nice if we could actually see a result sometimes?
    So this time, I've taken an older piece of batch editing, which in turn was inspired by AB's floater-detect code, and used it to make all the Unique Landscapes logs into Qarl's Harvest activators that give you fungal ingredients.
    The result is here: Qarl's Harvest for Unique Landscapes
    And here's the code (yes, it does need more comments, but I'm losing the will to live right now . Need a beer, soonest.):
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    Schtearn reacted to RavenMind in Quotes   
    From one of my favorites:
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    Schtearn got a reaction from RavenMind in Quotes   
    A man selling Vaseline Petroleum Jelly had gone around a number of houses in town a week before and had left some samples, asking people to see if they could find an ingenious use for it. Now he went around to the same houses, asking what uses they had found for Vaseline. 

    The man in the first house, a wealthy city gent, said, "I used it for medicinal purposes. Whenever my children scraped their elbows or knees, I would rub it on."

    The man in the second house said, "I used it for mechanical purposes, such as greasing the bearings of my bicycles and lawnmower."

    The man in the third house, a scruffy, unshaven, working class fellow, said, "I used it for sexual purposes."

    In a shocked voice the salesman asked, "What do you mean?"

    "Well," said the scruffy man, "I put a whole lot of it on the handle of my bedroom door to keep the kids out!" 

    You can give the same thing to different people and they will come out with different uses, according to their own unconsciousness. But if they are conscious, they will find only one use.
    -Osho, (The Hidden Splendor)
    At the beginning of World War II, a Nazi officer is forced to share a compartment on a crowded train with a Jew and his family. After ignoring them for a while he says contemptuously, "You Jews are supposed to be so clever; where does this so called intelligence come from?"

    "It is from our diet," says the Jew, " we eat a lot of raw fish heads." Upon which he opens his basket and saying "Lunch time!" proceeds to hand out fish heads to his wife and children. The Nazi, getting excited says "Wait a minute, I want some!"

    "Okay," says the Jew "I will sell you six for twenty-five dollars." 

    The Nazi accepts and begins to chew. He almost throws up, but the children shout encouragment, "Suck out the brains, suck out the brains!" The Nazi is on his fourth head when he says to the Jew, "Is not twenty-five dollars a lot of money to pay for six fish heads, that are usually thrown out as garbage?"

    "See," says the Jew, "It's working already!”
    -Osho, (The Hidden Splendor)
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    Schtearn reacted to AndalayBay in IP.Board 4.x - VERY SOON!   
    And yeah, I'm wearing sunglasses at night...
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    Schtearn reacted to tegeusCromis in Random Stuffz   
    Yeah. I usually pretend I'm talking to the PC, though. Allows me to use slightly more colourful language, don't want to do myself down too much, after all. (Of course, when I really am talking to the PC, I pull out all the stops...) In any case, I can always talk to the cat if I want intelligent conversation...
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    Schtearn reacted to AndalayBay in Infinite Monkey Playground and Software Thread   
    That's the idea. It's for doing your own forums. Basically it provides an editor like what you get when you reply to a post here.
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    Schtearn reacted to Vorians in Random Stuffz   
    Not if they share one mind. Like multiples in Peter F Hamilton's Void Trilogy.
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    Schtearn reacted to tegeusCromis in [CSE] More CODA: Generating simple maps   
    Well, it's been a while, so I hope it's OK to start a whole new CODA thread.

    So, [1] I was having a conversation about finding out-of-area mod edits, especially the ghastly wild landscape edits that some bug in the CS foists upon us (these have favoured spots, but they're still easy to overlook). And I wondered if maybe we could do something with CODA to help. So, thanks to the IsModified function that Shademe very kindly provided for us last time around, we can now print out simple text maps to the console, showing which cells have been modified by the active mod. And, amazingly, it can turn up landscape edits, contrary to what I suggested on the other thread.

    Without further ado, here is the first draft...

    Some sample output later, but first, notes:

    1. Of course, TES4Edit is the bestest way to solve most conflicts, but it's easy to get lost in it. This is aimed at being a simple at-a-glance visual solution to show the most obvious issues first.

    2. As it is set, this displays only landscape (LAND) edits [see footnote [2]]. Of course, these are the most dangerous, especially given what the CS does, but it can be set to spot any other form type - it's easy enough to leave stuff lying around somewhere and just forget about it.   
    3. It would be awfully nice to be able to display two or more mods and show their overlap zones. Sadly, I don't think there is any way to do this for CELL records, though. However, as with some stuff I was doing in the previous thread, I believe that it could work with a number of other form types. Haven't tried it yet, though.

    4. The output's a tad ugly. I could have added tick marks every 10 cells, for example. But I'm happy to leave that as an exercise for the reader.

    5. The usual standing ovation for Shademe for implementing CODA in the first place, and adding commands and functions on request at the drop of a hat. Don't know where he/she may mostly be found now though, given the state of the Beth forums.


    I've copied these from the CSE console, but especially if you're checking big province mods, Conscribe is your friend.

    First, Unique Landscapes Jerall Glacier. Middle-sized landscape mod, keeps itself to itself.

    However, UL Eastern Peaks, the last and one of the biggest ULs, has been a bit naughty with that one outlier up there in Morrowind. (sorry, Vorians! ). It's not of any real consequence, but it shows what we can catch.

    Finally, here's Elsweyr Anequina in all its pomp and majesty...

    OK, I'll now leave this open to the public. I'm sure that there are many other possibilities I haven't thought of.

    [1] So, I keep reading UK broadsheet rants about the awfulness of modern people starting sentences with "So". So [not the same usage exactly] I'm resolved to do it at least once in every post. So there.
    [2] Minor WARNING, no great danger though. This current script displays *all* edited cells, not just those with landscape edits. I changed my mind (because being selective is more complex) then forgot all about it.
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    Schtearn reacted to AndalayBay in [RELz] Oblivion XP WIP   
    Oblivion XP WIP
    View File Update: New WIP Release
    In addition to the fix for high resolution monitors and the various level-up bugs, this release also has a customized location discovery script for the Shivering Isles. See the change log, below.
    What's next? I'm working with DavidJCobb on making Ob XP compatible with Northern UI.
    IMPORTANT: Uninstall any previous version of Ob XP before installing this version. Do NOT make a new save. Uninstall the old version of Oblivion XP, check to make sure all of the old files have been deleted, especially if you use OBMM, and then install the new version. I have moved the menu files around and the old copies may not be cleared out properly if you don't uninstall first. If you use BAIN, it would be fine, but other methods will require that you uninstall first, so it's better to do it for all installation methods.
    After uninstalling Oblivion XP, you may want to anneal the package for your UI if you use BAIN. If you're using another installer, then you should uninstall and reinstall your UI. Then install the new version of Oblivion XP.
    NOTE: If you load your saved game and are presented with a blank levelup menu, just click DONE and then immediately load your saved game again. Then open the levelup menu and level up your character. This is another symptom of the bug and it will be fixed once you reload your game and level up.
    Change Log 4.4
    fixed prompt to initialize Oblivion XP after first level-up bug fixed bug in point award for reading scrolls deleted generic_background75.xml. No longer used. cleaned up menus. Parameterized more elements, removed duplicate definitions. Fixed text wrap length so the menu works with other languages. changed colour of skill cost text to make it easier to see. fixed level-up menu for high resolution monitors (1440p and above). enhanced Shivering Isles location discovery. Previously it only gave a static number of points. Now you'll get a varying number of points based on distance to nearest city. added option to hide HUD message log completely. See messageLogVisible variable in ini file. If you hide the message log, you should turn off the XP gained chime too (messageSoundXP). added NMM installation script created by Haikem. Thanks Haikem! Submitter AndalayBay Submitted 10/28/2017 Category Gameplay Changes  
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    Schtearn reacted to AndalayBay in RIP Gord Downy   
    I was afraid of that. VEVO is notorious for not playing in other countries. Let's see if this one works:
    If you can view that one, you'll see how sick he was. That concert was their last.
    Here's another version that might work:
    If not, try searching for "Tragically Hip Bobcaygeon".
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    Schtearn got a reaction from Bongmongus in RIP Gord Downy   
    Someone pulled a fast one! Is it fixable?
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    Schtearn reacted to avalon2260 in Infinite Monkey Playground and Software Thread   

    Screens can be positioned at absolute coordinates or relative to another
    screen. The first monitor on a Screen will be at 0,0 unless specified otherwise.

    The syntax here is:
    Option "Monitor-{OUTPUT}" "{MONITOR_NAME}"
    This tells the gpu driver which output a monitor is connected to.
    The output (name) is gpu/driver dependent, the monitor name is completely arbitrary,
    you can call that whatever you want, "mon1" or "DellModelXYZ" or whatever.
    This is where the terminology is easy to get confused.
    An X *Display* consists of one or more *Screens* and some input devices
    (keyboard, mouse, etc.)
    A *Screen* consists of one or more monitors.
    So an X Display supports multiple Screens, a concept I don't think exists in
    Windows? That is (AFAIK), Windows has only one "Screen", in X terminology.
    Screens are independent, you cannot move windows between different Screens.
    X, of course, is also network aware, thus you can run a GUI program on one
    computer that uses the Display on another computer.
    With X programs, you can specify the display to use, which defaults to using
    the $DISPLAY environment variable. The format is:
    The hostname is usually omitted when unneeded (i.e. programs running on the
    same computer), and the screen number defaults to 0 if omitted, so typically
    $DISPLAY is just ":0". The second Screen on the first Display would thus be ":0.1",
    the first Screen on the second Display would be ":1" (or ":1.0"), and so on. You
    can have multiple Displays on the same system, thus several people can run X
    on the same computer.
    For example, this box I'm using has a Xeon E3-1225 (Sandy Bridge), and the
    on-chip gpu has 7 outputs: DP 1-3, HDMI 1-3, and VGA1. Although, most intel
    gpus only support 2 or 3 simultaneous outputs (different outputs, that is,
    additional outputs can be clones of other outputs, i.e. there are 2 or 3 CRTCs).
    But obviously the monitor ports are on the motherboard. So which outputs are
    supported and what they're connected to depends on the motherboard. This
    also applies to graphics cards, of course. Different graphics cards can have
    different physical outputs even if they use the same gpu.
    In this system, the motherboard (Intel DQ77MK) has two DVI ports and one DP.
    But the gpu/driver has no "DVI" outputs. The two DVI ports are connected to HDMI1
    and HDMI3. The DP port is connected to the DP2 output. Again though, this depends
    on the gpu, a different processor with a different gpu model might have
    different outputs. I had a Pentium in here before but I didn't make any note
    of which outputs the gpu had.
    I'm currently using 2 1600x1200 monitors rotated 90 degress (1200x1600) joined
    together into a single Screen.
    Note that the second monitor (HDMI3) is at position +1200+0, thus to the right
    of the first monitor.
    The DP output is inactive (monitor is from another system, just connected to
    see which output the DisplayPort was on).
    This is the config:
    Dual Screen example:
    Until I get my main system back up and running, I have a laptop (thinkpad t420,
    i5-2520m, also Sandy and  more or less the same gpu as the Xeon -- HD3000/P3000)
    set up temporarily with two Screens, with one monitor on each. The laptop's LCD panel
    is disabled (I have the lid closed, the resolution is shite anyway), and I'm using two external
    monitors connected to a dock.
    Screen 0 is on the dock's DP port (DP2, the t420 has a built-in DP port, which
    is DP1).
    Screen 1 in on the dock's DVI port, connected to the gpu's "HDMI3" output
    (again though, this is gpu/driver dependent, a laptop with a different cpu/gpu
    might route a different output here). Note that this monitor is 1920x1200 rotated
    90 degrees (this is the monitor I temporarily connected to the Xeon above).
    Note that both of these Screens are at position +0+0. As I said above, Screens
    are independent, thus have separate coordinate systems.
    Edit: fixed some typos and added spoiler tags for readability.
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    Schtearn reacted to Vincent in IP.Board 4.x - VERY SOON!   
    I am experienced with creating forum skins. I would be willing to make one (free of charge) that looks similar to this one, using the default 4.x theme as a base, if you'd let me.
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    Schtearn reacted to Vorians in Random Stuffz   
    There are a number of possibilities that spring to mind:
    Labelling them before tossing into a drawer
    Hanging them in a prefered order from a piece of string strung across the wall
    Making your butler organise them
    Placing them carefully into the drawer in a particular placement instead of tossing them in, using blutack to hold them in place
    Blutacking them to the wall
    Replacing them all with one external SSD so that you don't even need to organise USB drives
    Sacrificing your first born to the dark gods to ensure that you will always retrieve the desired USB drive from the drawer without having to organise them
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    Schtearn got a reaction from Malonn in What are you listening to right now?   
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    Schtearn got a reaction from Sue in Wildfires in West Coast and Hurricanes in East Coast.   
    The awful thing about these events isn't so much the event itself but the ensuing months-weeks-years required to get everything back on an even keel.
    Hope @Ama's relations have a place to go to in the meantime. And @VM- trust that life off the grid is bearable for you!
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    Schtearn got a reaction from Sue in Happy Birthday Schtearn!   
    Older than what I should be?
    Age is wasted on the old, Youth is wasted on the young. Time is a wasting upon us all!
    Thank you all! Had an absolutely super day. @VM: ASCII with a dash of whiskey please. 
    2nd  thoughts: dash the ASCII: just hand over that 'ere bottle please!
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    Schtearn got a reaction from Sue in Happy Birthday Schtearn!   
    Older than what I should be?
    Age is wasted on the old, Youth is wasted on the young. Time is a wasting upon us all!
    Thank you all! Had an absolutely super day. @VM: ASCII with a dash of whiskey please. 
    2nd  thoughts: dash the ASCII: just hand over that 'ere bottle please!
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    Schtearn reacted to Visceral Moonlight in Happy Birthday Schtearn!   
    Choose your cake!
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    Schtearn reacted to Sue in Happy Birthday Schtearn!   
    But.... are you older than me?!? And would that explain anything??? Ha!
    Happy Birthday Schtearn, have a fab day with lots of fun and cake.