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  1. Happy Birthday Cray!

    See, this gal gets it.
  2. Happy Birthday Cray!

    Fitting day for a 26th birthday of mine and being absolutely swamped. I'm fonder of the NetHack variant, though. If you can manage, make it an anterograde amnestic cake so that nobody can ever remember eating a slice, they just have to assume it from the crumbs and missing portions. Watching people scramble ought to be an amusing distraction.
  3. Guys, whoever is sleep-drooling on my computer... Just steal my pillow instead. It seems every time I log in, I lose a computer part. ._.

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    2. Sigurd Stormhand

      Sigurd Stormhand

      In the way the Terminator cares about Sarah Conner in T1?

      I suppose so.

    3. Sigurd Stormhand

      Sigurd Stormhand

      In the way the Terminator cares about Sarah Conner in T1?

      I suppose so.

    4. Visceral Moonlight

      Visceral Moonlight

      That series is just one giant paradox! :P

  4. [WIP] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences

    Commence the murdering. I mean, thanks.
  5. [WIP] Dark Brotherhood Chronicles: Consequences

    I'm properly back after consecutive health issues interrupted my return to writing for various projects on this site, making the hiatus my responsibility. Settling back into projects as of this post.
  6. Trump - Seriously?

    For all the contempt I confess to hold for this thread, I am thankful for that sharp turn and someone setting all opinions and vitriol aside to take that stand. I wholeheartedly support your sentiment and further posit that a modding community that has grown through the development of the many divisive issues that have hit TES modding over the years should be well above such tribalism as silencing dissent or enforcing a political norm, lest it be doomed to splintering into faction-driven uselessness. This is particularly important to keep in mind when developments like the the Creation Club spark complex legal and creative discussions that require constructive criticism to achieve progress. Were The Assimilation Lab to become such a blatant echo chamber, I would complete any existing projects quietly and leave as quickly as I arrived. As such, I reiterate my gratitude that there is resistance to the very notion. There is doubtless no end of things I would disagree with any given member about, regardless of their place in the political spectrum, but we would do well to remember what Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote in The Friends of Voltaire (In synthesis of Voltaire's ideals): "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"
  7. Ask Me about RP!

    This setup seems rather convoluted. I would recommend simply having an IC board and an OOC board with a thread per game. OOC threads can have character sheets displayed on the main post under the premise description so as to have an easy reference that doesn't require browsing between pages of discussion, while keeping the IC clean.
  8. Happy Birthday Cray!

    Thanks, everyone! Apologies for not hanging out much lately, I have a very unpleasant schedule lately. I'll have some goodies to make and share when I'm back for good. And VM, if you can make it an intercontinental ballistic cake, I'll be grateful.
  9. [RELz] Shadier Sam

    File Name: Shadier Sam File Submitter: Cray File Submitted: 10 Jul 2016 File Category: Miscellaneous Shadier Sam Version: 0.1: Applying Shadiers 0.5: 0.5 Shades of Sam 0.9: Slimmer, Shadier 1.0: Shady Enough About: This simple mod aims to make Shady Sam a plausible fence for freelance thieves that doesn’t trump Thieves Guild ones. This is accomplished via the following changes: Firstly, setting the NPC’s Responsibility to 0. This allows the merchant to buy stolen goods and gives the highest possible positive modifier to disposition from player character Infamy. As Shady Sam cannot be persuaded, this makes it so that getting good deals from him requires being notoriously shady or a frequent enough customer. Were Sam to be given a normal routine, this change would also make him readily steal anything to fulfill his needs. Secondly, increasing his amount of gold to 600. This is the same as Ongar the World-Weary, the first fence that Thieves Guild members can access. Both are thus just as convenient in terms of raw gold, but Ongar’s disposition is much simpler to influence. Thirdly, setting his Buy/Sell options to check every box but ‘Spells’. He’ll buy just about anything you steal, not just random silverware — But don’t expect him to have much gold without buying some of his wares first. You need something... special? Shadier Sam improves the eponymous NPC’s stock with a focus on poisons and thematically appropriate items without Thieves Guild overlap. The following changes were made to his vendor chest: Damage attribute potions removed. Added 5 (weak) Damage Health poisons. Added 5 (weak) Damage Fatigue poisons. Added 5 Damage Magicka poisons. Added one of each (Strong) Damage Health and Damage Fatigue poison. Added one of each Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Cure Paralysis and (weak) chameleon potions. Added a small variety of alcohol. Added a selection of robes and hoods. To allow Sam to sell the black robes and hood, these have their gold value set to 1. Added Moonshade, a unique alcohol item of questionable legitimacy. Whenever Shady Sam restocks, you can buy one bottle. Its effects are Chameleon 15, Resist Normal Weapons 15, and Drain Intelligence 10, all over 60 seconds. The base value is set to 50 rather than the autocalculated cost, to be more affordable while still balanced by stock. Shadier than Thou Now, there is always the possibility that you might be shadier than shady. Or at least shadier than Shady Sam. If you are disinclined to buy from him, his entire stock is moved to his body upon death. You’ll find that he is not quite as unprotected as he used to be: Sam now carries a partial leather outfit composed of boots, greaves, Hide Bracers (Standard Leather Bracers with a Petty tier Shield enchantment), and the Smuggler’s Garb, a leather cuirass with a Common soul gem tier Feather enchantment. His Blade skill has been raised from 6 to 25. In addition to his leveled shortsword, Sam now carries a leveled dagger, a bit of stock he usually keeps away for himself. Disarming the lad won’t completely doom him now. His spell list now includes the standard Spark spell. Installation Instructions: This file contains a single .esp and the Readme. Simply drop it in your Data folder and enable it through your launcher, or place it in the installer folder of your choice of mod manager. Permissions: You may non-commercially modify and/or redistribute this file as you please, so long as you clearly credit the original author. More personally, I'd appreciate a heads up if you upload my content elsewhere to check the place out myself. Compatibility: No major incompatibilities are expected, but you may have to load Shadier Sam.esp after any mods that modify all/most vendor chests, and of course Shady Sam himself. A script is attached to Sam with an OnDeath condition to transfer the contents of his vendor chest to his body — Heavily modded installations may experience a delay before the transfer. Bear this in mind if looting the NPC immediately after death. Click here to download this file
  10. Questions about Dark Brotherhood Chronicles

    Considering even the Dark Brotherhood only has partial knowledge on this, and all evidence about details beyond contact with the Night Mother herself is anecdotal, it's safe to take any writing (Official or ours) about rumors of that time as exactly that. Mysticism to add to the ambiance, yet to be taken with a grain of salt.
  11. Trump - Seriously?

    You know what's a serious issue? Your parties, and their unethically contributing partisan media, forgoing their ideals and reducing their purpose to making sure the other party doesn't get an inch of their way. The worst aspects of the bipartisan system, with all of the tribalism and none of the checks and balances of democracy, being exported to the profession and industry of journalism. Spin taking priority over information on a level that Picus TV would be awed by. The selection of anecdotes and creation of context mattering more than any amount or depths of facts as long as they can be used to blot out anything that'd significantly impair the politicians they either donate to or receive funding/privileges from. The endless selective censorship meant to paint the other side as the devil and all of their supporters as acceptable targets for every insult, mistreatment and accusation? That does worse than divide the population and kill discourse. If you insistently associate a candidate with every evil under the sun (Corporate greed, bigotry) before evidence is more than anecdotal, their rise to power will inevitably embolden those you attached them to. After all, the media just told everyone that X candidate is the candidate of the extremists of Y side. Wall Street eagerly taking in paid Clinton speeches, idiocy in the name of Trump... Of course, the former turned out to be part of a long and convoluted career of corruption, but did get quite a boost from coverage. And as long as gerrymandering and a lack of congressional term limits allow people to shape districts, vote for their own salaries and have as much time as they need to secure a hefty corporate retirement by putting corporate agendas/insiders above the needs of the people? This isn't going to stop getting worse. Pardon the long winded rant about it, but this is something that's actually breaking apart a profession I once found noble — And doing it worldwide. See, USA media conglomerates are buying media companies in the rest of the continent. And journalism education has always been modeled after their procedure. Your media culture then gets exported to foreign media and universities. Argentina is actually a prime example: Guilt tripping for both political wings — By USA standards no less — had already been imported to this country and blended with a Bolivarian type cult of personality by a former president whose administration was built entirely on sacking the country while trying to censor or ruin the career of anyone who panted her as anything but a great leader. It was only too easy for the divisive culture to fester completely and catch up to yours. There are few journalists left who will actually analyze a political situation from multiple perspectives and seek to inform rather than help a given politician. The rest? They do what yours do. Their spin is meant to divide the population so that people talk at each other, not with each other. Often talking past each other and into an echo chamber, because those who prefer a candidate you don't are clearly enemies best represented by their worst examples, whereas your "side" of the engineered conflict is best represented by your idols. They succeeded at creating that culture here. We're largely to blame too, mind, we're a very divisive country. The central region's cultures have always taken to any controversy very aggressively. We made it easy for media to rip us apart. But the United States? Look at you. You're the land of the free and the home of the brave. You're better than this. How did they turn you against each other so badly?
  12. Happy Birthday Amadaun!

    Extremely belated happy birthday. I should whip up another wall of text for you to flee from as a present, but ohgodsomuchcleaningtodo.
  13. Random Stuffz

    Translation: Florida has public criminal records. Colorado is expensively crazy.
  14. It depends on the situation. A credit chargeback in digital distribution is quite a slap in the face, it can be tantamount to a refusal to do further business. Edit: It seems Steam was giving special refunds, but something changed around 5-6 EST and the page was updated to say that they apply standard refund policy without any exemptions.
  15. Several instances of false/undelivered promises and a progression that is so padded out that the tutorial period outlasts any reasonable playtime grace period for refunds. It's crazy, but not surprising.
  16. Apparently Sony, Amazon and Steam are issuing NMS refunds regardless of playtime. Understandable given the forced padding.
  17. Next will be Pachinko DLC from Konami.
  18. From what I gather, this is effectively a halfhearted tech demo for a gimmick that the developers gave up on halfway through (not bothering with) tacking a competent game to it. It's a bad demo for a 3D Starbound, but mechanically incompetent in comparison, and managing to have a lazier story. Plus the open lie about featuring direct encounter style multiplayer, which the press of course pauses not to mention amidst all their inanity. I've had to dig, then give up and watch a reliable commentator in order to find actual criticism instead of shite flinging about how it's either a godsend or sexist (I'm still trying to figure that one out).
  19. Random Stuffz

    I know we're supposed to be enemies and all of that, but sod that, mate. Have a drill. I fully support that tunnel being dug. Make a fork to Glasgow while you're at it.
  20. Random Stuffz

  21. Happy Birthday Sue!

    Terribly belated, but happy birthday!
  22. It honestly looks like everyone remotely involved there was being a pointlessly antagonistic drama queen there. But that's irrelevant, I'm just pleased to see a change from "I'll nuke all my mod pages" to continuing to work on passion projects. I was quite aggressive with you, but it's always pleasing to see that.
  23. Well, it's at least interesting to see that this sentiment was substituted in some measure by a drive toward productivity.