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  1. Question on Morrowind File Structure

    Not sure what you mean, deaths_soul. The Enchanted Editor certainly presents the records and subrecords in a nicely nested way (not the best screenshot available but you get the drift I hope).
  2. Basic Comparison of Archive Formats

    I've been hearing a lot of good things about Peazip recently. I may have to have a look.
  3. Basic Comparison of Archive Formats

    Hey, thanks for this. Just been investigating LZMA2 and it'll mean 7zip'll use all 8 cores (hyper-threading) rather than the 2 which LZMA does. I've been using LZMA for years without knowing this! That'll help when compressing some larger archives. Also. Wow, ARJ: there's a blast from the past. Remember messing around with that on the DOS command line. Kids these days, don't even know they're born with their shiny GUIs... Not sure if it's relevant or needed but back in the day (before 7zip really took off) a number of mods for Morrowind were distributed using the (proprietary) ACE format. ACE seemed to deliver better compression for media files like textures than either ZIP or RAR. Those were the main MW formats: mainly ZIP, but RAR and ACE too. Someone snuck onto Bethsoft and said: "Hey, I don't understand why you guys don't use 7zip." People looked at the compression (still a lot of people on dial up even then) and were like "Oh. My. God." Heh.
  4. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    It could've been worse...much worse. I could've been Australian...Or as the Aussies like to say: Orstrayleeyn... Small mercies...
  5. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Yes - but you know us colonials - no respect for authority, nor for Queen and country...wot wot... Oh you're going to be trouble...
  6. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Hey hey. Hello, Loopy_cecil! Good to have a Kiwi on the team, hopefully one of the powers that be will add you to the project soon. But remember: with great power comes great responsibility.
  7. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Hey, MA! Welcome aboard. Took me a while to see this
  8. [RELz] TES3 Readme Generator

    Just wondering if any of nzdawghaus's icons could work for you (they very kindly let me distribute their replacement mlox icon on mlox's download pages).
  9. The Morrowind Quest List

    Boo. Thanks for letting me know, deaths_soul Ferocious Tree Trunk
  10. The Morrowind Quest List

    If I've registered for the Morrowind Modding Wiki do I have to register again for this one?
  11. Script error in Uvirith's Legacy TR-addon

    OK, just wanted to check these were the same things. As you've got the person who made the mod helping out that should be a big help.
  12. Script error in Uvirith's Legacy TR-addon

    Isn't Stuporstar helping you fix this over at the official forums?
  13. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    Can we continue talking about this in this thread? Thanks That'd be great! Upload it here. Access to that is restricted to members of this UMP forum and is not public.
  14. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    Indeed BTW, Fritz, as a team member you can see and post in the internal Subforum ("Kagrenac's Study") which would be the best place to post things rather than in this open discussion thread. It keeps everything in one place. I'd love to be able to tell you which thread to post such reports in but Leonardo seems to have created three which all fulfil the same purpose: Confirmed bugs - Discussion, Patching, and Testing List of bugs unfixed by existing UMP or MPP %5BBUGS%5D Dialogue and Quests Instead I'd suggest adding an Issue onto the bug tracker. I'd use that for any other reports (and based on your activity on the official Bethesda forum there'll be quite a lot ) I've just added some information onto the bug tracker wiki about reporting format. Not sure it's really needed in this case but it's definitely needed. On another note I'm assembling a list of mesh fixes for potential inclusion: Mesh fixes for potential Inclusion in UMP. I've already included EJ-12 AKA Hedgehog's Fixed Slaughterfish Animations and intend to include his rat animation fix too. I notice on this post of yours over on Bethsoft some invaluable advice on duplicate textures in the Bethesda BSAs (I need to create a similar texture fix thread). Any advice or links (and whether we can use EJ-12 AKA Hedgehog's animations would be a great help)
  15. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Welcome aboard! Separate ACL to the forum, hopefully deaths_soul is weaving his magic as I type
  16. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Hey, Fritz! Good to have you on board
  17. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Hey, Amenophis welcome aboard.
  18. Version numbers in filenames...

    I think each mod is considered separate and distinct regardless of its name or what's in its description field.Actually I'm going to shut up. I've started a more detailed reply to this a few times but I don't really understand the ins and outs of Morrowind and its ModIndexes and ObjectIndexes or later games and FormIDs (although FormIDs appear to me to be a concatenation of ModIndex and ObjectIndex).Basically, if mymod1.0.esp creates an NPC in a room at location A and mymod1.1.esp creates the same NPC in location B and someone loads up both mods then they'll see two copies of the same NPC.
  19. Find Morrowind Data Files Directory

    Great stuff. I'm looking forward to this
  20. Version numbers in filenames...

    Morrowind doesn't automatically identify that "My Mod 1.1.esp" is an update to "My Mod 1.0.esp" or even "My Mod.esp"It treats them as new mods.Now onto my main reason for posting.I think version numbers in a mod's name are a good thing. Why? To allow for more effective updating of a mod in a running game using Wrye Mash.Whilst hrnchamd's work with the Morrowind Code Patch has improved the doubling situation from when Wrye wrote his notes it's still an issue as, I believe the cause is, Morrowind doesn't use FormIDsThere's some information on doubling on the Wrye Mash page I just linked (scroll up from the bookmark) and a lot more information here for the curious.In Wrye Bash I barely use the Saves tab but in Wrye Mash I use it a lot more.
  21. Cannot merge leveled lists into the Mashed Lists.esp!

    Maybe your Mashed Lists.esp got screwed up somehow? Try starting from a new, blank copy in MopyExtras[Edit: Ooops, didn't notice the posting date. I guess you've fixed this since...]
  22. Find Morrowind Data Files Directory

    Won't it be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Bethesda Softworks/Morrowind for a 32bit OS? And sorry if I'm teaching egg sucking here... :unsure:Also, many people (me included) have multiple Morrowind installs. I've modding (not used that much...) and testing installs as well as a gaming one. If the default is the installed path recorded in the Registry can TES3Gecko remember the last used folder after its first use and default to that?
  23. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Excellent, nice to see you Jac.
  24. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Hey, Skrawafunda good to see you. Phew. Not the new boy any more...
  25. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Just install the game (outside of Program Files), the expansions and then patch it (if you're not on GoTY edition). Then create a copy of that Morrowind directory. Name it "Morrowind-vanilla". Mod the original to your heart's content.IIRC, you can't use the Morrowind Launcher to start the "Morrowind-vanilla" copy or edit the mods used in it. You need to manually start morrowind.exe and edit morrowind.ini. TES:CS works fine from what I remember.I've three:MorrowindMorrowind.moddingMorrowind.testingI'll clear up the "Morrowind.modding" one for this.I'd suggest copying over a MCP'd, EXE Optimised and LAA'd morrowind.exe though.