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      Enodoc from the UESP has stepped up and will host our wikis in their wiki farm. I just finished uploading the backups to the UESP server. The wikis that are moving are: Better Cities Morrowind Modding Wiki TESCOSI OOO Oblivion Quest Mods Ordendesdrachen The last three are wikis that WalkerInShadows created. I never finished getting them set up on TAL, so they'll finally be available again once the UESP guys finish getting things set up.


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  1. Paid Mods for Skyrim

    None from me.
  2. Paid Mods for Skyrim

    Perhaps but now I'm not so sure about that since Chesko had stated quoted in the blog post brucoms linked to that he serious consider to leave the community. Yes it does, money kills a hobby and Emma mention it here. Chesko made his bed. He has nobody to blame for what happened besides himself. If he needs to exit the scene for a bit because he doesn't want to deal with the backlash, so be it. Money isn't going to kill modding. The community turning on each other will. Hopefully this backlash won't cause too much lasting damage, and that it will be recoverable. Good idea. Though it's probably all that we can do for now until the nastiness eases off.
  3. Paid Mods for Skyrim

    A nice long blog post by Robin on Service Providers and the general situation.
  4. Paid Mods for Skyrim

    Hmm, looks like there are problems already: Eurogamer article. The Chesko's Fishing Mod has been pulled as it used assets created by another author, without gaining that author's permission first. This is the sort of thing that I was worried about happening, plus the whole copying issue that Steam Workshop had (has?) is quite possibly going to get much worse with money involved. I still think allowing modders to earn money off of their work is a good thing, but perhaps it should simply be scaled down to a donation system.
  5. Paid Mods for Skyrim

    Hmm, I'm really not sure where to stand on this. On the one hand it's great that authors can earn some money from their creations, but on the other I'm worried about what this might mean for the community as a whole in the future. I think I'll stay in wait-and-see mode for the time being. Still, an interesting development. EDIT: I too noticed the difference. Wet and Cold on Nexus is on version 1.422, while the Steam version is on 2.0. It's a little worrying that we may have to pay for the best version of a mod, especially if it contains important bug fixes.
  6. Morrowind Modding Wiki

    Aah, thank you VM! Sidebar now includes a contents section providing quick links to Tutorials and Guides, Modding Tutorials and Guides, Modding Interviews, and Mods. Plus a Contributing section providing links to make it easier to get started editing the wiki.
  7. Morrowind Modding Wiki

    Good idea, Visceral Moonlight(!? no longer deaths_soul?)! Do you know how I might go about editing the sidebar for MMW? EDIT: Aah, so it looks like I'll need to be an administrator...
  8. Morrowind Modding Wiki

    Hey all! It's been quite some time since the last update post. So the changes I'll be posting here will only be a small fraction of what's been done on the wiki since the last update. For a complete list of changes, visit the wiki's Recent changes page; you can use the settings at the top to view older and/or more specific changes. New pages: Morrowind Modding Interviews - Darknut Morrowind Modding Interviews - Scamp Morrowind Modding Interviews - Scrawl of OpenMW Changes: Morrowind Code Patch Modding Interviews The video interviews also still need to have their transcripts completed. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the wiki, and to AndalayBay for continuing to host us on TAL!
  9. Morrowind Modding Wiki

    Thank you Andalay!
  10. File Name: Morrowind Scripting for Dummies File Submitter: brucoms File Submitted: 05 Aug 2014 File Category: Miscellaneous Note: I (brucoms) was not involved with the creation or updating of Morrowind Scripting for Dummies. I am merely creating a mirror for the resource here on The Assimilation Lab. Permission was granted to do so by Yacoby in this post. There are two versions: a PDF, and a Word file. The Word version is for those of you who would like to expand upon the guide. You can also download Morrowind Scripting for Dummies from here at the Nexus. ---- The most extensive guide and reference to Morrowind Scripting. --Foreword to the ninth edition-- Another update, this time by more than one person, now you can get really confused when it mentions that “I†did something or found something *grins*. Although this update was intended as a bugfix, a huge amount of new information has been added - since much of it concerns the bugs and pitfalls of the scripting language that have been discovered since version 8, you will find changes and additions scattered throughout. I have also added a couple more functions that were missing from the last version, and there is a small section on script extenders to give a brief overview of what can be done with each which should hopefully prove informative to anyone wanting to know more about what they do. Galsiah proveded a large section on the failings of get/mod/set stat; there is a lot more info on dialog and how it works, which should be very useful; a short explanation of float values and how they work has been added; some sections have been rearranged for clarity; and I think I've removed all the en dashes and typographer's quotes from code blocks, so it should be safe to copy-paste most of the example scripts now. Special thanks go to GhanBuriGhan, who gave me permission to update his indispensable guide. Also thanks to Dave Humphrey for his permission to use the information on UESP wiki, and everyone who contributed to that wiki. I would like to thank exclusiveor77, DinkumThinkum, Björn, abot, Galsiah, Casey Tucker, cyran0 and JOG for the huge amount of information they gave me on the forums. However without the help of the rest of community, everyone who collected all the information, posted their experiences, this guide would have never happened. Yacoby and melian Click here to download this file
  11. [RELz] Lakeside House

    File Name: Lakeside House File Submitter: brucoms File Submitted: 23 Jul 2014 File Category: Dungeons & Houses Move into the wonderful Lakeside House situated on the shores of Lake Amaya! If you have a good eye, you may be able to find the hints revealing some of the building's history. To reach the house, start in Pelagiad and head north until you reach water. Once there look to your left and you should see the house. It uses the House Hlaalu architecture. To get in, you'll need the key. The key is inside a sack, and the sack can be found in amonsgt the rocks in front of the front door. Lakeside House 1.13 was one of the featured mods on Darkelfguy's new Morrowind mod spotlight series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsNAn5VYlTk Requirements ============= Morrowind patched to the latest version. Updating to 1.1 =============== IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN INSIDE THE HOUSE: Perform a clean save first, then update to v1.13 OTHERWISE: Simply remove the old Lakeside House.esp from your Data Files folder, and place the new one in its place. When loading your save game, Morrowind will take note of the change and ask if you would like to continue loading the saved game. Click yes. Lakeside House 1.1 does not make any changes that might adversely effect your game. Installation ========== To install, just extract into the Morrowind/Data Files directory. Then start the Morrowind Launcher, go to Data Files, and make sure your choice is checked to activate. The mod has been cleaned of GMST's with the Enchanted Editor. Incompatibility ============= Any mod that is situated within the exterior cell (-1, -6) may be incompatible with this mod. If there are any I will list any here once I know of them. Please contact me if you find any incompatibilities. Known Issues or Bugs ==================== As far as I know there are currently no known bugs or issues. Please contact me if you find any. History ====== 1.13 - Added a few more flasks to the limeware platter - Added a small plant area next to the front door - Added a dirt path right in front of the door (thanks to johanrosen for all of these) 1.1 - Corrected a typo (Thanks darkelfguy!) - Added four extra rugs around the house (Suggested by princess_stomper) 1.0 - Initial Release Contact ======= Official Bethesda Forums: brucoms TESNexus: VesnaBrucoms TESAlliance: Brucoms The Assimilation Lab: brucoms Click here to download this file
  12. Morrowind Modding Wiki

    Thank you for the reply and suggestions Leo! I've now removed the bit where I game MPP as an example, and I've added the link to the public project forums. I'll also go ahead and add Pluto's thread to the Essentials section.
  13. Morrowind Modding Wiki

    Thank you again DS! Hmm, I think the list page isn't needed as of yet, but I can certainly see how much it would help with something like the Mods section once that starts to get filled out.
  14. [RELz] TES3 Readme Generator

    Ok! TES3 Readme Generator has now been updated to version 2.1.0! Download at the Nexus, TES Alliance, or here at TAL. Changes: Fixed blank sections still being listed in the section contents Fixed section contents misalignment of items Thank you to Skrawafunda for reporting both issues!
  15. [RELz] TES3 Readme Generator

    Apologies for the late reply. Gotcha on both points! Thank you for the reply, I'll provide a fix for them both once I've got some more time. Probably Sunday, but I can't promise much.