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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!


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    mhahn123 got a reaction from DaggerfallTeam in Is it Possible to Add Custom Map Markers to the Existing ones?   
    OK...I get what you're shooting for. So when you open the pop up menu for Map Marker in the CSE there would be a selection for Dwemer Ruin just as there is for Elven Ruin. And there is enough space on that menu pane to add one more selection. But I don't know of any way to access what you want to do. Nor have I ever seen a mod that does it. That of course doesn't mean it can't be done. Now you've gone and made me curious. Going to dig further into the subject.
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from Leonardo in Paid Mods for Skyrim   
    Well the term "consumer" pretty much illustrates the point. Take, take, take and never give back.
    Modding should be approached like any other hobby. You do it because you enjoy it. That's why I do it. And because you enjoy it you share some...or most... of what you've done with no real expectations attached. I think most of us know by now that doing this for any other reason is just absurd. How many people even spend a second of their time to click a button and rate the mods they download? I surely wouldn't be here doing this for recognition. I do it because I enjoy it. So I say we all let this BS blow over and just go back to doing what we all obviously enjoy doing.
    P.S.  Many thanks to those who have clicked those buttons to give some recognition. It's appreciated, not expected mind you, but appreciated.  
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from Sigurd Stormhand in [RELz] Improved Middle and Upper Class Architecture   
    No worries. It is an older version of the UOP. I haven't updated in some time. Had no idea anybody was still doing mesh fixes. Oh well...if I fixed even a handful of things it was worthwhile. Downloading the updated UOP right now. Better look in there before I do any more mesh work.
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from Leonardo in [RELz] The Hesu Mod Collection   
    File Name: The Hesu Mod Collection
    File Submitter: mhahn123
    File Submitted: 29 Apr 2015
    File Category: Overhauls and New Lands

    The Hesu mods initially came to my attention via screenshots posted
    on Oblivion Nexus. The mods were located on a Japanese website, with
    very little descriptive information included, and were mostly unheard of
    in the English speaking mod community. Translated text reveals that
    the author gave permission to enhance and redistribute so long as the
    proper credits are given.

    I am uploading here so that the English modding community can enjoy
    these wonderful creations as well. At the moment only the original
    Hesu plugins are included. I've given them a good cleaning with
    Tes4Edit and made very minor adjustments.

    Update Announcement

    It's been a while since I have checked in here at TAL..much to my regret.
    Real Life work as always just seems to hinder all the fun stuff , and I'm
    just not able to keep up with all the files I have posted on multiple sites.
    Even though free time is in short supply, a lot of progress has been made
    with this series.

    At the moment I have completed translation, bug fixes, and compatibility
    patches for 11 of the 15 HESU mods. Unfortunately, the files have not been
    uploaded here yet. They can be found on the Nexus page only for now. It is
    my plan to finish work on the entire series and then upload the files here.


    The Hesu Mod Collection includes 15 amazing plugins which are primarily
    landscape mods. There are also a number of author created compatibility
    patches. Each of the mods in this collection overhauls, and indeed truly
    transforms a specific region of the game. In my humble opinion some of
    these are easily on par with what you might expect to see in a Unique
    Landscapes mod.

    What makes them truly outstanding is the use of strictly vanilla Oblivion
    and Shivering Isles material. The creative ways in which the vanilla
    items have been used is masterful. Please read the brief description for
    each plugin to get an idea of what they do.

    What's Included??

    There are four main folders, each containing from 3 to 6 plugins. Here is
    the lineup as they were originally packaged:

    Pack 1 - Contains three plugins:

    1. HESU5 AppleOnsen ( Apple Hot Springs) - Makes extensive landscaping
    changes directly north and east of Bleakers way. Contains exterior hot springs
    with streams and waterfalls running down into Bleakers Way. Also some SI
    structures which serve as bath houses.

    2. HESU5 JigokuDani (doesn't translate well but Hell Lands or some such) -
    Transforms a large area West and Northwest from Hermaeus Mora shrine. Turning
    the snowy mountain terrain into a series of sulfurous pools with liberal use
    of SI flora, fauna, architecture. Several large structures in the area.

    3. HESU5 PoisonNuma (Poison Swamp) - Landscaping overhauls for a large portion
    of the Blackwood area East of Leyawiin and North of Fort Blueblood. Also makes
    extensive use of SI flora and fauna.

    Pack 2 - Contains four plugins:

    1. HESU4 SkyrimSinden (Skyrim Temple) - Adds SI structures in the mountains due
    North from Sedor Ayleid Ruins, which spread to the East and West along the ridge.
    Minimal landscaping which is kept to the immediate vicinity of the structures.
    The larger part of this plugin is interior cells which have a ruins type theme.

    2. HESU5 EudaBear - Adds landscaping and quite a bit of building which starts
    near Bruma Oblivion Gate and spreads East all the way to the Frostcrag area.
    There is a hotsprings near the top with a bear swimming in it, which may explain
    the title.

    3. HESU5 SmokeTown - Adds landscaping and SI structures starting from Lake
    Arrius and spreading all the way to Azura's Shrine area. Lots of little gulleys
    in the terrain filled with mist, hence the "smoke town" title.

    4. HESU5 ValenwoodMine - As the name would imply this adds landscaping and
    structures starting due Southeast of Kvatch Mesa near Mortal Camp and spreading
    all the way to the Strid River cliffs on the Valenwood side. Which is where the
    mine is located.

    Pack 3 - Contains five plugins and one patch file:

    1. HESU4 GaraGara (Doesn't translate) - Massive landscaping and lots of new
    structures starting from near Fort Empire on the Red Ring Road. Spreads uphill
    to Piukanda and outlaw Endres Cave.

    2. HESU4 NomutonMura (doesn't translate well...something Village) - Overhauls
    a portion of the area between Anvil and Kvatch.

    3. HESU5 DiveRock - Just what the name suggests. Adds a stream, landscaping,
    and settlements starting near Walker Camp and spreading uphill all the way to
    the Dive Rock area.

    4. HESU5 IsobeGyason (??Seaside Village??)...what can I say, Google translate
    is terrible - This adds landscape and settlements which start just East of Anvil Castle
    and wraps around the coastline well up into Strid River.

    5. HESU5 KoyoTown - Adds significant development and landscaping which starts
    near Fort Coldcorn and spreads uphill all the way to Moranda.

    6. HESU6 Patch Nomuton Isobe - As the name would suggest, this is a patch file
    for two of the plugins which overlap (NomutonMura and IsobeGyason). Fixes a
    small tear at one cell border and repairs path grids. Plugins need to be loaded
    in that order for the patch to work properly.

    Pack 4 - Contains three plugins:

    1. HESU5 GFBedTown - Adds a small town along with a good deal of landscaping and
    other structures along the Gold Road. Situated between Grayrock Cave and
    Ceyatatar Ayleid Ruin.

    2. HESU5 GreenRoad - Just as the name suggests makes heavy landscaping changes
    along the Green Road near Charcoal Cave. Also is a complete overhaul for most of
    the White Rose River. Unfortunately that includes cell 3'3 which causes glitches
    in-game. I am working on a number of fixes for this particular plugin and will
    upload as soon as possible. This is still very much worth exploring in it's current

    3. HESU5 UraraMura - Adds settlements and heavy landscaping to a large area North
    of White Rose River and Fort Roebeck


    Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
    Shivering Isles - All the plugins use SI content so you will need it installed.


    1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of
    your choice.

    2. Set load order.

    3. Play and enjoy!

    Load Order

    Suggest using BOSS to set load order. It knows where to place them all. If setting
    load order manually they should be placed just above the Unique Landscapes mods.


    There are a number of un-patched conflicts at this time, depending on which of these
    plugins you choose to use. Potential conflicts exist with The Lost Spires, Castle
    West Weald, Reclaiming Sancre Tor, SOC White Rose Farm, UL Cliffs Of Anvil, DLC
    Frostcrag, Frostcrag Reborn.... just to name a few. The list is rather extensive.

    With that said, please don't let potential conflicts stop you from checking these
    out. Conflicts can and will be resolved in due time.


    Bethesda - for creating Oblivion.
    LHammonds - for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
    HESU - for doing a fantastic job creating the original mods
    me - for general cleaning, patching, and packaging everything up.

    Legal Stuff

    The original author listed these as free to edit and redisribute with proper credits. With
    that in mind feel free to use these as you wish, just be sure to list me in the credits as
    well since I have done some work on all of these.

    Click here to download this file
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from AndalayBay in [RELz] Improved Middle and Upper Class Architecture   
    File Name: Improved Middle and Upper Class Architecture
    File Submitter: mhahn123
    File Submitted: 28 Apr 2015
    File Category: Items & Resources

    Provides several mesh fixes for the vanilla Middle and Upper class


    When I began working on Settlements of Cyrodiil, I wanted each region
    to have architecture which used the materials unique to that part of
    the game world. Once work began, I quickly discovered that the vanilla
    houses are riddled with flaws. In order to do much of anything with the
    vanilla homes and make them look halfway decent, I first needed to fix

    This pack contains all of the middleclass and upperclass meshes that I
    have made fixes for so far. My original intention was to provide meshes
    which are visually correct for anyone wanting to do re-texturing work on
    these models. However, they can be used as vanilla replacers as well.

    I am still working on a few more so there will most likely be things added
    in a later update.

    What has been fixed??

    Minor things really that most folks probably haven't even noticed. Most
    of it is Cheydinhal architecture and has to do with either correcting uv
    maps or plugging holes in the houses. Almost all of them had misaligned
    LOD doors causing large gaps around the doors. Which won't matter anyway
    once you place a real door in front of it in game, But it bugged me so I
    fixed them. Use the following list along with the included screen shots
    to reference all fixes.


    1. Closed a gap on the left side of the LOD door.

    2. Adjusted UV maps for one stone panel on lower right side of home.


    1. Adjusted uv maps for stone panel to left of door steps which was much
    larger than everything else on the house. The Cheydinhal textures are
    good for masking problems like this so it's difficult to see. But once you
    assign a new texture onto the building it stands out.


    1. Closed a gap around the LOD door.

    2. Filled in a missing wood frame piece under the upper left side eaves.

    3. Adjusted uv maps on two stone panels on the left side of house.


    1. Closed a very large gap around the upper balcony LOD door

    2. Filled a small wood frame gap on the lower LOD door.

    3. There were 12 railing posts which were left as individual pieces. These
    have now been merged into the wood framwework.

    4. Adjusted UV maps for upper and mid wood frame pieces which had wood grain
    texture running the wrong direction.


    1. Fixed wood on door frame which had incorrect plaster texture and fixed uv maps
    for same as they were never set and were stretching textures out of whack.

    2. Closed a small gap above the door.

    3. Closed a gap in wood frame to the left of the door.

    4. Closed two gaps in the wood framing for the roof tower.

    5. Fixed a wood frame piece on right end of house which was incorrectly tied to
    stonewall texture.

    6. Added wood framing along both sides of fireplace because it just looks better.

    7. Adjusted uv maps for wood frame pieces which had texture going wrong direction.


    1. Closed a large gap around the lower LOD door.

    2. Once again fixed uv maps for several wood frame pieces which had the wood
    grain texture running the wrong direction.


    1. Closed a gap around the LOD door.

    2. Filled several wood frame gaps on the roof tower

    3. Yet again adjusted uv maps on several wood frame pieces to make the wood
    grain line up properly.


    1. Adjusted uv maps for the small dormer roof. Shingle texture was all botched.


    Meshes folder contains 1 each of the following:


    There are no textures included since everything uses vanilla textures.


    These are resources only with no .esp included. You can drop these in as vanilla
    replacers. If you are using the Unofficial Oblivion Patch be sure to have these
    meshes overwrite the UOP meshes which do not contain my fixes.

    Alternately these can be retextured and used to create new items in the CS. It is
    assumed the end user already knows how to do that. For those new to modding the
    basic steps are as follows:

    1. Drop the contents into your Oblivion Data Folder, or integrate into your mod
    files using the mod manager of your choice.

    2. Open up the construction set and create new items using the meshes supplied
    in this package.

    3. Example - Load CS. Find HouseLower01 in the static section. Double click to
    open the dialogue box. Click on the button with the .nif name and point it to
    one of the new meshes from this package. Rename and click ok. You will be asked
    if you want to create a new object.....say YES. DO NOT save changes to vanilla
    objects unless you purposely want to change every instance of that object in
    your game.

    4. Place the new items wherever you want them.

    5. Save your new plugin file.


    Bethesda - for Oblivion and the CS
    Blender & Nifskope - for the tools that made this possible.
    LHammonds - for the readme generator this file was based on
    me - for the time it took to assemble all this stuff

    Legal Stuff

    These materials are being distributed as a free to use modder resource package.
    Use in your own projects requires no additional permissions. I do ask that you
    mention me in your credits as a small courtesy.

    Click here to download this file
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from AndalayBay in [RELz] BOSS Masterlist for Oblivion   
    Speaking of which...just uploaded a fresh update with 40+ new additions.
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from Leonardo in [RELz] BOSS Masterlist for Oblivion   
    BOSS Masterlist for Oblivion
    View File           BOSS for Oblivion
    Setting the correct load order for your mods is a crucial step to enjoying a stable
    modded game. Better Oblivion Sorting Software...aka BOSS, is designed to assist
    mod users in avoiding mod conflicts, by providing automated load order sorting
    that's simple to use and fully customizable. While sorting, BOSS checks for load
    order errors and notifies you of any issues that it detects.
    BOSS also provides thousands of plugin specific messages. Including usage 
    notes, Bash Tag suggestions, requirements, incompatibilities, bug warnings, and
    installation mistake notices. It supports the sorting of plugins ghosted by the
    Wrye Bash utility, and has been translated into multiple languages.
    BOSS utilizes a Masterlist text file to sort plugins into the correct order. Although
    it recognizes tens of thousands of plugins, new mods are constantly being created
    and released every day. This means the Masterlist requires frequent updates. We
    depend on mod user submissions in order to keep pace with the mod community.
    This page is simply a portal from which to download the Masterlist text file, in
    the event you are unable to do so via the BOSS GUI. If your GUI is functioning,
    and updating properly through an internet connection, you already have the
    most up to date Masterlist.
    Program Requirements
    In order for the Masterlist to be of any use, you will need to have the latest version
    of BOSS which can be found here. Older versions of BOSS still function, but won't
    be able to update via the GUI. Versions prior to 2.3.0 may not properly read the 
    Masterlist due to formatting changes.
    Downloading the Masterlist
    Find the most recent Masterlist in the files section. Once you've downloaded and
    unzipped the file, you just need to install the Masterlist into the Oblivion folder
    located inside BOSS on your PC.
    Example: C:/Users/*yourusername*/Desktop/Boss2.3.2/Bin/Release-64/Oblivion
    Copy/Paste the Masterlist into the Oblivion folder. Make sure the "Sort Plugins" box
    is checked on the GUI and run BOSS.
    Submitting Unrecognized Plugins
    If you wish to submit an unrecognized mod plugin, please do so either through
    your BOSS GUI, or by posting on the main BOSS page over at Oblivion Nexus.
    Apologies, It's just more convenient for me to only have to track two sites.   
    Full credit for BOSS goes to the original development team. I take no credit for anything
    other than typing a bunch of mod names into a list that was already very well developed.
    Legal Stuff
    I was given permission from Wrinklyninja to host this page here. Please do not upload to
    any other sites without getting permissions first.
    Submitter mhahn123 Submitted 04/12/2015 Category Miscellaneous  
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from Leonardo in [RELz] The One Stop Patch Shop   
    File Name: The One Stop Patch Shop
    File Submitter: mhahn123
    File Submitted: 15 Mar 2015
    File Category: Patches & Fixes

    Welcome to The One Stop Patch Shop!
    The first place to look for all your compatibility patch needs.

    This page sprung to life from the seed of an idea planted by Maczopiczo, a
    member of the Nexus modding community. Mac had commented on a few
    of my compatibility patches and made reference to my "One Stop Patch Shop".
    I really thought the title had a certain ring to it, so decided to create a page
    dedicated to Oblivion Mod Patches. The original OSPS page is located on
    Oblivion Nexus and most of the mods addressed by these patches can be
    found there as well.

    The One Stop Patch Shop serves as a central hub for compatibility patches.
    Making it much easier for folks to find whatever mod patches they are in
    search of. Here you will find files uploaded for all of the one off patches
    I have personally created. All of my patches that have multiple variations
    are linked on this page.

    The main purpose here is to provide an extensive list of links to patch files
    created by other members of the modding community. I take absolutely no
    credit for anyone else' work, and do not host the files unless the author has
    given an ok to do so. This is meant as a simplified way to find that one patch
    you need without spending an hour of your precious gaming time searching
    for it.

    I think it would be great to see this continue to expand, and become genuinely
    useful for everyone. If you know of mod patches that are not currently linked
    here, please leave a comment. If you have created patch files that you would
    like to host here I will happily add them in, just send me a PM so we can work
    it out.

    Patch Requests

    A few members of the community have approached me and volunteered services.
    If you would like to have a compatibility patch created, leave a simple post
    here in the comments. Or leave a detailed comment on KadVenku's forum thread.
    Your request will be reviewed and added to the list. We believe in reaching out to
    mod authors before beginning work, so please be patient. When a team member
    claims a request it will be displayed under their name. Once a patch has been
    completed it will either be uploaded or linked to here depending on the author's
    individual preference.

    Active Modders


    Current Unclaimed Requests

    1. Trails of Cyrodiil Merged + Roads of Cyrodiil
    2. OCO2 + Slof's Oblivion Better Beasts
    3. OCO2 + Bearded NPC's (+ Slof's Oblivion Better Beasts)
    4. Slof's Robe Trader + Mage Equipment 2.1
    5. Jojjos Dread Knight and Morrigan Armor - BAB versions
    6. Cyrodiil Rebuild II + Roads of cyrodiil
    7. Enhanced Economy + Several Mods
    8. OCO2 + Knights of The Nine: Revelations
    9. Knights of The Nine: Revelations + HGEC Body (EBE Lightguts)
    10. Mighty Umbra + Several Body Types

    Work In Progress Requests

    1. Talos Bridge Gatehouse + Imperial City Suburbs [KadVenku]
    2. Dragon Captions Pride of Wolf's Gate + Kvatch Rebuilt [KadVenku]
    3. Lilyvale Town + A ton of other mods [mhahn123]

    Links to Oblivion and DLC Patches

    Official Oblivion 1.2.416 Patch: Most mods require your game to be up to date
    with this patch and will not function properly without this.

    All The Patches-All Languages: Provides translated versions of the official
    1.2.416 patch in numerous languages, for those who use an alternate language
    version of Oblivion.

    (UOP) Unofficial Oblivion Patch: A huge collection of bug fixes not covered by
    the official Bethesda patches.

    (USIP) Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch: Same thing as above but designed for
    those who have the official addon Shivering Isles.

    (UOMP) Unofficial Official Mods Patch: Bug fixes for all of the other official
    Bethesda DLCs.

    Links to Modding Community Patches

    AFK Weye-MTC-Region Revive Patches: A trio of patches which all allow simultaneous
    use of AFK Weye, MTC Expanded Villages, and Region Revive Lake Rumare. These
    patches also build in compatibility for mods such as Akaviri Imports, House of
    Healing, Oblivion Farmers Market, Ruined Tails Tale, Clocks of cyrodiil, and
    Colourwheels Sexy Oblivion Overhaul.

    Alternate Start Town Lindum Patches: A total of seven patches which make Antiscamp's
    new town compatible with various combinations of Blood Raven, UL Chorrol Hinterlands,
    and UL Lush Woodlands.

    Arrows of the Ayleid King Patch: Fixes incorrect texture paths for some of the
    creatures found in this mod.

    Arthmoor's Mod Patches: A collection of compatibility patches for mods such as
    ImpeREAL Forts, JDNT Brina Cross, Frostcrag Spire, Ruined Tails Tale, Shezries
    Towns, The Lost Spires, and Wellspring Vale.

    Artifacts-Shezries Towns Patch: Relocates the Collectors Guild building to
    eliminate conflicts with Shezries Pells Gate town.

    Ayleid Steps-All Natural Real Lights Patch: Darkens the interior cells by 10% to
    work better with All Naturals lighting system.

    Battlehorn Castle Upgraded Patches: A set of five patches that make Battlehorn
    Upgraded compatible with AFK Weye, Tonas Mod Store, UL Chorrol Hinterlands, and
    Verona House Bloodlines.

    Better Cities Imperial Isle Compatibility Patches: A set of patches that makes
    the Better Cities Imperial Isle plugin compatible with several mod combinations.

    Beyond Cyrodiil-Valenwood Heightmap Patch: Fixes landscape issues around the
    West valen Inn added by Beyond Cyrodiil Camps.

    Black cat Jewelry Store-Skingrad Outskirts Patches: Relocates the Black Cat store
    building so it no longer conflicts with a farm added by UL Skingrad Outskirts. Also
    contains several alternate versions that work with Better Cities and associated BC

    Brina Cross Consolidated Patches: A pair of patch files that fix conflicts
    between Brina Cross Village, JDNT Brina Cross, and ImpeREAL Forts.

    Calair Castle-Fort Akatosh Redux Patch: Landscape fix that allows these two mods
    to work side by side.

    Cardac Patch Collection: A set of seven patch files which repair conflicts caused
    when using various combinations of Cardac, Shexries Towns, Unique Landscapes-
    Aspen Wood, and Unique Landscapes-Silverfish River Valley.

    Chocolate Elves-Race Balancing Project Patch: Adds the endurance and magicka
    abilities from RBP to the Chocolate Elves.

    Cute Elves Race Mystical Unicorn Blue Door Patch: Fixes a bug which breaks all
    of the vanilla blue magical portals and messes up the Peryite Daedric Artifact

    Dark Brotherhood Cemetery-Cheydinhal Falls Patch: A small patch file which repairs
    a land height conflict and makes a few other minor adjustments.

    Eastbrink Town Patches: A trio of patches which allow Eastbrink Town to work
    with Bravil Sea Domes, ImpeREAL Forts, and UL Silverfish River Valley.

    Elsweyr Anequina-Morrowind Drinks COBL Patch: Re-works Elsweyrs pricing system
    for Morrowind Drinks to match COBL's system.

    Elsweyr Anequina-Roberts Bodies Patch: Adds support for Roberts Male and Female
    bodies to the Elsweyr races.

    Eyren's Vampire Hunter Armor for BAB Body: Simple mesh replacer to ensure compatibility
    when using BAB

    Frostcrag Reborn-Frostcrag Village Patch: This is a patch for the original version
    (Not De-Isolated version) of Frostcrag Reborn and Frostcrag Village

    Glenvar Castle Bath Patches: Allows the Glenvar Castle private bath to be fully
    compatible with A Bloody Mess and Bathing Mod.

    Glenvar Castle Teleport Patch: Allows you to learn a teleportation spell so you
    can teleport back to the castle from any location.

    Heart of the Dead-Race Balancing Project Patch: Corrects some texture conflicts
    between these two mods

    Hentai Mania 2-UL Aspen Wood Patch: Fixes some sort of conflict between these two
    mods. No read-me included and not much info available on the description page.

    Hoarfrost Castle-Runestone Village Patches: A pair of patches which make either
    Runestone Village or Runestone Village 2 work alongside Hoarfrost Castle.

    Knights of The Nine-Francesco's Overhaul Patch: Extends the effect of the Boots of The
    Crusader, an important artifact from the KOTN quest line, to the creatures from Fran's

    Kragenirs Death Quest-Reclaiming Sancre Tor Patches: A pair of patches that
    re-locate a campsite on the little island in Strid River so it isn't buried
    under a large house. contains an alternate version which also is compatible with
    UL Cliffs of Anvil.

    Midland-Vergayun Patches: A collection of patches that allow Midland and Vergayun
    to co-exist and also become compatible with other mods such as Fort Akatosh Redux
    and Roads of Cyrodiil.

    MTC-Colourwheels Sexy Overhaul Patch: Allows Colourwheels shop in Weye to work with
    the changes MTC Expanded villages makes in Weye.

    MTC-Faregyl Patch: Re-locates one shop from MTC Expanded Villages so it fits in
    with Arthmoors Faregyl Village mod.

    MTC-Lost Spires Patch: Re-locates structures in the Pells Gate area so these two
    mods can be used together.

    MTC-Region Revive Patch: Re-locates structures in the village of Weye so these
    two mods can work together.

    MTC-Shezries Towns Patch: Re-locates structures in the Pells Gate area so these
    two mods can be used together.

    MTC-Weye Patch: A patch file which disables much of MTC's Weye related content so
    it will work alongside other Weye mods.

    Oblivion Collectible Cards-Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch: Re-locates one house so that
    these two mods can be used together.

    Oblivion WarCry New Dimension Patches: A collection of four patches that make
    various internal adjustments to this mod.

    Odd Jobs-Open Cities Reborn Patch: Re-locates all of the job posting papers from
    the Odd Jobs mod so that they work with Open Cities Reborn.

    Open Cities Patches: A large collection of patches that help to make many different
    mods compatible with either Open Cities Classic or Open Cities Reborn.

    Region Revive Lake Rumare Grammar Patch: Corrects numerous dialogue errors within
    the Region Revive mod.

    Ruined Tails Tale unofficial Patch: A bug fix file

    See You Sleep Patch Compilation: A collection of patches which make beds added by
    other mods compatible with See You Sleep.

    Servant of The Dawn-Midas Magic Patch: Re-locates the Pit Entrance from SOTD so it
    no longer overlaps with the Beholden Shrine from Midas Magic.

    Snowy Road to Bruma Patch Collection: A set of patch files which make Snowy Road to
    Bruma compatible with DLC Frostcrag Spire, Feldscar, Frostcrag Village, MTC Expanded
    Villages (Rimehold), UL Snowdale, and UL Jerall Glacier. These do not cover every
    possible combination but more combo patches are still in the works.

    Sutch Reborn Patches: A set of four patches that make Dragon Captions Sutch Reborn
    compatible with OOO, Verona House Bloodlines, and Pale Riders Paladin Equipment.

    Talos Bridge Gatehouse Patches: A pair of patches to ensure compatibility with
    UL Imperial Isle and Region Revive Lake Rumare.

    The Jerall Mountain Compendium Patch: Allows simultaneous use of a number of mods
    which effect the Jerall Mountain region.

    The Lost Spires-Order of Nibenay Patch: Fixes landscape tears near the Archeology
    Guild building when using these two mods together.

    The Order of The Dragon Patch Series: A series of several patch files which address
    compatibility for Order of The Dragon with various combinations of Better cities
    Imperial City, Fort Akatosh Redux, The Necromancer, Fall of The Ayleids, and UL
    Jerall Glacier.

    Theryon Unofficial Patch: A collection of bug fixes for the Theryon mod.

    Topal Island Patches: A trio of patch files which repair conflicts between Topal Island,
    Better cities, and Settlements of cyrodiil-Legion Outposts.

    Trails of Cyrodiil Patch Collection: Contains three complete sets of patches (30 in all)
    which address conflicts between different versions of Trails of Cyrodiil and various
    Unique Landscapes mods.

    UL Imperial Isle-Blade of the Haunted-Adense Patch: Performs a number of fixes in order
    to make all three of these mods play nicely together.

    Unique Landscapes Compatibility Patches: A very extensive page which contains or
    has links to every available patch ever made for Unique Landscapes mods.

    Verona House Bloodlines-Waterfront Market Patch: Re-locates the Hunter Shack
    that Verona places in the IC waterfront so it no longer conflicts with Nernie's
    Waterfront Market mod.

    Vorians Compatibility Patches: A set of patches unrelated to Unique Landscapes.
    Includes patches for Brew House, Castle Seaview, Hoarfrost castle, Kvatch Aftermath,
    Nibenay castle, OOO, The Necromancer, and Stirk.

    WAC-Elsweyr Anequina Patch: Adds Walx Animals & Creatures into the Elsweyr Anequina
    levelled lists.

    Files Available on This Page

    Castle Almgard-Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch: Repairs landscaping and path grids
    across a number of game cells that are disrupted when using these two mods
    together. Also relocates the Fin Gleam helmet and associated clutter due to
    Castle Almgard's landscape changes burying things.

    Castle Domrose-RST Patch: This is a path grid only repair file which rebuilds
    the path grids for exterior of Castle Domrose due to Reclaiming Sancre Tor
    overwriting them. Also relocates two rocks if memory serves, that slightly
    obstructed the entrance.

    Castle Highrock-Fighter's Guild Quests Patch: Small file which repairs land
    tears at two cell borders near Castle Highrock.

    Castle Knightstone-Tales from Elsweyr Patch: Repairs some large landscape
    tears and rebuilds path grids around the Castle Knightstone vicinity and a guard
    camp placed by TFE.

    Castle of Night Replacer and Patch: Includes a cleaned and mostly bug fixed
    replacer esp for CON and a patch file based off of the replacer esp. Patch makes
    CON compatible with both Midas Magic and Werewolves: Legends of the North.

    Castle West Weald-RST Patch: Re-routes the trail leading to the castle around
    Lindon Priory which is added by Reclaiming Sancre Tor. Also performs a number
    of other cosmetic fixes.

    Dibella Temple-UL Aspen Wood Patch: Rebuilds the trail leading to the temple
    which gets overwritten by Aspen Woods landscape changes.

    Drelco Manor-Lost Spires Patch: Untangles a mess of buildings and repairs
    numerous landscape conflicts around the Archeology Guild building so these
    mods can be used together.

    FB Dark Crusader-Unique Landscapes Patch: Fixes landscape issues around
    the Crusader Headquarters when using Ancient Yews, Arrius Creek, and the
    AY/AC linking patch.

    Griffon Fortress-Eastern Peaks Patch: Fixes massive landscape issues around
    the base of the castle. Relocates lots and lots....and lots of stuff that was buried
    way under the castle.

    Hentai Mania 2-Lost Coast Patch: Raises a portal which was buried by UL Lost
    Coast landscape changes. Sews up some rips at the cell borders.

    KOTN-Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch: Cyrodiil Rebuild replaces the Chorrol chapel exterior
    and interior, leaving the Crusader relics out of reach. This file relocates the Crusader
    Gauntlets and associated clutter so the player can access them.

    Nagaia Molag-Sutch Village Patch: Fixes landscape conflicts around an Ayleid Ruin
    which is placed on the hillside just above Oyster Bay.

    Oblivion Jobs-Arrius Creek Patch: Relocates a cave entrance which was left floating
    above the creek near Walker Camp.

    Pinevale-Stahlrim Village Patch: Fixes massive landscape conflicts and integrates
    these two villages.

    Reclaiming Sancre Tor-Academy Oblivion Magic Patch: Fixes a buried bandit camp
    just off the eastern portion of Red Ring Road, near the burned down "All Things
    Alchemical". Sews up some cell border rips and fixes path grids as well.

    ROC-Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch: Rebuilds a section of Roads of Cyrodiil's trail near the
    Skingrad outskirts which was overwritten by Cyrodiil Rebuild's new settlement.

    Sacred Oak Settlement-Urasek Patch: Untangles and slightly separates these two
    village mods which both used the same real estate beside Fort Urasek.

    Shetcombe Farm-Integration The Stranded Light Patch: Slightly relocates some
    overlapping homes and performs various minor fixes. Includes two patch files, one
    for each version of Integration. Be sure to read and use the correct version.

    Sutch Unification Patch: Integrates Arthmoor's Sutch Village with Silent Resident's
    ImpeREAL City of Sutch. Completely relocates one farm and performs a number of
    other minor fixes.

    Vaults of Cyrodiil-Open Cities Reborn Patch: Relocates the exterior entrance for
    the Leyawiin vault which was buried under a hillside.

    Verwen-FBDC-UL Patch: Allows simultaneous use of Verwen Brewery, FBDC Dark
    Crusader, UL Ancient Yews, UL Arrius Creek, and the AY/AC linking patch.


    Given the nature of what this mod page is all about, a credits list would take up
    a great deal of space. Please look to the read-me files that are provided with
    the patches you download for credits. And be sure to give endorsements on the
    original authors mod pages for any mods you use. A lot of free time went into
    making each of them, endorsements and positive remarks are the only return
    modders receive for all the hard work.

    Legal Stuff

    I can only speak for my own work which is uploaded here. Please do not redistribute
    any of my files without prior consent. For permissions on anything else you will need
    to contact the respective authors.

    Click here to download this file
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from hzt23 in (WIP) The Imperial Shipyards   
    The Imperial Shipyards is a mid-large scale project for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This mod aims to address several shortcomings in the vanilla Oblivion experience related to ships. First and foremost the lack of ships and pretty much everything associated with them.
    My first time touring Cyrodiil was a bittersweet experience. While the scenery was...and still is beautiful, there was so much missing. Particularly in the waterfront areas. In a land with four major port cities built on the water, only two have waterfront docks with a total of four functional ships in the entire game. Nothing that resembles shipping commerce, no naval defense system, and a Coast Guard station that is merely a shack in the weeds. Said shack having no real dock, no boats, and no members to man boats if there were any to be manned. Fortunately all of that can be fixed.
    The primary goals for this project are:
    1.  Adding more waterfront docks in places that allow for expansion. Adding new ships to the ports and crews to populate them.
    2. Creating a trade route schedule for at least some of the ships so that they move from port to port. Thereby simulating a system of commerce.
    3. Creating at least a partial Navy defense system.
    4. Expanding on the existing..but pitiful..vanilla Coast Guard. Giving them a proper base, some ships, crew members, etc.
    5. Adding working shipyard dry docks to the port areas where one can see ships in various stages of construction.  
    Current Project Status
    Currently in early alpha stages. However, a LOT of work has already been done. I have spent a good deal of time assembling resources for the project (both community and custom made resources), honing my modding skills, and planning/designing various elements.
    Just as each of the cities in the game have their own unique architecture, one would expect to find a variety of ships. To that end I have given each of the five named vanilla ships a unique look inside and out. This can already be seen in my "Improved Waterfront Ships" mod, which was actually developed as the precursor to this project. In addition there are now eleven more re-textured variants of the vanilla ship. Mr. Siikas ship models have been included as well. There are four re-textured cog ship variants, three variants of the small cog, six variants of the small fisher boat, two new variants for the Elven Galleon, two variants for the corvette model, and last but not least the mighty Imperial War Galley.   I have also acquired a few less well known models from older mods whose authors gave me permission to use their works. So there are also Norse and Greek style models that have not been widely used. I have re-textured vanilla boardwalk and dock pieces using regional vanilla textures so as to give port areas their own distinct look. Many free to use community resources have been given this treatment also. Such as cranes, and various bits of clutter. In short ...I have the bulk of what will be needed to do the work.   There is already a working plugin created. So far landscaping has been roughed out, and architecture placed for Imperial City Waterfront and most of Leyawiin. Anvil has been started while Bravil is still only detailed notes. Some interiors have been done strictly for testing purposes at this point. No NPCs just yet.      Compatibility ===============   While compatibility is always a concern with any modding endeavor, in this case it is also kind of a moot point. Anything designed around the waterfront areas at this point in the games existence will have numerous mod conflicts. I am taking great pains to minimize conflicts. This is intended to be a standalone mod. However, I am a realist and want it to also be relatively easy to patch and integrate with mods such as Better Cities and Open Cities Reborn. So as things progress I am constantly doing comparison checks against those mods.   One of the reasons why work on Bravil hasn't been started yet is that trying to design the Bravil docks in such a way that they can easily be integrated with docks from those mods has been challenging. In addition to a preliminary working plugin, there are already alpha stage compatibility patches developed. So as you can see I am taking this concern very seriously.     Next Steps ==============   This project has been sitting in the closet for quite a long time now. It became apparent to me during the early days of development that I just didn't have the skills I needed at that time. So first things first...I have to dust off and re-assemble all the various bits and pieces that are strewn about my pc and external storage devices. Need to get everything organized back into a structure that can be worked with. Over the course of the next few days I will begin uploading resources. Then upload some screen shots so everyone can get a better idea of what I'm playing at here. Create a few more project threads, etc. In the meanwhile I am open to comments, ideas, suggestions....what have you. Feel free to chime in.     Interested in Lending a Hand? ==================================   I may have mentioned this is something of a large project. Some of you may already be familiar with my comings and goings. During the "learning to mod" process I have gotten myself wrapped up in a few other projects which I refuse to give up on now. So my time is a little stretched thin. However, this was one of my first serious modding endeavors..so it is special. And I would like to see it realized while I'm young enough to still enjoy it. So I have come to the realization that a few helping hands would be very welcome. If anyone out there feels moved by what I've sketched out here, and would like to team up, or even just pitch in on an irregular basis, please drop me a line. I would be happy to have you along for the ride.  
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    mhahn123 reacted to Leonardo in (WIP) The Imperial Shipyards   
    Check author's permission here about converting resources.  A few modders allow converting resources while others don't allow it.
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    mhahn123 got a reaction from Leonardo in Creating Patches with the Construction Set Extender   
    This is just a tiny little bit that I'm sure most CSE users already know, but for me was one of the biggest improvements over vanilla CS. When you load a plugin with CSE, any edits contained in that plugin are automatically highlighted and moved to the top of each category list. For example if you clicked on the armor list, any newly created armors or vanilla armors that have been edited by the plugin are moved to the very top and highlighted for you. In my CSE the highlight color is green. This makes it very easy to scan through a mod and see exactly what it does....instead of searching for all those little asterisks.
    Maybe not a huge thing for some folks but for me this was heavenly. Helps to dissect a mod and figure out the inner workings very rapidly. Especially for patch making purposes where you need to know what a mod does before beginning.