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  1. Question on Morrowind File Structure

    Not sure what you mean, deaths_soul. The Enchanted Editor certainly presents the records and subrecords in a nicely nested way (not the best screenshot available but you get the drift I hope).
  2. Basic Comparison of Archive Formats

    I've been hearing a lot of good things about Peazip recently. I may have to have a look.
  3. Basic Comparison of Archive Formats

    Hey, thanks for this. Just been investigating LZMA2 and it'll mean 7zip'll use all 8 cores (hyper-threading) rather than the 2 which LZMA does. I've been using LZMA for years without knowing this! That'll help when compressing some larger archives. Also. Wow, ARJ: there's a blast from the past. Remember messing around with that on the DOS command line. Kids these days, don't even know they're born with their shiny GUIs... Not sure if it's relevant or needed but back in the day (before 7zip really took off) a number of mods for Morrowind were distributed using the (proprietary) ACE format. ACE seemed to deliver better compression for media files like textures than either ZIP or RAR. Those were the main MW formats: mainly ZIP, but RAR and ACE too. Someone snuck onto Bethsoft and said: "Hey, I don't understand why you guys don't use 7zip." People looked at the compression (still a lot of people on dial up even then) and were like "Oh. My. God." Heh.
  4. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    It could've been worse...much worse. I could've been Australian...Or as the Aussies like to say: Orstrayleeyn... Small mercies...
  5. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Yes - but you know us colonials - no respect for authority, nor for Queen and country...wot wot... Oh you're going to be trouble...
  6. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Hey hey. Hello, Loopy_cecil! Good to have a Kiwi on the team, hopefully one of the powers that be will add you to the project soon. But remember: with great power comes great responsibility.
  7. [WIPz] TES3Gecko

    I changed the original application experience so that you could interact with the loaded plugins while the masters (especially Morrowind.esm) are being loaded. The initial implementation had you watch an hourglass cursor until everything was done (which you can have back, if you prefer ). You should be able to open the trees that have been created, and even click around in the still opening Morrowind.esm. I will warn you, however, that the main master tree is still being built while its tab is grey so it will probably not perform very well. The point was to allow some interactivity while things were being done. Putting a progress bar in the middle of the screen would get in the way of this. I am open, however, to whatever is suggested for making this less confusing and more useful. Yeah, thinking about it current behaviour (interactivity whilst loading) is better. When it comes to the part where editing is adding to TES3Gecko then I guess that plugins will be read-only until fully loaded, I'd've thought that allowing editing a thing whilst that thing is being loaded would be a bit of a nightmare. I would prefer to implement the #13 answer rather than to create a custom File Open dialog to replace the system one. Yeah, I'd prefer catering for retrospective master loading too I have seen other applications act as you suggest. They usually also have a settings area that allows you to re-enable the dialogs that you have dismissed. It's all doable, just a matter of getting it done. I'd put this notification / popup in the "nice to have" group of features. As I said, some experience of using the application would rapidly acquaint people with the fact that loading a plugin's masters takes time. [Edit: Something else I just thought of: storing the application's window size and the width of the panes, when running the application again those values are restored].
  8. [WIPz] TES3Gecko

    #5 Select in left hand pane: Activator > furn_bannerd_alchemy_suran Right hand pane displays all subrecords without further user interaction: NAME = furn_bannerd_alchemy_suran MODL = f\Furn_bannerD_alchemy_01.NIF FNAM = Ibarnadad: Apothecary SCRI = OutsideBanner #6 Not sure if you saw the manual, CHM format, or not. May help understand it better than just being confronted with the program alone. #12 #14 Curbed my impatience this time and things worked as you described, no pause on exiting even with the three Bethesda ESMs and the MPP ESM loaded. When loading masters would a progress bar in the middle of the program rather than in the status bar indicate better to unobservant types like me that things are happening? When masters are being loaded can the user actually do anything? If they can't then a modal progress bar (is that the right word? basically user can't do anything until progress bar disappears). Some more thoughts: Is it possible to alter the File Open dialog and add the "Load Masters" checkbox there? I'm not sure if that should be as well as where it is now or instead of. It's just my forgetful brain has clicked the Open button, browsed to and selected a plugin to load and then remembered that I'd like to load the plugin's masters too. If #13 can be implemented then this would not be necessary #13 In two minds about a popup warning. If the popup could have one of those "Check this checkbox if you don't want to see this message again" options then fine, if the popup would appear every time then it would get annoying. If a checkbox in the popup like I described can't be implemented then I'd say to not have a pop-up at all, experience in using the program (and the readme, which everyone reads) would mean people would soon realise the implications of loading plugin masters. Script records in Summarized view. Expanding the Script group is not a good thing to do. Rather than using Script Name from Script Header (SCHD) it's displaying the whole Script Text (SCTX) in the left hand pane. I've (once) opened a plugin and some of the record type groupings (Header, Book, Light etc.) were replaced with "?"; not sure what you can do with something like this where there're no clear steps to reproduce. I'm not aware what I did differently to cause this behaviour. Over on Bethsoft abot posted this: Not sure how it fits with your planned feature set but it'd be a sure fire to make this one of the most popular third party tools out there. If you've no idea what a Merged Objects plugin is I assembled an explanation on the Morrowind Modding Wiki.
  9. [WIPz] TES3Gecko

    Hello, good work on this. I can see some stainless steel coding's gone into it Here's my feedback on 0.0.1 Installer - ability to define where and whether Start Menu shortcut is created (e.g. I'd want mine in Game Progs\Morrowind\TES3Gecko) Attempted to open a save game file (.ESS) --> "TES3gecko has stopped working" Not sure if planned to include opening savegame files at some point; record structure is simlar to ESPs and ESMs. Some extra records IIRC. There's an updated ESTemplate.ini (record definitions used by the Enchanted Editor) in the Wrye Mash install which Wrye added a lot of ESS record info into. Header - HEDR - change "company name" to "author" Header - Description - Parsing seems a bit off. TES3Gecko: "Fixes many aspects of the game. (requires Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm & Bloodmoon.esm to run)*s quest & bug fixes. (requires Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm & Bloodmoon.esm to run)" * is unprintable character symbol (that rectangular one) Enchanted Editor: "Fixes many aspects of the game. (requires Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm & Bloodmoon.esm to run)" TES:CS: "Fixes many aspects of the game. (requires Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm & Bloodmoon.esm to run)" Summarised view. If I select in left hand pane Activator > furn_bannerd_alchemy_suran Right hand pane should display all subrecords. Should be similar to how TES*Edit displays information. Have you checked out the Enchanted Editor GUI? http://mw.modhistory.com/content/screenshots/1ae10a01f2d73168.jpg Not the best screenshot as it doesn't show subrecords. I seem to remember some people having trouble running it on Win8 though Summarised view. Records are not sorted alphabetically within their group e.g. "furn_bannerd_alchemy_suran" comes before "active_sign_ald-ruhn_01" Not sure if related to "in Summarized view for large plugins such as Morrowind.esm the record summary areas are not sorted correctly." Subrecords. Select a subrecord. Right-hand pane shows subrecord value, subrecord type (NAME, MODL, FNAM etc.) and subrecord size I can't think of a time when someone would need to know the subrecord size. When using TESPCD the size of a subrecord being different between two otherwise identical subrecords can lead to it being flagged as different. Rename "simple" to "list"? "Friendly" names for subrecord types? E.g. The value of the ITEX ID is the texture path to the icon. Enhanted Editor has this as "IconPath" Closing an open plugin via little X on its tab doesn't seem to work. No other obvious way of closing open plugins in GUI, add "Close active plugin" to main dropdown menu? With two versions of the Morrowind Patch Project open (multi-megabyte ESMs) Exit took a long time, well it didn't seem to work (killed via taskbar). A smaller plugin exited fine. If data is being unloaded before exit then some kind of progress indicator? When plugin is already loaded into TES3Gecko checking the "Load Masters" checkbox does nothing. Disable it or allow retrospective loading of a plugin's masters When loaded the tab title for Morrowind.esm is in grey text; presumably because it's a Bethesda ESM. Tribunal.esm and Bloodmoon.esm aren't similarly displayed. Enabling "Load Masters" then opening a plugin where the required masters aren't in Data Files leads to a crash. "TES3gecko has stopped working" Liking how this is looking Whilst I've posted a lot of things I hope you'd rather get feedback now rather than later...
  10. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Hey, MA! Welcome aboard. Took me a while to see this
  11. [RELz] TES3 Readme Generator

    Just wondering if any of nzdawghaus's icons could work for you (they very kindly let me distribute their replacement mlox icon on mlox's download pages).
  12. The Morrowind Quest List

    Boo. Thanks for letting me know, deaths_soul Ferocious Tree Trunk
  13. The Morrowind Quest List

    If I've registered for the Morrowind Modding Wiki do I have to register again for this one?
  14. Script error in Uvirith's Legacy TR-addon

    OK, just wanted to check these were the same things. As you've got the person who made the mod helping out that should be a big help.
  15. Script error in Uvirith's Legacy TR-addon

    Isn't Stuporstar helping you fix this over at the official forums?