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  2. The translation thread

    A tiny update: made corrections to activators and armor. Symphony_translation.7z
  3. The translation thread

    Dwarven Gear Mace sounds good!
  4. The translation thread

    Thanks a lot, Jac and Anda! Your comments are very helpful. Originally all of them had proper articles, but they were omitted due to the unfortunate limit for the name length (31 characters). It makes translating long names pretty difficult and the result is often ugly. Thank you, I think "travel pillow" sounds much better! I've got more questions for the collective . 1. Is "Almalexia Bone Bow" a correct name for the bow made of Almalexia's bones? 2. The mod has a certain mace made of gears. I have translated it as "Mace made of gears", because "Gear(s) Mace" sounds odd. Was I right? (Shorter names are always better, as long as they correctly reflect the meaning.)
  5. The translation thread

    Wow, thanks you very much for taking interest in this, folks! I have an update report. Almost all objects in the mod, except for books, are translated! "Only" dialogue and books remain. Anyway, this is an important milestone. In this version: Translated: npcs, lights, miscellaneous, lockpicks, repair items and probes. Corrections were made to ingredients, activators, alchemy, armor, creatures and weapons. Link. *** There are several long lists with objects added or changed by the mod. Pick any you like and take a look! If something would seem wrong to you, just post here and I'll fix it. I'm doing everything simultaneously, so there aren't any special areas of interest. The files are in .ods format, which can be opened with Open Office Calc (Alternative to MS Excel). Excel can read them too. The lists themselves could be pretty boring to read, I'm afraid - but they are obviously essential for the mod. Dialogue and books are coming next. The standard for writing is American English, because the texts in Morrowind are written in this language. Edit: actually, scratch that. Morrowind is a hobby, and not a writing competition. Bulat Steel was the quality, durable patterned steel which was made in Medieval Russia. The exact technique of producing it was lost. It is extensively featured in our folklore, so is rather appropriate for fantasy setting. Damascus Steel, which is its closest counterpart, is not appropriate due to the reason I've mentioned in the previous post. I will attach translated files to my posts from now on, in case anybody would like to take a look. Here's a little question regarding translation: How does "Rough stowed pillow" sound to you? This is a pillow you could take with yourself for overnight hike, for example. Symphony_translation.7z
  6. The translation thread

    Thanks a lot, Jac! Your remarks are very helpful. Here's another one: What do you think of "Bulat Steel"? It's an equivalent of Damask or Damascus Steel, which we don't like because it refers to a real-world place (Damask City). "Bulat Steel", although it sounds very Russian, is incorporated as a term in the English language (Wikipedia link) and doesn't hint to real world places (begging your pardon for tautology). By the way, if anyone is willing to have a look at the translated files and make some comments, you're certainly free to do so (see the link above)! We are not snobbish in the least, and open to constructive critique. Also, HedgeHog-12 is going to release full version of Symphony (except for dialogue and books) in English soon, and we would welcome any feedback.
  7. The translation thread

    The work continues... Translated weapons, spells, races & classes. Link
  8. The translation thread

    Good stuff! I don't have time to make such a mod myself, but I'll post it at the officials in case anyone will be interested! Edit: Started a thread for this.
  9. The translation thread

    It's a great idea and can actually be fun! That's what I'm thinking. Also, good idea for a mod!
  10. The translation thread

    With those words HedgeHog listed. But we kind of sorted it out, more or less. Thanks for the tip about piles! How do you think, is it a good practice to have cursed items named as such? I'm talking about precious stones in daedric shrines. Some of them are cursed, and if you take them, a dremora will spawn and attack you. Myself I think the game shouldn't declare this item property to a player, for a greater challenge. Cautious gamer will notice that models for cursed items are different, anyway.
  11. The translation thread

    "Blighted/diseased" adjective may be omitted, since every creature now has models for each version (I believe we have already discussed this before). Dead Guar is better, I think. Pile/Heap of Withered Bones - any variant will do. "Steam Centurion Fragments" is the right variant. ...No more a Walking Dead/Corpse - doesn't matter which. Young or Baby Shalk will do "Dwemer Machine Fragments" has a very different meaning from "Dwemer Skeleton`s remains". We should choose the name which actually describes the thing in question. Decomposed Skull, Long Decomposed Body of Scamp. "Decayed" is a better word, you're right. Anyway, this is my opinion. Maybe someone who is a native English speaker can give a better advice. *** Regarding the order of translation: I think I will translate all remaining files with items first (weapons, clutter and such). Then I will start doing books, beginning from the end of document. Then dialogues. This way Phobos will have time to edit dialogues and some of the books. I would like to ask you and Phobos to upload any edited files, so that we won't do more work than needed. Off-topic. Yeah, It's a pity that we can loose all the info from official forums. Hopefully, Yacoby will do his magic and we all be happy again. I'll look into the possibility of making an offline version (I'll write more on that in a PM), with your help.
  12. The translation thread

    Thank you for the detailed answer! We need to co-ordinate our efforts with Phobos, I agree. So is he editing dialogues right now? If that is so, I will translate other files first, no problem. Off-topic: Here's the deal with archiving official forum, in a nutshell: That forum is about to be relocated, so I proposed copying certain most helpful threads to other places (probably to the new forum). Then Yacoby (one of the most legendary figures in the community) stepped in and offered to copy the Morrowind subforum in its entirety (he didn't make any promises though). If this will be done, I will go around community sites and ask people to host it. As for making it available for local use - I haven't thought about it. Yacoby said the resultant data will be in some kind of raw state, and I just don't have the skills to format it properly. But if you know how to make a help file of it, and will be willing to help, we could host it at the wiki for everyone to download.
  13. The translation thread

    Completed creatures, doors, ingredients, interior cells, containers and factions. Made corrections to activators. Link. Now to dialogue! This will take a while. I need to do some catching up with Modtown 2015 team, and I'm also currently trying to push the idea of archiving the official forum, so all this is getting pretty hectic. I think I will be able to make another update in two weeks - not sooner at any rate. I also have some more technical questions...
  14. The translation thread

    Great! I should have probably posted previous reply in translation thread. Someone has already kindly transferred it. (Or so I hope, otherwise it is just me being crazy again.)
  15. The translation thread

    Completed armor and clothing, updated file: link