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  1. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Thanks for explaining it guys Also thank you for the warm welcome. Oh no you can't convince the others to even try to blame me, so blame yourself for posting a thread about something the team is already talking about. Welcome aboard MA! Haha leo they can blame you - I wasnt aware the project was being talked about, you made me aware. I am like frankenstiens moster (adam), and your Dr Frankenstien. There is a reason they call it Frankenstiens Monster and no one remembers the monsters name mwhahaha Anyway, thanks for the invite leo and the welcome
  2. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    At the risk of sounding like someone from the 12th century suddenly appearing int the 21st: These words you speak, they mean nothing. I do not recognise them What is Github/GitlLab and do i need to install it?
  3. Signing in and reporting for duties!

    Hello Everyone! I would like to join the team Speciffically the Morrowind Cut content team. I have a little bit of experience modding Morrowind (and Skyrim) and can use the CS. the last few months I have spent scrolling through the Morrowind disc/bsa, UESP and various past topics/forums collecting data on missing and cut content (which compared to skyrim is relitivly small) Anyway please find my "CV/Resume" here: My Morrowind Mods! -MA- p.s Blame leo for inviting me