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  1. Progress Thread

    Really? They look pretty horrible to me, The problem with the newer argonains is their faces are waaay to short, they should be long like Morrowind. A matter of personal fancy. To me they're pretty awesome, too.
  2. Progress Thread

    Black Marsh is also compatible with such staple mods as Maskar's Basic Personal Needs and Basic Personal Hygiene. OR should be good, too. (Alenet's water + his grass mod + ENB make BM extra beautiful. I guess it's the same for OR.) All kinds of ground and flora texture enhancements (e.g. Discovery1's) are okay. I could see no problems with Kaizits new animations for NPC and player, Enhanced Economy, OOO (levelling and other gameplay aspects), Creature Diversity, Q More and Moldy Ingredients, Mercers Ingredient Effect Overhaul, Fundament, and many other mods, either.
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