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  1. Identical to Master Records

    care to explain what is going on? I didn't understand the whole thing about ez pz. And when did I use it ? o.o
  2. Identical to Master Records

    Couldn't one create an automatic script to do that, where you insert the .esm and .esp, and it does so automatically, provided you inserted 'exception'?
  3. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Ravenmind, I'm a lazy one and I wanted to avoid using the utility - in fact I was waiting for an answer by gog. They fixed the timestamps in the last update Ez pz
  4. Is there a way I could make a personal .esp, cutting all the content but the house themselves? The mod I'm referring to is this one: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/35265
  5. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    Honestly I don't know, but most of the people that I saw complaining about Obse that I've seen were due to issues related to steam, but never analyzed it. I wanted to buy Oblivion from Gog but I don't know yet if they fixed the issue with the date of the .esm\esp. This is the post that talked about the uncertainty of Obse, ehueheu (just click on the screen, it will automatically open it).
  6. [RELz] Weather - All Natural

    The people who won't use obse are just steam users that can't make it work. That's why they won't use it. The way of installing obse is the same way of any mods, just extract into the right folder and you're done with it. The guy was on reddit though, not on nexus and he told that he won't install because they are scared of eventual features happening on their game (the guy complained specifically about maskar adding feign death because it used OBSE: a shame that Maskar is totally based on OBSE and so his complaining makes no sense, because to use any part of Maskar, as said, you need obse). Fools
  7. I wish to move a house in a single cell

    https://princessstomper.wordpress.com/2009/03/29/passwall-home/ btw, this is the house I'm planning to remake.
  8. Dinamic map

    One of the different 3-4 styles.
  9. Shetcomb farm revamp

    the green record is from oblivion .esm I was just curious if maybe it touched all the same chests on whole oblivion world. I don't know if I was clear. Like changing a container (gold vein) existing in vanilla. And ou should not do so because some other gold veins in the game world have also been changed
  10. I wish to move a house in a single cell

    Think about a house. It is divided in sections, and these sections require each one a loading screen. So when I enter the house, to explore the entirety of it I need to go through many loading screens. My purpose is to move the whole entirety of the house in one single loading screen. So once I'm inside the house, I can explore it on each room, corridor and so on, without having to go through loading screens. Was I clear enough, now?
  11. Shetcomb farm revamp

    I was clenaing this mod with tesedit: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5034/ I was wondering two things: 1) after having touched the container 00159835 and having removed the respawn tag it turned grey (I guess it means that it is now the same as oblivion.esm?) 2) The container 00024a5d scares me. The value is green; when clicking on it via tesedit it is written "referenced by... Was wondering if this is a 'dirty' edit: https://postimg.org/image/hg8xshpkr/
  12. Construction set help needed

  13. I wish to move a house in a single cell

    Why do I need to move the door markers? Can't I just remove them? How much do you think the whole process will take?
  14. Dinamic map

    Understood, thanks. The issue is just that I think it will only re-work some areas, instead of the many areas I wish. I'm going to use terrain map, though.
  15. I wish to move a house in a single cell

    The house itself is made of many loading screens. Is there a way I could move all the 'house' in one place? I don't know if I was clear.