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  1. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    Well, there is a new guy on Nexus that compiled many patches and using UMP 1.6.3b by Thepal for start. Don't tested, yet, but I'm waiting for more mature version to begin a new playthrough. Maybe we should unite forces here. https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/45096/?
  2. [WIPz] Unofficial Morrowind Patch

    I was on the OpenMW forum when someone talked about this bug with the True Flame light. So I went ahead and fixed. Great New Year to you all, guys. http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/1338-trueflamescript-fix/
  3. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Thank you for the warm welcome. In fact I have another patch for General Darius Quests fully tested and functional and will upload it, too. I´m happy to contribute but I´m curious about the meaning of join. What is required and what functions someone have to perform? English is not my mother language and don´t know a thing about scripts. My experience is resumed in play Morrowind in the last 7 years and only recently started to work with the CS after read some tutorials in MMH. If this is sufficient for you I´ll be happy in be part of the team. Anyways, I will continue contributing with patches. I´m happy to help the community.
  4. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    This mod overhaul THE MAD LORD OF MILK and FIND FEDRIS THAREN quests. If you can receive these quest without being Redoran. Now you can close them and after that you could join the House Redoran without losing any previous quest in the chain. Many notes with detailed changes in every topic. I didn´t translated some litle notes to english but the changes are in red color. Main aspects and changes with THE MAD LORD OF MILK. 1 – Delyna (Work perfectly) [*]She details who is Athyn Sarethi (NEW TOPIC) (to aid new players); [*]If her father is already dead when she is rescued, she will follow you and only recognize the death when you you click in the topic “Arethan Mandas†outside. She will never talk with your character anymore. But you can close the quest with Athyn Sarethi. (Greeting 5 modified variable). [*]If you cure her father she will display a new greeting thanking this and will have new answers to the topics “Arethan Mandasâ€, “my locket†and “travel togetherâ€. 2 – Athyn Sarethi (Need tests) [*]Created duplicated answers to the topic “Arethan Mandasâ€. Now No-Redorans can receive the quest and proceed. (ATTENTION NEED TEST= In my playthrough I didn´t get into this point yet.) 3- Llerar Mandas (changed the conditions to the character receive the Ebony helm) (Work perfectly) [*]Llerar only will reward you if both Delyna and Arethan are alive when the quest “The Mad Lord of Milk†closes. [*]Changed the Results box to point to the right vanilla indexes (removed the old UMP new stages). 4- Arethan Mandas [*]Greetings 5 now point to the right vanilla indexes. “Oh, my daughter, my daughter is gone, ...†The clues in the Journal are sufficient to someone start to look at the Tel Fyr Tower. ****************** Main aspects and changes with Find Fedris Tharen. No-Redorans can close the quest FIND BEDEN GILADREN(5th Quest from Lloros Sarano) BUT if after you join the Redoran and look for duties from Lloros Sarano you will not receive his 4th Quest. (Find Fedris Tharen). 1-Lloros Sarano [*]Changed variables of the topic “dutiesâ€: “Several Redoran soldiers were sent to the derelict stronghold of Andasreth...†to include the variable Journal-> HR_FindTharen-> >=100. That way “Find Fedris Tharen†will appear in the right order. Amenophis - Redoran Dead Ends Overhaul.7z